I love wearing this shirt out in public because I think that, apart from education, visibility is a vital part of our community. Not for the sake of cis people understanding or whatever, but because if I am wearing this shirt while I’m out and about and some 14 year old #transboy that is struggling to accept themselves, or still in the closet, or going through a hard time with unaccepting parents or misgendering in school, etc will see my shirt and maybe they will feel less alone. #forcameron #transky

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#From2Men #lgbtq #eshop will be open tomorrow! This #FTM syringe shirt will be available for purchase in black and in white! @paisleypainbow and I are super excited to open shop and even more excited for the designs to come! All proceeds of this shop all go towards our top surgery funds, so if you like the tee and wanna support a fellow #brother while wearing some #transpride then check back tomorrow for a link to the shop and grab a shirt! 👌😁

@paisleypainbow finished up the final digital edit of the first design we’ll be releasing for the #f2m (#from2men) #lgbtq #eshop! we ordered one for us each to see the final design on a shirt and plan on opening the shop to the public next week! and of course, all funds raised through our store (and individual fundraisers with limited designs that we are designing on the side) will be going towards our surgeries! great way to show pride and support for a fellow #brother, so stay tuned for updates and the eshop link release next week!

Yoooo, someone should go on over to our shop ( and buy one of these rad pony beaded trans pride bracelets! Only $1 plus shipping and everything sold on our shop goes towards mine and Paisley’s top surgery funds!

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Raf here with some more bracelet orders! It has been so amazing waking up each day to more and more followers/supporters, and more and more sales, from shirts to bracelets to stickers, every sale counts as a step closer to both of our surgeries and we can’t thank you enough! Can’t wait for these to get to their new homes 😃👍

want one of these? check out and grab one for $5! all proceeds go towards our top surgery funds!

Wearing my #FTM tee today, hella proud of this design ‘cause it started it all! Since opening #from2men, I’ve been seeing things in a whole new light. Can’t wait to release the next design next month! ‘Til then, check out f2m.storenvy.con to get yourself this kickass tee! Don’t forget to follow @from2men to stay updated on new designs and upcoming giveaways! 👌

#From2Men #eshop is officially open! Check it out @ and if you see something you’re diggin’ and wanna buy, don’t forget to use coupon code TRANS for 10% off! All proceeds are going towards our #topsurgery funds, so help a couple brothers out and show some #transpride by snaggin’ a tee! 👌 And don’t forget to follow @from2men to stay updated on soon to come designs and special offers!

So honored and proud to have these two amazing men @trans.ginger and @justintroubleking wearing our shirts while going down in history in leading the first ever #transpride march in Atlanta! Truly inspiring and truly empowering! Thank you guys so much for not only the support but also for standing out on the front lines fighting for equality, you guys make me feel #transandproud 👏👊👍 Check out the GA VOICE for more details on the march! 👌 Don’t forget to check out to grab some of your own #from2men gear - stay proud, stay visible!

All done with this order! All’s left to do is ship it out! Check out my shop @from2men, that I co-found and co-own with @paisleypainbow to order your own handmade #FTM hemp bracelet! We have other things for sale as well, 100% original and all $$$ made goes towards our #topsurgery savings! Show pride in your #identity and #support two brothers by grabbing some #from2men gear today!

My new favourite shirt by From 2 Men! It has male pronouns “he/his/him” within the design - so sick! Check it out at my shop!

All the money made goes towards mine and my best friend Paisley’s top surgery fund!

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