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I'm re-watching Hannibal and I notice that one of the episodes is called Fromage which is cheese in French. I haven't stopped laughing for the past ten minutes.

fun fact actually: all the episode titles in season 1 are in french and they’re all food related and if you add them all together in order you get a 13-course french meal. same with season 2 except it’s a japanese meal and the titles are in japanese. bc both france and japan have these really extra traditional multi-course meals

and then the season 3a titles are named after italian cuisine bc they’re in italy, and the five first season 3b titles are the names of william blake’s series of the great red dragon paintings. aaand then the season 3 finale (the wrath of the lamb) is a phrase from the new testament (namely the book of revelation which is what the red dragon paintings are based on)