I Am A Slytherin #9

The LGBT+ Slytherins 🏳️‍🌈

•These people are unapologetic of their identities though they might not shout them to the world.
•They constantly forget who they’ve come out to, so their instinct is to state “Oh by the way, I’m _____,” in a matter-of-fact tone when they see confusion flicker across someone’s face. This might bring the response of “I was just going to ask about homework,” but at least there is one less person to come out to.
•This community is fiercely protective of each other. Being a Slytherin means being accepted into the fraternity, and this goes double for LGBT+ students. If someone isn’t LGBT+, then they sure as hell are an ally for their housemates.
•No one ever feels feels pressured to officially come out; they are invited to just live.
•And no one ever feels alone