From the CTA Historical Photo Collection:

“Construction of the 4.9 mile-long State Street Subway (now part of the CTA Red Line) began on December 17, 1938, near Chicago Avenue. Work on the Dearborn subway started the following March 15, but had to be suspended in 1942 due to wartime shortages.”

Bottom: “While the State Street subway didn’t open to the riding public until October 17, 1943. Mayor Edward J. Kelly led a large delegation of city and federal officials on the first inspection trip on April 2. Veteran motorman Charles Blade (kneeling right) operated the train, which is shown standing at Jackson. The all-steel 4000-series cars used for the test were the newest in service at the time, having been purchased from the Cincinnati Car Company in 1923-24.”


So Luchs 2 cm was between October 1942 and may 1943. Vehicle from the 2nd company of the 4th reconnaissance battalion, 4th armored division. This can easily be identified by the screen on the frontal plate of the hull
Tank from part of the 1st squadron of the 9th reconnaissance battalion of 9th Panzer division. Likewise looked tanks are scouts later release
Well seen mount Jerry cans on the side of the tower, a characteristic feature of the tanks of the 1st squadron of the 9th reconnaissance battalion of the 9th armored division
This tank top
Tank from part of the 2nd company of the 4th reconnaissance battalion, 4th Panzer division on the Eastern front, beginning of 1944
Experimental tank on the basis of the VK 13.01 V 29
The sample model of the Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)
The second version of the machine, in the series he went
Serial sample Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)
The same car from above

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Gale's taking Jackson on a road trip for w/e reason, but her tires puncture near Radiator Springs.What happens next?

Gale and Storm run into some tire trouble on the way to Storm’s very first Piston Cup race. Radiator Springs has no reason to know who he is yet. But oh, they will.

The Hard Way

It’s Otis who finds them. He sputters to a stop at the top of a hill and coasts his way down it until his face slams against the edge of Storm’s trailer.

“Ouch!” he exclaims. Then he takes stock of what he’s run into–the trailer, askance; Gale, with one set of tires just a limp collection of jagged rubber streamers; Storm, parked beside her.

“Boy are you lucky you ran into me!” says Otis, amicably.

“You can’t be serious,” replies Storm.

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First off, the car from yesterday. At the tail end of the one on one with my boss on Tuesday, we admired the new car. Cars. There was another one, but I didn’t feel like it fit in with the theme. It was just a BMW SUV.

10/18/2017 1.65 miles

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do today. I started out wanting to hit maybe my mileage goal from yesterday (my plan until the end of the year, more or less, is a run streak - with the exception that if at any point I feel like I need to take a rest day, I will. But the option is open and available should I decide to make another go of it) - 2.5 miles, but then I also wanted to run my planned 3-3.5ish tomorrow, so a little after I hit a mile (at a gradually increasing speed) I decided to call it at 1.5 (and take the .15 for a cool down).

Because I went over with the expectation that I was going to have a longer run, I DIDN’T take my swimsuit to stretch out in the hot tub. So back to the office. I had asked prior to heading out whether or not the peppered flank steak was gluten free or not - it was served with “Dijon Aus”*. I still didn’t have an answer but I was perplexed by this by the soup:


Now they’re** just messing with me***.

Later on the family went to taekwondo. Master Michael wasn’t there, instead Mark (3rd degree) was there to warm us up. Afterwards, he was about to set us down the line kicking the heavy targets when Master Chung showed up. So instead we lined up and did some combination kicks/kick punch combos. Quite a few.

Then forms. Chunji through taegeuk 5 as a group, then Master Chung had Mark split off and teach the blue/high blue belt taegeuk 5. The rest of us did taegeuk 6, then Master Chung led me through taegeuk 7. With sets of 20 pushups interspersed along in there, and even a set of 10 nearly-burpees (pushup then jumping jack).

Then he split us up to work on self defense. I got paired up with Chaz, a high blue belt but quite young (maybe 12ish?). I basically let him do self-defense 1 through 6 at me, giving him pointers/reminder along the way, and then I refreshed his memory on self defense 7 and 8. When he didn’t have some of the finer points down, I was an “unwilling participant” (basically if he wasn’t applying the correct pressure on my wrist I wasn’t going to yield). I sort of half did 1-8 against him, but given his age and his lack of knowledge of how to fall, I was super easy on him.

After that, Master Chung showed the class a “basic knife defense” skill which started out pretty much like self defense 7 but went straight for the takedown and included a tear inducing**** weapon removal.

Afterwards (and after homework/baths/bedtime was complete) my wife and I had a bit of a chat about our future in taekwondo. She really doesn’t want to stay. I don’t either, but I DO want to stay long enough to get a black belt. Or if Master Lee opens a school I’d jump immediately. The main issue is that if I were to go anywhere else, my color belt is essentially meaningless. Ostensibly I could attain a black belt at my current dojang in 3 more belt tests - red, red/black, black. I’d have to ask to pay for/test all the “stars” they require, though. Usually once a student hits red belt you have to accumulate stars before getting to the next belt. This is EITHER a way to offset the increased price of the higher belt, OR to prolong the amount of training time required to get the next rank.

But given that:

They feel like they’re gravitating towards being a belt-mill, and

I asked the owners son if I needed to go through the stars and he suggested I didn’t, and

My wife has suggested as much about the price offsetting feature

I may just be able to blast through in 6 months (i.e. through the April belt test).

Will I feel bad about getting a black belt at a belt-mill? Maybe a little. But I know I will put in the time with outside practice to make me feel like I’ve earned it.

* If anyone can tell me what in the world that is (and don’t tell me “served with au jus juices” is an acceptable phrase, I’ll turn around and “automated ATM machine” and “personal PIN number” you so fast your head will spin).

** Technically it’s the fault of the kitchen in the building, which is not part of the company I work for. I believe they print the ingredient cards with our corporate logo.

*** For the uninitiated, there are no gluten containing ingredients listed. Corn starch does not have gluten. Also “contains” is misspelled.

**** His target dummy/guinea pig was Liev (Lev?) A fairly young (13ish?) 1st degree black belt. Master Chung MIGHT have been a bit too rough on him while pinning Liev’s elbow with his knee for the disarming. Liev cried a bit. I’m conflicted a bit - as a parent, I get it. But, the kid’s a black belt.

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Hey if it makes you feel any better my car recently broke down so I borrowed a car from my boyfriend’s parents to go on a solo road trip, and I totally busted the transmission on it. So in the very least, at least you own the car you broke? Haha, in all seriousness I hope it gets fixed!

They’re working on it now! Thanks for sharing your story. I actually just dropped $600 on my car earlier this month to get it to pass inspection! So I’m so bummed

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My first impression : oh gosh i can never reach out to them I can never becomevfriends with such a talented person (cutieee) My current impression : aaaaahow is this pAawsible oupgfyuoe7oyftt7o ILY (I wrote this while walking from school and a car almost hit meh so yeh anyways ilofu pal

aww  i love you too friend! <33

waking up the wolf inside

[here’s the full story, thanks for reading!]


Derek Hale is two hours late. At each passing minute, Stiles feels angrier and the only reason he hasn’t left is because Derek needs to come home at some point and when he does, Stiles is going to yell at him so hard he’s going to give him this interview just to send Stiles away.

Stiles can be pretty annoying when he wants to, that’s how he gets most of his job done.

Derek Hale though, he’s been fucking infuriating. For starters he lives in the middle of nowhere, Stiles got lost twice before he found someone who actually knew where Derek’s freaking cabin is. And there’s also the fact that he’s a nobody - Stiles’ only picture of him is from his High School graduation, like, fifteen years ago.

And that’s the most fascinating thing – not many people know about him but the ones who do can’t stop praising his work. The guy is an angel, but instead of protecting people he protects wolves. According to Scott’s boss – who’s like, the one person who has seen Derek in person and can attest he’s real – Derek has a vet degree, doesn’t like people and built his own cabin in the woods. To live amongst the wolves.

Stiles needs to interview this guy. At first because he got curious about a thirty-one year old guy living alone and now it’s about pride. He doesn’t just spend two hours outside someone’s house, especially when it’s snowing.

“Come on.” He groans. It’s freaking Alaska. Angel or not – Derek Hale is also a huge dick.

Stiles is beginning to think about breaking into the guy’s house (he can’t feel his toes) when he hears a car and a minute later a battered truck is parking next to Stiles’ rental car.

The man who steps out looks nothing like the High School picture Stiles found. For starters he look like a mountain man with a beard that does nothing but make him look hotter, the jeans doesn’t leave much to imagination either when it comes to his ass and the huge winter coat only accentuates his broad shoulders.

Stiles swallows. “Hey!” He yells, watching as Derek opens the back door. “Derek Hale?” He can’t hide his groan when Derek barely spares him a glance. “Hey, it’s freaking freezing here, you know?”

Derek lets out a groan of his own as he lifts something in his arms and steps away from the car. “I know.” He walks towards the house and as he gets closer, Stiles notices Derek is carrying a wolf. “Now, help me out here, yeah?”

Stiles doesn’t even think twice before dropping his bag and stepping closer. “What can I do?”

“Grab the key,” Derek instructs, “it’s in my back pocket.”

Later, Stiles will want to hide his face in embarrassment but now he can only think about the poor wolf whining in Derek’s arms as he touches Derek’s ass to find the key to open Derek’s house.

Once inside, Derek deposits the wolf on the floor, wrapping him further with blankets and asks Stiles to light up the fire as he goes around the house collecting things. “Is he going to be okay?” Stiles asks as Derek kneels in front of the wolf and runs a soothing hand over his head.

“Hopefully.” Derek answers. “And it’s a girl.” He tells Stiles. “She’s in labor.”

What.” Stiles squeaks. “Really? But –”

“In the kitchen,” Derek interrupts him, “get some hot water, and close the fucking door.”

Stiles blinks, watches as Derek tells her everything is going to be okay. She’s obviously uncomfortable, but stops squirming when Derek smiles and runs his hands over her belly.

Water.” Derek growls.

“Right.” Stiles gets on his feet. He so didn’t sign up for this.

“So,” he collapses on the floor, “does this happen a lot?”

Derek collapses next to him, eyes on the mother wolf and her six pups. “Is this part of your interview?”

Stiles snorts and rolls his eyes. “No, this is just me trying not to freak out.” He turns to look at Derek – his eyes are green, he realizes, and beautiful, he adds mentally.

“No, this doesn’t happen often.” Derek answers, finally. “Thankfully.”

Stiles nods and smiles when Derek turn to him. “You’re amazing.” He blurts out and Derek blinks, surprised. “Anyway,” Stiles shakes his head, tries to pretend the butterflies in his stomach are just from the adrenaline rush, “we’ll have to postpone the interview, but I think that’s justifiable.” He gets up, looks at his hands and realizes they are covered in blood. Ew. “Uh, can I use your bathroom before I go?”

“Go?” Derek asks, standing up too.

“I’m gonna get a hotel in town.” The nearest town is two hours away, but what can you do? He glances at the sleeping wolves. It’s not like this was Derek’s fault. “I think.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Derek says, bluntly. Stiles snorts – yeah, Derek really doesn’t have a way with people. “I have a spare bedroom.”

Stiles smiles. “Thank you.” He says. “I don’t really like driving in the snow.”

“Who does.” Derek says, asks maybe. Stiles still doesn’t know him, but as he follows Derek up the stairs, he realizes he really wants to.

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