[TRANS] 170914 IU responde aos comentários no fancafe! (parte 1) - 12:35am

Fan: Parabéns jingjjang!! Nos dê um pequeno spoiler do fanmeeting keke
IU: Haverá um anúncio importante

Fan: Eu sinto sua falta!!
IU: Sinto falta do Yeji também

Fan: Unnie não se sinta culpada… Eu estou ainda pior já que estou ocupada estudando e não pude pedir pra participar pelo fancafe (nota: participar do sorteio de ingressos para o fanmeeting) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Tenha um bom momento no fanmeeting!!!!
IU: Estude bastante e se torne alguém bom para promover a IU! Por uma perspectiva a longo prazo, você está fazendo um bom trabalho!

Fan: Não haverá phototime?ㅠㅠ
IU: Você pagou 9180won para vir, se não tiver phototime eu serei ao menos humana?? (nota: para participar os sorteados tiveram que pagar uma taxa).

Fan: Como você espera que será a reação dos uaenas quando você fizer seu anúncio importante?? 
IU: !! -insere foto-

Fan: Eu acredito que você irá tomar conta daqueles que estão no 2º andar também.
IU: Meu Deus!

Fan: Diga algo para o pobre eu que está chorando enquanto come bolo de arroz daqui 9 horas… (n/t: ele quis dizer que estará checando as atualizações) 
IU: Claro que você deve comer bolo de arroz omegi! (n/t: ela fez uma brincadeira com as palavras)

Fan: Noona, eu sou o 400º fã que foi escolhido ㅠㅠㅠ
IU: Eu sei que você é o 350º!! (nota: 50 fãs foram escolhidos depois já que alguns não pagaram pelos ingressos.) 

Fan: Qual o motivo de 9180won? É porque é 18 de setembro?
IU: … Yepyep

Fan: Já que é seu 6º aniversário, aqui está uma pergunta!! Nos 6 anos que você performou em palcos, cantar que música deu a você mais força??
IU: Quando eu cantei “Child Searching For a Star” e ouvi a parte doKim Kwangjin, eu ganhei a força de um tigre.


trans kr-eng: squishy_blob


[FROM.IU] 150328 Hello?

Uaena, how have you guys been?
Today totally feels like spring~ and it’s a Saturday!!
Of course we can’t just stay at home right! Go out and play, go out and play~~
It’s really great outside. It’s a really great day.
I had fun playing today and now I’m off to work.
Ate a lot of strawberries and ate some eel as well hehe
You haven’t heard much from me recently right? I haven’t been in the right state of mind..ㅜㅜ Because I was off having fun..
Now I’m all done playing! Going to get busy now.
I had a really good break… Now I’ll get down to doing some serious work..!
There’s no use trying to stop me! This is going to be an interesting year.
That’s because the fun stuff just got better. I’m going to lead a fun life. I’ll post some idle photos I’ve had lying around before I go! Everyone!
Go out and play!!!! ?

Translated by squishy with love

[FANCAFE] FROM.IU - 140322 Woke up from the excitement of going somewhere faraway - 3:02 AM

I went to bed at 10pm~~~ but woke up at 2am, now I can’t go back to sleep.
I was feeling hungry so I ate a sweet potato then stared into space….
In a short while when dawn breaks, I’m heading over to Hong Kong!! Will I be able to eat my fill there? When I’m back, there’ll be lots of schedules I guess.. Anyway, I’ll go for my fanmeeting and go sightseeing before I return! I’ll visit the night market and go shopping too ahh ahh so excited.. Heheh I miss uaena. Since I’m up early, I’m thinking of doing some exercise.. I’m going to go on a plane a plane a planeeee

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[FANCAFE] 140607 From. IU - Good Morning! - 6:55 AM

I was going to write “have a good day at school!”..
then I realised it’s Saturday today. Even so, people going going to school,
do watch out for cars and be careful~
Am I awake or have I not gone to bed yet..keke
Anyway, good morning! I’m meeting Inna-jjing on this exciting Saturday ggi-yah-oh!!
Everyone, have a good weekend!

Translated by squishy with love

[FANCAFE] 120426 From.IU - Ended~~~~ - 8:51 PM

(Photo filename: The oolong tea_that is ‘oolong’ (meaning 'making fun of’)_everyone)

Sapporo showcase over~~~~~!!!
(The response) was just as warm as I expected!!!
I miss all of you!!
Going back to Korea tomorrow~~~~^^

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: IU’s U-ana fancafe 

FANCAFE] 150106 IU replies on fancafe with selcas - 2:31 PM

I had my wisdom tooth on the opposite side extracted yesterday. Unlike previously, this time it didn’t swell at all, right?

It’s a hair fake… (covered by her hair keke).

Translated by squishy with love

[FANCAFE] 140310 From.IU - 2000th day (since debut) - 2:28 AM

I’ve really become a pig.. kekeke this is the last selca of me before I became a pig..
I’ve finished recording. I’ve been working hard composing the song and having fun singing it so that! uaenas can have a great present in spring. I’m sure you’ll like it. I didn’t sing it alone but with my friends. Now between us, your friends are mine and my friends are yours right? keke please be kind to my friends! (There’s probably less than a month left till it’s released..)
But come to think of it, it’s already my 2000th day anniversary since my debut.. Why are you guys commemorating this and making me feel touched ahh It’s fine if you guys were like “2000th day? Why are there so many things to take care of? Anyway congrats” and just let it pass~~~keke oh right.. Thank you. I’ll create more great memories for you guys on the 4000th day!! Until then.. Let’s stick together for a long time!! Thank you uaena, let’s continue to maintain our friendship in future!! Goodnight and spend your day more happily than mine.

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[From.IU] 130506 Can you endure not writing in ‘From.IU’ even after this…

… said the abalone in my beef rib soup with abalone.

I-ing-U (I think the main members are from the 2030 fancafe board am I right?) got a van to deliver food to us as fan support! For Soonshin and Junho oppa and Insung oppa and Yeonah unni and the director and the staff members. Even the assistant staff members!! We had a delicious meal!! Insung oppa and I had the beef rib soup while Junho oppa and Yeonah unni had the ginseng chicken soup. They exchanged gingko nuts in their ginseng chicken soup with the radishes in our beef rib soup and got closer through sharing our food~keke there was even dessert, we were totally full after that!! Yesterday and today, we filmed episodes 19 and 20.. we’re already almost halfway through! wow… well not really keke actually I was feeling kind of tired when suddenly tadah! this present appeared, so I’m really really touched…

It’s been a really long time since I declared my existence on From.IU, so I was thinking I should leave a post on my birthday, but I was feeling really grateful for receiving this unexpected 10-day-early birthday present, so I quickly wrote a post~ There’s a lot I want to say, but just wait a little more until 16th May. Take these photos with you and a photo of Soonshin who is pretending to lose weight and also leaving a photo of the best couple after receiving permission from the generous Junho oppa~ I filmed a lot of heartwrenching scenes yesterday and today, so I was feeling a bit weary, but with the strength from my beef short rib soup, I’ll fight on until today’s evening scene!! I’m… going to go cry again.. I was only going to write a little, but why do I feel like writing more..keke I’ll be back again on 16th so for now just a teaser! keke


~Translated by squishy with love~


[FANCAFE] From.IU - Finished my schedules - 2:34 PM

I’ve finished all my schedules in Homg Kong!
It’s been a really fun 3 days and 2 nights!! kekeke
Actually.. originally I had a schedule in Korea the moment I returned, so I was planning to control my diet.. but the moment I heard it was shifted to two days later, I was like a little horse set free from its reins and ate a lot. I’m really touched by the support and love and care from the HK fans, so I decided that I should really come more often!! The fanmeeting yesterday was awesome too.. Just that I’m still not really good with the language so I couldn’t express myself clearly. Such a pity. I saw some familiar Korean and Japanese fans so that gave me more energy and a warm and fuzz feeling. Dimsum. Egg tart. Steamed duck. Rice noodles. Mango rice. Hong Kong snacks. I really ate a lot of delicious food!! keke I don’t really like egg tarts usually but the egg tarts here are really good. (My chubby cheeks are because of the egg tarts I ate yesterday.) I’ll tell everyone in advance. I’ll be wearing a mask at the airport later… Not because I’m down with flu. Just that I’ve put on weight. So when you see the photos, don’t start worrying! Feeling great and satisfied~ I’m a really lucky kid. See you in Korea!!

Translated by squishy with love