Damn this guy

He asked me if I liked him.

I didn’t answer.

Conversations went on and on this night even if I didn’t answer his question. We talked about second chances and how I will willingly give it to him until I can still hold on. I even told him that there are third, fourth chances. He did not believe me, not after what he’d done.

We ended up with the question, “ano ba nagustuhan mo sakin?" Still, I weren’t able to answer. 

He’s so impatient! 



Don’t know why my title is that. WHUT. One of my friends had a party this afternoon and we drunk. While drinking, the guy that I blogged about months ago texted me. Huehuehue. Am so happy. 

I went home really happy. I’m even excited about our finals tomorrow(in the sorority). I’m more excited than scared. I’m actually looking forward to being an official member and I also got really psyched about my classmate who turns out to be an old schoolmate.

Ok. Now, I’m actually betting that it’s just the alcohol. My batchmate’s really nervous to the point of crying and I got pissed. We have a lot of things to bring. Damn. Now. I’m stressed. Hahahaha.


Eto na nga bang sinasabi ko. Kaya ayaw ko din to simulan kasi hahanap-hanapin ko to. Delekado. Tsk.

Someone told me that you like me. I don’t wanna believe her/him cause if a guy likes you, you’ll know. Girls have the tendency.. Well.. I have the tendency to assume and to feel and I never felt anything. Every time I talk to my friend ‘bout you, we’d end up criticizing you, in a very, very, very bad way and you don’t want that. I also think that you’re gay. Seriously. When you talk to *******, I can see sparks in your eyes. Literally. Sparks. Freaking sparks. SPARKS.

Now. Hmmm. Now that we’re close, you haven’t said anything and I don’t know if it will be better that way. BUT. If. If. If you ever say something, which I doubt you will, we’ll see where it’ll lead us. Hahaha.

Ganito nga kasi yan. Lagi ka nga kasi naming nilalait. Ayaw kong kainin ung mga sinasabi kong puro masama tungkol sa'yo. Alam ko na ang sama-sama ko. Aminado naman ako dun. Hahaha. Pero ngayon, unti-unti na kitang nakikilala. Madalas na tayong mag-usap. Medyo nasasanay na ko at un ung ayaw kong mangyari. Natatakot ako na baka hanap-hanapin ko to. At eto ung pinakaayaw ko. Ayaw kitang gawing panakip-butas. Ayaw na ayaw ko. Pero sa mga nangyayari.. Parang ganun. *SIGH*

I still think you’re gay though. ;)