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“And…..CUT!!” “Good job everyone, especially you two.Wow you guys are perfect together.” “Well, we’ve been dating for 3 years plus our characters are very similar.” “Sebba, stop.” “What?! I’m just saying.”

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French lesson of the day for writers :

“You idiot!” “You fucking bastard!” “You dummy!” “Oh you sweet girl!”

We don’t use that “you…” formulation. Translating literally just sounds ridiculous.

1. if it’s an insult : use “Espèce de … !!” (species of…). You also use “Sale … !!” (means literally dirty, but not in a sexual way. Never use ‘sale’ in a sexual way, super degrading or just weird, thank you). When insulting someone to their face, don’t use “vous”, that’s the formal and respectable way, it’s not very impressive xD 

2. If it’s the “oh you sweet girl” situation : there’s no rule. You’ll just have to say it like a normal sentence. “you’re such a sweet girl !”

PS : ‘you dummy’ as an affectionate insult ? You can do what you want, as long as the tone fits. “Espèce d’idiot…” she giggled. “T’es bête…” she said as she tried to hide her smirk.

You want to have more french writing tips ? Send me an ask, because I’m too lazy to make a longer post.