Welcome to John Carl Buechler’s MMI aka Mechanical and Makeup Imageries, where many movie monsters were born.

In this photo, the shrimp-like creature during fabrication at the shop for H.P. Lovecraft’s slime fest form 1986, FROM BEYOND. Photo courtesy of special effects makeup artist and archivist, William Forsche.

15 times.

15 stitches couldn’t repair,

the pain I feel in my heart,

when you’re not there.

I’m constantly becoming more aware,

of your nightly rendezvous and affairs.

15 stitches in my chest,

couldn’t repair my wounded flesh. 

15 stitches across my mind,

wanting to rewind the hands of time.

Take me back, before you left.

Dry my eyes, from tears I’ve wept.

Reveal your secrets, you have kept.

Stitch me up 15 times,

and rid your wrongs from my mind.