Hi, my name is Rafael. I’m making this post to support one of my best friends (and co-founder/co-owner of from 2 men) paisleypainbow!

He, like many of us, is struggling to save for top surgery. He works full time and more, always putting in overtime at work and I would know because I work at the same company as he does! He lives with his girlfriend of 5 years and their 3 children, two adorable 5 year old twin boys and the sweetest 9 year old girl I’ve ever met, and so the majority of his money from working goes to rent for his family, taking care of their kids, and other expenses that come with supporting a family.

So we started a clothing company geared towards the LGBTQ community called From 2 Men (@from2men on IG and our eshop is to help us both save. But he is doing this teespring fundraiser on the side with a rad design he made himself to try and bring in a little extra.

I’ve known Pais for a long time and he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had, always there when I need him and same for any of his other friends and especially for his family. He works hard and supports everyone in what they do. I want to see my best friend get surgery next year with me, so I’m sharing this for anyone who is interested in supporting him on his journey to top surgery! These are the shirt styles that are available and there’s even an awesome hoodie which my boyfriend seasickstills and I both plan on buying to support him!

There’s only a few days left to get one, so please check it out! If you aren’t able to buy one, then please reblog and share this so others will see it! Every bit counts!

The URL is

Signal boost and help me support one of the raddest guys I know!

GUESS WHAT?! Paisley has re-opened this fundraiser! Be sure to check it out @ and grab one while you can!