didthatbeautymakeyou asked:

10-20 B]

yoO thanks sandy ur the coolest cat in town 8). This is gonna be a hot meSs

10. Do you like the way that you grew up?: yeah it was pretty sweet, in the suburbs and stuff, we saw my extended family every holiday. My parents are super supportive and all my friends were great

11. Do you like your siblings?: I love my brother Damian Wayne [jk I don’t have any siblings B)]

12. How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends?: we were both in the front ensemble my freshman year of band and mostly we dicked around all the time bc fromble was super chill. we have the same type of humor and like the same things but also we can talk about important things and they’re the person I trust most tbh

13. Name one movie that made you cry: I N T E R S T E L L A R

14. Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither?: read, mostly I get mad when I try to write bc I feel like the fact that “there are no rules” and free verse or whatever adds pressure to be eclectic and insightful no please

15. Things about someone that you find attractive?: a sense of humor definitely, also probably their voice

16. What song are you currently listening to?: Life is a Highway bc it’s on the episode of the office where holly has to move and it plays like 6 times on he radio

17. Have you ever broken a bone?: nah I’m pristine

18. A random memory from your childhood: one time in 3rd grade we were at recess and this lady walked her dog by the playground and a bunch of us went to pet it but the teacher saw us and freaked out bc we were talking to a stranger, so she canceled recess. Then when we were inside she was like “what would happen if you got kidnapped?” And one kid says “I could pet that damn dog all day” and the entire class was like yyeeaAHHHA

19. Where did you grow up?: Stafford, VA in the U.S. of A

20. What was the last thing you watched on TV?: the office, is anyone surprise d