@NatGeoYourShot Instagram: Iceland From Above 

Go through the lens of aerial photographer Stas Bartnikas on the @NatGeoYourShot Instagram today with six stunning photos of Iceland. 

For our first-ever member takeover on the @NatGeoYourShot​ Instagram, Stas Bartnikas didn’t plan to only post photos from his yearly trips to Iceland. He’s been to many countries, always driven by his photography and getting shots from above. However, there’s a saying photo editors like to say here at National Geographic, “The cream always rises to the top.” As he was looking through his photos he found that his best images were still the ones from Iceland. Of all the places he’s photographed, Iceland is still his favorite. 

“It’s a country that shows me something new and more beautiful every time I go back.”

Follow along on the @NatGeoYourShot Instagram today to see Iceland like never before.