I am a Slytherin

Slytherin share very similar views to Ravenclaws when it comes to the want to learn things. Unlike Ravenclaws however, we learn only what we are interested in or what we think will benefit us. Ravenclaws want knowledge for the sake of knowledge, we want knowledge for the sake of power. In school, we may tend to underperform in classes we don’t care about, but excel in classes that pique our interest. This doesn’t mean we don’t know information, in fact, if we applied ourselves to things we don’t enjoy, we would probably do just as well. We just can’t bring ourselves to waste energy on boring/useless material.

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We have this guy who lives in my neighborhood, and he's like forty something, and no one likes him because he's racist and just generally a piece of scum who makes off-handed comments all the time and harasses me when I walk up the street to my bus stop, and he put up a Romney sign in his yard. Two nights ago, I went out when no one else was awake and peed on it. I'm still laughing about it, tbh.



HIATUS!!! ARE YOU F@$!*(& KIDDING ME?! 9/2/15

She’d better be joking…

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The owner of this blog has once again proved her UNSURPASSED INEPTITUDE by putting this blog on temporary hiatus. (Something about a trans-dimensional slimeworm…) Nice. Beautiful way to start the month. Don’t miss me too much, because she’ll get this thing up and running again soon if I have anything to say about it! >:( In the mean time check our Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram as I’m sure…

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I Am A Slytherin

As pottermore has just released the new and improved sorting test, I would like to welcome any new Slytherins to our house! I remember getting sorted I had first thought it was a mistake, that I hadn’t answered truthfully. But being put into that situation made me face that I am a Slytherin. I may not act like a stereotypical Slytherin, but who does? We are not defined by a single set of rules, we are diverse. We are tied together by our ambition and cunning, but trust me when I say how you use that skill set is up to you! Though the intro the website gives has a nice description (it makes us sound so cool and powerful!) I feel that it misses a certain fraternal charm. It describes Slytherins as brothers-in-arms, as on-top-of-the-world power seekers, but fails to mention that we are all also just brothers(and sisters and anything else!). No matter what stereotypes may say, there is no need to be cold and distant or impossibly strong with us. You are allowed to be weak and vulnerable with us. ESPECIALLY with us, because, as fellow Slytherins, we know you’re worthy to be with us the minute the hat shouts our name. You do not need to prove anything to us, or even to yourself. We are a family. So never doubt our house, because we will not doubt you. So, now that that is said, I’m glad to say “Welcome to Slytherin!”