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Pls bullet point what you liked about the video

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  • it’s such a random slice of d+p’s day-in-the-life
    • like seriously… what lead up to this meme-y encounter?
    • i just like how this takes place in their house that they share together
    • like it just makes you think this ain’t the only shit they get up to
      • so many bants and lil pranks 
        • it’s so cute
  • there’s no explanation as to why they are holding hats
    • dan’s on the stairs to the gaming room.. but?
      • what video would they need the hats for????¿
      • is that the cowboy hat from the fanfic moment in tatinof lol
  • wait …is phil holding… a sombrero 
    • why does he have a sombrero…? ??
  • the anticipation before dan throws the hat 
    • like, you can just feel him go ‘>:D here’s my chance!!!’
    • how long was he waiting at the top of the stairs for
      • he must’ve given himself time to set up his camera and like, turn around .  
        • unless he had it all planned and ready
          • for some silly contribution to a meme ffs dan omg
            • did he practise throwing it or
  • phil totally oblivious as to what is about to happen
    • he’s just in his own world before the hat reaches him
      • he was totally fine and dandy 
        • he doesn’t deserve this
          • save phil 20k17
  • dan saying ‘what in tarnation’ really quickly before it turns into slow motion
    • gtg fast
    • how ironic
  • the Slow Motion™
    • i feel like it needs some classical music
    • like, it reminds me of this video too much
  • dan’s booming laugh? in slow mo? 
    • amazing
  • the hat’s impact 
    • it like bounces all around phil’s head but doesn’t land
      • it like dances around that beauty wow
    • i love the tufts of phil’s fringe that go everywhere
      • and then just fwoosh’s downwards
  • phil’s recoil in slow mo
    • at first he’s just frazzled looking down/around/behind him
    • but then he sees where the hat actually came from
    • and immediately aims his gaze @ dan
      • he has to live with this lil shit jfc
      • save phil 20k17 x2
  • as phil looks up his fringe follows  behind
    • it’s so LONG
      • i didn’t know his fringe was that long
        • it looks like it’s just gonna fly off his head
          • first dan’s eyebrow in the horse selfie and now this
  • he’s still looking around at this point 
    • he’s like ‘? ?? ? ?  where??? what??’
  • the 😟 look he gives dan
    • it’s as if he’s saying ‘why’
    • it feels like this isn’t the first time something like this has happened
    • save phil 20k11o01029432348 x3
  • the quiet lil snort before dan talks
    • i lov u
      • idk if that was d/p but i lov u
  • dan saying ‘almost’
    • u can hear the lil chuckle in his voice 

overall, pure wholesome content funny banterful interaction 10/10 would watch 5 more times i hope phil gets his revenge soon

i probably missed some things but that’s off the top of my head
thank you for giving me the chance to share this break down of the video

feel free to share reasons why u loved it too

More Than Survive [pitched down]
Be More Chill - Joe Iconis/Tracz
More Than Survive [pitched down]

So I was fiddling around in audacity

And I was like “hmmm what will Jeremy sound like once his balls drop”

so I pitched down More Than Survive by 5%

and oh


can I just say holy fucking shit

you have to listen to this it’s a gift to humanity

the difference may not hit you at first but just keep going because it’s worth it

Michael’s voice gets fucked though (he just doesn’t pitch down well) and I am so sorry for that but it’s actually kinda funny

EDIT: wow this got an awesome response pretty quickly so if you liked this here’s The Squip Song pitched down 

DOUBLE EDIT: this one goes out to all the people who want to fuck the squip and all the ones like me who kinkshame them because honestly

after listening to a pitched down version of be more chill part 1

I kinda see where you squip fuckers are coming from

and so the kinkshamer becomes the kinshamee

did i ever tell yall the story abt how i saw one of my exes at a grocery store and she had a baby carrier with a baby in it and after awkwardly greeting her out of obligation i stared at the baby and didn’t know what to say so i just blurted out “where did you get that” in a tone as if i were inquiring her as to what aisle she grabbed an eggplant from

and she looked down at the baby and was like “………….he’s mine” and we both had this mutual uncomfortable silence and a shared moment of ‘why did u say it like that’ before i was like “oh ok bye” and i left and then moved states like three days later

Lord of Shadows playlist

tmi-city-of-bones15-blog said:Hey Cassie, I was wondering if you have a Playlist for each book that you write? Or if you have something to inspire you on those moments?

I do! You can find old ones on this tumblr, and here is the one for Lord of Shadows! (Sometimes people complain the songs aren’t new — I tend to mix up old and new songs, and remember, the book was written last year!)

Lord of Shadows

Six Blade Knife, Dire Straits

Your six blade knife can do anything for you
Anything you want it to
One blade for breaking my heart
One blade for tearing me apart
Your six blade knife can do anything for you

Fuck It And Whatever, The Echo-Friendly

We are sleeping in a rainstorm
With no lightning rod
So please remember my love
As we lie in the arms of an angry vengeful God

And I know we can’t stay together
But I’ll keep you safe forever
And I know that sounds heavy
But fuck it and whatever

Kill Your Heroes AWOL NATION

Well I met an old man dying on a train.
No more destination, no more pain.
Well he said one thing, before I graduate
“Never let your fear decide your fate.”

I say kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby don’t cry.
No need to worry ‘cause, everybody will die.
Every day we just go, go, baby don’t go.
Don’t you worry we love you more than you know.

Blood in the Cut, K. Flay

Met back up with the boy I love
Cried on the streets of San Francisco
I don’t have an agenda
All I do is pretend to be ok so my friends
Can’t see my heart in the blender
Lately, I’ve been killing all my time
Reading through your messages my favorite way to die
Take my head and kick it in
Break some bread for all my sins
Say a word, do it soon
It’s too quiet in this room

Sweet Disaster — Dreamers

Some nights feel like every night
This one feels brand new
Only got bad things on my mind
When I’m with you

Tell me that you need me on the floor
Passed out in your dirty clothes
Ask me what the hell I’m looking for
Like you don’t know

Shatter in the Night — Vesperteen

Laying in the yard and we worship the stars  

And I blow your mind while you kiss my scars. 

We rise and we fall. We’re floating 

And all our time’s revolving around what we see as true 

But it’s breaking me and it’s breaking you

Every Other Weekend — Annie Rapid (always makes me think of Livvy & Ty)

But we are one 

For you are here 

Inside a place so far away 

My brother always near 

It’s every other weekend 

And it’s in the messages they send 

Broken promises will mend 

For all these things we can’t count on 

Will one day make us grow up strong

No Mermaid — Sinead Lohan

we went down to the edge of the water
you were afraid to go in
you said there might be sharks out there in the ocean
and i said i’m only going for a swim

i was swimming around in a circle
i wasn’t always in view
you said we might get into red flag danger
and i am alone when i’m not with you

but i am no mermaid
and i am no fisherman’s slave
i am no mermaid
i keep my head above the waves 

Breaking Free — Night Riots

You’re not my savior, just someone I used to see
I am broken
Something’s wrong inside of me
I feel violent
Like I’m dying
I feel broken
Maybe I’m just breaking free

These Taming Blues — Joe Tex

Is it ever gonna not be so hard to see you around?
Am I really really really really gonna have to leave town?

I mean I called upon a bunch of angels calling angels ain’t you supposed to come and take away these blues?

All five kinds of rains

All nine kinds of thunder and

Eighteen white horses who will not ever come to me!

Don’t plant your feet, love, in that garden of blame.

Don’t break me no more, love.

I’m already tame.

Home  American Authors

I’ve got these letters tattooed on my arm
That remind me each second of where I come from
And the long hard road to get me back home

I’m not trying to part the ocean waves
I’m not trying to overthrow the throne
I’m just trying to find a way to make it back home

In Our Bedroom After the War — Stars

Wake up! Say good morning to that sleepy person lying next to you
If there’s no one there, then there’s no one there, but at least the war is over
It’s us – yes, we’re back again, here to see you through, 'til the days end
And if the night comes, and the night will come, well at least the war is over

Meet me in the Woods — Lord Huron

How long, baby, have I been away?
Oh, it feels like ages though you say it’s only days
There ain’t language for the things I’ve seen, yeah
And the truth is stranger than my own worst dreams

Anna Lee — firekid

Sinking sand
When I sleep
I see her ghost
Siren’s hand pulling me six feet below
Wasted dreams
Built it for two
Inherited her color scheme
Now it’s my tomb
Kang Daniel; seven minutes in heaven

Member: Daniel // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Request: “hi! could i request a kang daniel seven minutes in heaven scenario (don’t worry nothing smutty, just fluffy)”

A/N: so this was requested as a scenario, but I’m starting headcanons/bullet scenarios and I was supposed to write this one anyway… so why not try it? If you don’t like it, admin Leah will write an actual scenario ^.^ Enjoy!

Originally posted by dxnghyuns

  • Kang Daniel is a name you knew all too well throughout your high school years
  • you’d liked him since junior year when you caught him feeding a box of stray kittens behind the school 
  • which wasn’t allowed but it’s not like you were gonna tell on the resident senior golden boy, who also happened to be very handsome
  • it was pretty much over from there,,,
  • you spent most classes staring at him and then pretending you hadn’t been
  • but your friends caught on, of course,, they wanted to throw a ‘welcome to the Kang Daniel fan club’ party, but you adamantly refused
  • they settled for “subtly” teasing you about your crush (hint they weren’t subtle at all,, it’s a miracle he never caught on)
  • Kang Daniel, the icon of obliviousness
  • so 
  • somehow, you two ended up going to the same college
  • how convenient
  • college campuses may be small enough places to run into the perfect people in stories, but in reality not so much
  • so basically you saw him once in the cafeteria at like 1 am with a bad case of bedhead and hipster glasses
  • needless to say
  • he still looked very good
  • anyway
  • you don’t usually go to parties but your university’s soccer team won the championship, and all your friends were going, and it’s not like you had to drink
  • what could go too wrong
  • or in this case what could go right ;)))so you go
  • and a couple of your high school friends went to the same college, and of course, they’re there“Hey, y/n - Daniel’s here,” one of them nudges you, grinning
  • you scoff, trying not to blush “I don’t like him anymore,”
  • in your defense you think it’s true,, you basically haven’t even seen the guy in two years, how could you still like him?
  • spoiler alert you’re wrong
  • it’s the Daniel Effect™
  • somehow, by the work of Satan or God (it’s not quite clear which one) you end up being dragged into playing party games
  • “come on, y/n! we need one more person,, it’ll be fun!”
  • play party games they said
  • it’ll be fun they said
  • so you’re like “FINE” and you settle down in an open spot
  • and you look up
  • surprise! there’s Daniel
  • he’s grinning at someone on the other side of the circle, so he doesn’t notice you go into jpg mode when you spot him
  • “y/n, you’re staring - you look like an owl,” your guy friend laughs, and he gets a punch in the arm that quickly shuts him up
  • and then the games start
  • they start with truth or dare, and then spin the bottle, and then seven minutes in heaven
  • and everything’s going smoothly until -
  • “Y/n~!”
  • and you’re like shit shit shit
  • they spin the bottle and it lands on 
  • the one
  • the only
  • Kang Daniel 
  • inside you’re all SHIT SHIT SHIT and then you two lock eyes for the first time
  • and you’re like where are the fireworks, the only thing exploding is my ovaries I MEAN WHAT
  • even though it’s been like .003 seconds, suddenly there’s like five football-player-strength guys shoving you two into the nearest closet
  • of course they lock the door
  • there’s legitimately 30 straight seconds of the most awkward silence you’ve ever been through
  • and then “…so, um, I’m Daniel.. what’s your name?”
  • you dip your head awkwardly “Y/n,”
  • a solid 5 seconds of silence
  • “I- I really wasn’t - I wasn’t going to ask you that! I’m sorry if I-”
  • “No no - oh God - I’m sorry, I’m just nervous! I know you wouldn’t -”
  • thank god for how dark it is, so he can’t see your fiery red blush
  • “I’m nervous too…” he whispers warmly after a moment, and you melt a little
  • You?”
  • “It doesn’t seem like it maybe, but I hate parties…”
  • “Really? In high school, you were always the #1 attendee,”
  • “Did you go to my high school?” 
  • for no reason that you can think of, your stomach does a flip 
  • “Um… yeah.”
  • “What’s your last name again?”
  • and so you tell him
  • “Wait - wait - Y/l/n Y/n? The girl that covered for me when the school found out I was taking care of those kittens?”
  • well needless to say you’re shook
  • “You know me?”
  • you think you see his face turn a bit red??? but it’s dark so it’s hard to tell, and it’s probably just wishful thinking
  • “Well, actually… I kind of - I kind of liked you,”
  • needless to say you’re even more shook™
  • “… what…?”
  • Ok now you’re sure his face is definitely red
  • “I mean - I used to! I don’t, I don’t anymore!”
  • (You don’t like being cliche, but your heart sinks a bit)
  • “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”
  • “What? Nothing. How much time is left?”
  • “A couple minutes,”
  • and so you sit there in silence again, processing what you just heard
  • until “… I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable,”
  • how many times is it possible to melt in the space of an hour because of one person? you wonder
  • “Don’t worry about it,” you say a bit breathlessly, and you sink into silence again
  • and then, a minute or two later, you get an idea
  • you know those ideas that are like
  • no 
  • don’t
  • bad idea
  • spoiler alert: you get one of those
  • I mean you’re at a party anyway
  • you’re playing seven minutes in heaven for god’s sake
  • and so you abruptly turn and look him right in his beautiful eyes
  • you can almost see the “???” above his head
  • and you lean right in and whisper: “I liked you too, and I still do.”
  • you’re not even drunk,, you have no idea where the hell this bravery is coming from
  • and then suddenly you two are inches away
  • “I lied,” he swallows. “I still like you too,”
  • your chest is pounding so hard it’s practically making the rest of your body move
  • he inches closer, his eyes flicker down to your lips
  • and right before you can make contact–
  • the closet door slams open and you two jump apart at the speed of light
  • “Time’s up!” some asshole screams, and you sullenly stand up
  • you take several steps out of the closet, where everybody can see
  • and suddenly you feel Daniel’s hands take hold of your shoulders and spin you around
  • and then he plants his mouth on yours
  • you’re so distracted by the fact Kang Daniel is kissing you, that the catcalls and cheering of the group fade away 
  • after a moment, he pulls back
  • "I’ve been waiting a while to do that,” he says breathlessly
  • “Honestly,” you say, just as breathlessly. “So have I,”

harry did in fact NOT wear this shirt to an interview only to have it never be released any video from

AND FRANKLY thats disrespectful to the shirt and harry AND ME


character: park jihoon

genre: fluff

style: bullet

summary: you visited a convenient store at 2 am single day and the cashier notices you

  • so, there is this convenient shop near your apartment
  • it’s so near, so, go there every day
  • literally.
  • and you don’t go to the convenient store after class or in the morning
  • you go to the convenient store at freaking 2 am in the morning, which is just an hour away from the “ghosty” hour
  • but you don’t really care so-
  • you always go there at 2 am to buy milk
  • like the small size with some cute animal picture on it, most likely a cow cause that’s where milk usually comes from
  • and it’s always the same type of milk, the original one
  • no strawberry milk or chocolate milk or melon milk, just plain milk
  • and since you go there every day at 2 am, there was definitely nobody else besides the cashier
  • the chances of someone else being there at the same time as you is 1/7
  • and the funny thing is, you ALWAYS saw the same cashier
  •  but you didn’t mind seeing him every day because that cashier was fine as hell
  • you lowkey liked him because of his looks and wish you got to know him more
  • you didn’t expect him to notice him or anything because he looked like he didn’t care and probably had someone else to drool over
  • but, of course, he would recognise you because how can he not?
  • in fact, he recognised you since the second day you came
  • plus, you literally go there every day at 2 am and he’s always the one working during the night shift
  • he would be blind and dumb to not realise you
  • plus, you were cute
  • and since you guys already recognise each other, it was a matter of time before one of you started speaking up
  • well, at least something other than him telling you the price of your milk, and you saying “thank you”
  • “hey, since i’m going to see you every day, might as well get to know your name. so, what’s your name, cutie?“
  • you blushed at him calling you "cutie” because it wasn’t every day you get somebody calling you that
  • especially not from someone as good looking as him
  • “y/n. yours?”
  • “jihoon.”
  • “so, jihoon. are we friends now?”
  • "i guess we are, but i want to be something more than that.”
  • your ears turned red by the words
  • “im not an easy girl, jihoon.”
  • jihoon smirked and let out a little chuckle* “i don’t mind. we can take it slow.”
  • and he just suddenly winked and it made your cheeks burn
  • "see you tomorrow,” you said before leaving the store quickly
  • when you were out of his sight, he placed his right hand on his heart before sitting down and found himself smiling alone
  • after that day, when you entered the store, you were upset
  • the milk you wanted was out stock
  • or so you thought
  • you unwillingly picked up the strawberry milk flavoured and walked to the counter with a sad heart because you weren’t going to leave the store empty handed
  • “what’s with the sad look?” jihoon asked, noticing the sad look on your face
  • “the milk i wanted is finished,” you answered and paid for the strawberry flavoured milk
  • jihoon let out a chuckle before placing the milk you wanted on the counter
  • “here, i saved the last one for you,” jihoon explained and took the strawberry one away from you.
  • your eyes were gleaming in happiness as you looked at the milk
  • it looked like you just won a million dollars
  • and jihoon was smiling as well because you looked so cute smiling
  • “JIHOON-AH, THANK YOU SO MUCH! OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU!” you excitedly exclaimed without thinking and hugged him tightly
  • jihoon didn’t hug you back, though, he was in shock
  • did you just confess to him?
  • when you realised what you said, you broke the hug and looked at him, feeling embarrassed
  • “i-i-i’m sorry,” you apologised. “i didn’t mean-”
  • “i love you too,” jihoon interrupted you
  • you weren’t sure if you heard it right
  • “really?” you asked him, wanting to make sure you heard the right thing. “you barely even know me.”
  • “then, let me get to know you,” jihoon said before lead forward a little, wanting to kiss you
  • but you immediately stopped him and smirked
  • “yah, jihoon, i’m not an easy girl~ get to know me first, and maybe try to kiss me again,” you said with a wink before leaving the store. 
  • jihoon just stood there with another dumb smile on his face, not believing that you just rejected a kiss from him
  • so, the following day, when you entered the store, jihoon immediately came to you and gave you the milk that you wanted.
  • “for you,” he said.
  • you stood there in confusion but took the milk anyway.
  • “if you’re not in a rush, stay here,” jihoon said. “talk with me. i get lonely.”
  • you looked at him with a smile and agreed to stay since you had nothing to anyways
  • so, you guys hung out and began talking about random things
  • you found that his full name was park jihoon and he actually studies at a college nearby yours
  • but after all the talking, you decided that it was best if you head up and actually got some sleep
  • which he totally agreed to because it was almost 4 am?
  • you were almost out of the store, but then he stopped you
  • “hmm?”
  • “can i kiss you now?” jihoon asked with a grin. “or maybe, can we at least date?”
  • “if you buy me lunch tomorrow, i’ll think about it,” you answered and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

ok but like if we take these leaks and spoilers as true can we just consider this

that jon is headed south towards daenerys, tyrion and co, presumably with davos as he is in the leaks too

which by extension means jon is in the same vicinity as gendry, because of the video showing davos, gendry and tyrion together

and this therefore highly points towards a JON GENDRY INTERACTION

can we just imagine gendry’s reaction when he realises this is jon, that this jon is of house stark, but he is a bastard too - and suddenly arya not caring that gendry is a bastard makes much more sense, and gendry finally fully realises that arya really doesn’t care he’s a bastard, because she grew up with a bastard brother 

that this is jon, the brother of arya, and gendry is confronted with the memory of someone he was torn away from

and that jon will wonder why gendry is so stunned at the house stark king in the north, stunned beyond just ‘oh crap this is a king’

and gendry will tell jon he travelled with arya, but he was torn away from her. that arya stark, jon’s little precious sister, was under his care and protection. that arya got out of king’s landing. 

we will see the two boys most beloved to arya stark have their storylines intertwined and i will be absolutely shocked if this does not make reference to arya - and builds up to the jon-arya and arya-gendry reunions that we’ve all been praying for for years


upthehillart  asked:

Hey, it's me again! Sooo what abouuut... Remus in number 11? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

11. With their favorite animal.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i see what you did there

where tf did this style come from

and yes, that is Sirius’ jacket

Secret Admirer {Flowershop! Chenle}
  • Pairing: Chenle X Reader
  • Request: ”…do you think you could do a flowershop au for chenle please??…”
  • Genre: Fluff; Flowershop! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 859
  • Summary: Your secret admirer keeps sending you flowers, leading to you asking Chenle to help find them.

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Sweet Maker Jeonghan!

Originally posted by the1the8

A/N: god damn inspo hit me but motivation left me
slow winks. enjoy

  • for a boy who doesn’t like sweets, he sure does love making them
  • Jeonghan kind of just developed the passion to make sweets
  • It started when Seungcheol wanted to make cookies

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Hannah's Sister!Reader x Comforting!Tony

Request: Can you do a head cannon where reader was Hannah’s sister and Tony is there to comfort the reader because she was the one who found her please!!!!!!! 

A/N: Thanks anon for the request, I hope you like it!

Hannah’s Sister!Reader x Comforting!Tony…


  • Tony still made it to the house before the ambulances did

  • You were the very first person he saw after he made it up to the bathroom, crumbled against the wall as you cried in the water puddles

  • Tony rushed straight for you after he realised what happened and pulled you in super close hug

  • He had his own tears, but he ignored them and focused on holding you

  • The two of you had met a couple times- when he jumpstarted Hannah’s car and just around the school

  • But none of that mattered, all he cared about was making it better for you in any way he possibly could

  • He stayed with your family for a few days afterwards, helping all of you get by

  • When he did finally go home he still dropped by and made visits every single day

  • He and his family would make you some meals and bring them over to make sure that you still ate while you were grieving

  • When you finally felt ready to go back to school Tony picked you up and stuck with you all through the day

  • You became rather clingy and would often cuddle into him at some point during the day

  • He would just wrap his arm around you and gently squeeze you so you knew he was there

  • Comforting forehead kisses

  • Tony takes you to meet his family so you can get some human interaction and fresh air without any pressure

  • His brothers all hang around in case you need any of them too

  • He tells you straight away why he ended up at your house on that day, and he also tells you about the tapes

  • It’s your decision at first not to listen to them and not tell your parents

  • But after everyone else had heard them you change your mind and hear them with your parents

  • Tony stands right outside in case any of you need him

  • He’s always there to comfort any of you, that never changes

  • You grow quite close with his family and they’re always inviting you and your parents around

  • It’s a small bit of comfort in something you’ll never recover from

  • And you’re all grateful as hell for your favourite Tony Padilla


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Spideychelle Headcanon: In Which Drunk MJ Is ALL OVER Peter

  • MJ is a human
  • She gets jealous and sad and angry
  • And despite loving her facade of being an emotionless bitch, she sometimes needs to forget about it all
  • And one thing that hurts her is seeing other girls with Peter
  • This time it’s at one of Flash’s parties and Peter is having a nice conversation with this cute, chunky Latina girl and MJ is distressed by the smile on his face
  • She weighs her options and figures that since Ned is the designated driver tonight, she can do this just once bc tonight she just can’t take it
  • She gets hammered
  • She wants to forget about her unrequited love for Peter for just one night even if she’ll be hung over tomorrow
  • And it works marvelously well
  • Too well
  • As in, she thinks she lost the key to her house and thinks she’s locked out when it’s still IN HER POCKET
  • So Peter tells Ned to just drive them to his place and he’ll let MJ crash w/ him for the night
  • When Ned drops them off, May is thankfully already asleep
  • Peter leads the rather quiet MJ to his room and gets her to sit on his bed.
  • Well if she’s a quiet drunk this won’t be so bad
  • Without thinking he pulls off his shirt to change into a night shirt
  • “You’re looking banging tonight, Parker”
  • Peter whips around, still shirtless, to see MJ hungrily leering at him. He feels small
  • “Come again?” Peter squeaks
  • “I come to you every night,” MJ winks in a ridiculously extra fashion
  • Peter’s turning red “MJ you’re drunk. Let’s get some sleep”
  • MJ eyes his abs and licks her lips and Peter feels a little faint “I need you to fuck me, Peter”
  • She gets up and he doesn’t stop her from rubbing his abs with both hands “fuck me still I see Stars. Preferably one that’s gonna go supernova bc that’s probably lit as shit to see up close”
  • “MJ, MJ, MJ, wait stop,” Peter takes her hands and gently pushes them away despite letting out a shudder, “you’re drunk. I’m not having sex with you”
  • “Pleaaaaaaaase??” MJ whines and Peter loves that sugary tone she takes and ugh then there’s that pout
  • “No,” Peter says, more firmly. “No. Let’s go to bed, and NOT in that way, okay?”
  • MJ pouts, and finally seems to comply. She climbs back into Peter’s bed and Peter tucks her in before setting up on the floor
  • “I want you so bad,” MJ says in the darkness. Peter groans, dreading the inevitable “I was drunk and didn’t mean it in the morning”
  • “Go to sleep, MJ” he groans
  • “I’ve wanted you since the beginning of freshman year,” MJ says, “I’m just never sure how to say it bc I’m always so mean to you bc I don’t know how to say it that I’m so mean and-” she goes on a rambling circle of that line for a minute
  • “And I get off to you and really want you on top of me right now to be honest” Peter wants to scream bc this is so much
  • “You’re so sweet and hot and smart and adorable it makes me want to do things to you but even more it makes me want you to do things to me”
  • Peter just keeps face-palming bc this is everything he ever wanted to hear but still
  • “If I confess a secret, will you go to sleep?” Peter asks exasperatedly
  • “Okay,” MJ cast him a little salute
  • “You probably won’t remember this in the morning.. so that’s why I’ll say I like you too.”
  • “YES!” Peter nearly jumps when her volume spikes, “Peter Parker wants me!!!”
  • “Yes, to please go to sleep?”
  • “Okay,” MJ laughs
  • Peter thanks the stars when he eventually hears MJ snoring
  • The next morning he’s bringing her a glass of water to sip from
  • And she eventually works up the strength to ask what she said to him last night, having a sinking feeling what it was
  • Oh no
  • MJ is a wreck by the time Peter explains to her all that she said
  • But also she’s happy to hear how Peter responded
  • Like
  • No wonder she wants to fuck him he was perfect
  • “Thanks… Peter,” MJ mumbles
  • “I was stupid and drunk and you didn’t even think about taking advantage of me or anything. Pretty badass,” she says, “especially considering how hot I am.”
  • Peter laughs, “of course MJ,” and they’re sitting next to each other on his bed smiling at each other like idiots
  • Eventually that bed is exactly where MJ and Peter’s desires are finally fulfilled - completely consensual, too, and MJ is sure to REALLY reward him for that night she was drunk off her ass

At some point,
We die
Or loudly
Either way
At some point,
We die

At some point,
We die
Perhaps we lived
Or perhaps we did not
Either way,
At some point,
We die

At some point,
We die
Death is not a thing we can run from
And yet
Some of us spend our whole lives doing just that
Either way,
At some point,
We die

-At Some Point, We Die (2017)

Heart Attack

“Heart Attack”

Please leave the lights on for me, starlight
I might not be coming home tonight
Though my mind tells myself I feel fine
I guess my body won the battle this time
My heart did feel heavy that particular day
But such a burden to others I never like to say
What is bothering me or the way that I feel
They pry me open like a weapon concealed
But all around me people were screaming
For what I don’t know the purpose or meaning
But just then I felt the plastic on my face
And a warm fluid enter my veins
The last thing I remember were simple words
“I’ll always love you” by my favorite girl
And those lights that shined brightly before bed
Were now fading away from inside my head
And the sting I felt was unlike anything real
This pain in my heart was one I could not appeal
And so we drove over the bridge and the streets
While men in white coats were talking to me
But all I could see from out the window were lights
From those same stars that glow brightly at night
The ones that show me the way and help me to grow
The ones that seem as distant as remote plateaus
I then saw myself through borrowed eyes
Lying on a table with metal the size
Of a knife or a blade sticking out of my flesh
There were multiple knives with blood dripping fresh
I saw myself doing good for years to come
Many generations from myself they’d be from
And not to succumb to the glum scene at hand
I then looked away because myself I can’t stand
There was still screaming and yelling to hear
All of it falling onto deaf’s ears
But the one pitch I heard that was ever so clear
Was the sound of a beep in a constant fear
But suddenly that beep became more consistent
What a devilish sound my body resisted
The longer it lasted the more I refused to stay
But I was trapped there forced to look away
Finally the beep became a sound very steady
At that moment I knew I was ready
Those lights that shined brightly before bed
Now faded away from inside my head