My day was so bomb today.

• Woke up, was feeling extremely bashful after finding out a follow of mine in NYC had mentioned my Instagram in a magazine she did an interview for. Went for a run, came home and mum said I can do anything I wanted today! So I decided on the beach (dunno if you all don’t know yet, but it was 43 degrees today I died about 17392001017492 x) one of the first times ever, but I forgot to eat breakfast (super super bad)

• I drove down to burleigh (resulted in a massive fight, mum gets a anxious when I drive) we where fine after a talk though, checked out the burleigh farmers market. I was chatting to the nicest lady ever at a raw vegan stall (they sell sauerkraut, kombucha, raw coconut yogurt and bath clays) I explained to her that the last yogurt I bought was super funky (thought it was off) and she gave me one for free! I also bought beetroot sauerkraut and some organic lychees. Met up with mum and headed to lunch.

• Went to lunch at this awesome gourmet raw cafe, from earth and water. Seriously one of the best vegan cafes in QLD. I ordered raw sushi (so friggin yum) and mum ordered raw tacos. The plate was bigger then my head, managed to finish half and took the other half home! Also challenged ED and shared a raw snickers cake with mum (scary & had about a third)

• After lunch went down to the beach for a swim (got burnt though) checked out some shops and went to the massive bulk food store (got unsweetened cranberries and inca berries) then headed to Flannerys (super saver Saturday) for this people not Brisbane bound, it’s a big organic food store! Got chickpea flour (FINALLY) buckwheat flour, raw buckwheat kernels, tahini, raw shredded coconut, acai smoothie packs, loving earth raw olives, raw white mulberries, sundried tomatoes, raw almonds, a watermelon shopping bag (typical) some other stuff I can’t remember. Also spoke to a naturopath about various issues, she cut open a young coconut for me to drink whilst we chatted. So rad.

• Headed home, stopped at the marina mirage near sea world to pick up mums shoes she had on hold (I got them for her for Christmas, but they where to small, so she swapped them) also bought a rad new Lorna Jane crop top! Last XS for $40 reduced from $70. Bargain or what?

• Once at home had left over sushi for dinner and a garden salad mum made. To hot to move so drinking a massive bottle of water and dying in front of air con. Had the best day.