Today I went for a drive w/ the fam and as dozens of Trump signs zoomed past me I was reminded of how much I hate this place and can’t WAIT to move out

Dear John.

A/N: This is the 4th backstory to the imagines rewrite, that & the previous backstories can be found here. This has some angst but for the most part it’s just sad. At this point the Winchester men haven’t seen the reader for almost 8 months. Everyone’s age is going to be changing throughout this part

Dean’s age-14

Sam’s age-10

Reader’s age-20 months

The boys raced up the steps of Bobby’s house, each time they stopped by they hoped that you would be there. It had been nearly 9 months since Meredith grabbed you and left the motel room and they hadn’t heard from you since.

They didn’t even bother knocking on the door, they swung it open, hoping to see your face but they were crushed when they were met by Bobby’s sad stare from the couch.

“Come on Sam, let’s grab our stuff from the car.” Dean said dejectedly. The boys walked back outside, passing their dad on the way in.

John let out a sigh and Bobby stood up and walked over to his desk, “Still no word?” he asked.

Bobby grabbed something from his desk, an envelope, and walked over to John, “She wrote you something.” Bobby spoke quietly.

John ripped it from Bobby’s hand and opened the letter,

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Thinking about a future without you in it

There are these thoughts I  do not let myself have anymore. The house, for starters,

doesn’t have as much leather in it. There is a lot less music, too. I erased

an ugly car from the driveway and replaced it with one a little uglier. There are the same amount of trees, but no more wild-haired children dangling their 

legs off of them, not for now. There are fewer knocks on the door,

but more visitors.

       I never thought I would be praying

       not to love you, but here I am, letting myself dream of better things again.

Mostly, -and this is important- I am not so tidy. There is paint chipping away in the cracks

of my knuckles, my legs curled into my stomach less. I admire the dirt under my fingernails. The garden 

is bigger than I pictured it before. The flowers, scattered and disorderly, are the best part.

Gravity Falls: Fiddleford McGucket [ENFP]


Extroverted Intuition (Ne)McGucket frequently builds inventions that may or may not have any actual practicality, makes unexpected connections (such as in the Conspiracy Corner shorts where he is astoundingly accurate in some of his theories about the town); and is widely known for hair brained ideas and inventive creativity. From buying a car just for the opossum in the trunk, to building giant robots on a whim, to putting aside his computer business and moving to Gravity Falls to help his best friend build an inter-dimensional portal; McGucket often acts spontaneously and on a whim, without real thought into the the future consequences of his actions -as Old Man McGucket, this impulsiveness surfaces as erratic behavior which is worsened by his mental illness. He often sees the consequences of his actions after it’s too late; such as when he continuously used the memory gun without thinking about what the side effects might be; being too wrapped up in the idealistic hope that it would be okay.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): McGucket is very warm, friendly, kind, and expressive; but has trouble channeling his emotions in a healthy manner. When he builds the Gobblewonker; he states that his motivation for doing so was that he wanted attention, and felt lonely, and that no one was spending time with him (particularly his son). He also mentioned building several other giant robots during times of high-stress, and has sacrificed his own well-being to people who have shown him kindness (such is in SotBE when he stood between his friends and the memory gun) In comparison to his younger, perhaps “truer,” self, Hirsch has described his primary traits as being “sweet, sensitive, charming, and naïve,” pointing to an Fe dominant typing; although I still chose to go with Fi due to his social awkwardness, Prominent Te, and self-contained morals. He often acts happy and wears a smile despite admitting to being miserable when pressed further; and it is clear that much of his behavior shows no regard for social conventions. He is guided by emotion.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): McGucket is highly scientifically proficient and can put together practical, complex inventions when his emotions don’t get in the way of his planning. He is a deceptively quick thinker, such as in SoTBE when he is the only character not to be caught by the Society of the Blind Eye, and stages and executes a perfect rescue plan. He was also responsible for leading the rescue mission for Ford in the final episode of the show; with surprising success.

Introverted Sensing (Si): McGucket has some trouble “forgiving and forgetting” (although he did during the finale), and was not able to move on from the past until he was able to fully remember it. In a way, his attempt to run from the past was also proof that he was hyper focusing on it. He did not believe he would be ABLE to forget without outside influence; which ultimately caused his downfall.

light um if you got um

my life seems made up
i’m a bad road trip to a shitty little town
no name brand shopping and knock off shoes
coolers full of cheap beer and loosely rolled cigarettes

hell is a ham sandwich at the shell station
watching the gas pump billowing fumes from my car
contemplating the lighter in my pocket
but i still haven’t cut the grass yet

nobody’s life is perfect
even the people who look the part, fake it sometimes
mine just happens to be less perfect than i’d like today
and there is always the lighter


It was so much harder/weirder to dab outside on the east coast but I did it anyways. The humidity kept getting to me. Dabbing on the @egonglass tube from @fredgoodtimes in my car in D.C. #egonglass #710 #errlgrrl

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So this happened today

I was walking across the street to get to my car and I was by myself. Two grown men were cutting the lawn of this small field across from where my car was. This all was behind the buildings in town so that’s creepy enough. The men saw me walking over to the parking lot and proceeded turn their equipment off and starting yelling at me things like “Yeah I see you!” and “Why don’t you come over here?!”. I got in my car and locked the doors lmao. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again bc I felt so uncomfortable.

OSRR: 748

sorry about the plane joke yesterday.

I’ve been up forever today and I’m grateful to go to sleep under the air conditioner. I was too hot after everything today and when I got home from filling my car up with gas and taking down the signs I came in the house and immediately threw up in my mouth and choked on it. it was awful.

but the yard sale today was pretty good. we didn’t get rid of nearly as much stuff as I think we’d hoped, but it was still good considering we sold things for beans practically.

there was also a man who stopped by and sat and talked to my dad for a while about his experience serving in the marines during WWII. it was really amazing. this man, this 90-year-old sweetheart of a grandpa told us about his memories when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. I never imagined I’d hear a first-hand account of something like that. it was an incredible experience to hear him talk about a moment in time that really shaped the future of the world, from someone who was there when it happened over seventy years ago.

I also finished watching voltron. I’m kinda dying. and Paxton is a gift and a flirt.

and then I did all of the laundry in the house because I had no underwear. nice.

2 guys tried hitting on me from their car while i was walking outside and then said ‘fuck this bitch’ after i refused to acknowledge them and this isnt like the first time its happened but every time im just so confused like what do they think is gonna happen do they really expect me to fucking stop and talk to strangers in the middle of the road godddd can boys just sew their mouths shut

Chapter 20.


2 weeks later

Tuesday 7:30 am 

“We gonna see Papa?”.

I nodded at Dakota as I unbuckled her from her car seat and closed the door. Carrying her on my hip we walked walked towards the doors of the Courthouse. I guess today was his hearing on the whole Case. I know he’s going to receive his consequences today as well. He could have been out 2 days after he got turned himself in since he was posted bond. But because his difficult ass didn’t wanna give the court his money, he decided to stay in for the whole damn 2 weeks. But whatever, hopefully the judge isn’t over the top with this. I mean I agree he was wrong, but I miss being next to him every night.

“Mommy, can I-”

“Dakota let mommy think for a second, relax”.

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10 random things (about me) that are most likely lies but good luck proving it

i was tagged by kneipho
because i’m too slow.
and let’s face it- too old to run as well. 

1. once while visiting Vancouver, my wife and i where walking down a very long steep street that went down to the water front. suddenly we heard someone yelling and turned around to look back up the street just in time to see that a guy who had been loading a lincoln continental on to a car transport, had somehow forgotten to apply the brake. the car rolled off backward, and was careening down the street picking up speed as it went. when it was about 100 yards from us, i hustled my wife into a storefront doorway, and stepped out into the road to try to do something about the runaway vehicle. i could see the guy who had lost the car running and waving his hands frantically.
 at around 30 yards from me the car swerved off of the road, in the only single place on this street where that was possible between the buildings, dipped down into a grassy gully, changed it’s mind and shot back up and out onto the road straight at me. it had bled off a good deal of speed after going off road, and for some unbelievably stupid reason, i decided that i was going to stop this car. my wife must have seen the look on my face because she began screaming at me to “get the fuck out of the road you damn idiot” which did little for my confidence, but i set myself as the car came barreling at me. i knew that if i didn’t stop this thing, that it was going to kill somebody.
when the car hit me, i was in a crouch like a football player on the line of scrimmage, and i will say that it knocked the ever living shit out of me. but i had a death grip on the rear bumper and i had my legs straight out behind me digging into the asphalt as the car ground off the soles of my sneakers. after what seemed like an eternity the car slowly came to a halt just as my heels touched the opposite curb, and when i stood up i realized that i had pulled every muscle in my body. the frantic car hauler came running up at top speed right then, jumped into the lincoln, started it and drove away without saying a single word to me. i sat down on the curb to assess the damage to myself, and 
just about then my wife came walking up mumbling loudly to herself about how stupid her husband really was. she stood there for a second giving me a look one might gift to a idiot, and then she pointed behind me prompting me to look.
i turned around to find a large restaurant’s front window filled with dinners. all standing and clapping. (highlight of my life peeps) 

2. i get out of the way of moving vehicles 

3. i attempt humor at the most inappropriate times

4. knock knock jokes do not go over well while giving a eulogy at a funeral i find.

5. i’m a sucker for a beautiful soul.

6. the monkey is my best pal, and we have never even met.

7. i have no friends.

8. i thrive on the pity of others.

9. feed me, feed me now.

10. remember this post the next time you think about tagging me.

i tag, as i always do, just  purplemonkeysexgod69
because it will piss him off.