Season of the Witch.


     They meet in his office for the sake of being cordial. The scruffy fellow in front of him is anything but cordial. There is an untamed wildness about him, distinctly attributed to the faithless clawing at the D-D-DIRT, determined to make a name for themselves. The Judge has seen men like Maddox before & they are not to be underestimated.

    From behind the desk, a politician enacts his version of justice: vicious& V-V-VIOLENT, akin to the Old Testament God who ruled with wrath. A zealot locks eyes with a mad dog; he aims to train him, to put a collar around his thick, ropey neck. Not everything can be tamed, he notes, as his skeleton hands come to rest over parchment & linger by his quill pen.

    ❝Ah, so you are the one they call ’ The Witch Hunter. ’ I must say: I have heard of your talent. I am quite impressed by your repertoire.❞