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MPC will have an event next year. Of course, it has to be in NC now, because that would explain to them his visit. MPC is operated from the UK and I think it's quite unlikely that they would all travel to Fraser's Ridge. I also doubt that Sam and MPC can and want to take on the insurance, location, security and logistic issues that would come with such a trip and a bunch of amateur athletes.

Good points, Anon. In fact, great points.

That is all.

Alice 🐇

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Hey rookie! You are a great artist and I wish I could support you on patreon but money is an issue. Keep up the amazing work and stay cute! Greetings from the UK :)

Thank you! There’s no pressure to donate! 


Yes, I know what you’re all thinking. “Didn’t we just have a creativity night? And don’t we usually have those on the last Saturday of the month?”

And you are all absolutely right. But, the schedule has never been official, and considering the last Saturday this month is the 31st of December and the second to last is the 24th, we thought maybe people were a bit busy those days. 

So we decided to go for the 17th of December.

From 7 pm UK time (and for as long as people want to play), we will gather together in the chat room, give quick prompts to work on, then share with each other and give feedback.

We’re keeping the time for each prompt short (15 minutes) so we can create a lot of different things in one night.  This is just meant to be fun and can work as a writing/drawing exercise, so the plan is to not spend too much time on each piece. If a prompt triggers a more complex idea, there’s of course no reason you can’t work on this and post it later. If another prompt doesn’t speak to you, you can of course skip it and wait for the next one.

If you just want to hang out in chat while this is going on and maybe give the creators some positive feedback, you are more than welcome to do so.

Are you thinking about joining us but don’t know if you should? It’s not scary, we promise! Just read our excellent FAQ post by @madnina and you’ll find out all you need to know, or drop one of us a message and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Come to the fandot chat Saturday the 17th!

25 Days of Klaroline + Regency

This is dedicated to the wonderful Ashlee Bree @austennerdita2533  who writes me the most lovely and detailed reviews (that always make me smile) and is just an all-around fantastic person to talk to about anything!

This is my first ever Regency drabble (eeek) and it kind of descended into fluffy mush complete with stubborn, vulnerable Klaus so hope you guys like that!

Can’t Buy Me Love

In a society that is driven by class and status, Coachman Klaus Mikaelson is finding it increasingly difficult to resist the newly arrived Caroline Forbes from America.

Bath, Somerset UK 1821


“What would your mother think if she saw you carrying on like that,” he joked, watching from the corner of his eye as her white dress billowed in the breeze. She stopped spinning around in a circle barefoot and turned to face him. A few stray, blonde locks had come loose from her bun and her face was tinged pink with excitement. She’d never looked more beautiful in his opinion, not that he’d ever say it aloud of course.

“Why? Are you going to tell her?” She asked, cocking her left eyebrow slyly. Always so argumentative but that was one of the many things he liked about her.

“That would be rather difficult considering she is thousands of miles away in America,” he replied. “I’d tell your friend but knowing Miss Pierce, she’d encourage such behaviour.”

“Something that your brother can attest to, I’m sure,” she smiled knowingly, her gaze falling on the couple immersed in themselves on the nearby lawns.

Klaus frowned at her inference. Not only was their union secret, it was secret for a very good reason. Their people didn’t consort with his and footman Elijah was a blind fool if he thought otherwise. Klaus had done everything he could to convince his brother of that fact but he’d been unmoved and obstinate. It was obvious that Katherine Pierce had woven a spell on him. “Why must you frown like that?”

He broke out of his trance, swivelling around to face her. Klaus was fairly certain Caroline could weave a few spells herself but he had no intention of falling into that trap even if she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever beheld.

“Well, I’m trying to sketch but you won’t sit still long enough for me to capture your likeness.” She moved towards him and leaned in, attempting to see over his shoulder just as Klaus pulled his book away. He knew she could never see those drawings; he was too afraid that she’d see straight through him and his burgeoning feelings for her.

“Can I see it?” She whined.


“Why won’t you ever let me see your drawings? Given I’m the subject it’s the least I deserve,” she pouted, crossing her arms over her chest.

“We really should get going before your guardian notices your absence,” he murmured, changing the subject and closing the sketchbook so it was far away from her prying eyes. He was also becoming increasingly nervous due to her close proximity and her heavenly floral scent that was infiltrating his nostrils without permission.

“Can’t we stay a little longer? It is such a beautiful day,” she pleaded.

“We’re already taking a big risk so those two can see each other in secret,” he growled, his anger threatening to boil over.

“It’s fine, Mrs Elliott thinks Katherine and I are shopping and that you are dutifully helping us with our errands,” she explained. “If you ask me this is definitely more fun than any of that, even if you won’t show me your drawings.” Klaus shook his head thinking just how different she was to most girls of similar social status.

“Someday,” he promised, knowing that someday would probably never come. “But for now we need to leave, so can you please hurry them along?”

“Why do you resent their relationship so much?”

“Because it’s not real, it’s pointless.”

“But they are in love.”

“That doesn’t matter,” he muttered. “It’s not going anywhere, it can’t. Surely you can see that?”

“So, what you’re saying is that any relationship between different classes of people is impossible, that we’re all just supposed to stick with our own kind?”

“Yes, m’ Lady.”

“Don’t you dare! How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that,” she huffed. “I’m not nobility.”

“Not yet,” Klaus murmured, knowing it wouldn’t be long given the amount of male attention she’d been attracting in Bath. “Your mother sent you over here with the express desire that you and your cousin would take husbands of noble birth.”

“What if I don’t want someone of noble birth?” She growled. “My choice of husband will not be based on fortune or a title, it will be for love.”

“Well, as honourable as that sounds Miss Forbes, your mother and guardian don’t see things that way.”

“I will not be forced into a loveless marriage. I would rather be in love and poor than commit myself to a life like that.”

“I would very much like to see the choice you make when you find a man whose love can conquer all of those practical considerations.”

“What if I have? What if he is sitting next to me right at this very moment?” She whispered, her gaze now trained firmly on the grass. It was practically a profession of love, one that Klaus had never entertained nor expected from her. But he wouldn’t let her ruin her life like that, Klaus wouldn’t let himself.

“Caroline,” he rasped, only registering the informality of his address after he’d uttered her name.

“So, you’ve never considered…” she trailed off shyly shifting her gaze to meet his, her hopeful expression causing his chest to constrict painfully. Of course he had considered it. He’d considered it every single day since he first laid eyes on Caroline Forbes and had been deeply conflicted ever since.

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Is the topmost figure above your desk Zenigata? If so, why? (Genuinely curious)

There’s a long version of this story, but I’ll give you the abridged version: @strampunch moved to the UK a while ago, and the day she did I drove about 5 hours round trip to pick her up and ensure she made it to my monthly Bellinimation party with @monpian, @notllorstel, and a few other non-Tumblr friends. We became good buds after realizing we’d known each other way before Tumblr, back in the Deviant Art days, and had been watching each other’s art the whole time without realizing it!

When it came time for her to move away from the UK, she gave me that awesome Zenigata statue (because we both love that adorable goof) and wrote a very sweet note to the gang, the illustration from which I have here featuring from left to right, myself, Stram, and Monpian:

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For the anon who asked about watching tonight from the UK, it'll be on at 1:00am our time, and if you type into google 'nbc livestream' there's a bunch of streams there. LiveTVCafe is pretty good :) If you don't wanna wait until friday xD

thank you!! here you go anon :)

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I hope we will not see Tom until Sunday and then he is suddenly in LA at the Critics Choice Awards. Some haters will be sure that he just arrived at LAX without a sighting. Some Hiddleswifters will think Tom and Taylor went from UK to US on Monday or Tuesday. And I am sitting on my chair with some popcorn.

oh the critic choice awards is this sunday. I totally forgot. And taylor’s birthday is on tuesday.

William, Kate and Harry will attend @TheMixUK volunteer Christmas party on Monday, December 19. At the event, The Duchess will join a live online chat about counselling with volunteers and young people from around the UK. During the party, Their Royal Highnesses will kick off The Mix Annual Awards by presenting the Volunteer of the Year Award. The Mix have also invited volunteers from some of the charity partners of the royals @heads_together campaign. A very nice pre-xmas event!
—  @HRHDuchesskate

you can be in seattle where is 9am aND IN MIAMI ITS FUCKING 12PM?? it would literally take you 48 HOURS, (THATS TWO FULL DAYS) to travel the 2,735 miles between those two states. an d youRe in the sSAME fUCking coUNtrY what tEh fCUk



but they’re not even coUntrY tIme zoNEs??? m8 u can be in omaha ne and in columbus ne its fucking 1 hour ahead of you THEY’RE BOTH IN THE SAME STATE???WH AT?/? 


‘we were unable to calculate the route and time by road’ you know fucking why? bECAUsE tHERE ISNTT A FUCKING ROAD. HAWAII IS LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN WHAT TH E FU CK AMERICA WHAT THE FUKC