We swing on the wind
We’re unraveling
I inhale your touch
We are traveling

I am where you are from
And I love you much
Taste it on my tongue
Sing it in this song

Here lives my love
Here hides the sacred
This is where I sleep
Where I become The Pagan

- “The Pagan”, song by Lolly Jane Blue and The Hunters

Yeah, it is the “little gift” I was talking about. Literally forced myself to finish this. 100% inspired by the song.

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what the hell did i just watch

what is this gem

how did i not know about this

even tho it came out months ago

why did i have to discover it on tumblr

did i miss the marketing campaign

or was there no marketing campaign

i mean the animation is crazy

and the singing and voice acting are incredible

it’s like moulin rouge mixed with a midsummer night’s dream mixed with jane eyre

like where the f did this silly masterpiece come from

and how was it such a flop

i’ve fallen head first into this fandom

butterfly bog 5eva amirite


ok but like if we take these leaks and spoilers as true can we just consider this

that jon is headed south towards daenerys, tyrion and co, presumably with davos as he is in the leaks too

which by extension means jon is in the same vicinity as gendry, because of the video showing davos, gendry and tyrion together

and this therefore highly points towards a JON GENDRY INTERACTION

can we just imagine gendry’s reaction when he realises this is jon, that this jon is of house stark, but he is a bastard too - and suddenly arya not caring that gendry is a bastard makes much more sense, and gendry finally fully realises that arya really doesn’t care he’s a bastard, because she grew up with a bastard brother 

that this is jon, the brother of arya, and gendry is confronted with the memory of someone he was torn away from

and that jon will wonder why gendry is so stunned at the house stark king in the north, stunned beyond just ‘oh crap this is a king’

and gendry will tell jon he travelled with arya, but he was torn away from her. that arya stark, jon’s little precious sister, was under his care and protection. that arya got out of king’s landing. 

we will see the two boys most beloved to arya stark have their storylines intertwined and i will be absolutely shocked if this does not make reference to arya - and builds up to the jon-arya and arya-gendry reunions that we’ve all been praying for for years


So my cousin has gone vegan again and her reasoning for it is that she doesn’t see any of these animal products as hers to take

Which is fine that’s very noble and actually a very good reason that I support

But she won’t eat honey

And like she doesn’t listen to me when I tell her that if there is a very successful hive making lots of honey, they will literally drown in the excess honey unless we take it away

And like secondarily I was over at her house and she was making a sandwich for herself and I started looking at where these fruits and veggies came from

And it was quite clear to me that at least half the products in her cupboards were picked by people who probably get paid like 10p an hour or even nothing at all

I don’t want her to stop being vegan, I just want her to feel like she’s being the best she can be, and that includes LOCAL produce and eating honey

It’s hard to make songs when a war’s going on outside
No man is safe from
And you can run but you can’t hide forever
Mother won’t let up, telling me I should get up
And in the meantime, on that mean grind for cheddar
Underground Master Shredder, gave my brother my leather
Put on a sweater, I counted my change
I added my blessings
I stepped into the rain
To wash my brain


submission #230  from

And then his blue eyes sparkle
And he comes closer to me
His little arms around my neck
I belong for a second
A day a lifetime
A jewel of time around my neck


In any biology lab
Research, diagnostic, or other
Contamination is a constant fear

Foreign DNA, invading bacteria
Cell eating viruses, even enzymes
And mold, across disciplines
We fear and hate the mold

There is also the issue
Of sample contaminating
Non-research space
For example
Getting bacteria that has been
Purposely selected for antibiotic resistance
Into the break room
Is bad

To avoid all of this
We pay close attention
To everything we touch
What has our glove
Been in contact with
Because anything that
We touch with that glove
Will be contaminated with
Everything else that glove
Has touched

I find cat hair to be a helpful analogy
Dog hair would work too, I suppose
Everything that enters a cat’s house
Will get cat hair on it
Clothing, people, books, food dishes
All of those items will then return
To the place they came from
And they will transfer the cat hair
To that new environment

For example
My lab coat lives in the lab
It never leaves the sample area
Except to go to the hospital laundry
And yet, my lab coat always
Has cat hair on it
Because I come from my house
Which has cats, and thus
I come with cat hair
Which I then transfer
To my lab coat

No substance I work with
Is nearly as pernicious
As cat hair
So the transfer only works
From home to lab

But I’m still careful
Because I’m a biologist
So I have nightmares
About contamination

-Notes from a Lab Tech
February 24, 2015

Our Mother the Sea

A stoic reminder of where we’re from
and of the stardust long ago we were
as she whispers who we yet might be
I remember passionate hours with her
a young surfer boy’s endless ecstasy
we’re sisters and brothers
of multiple mothers
our mother of birth
our mother the earth
we have each been blessed with three
I love the two
yet my love true
must ever be our mother the sea

Tomodachi Life Masterpost

finally decided to post some of those rad-ass miis that i made like ages ago, a lot of them lack appropriate clothing because i’m lazy but feel free to clothe them as you wish

categorized by what they’re from

and unfortunately i don’t have screenshots of every single mii but for those i do, i added one















Frisk (Keep in mind, Frisk’s gender here is male, but I personally headcanon them to be nonbinary!)










The Batter


Ross O’Donovan

Sisterly Spying?

So uh

Yang has a habit of discreetly chaperoning Ruby’s dates

And who could blame her, really, she just has odd taste, Yang has no idea where she gets it from

And this Weiss girl is probably a bad influence

So she’s doing her thing

Keeping an eye on them from like three tables away

When she notices someone else watching them

So she goes over to confront her, bc you are clearly a twenty something year old woman, why are you watching my sister

And about ten minutes later Ruby and Weiss are leaving when they spot Winter and Yang making out in a corner

I was just looking into Nora Jones the singer of the song harry just tweeted lyrics from

and I found this article on the daily mail about how “She managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, giving birth to a baby boy in February this year.” and “The Come Away With Me hitmaker was also seen with her partner - a musician who she has refused to name in interviews, fiercely protecting their relationship”

I’m not saying harry was saying something more with this tweet but it sounds almost exactly opposite of babygate.