It’s two a.m.
The emergency room psychiatrist looks up from his clipboard
with eyes paid to care
and asks me if I see people who aren’t really there.
I say, “I see people
how the hell am I supposed to know
if they’re real or not?”
He doesn’t laugh
neither do I.
The math’s not on my side
ten stitches and one lie.
I swear I wasn’t trying to die.
I just wanted to see what my pulse looked like from the inside.

-From Andrea Gibson’s “When The Bow Breaks” (YouTube Link)


Hi, so I made a post where I asked to reblog and message me because I wanted more SPN blogs to follow, but I got so many reblogs that I couldn’t get through all of them, SO new rules:

I PROMISE to check out the blogs of the first 50 reblogs and at least the first 20 of the messages I recieve! Go for it guys, you might gain a follower here!!!!!!

My grandmother is from Poland and there, they have this tradition, that on Christmas Eve they set the table for one person extra, so that if someone without a house to be in and food to eat, they can have christmas dinner too, if they come knocking on the door.
I live in Denmark, but she has taught us about this, and I find it very beautiful.

Merry Christmas everyone!


30 day Supernatural challenge; day 8; favorite Sam crying scene:^
(2x17) “Heart”

The acting and the writing here is simply amazing, and this always made me cry,