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On This Day in History June 6, 1966: Activist James Meredith was shot and wounded as he walked along a Mississippi highway to encourage black voter registration.

The article 1966: Black civil rights activist shot from the BBC On This Date 1950-2005 website describes the what happened to Meredith:

The 32-year-old civil rights activist began his solo 220-mile March against Fear yesterday in Memphis and was heading for Jackson to show his fellow black citizens how to stand up to white authority and also to encourage them to register to vote.

At Hernando, Mississippi - 30 miles from his starting point - he saw an armed man aim at him and dived to the ground, but he was shot three times. Bleeding from the head, shoulder and leg he shouted: “Oh my God.”

FBI agents and reporters who were following the march witnessed the ambush.

An ambulance took him to hospital where doctors later said his wounds were not serious.

Though shot, Meredith’s wounds were not serious enough to stop his march. His being shot brought awareness to the goals of his march which was the encouragement of black people to register to vote. Aubrey James Norvell confessed to the shooting and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Time seems to have somewhat embittered Meredith to his role in the civil rights movement. In the article James Meredith, Central Figure In Ole Miss Integration, Reflects On 50th Anniversary, Resents ‘Civil Rights’ Moniker (PHOTOS) by EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS from the Huffington Post dated October 01, 2012 Meredith is quoted:

James Meredith is a civil-rights icon who hates the term “civil rights.”

It’s as if civil rights were somehow set apart from – well, rights.

“When it comes to my rights as an American citizen, and yours, I am a triumphalist and an absolutist. Anything less is an insult,” said the black man who 50 years ago inflamed the anger of white Mississippi by quietly demanding admission to the state’s segregated flagship university.

The article goes further into Meredith’s point of view:

Yet he says he doesn’t plan to participate in the university’s commemoration of his history-making enrollment, which prompted a state-federal standoff, sparked deadly mob violence and ultimately ended the university’s official policy of racial segregation.

The university says Meredith has been invited to take part in events to mark the anniversary, including a walk that student leaders will take Monday to retrace his first day on campus.

Meredith says he doesn’t see the point.

“I ain’t never heard of the French celebrating Waterloo,” he told The Associated Press. “I ain’t never heard of the Germans celebrating the invasion of Normandy, or … the bombing and destruction of Berlin. I ain’t never heard of the Spanish celebrating the destruction of the Armada.”

Asked to clarify, Meredith said: “Did you find anything 50 years ago that I should be celebrating?”

The article also states:

Meredith writes that although people consider him a “civil rights hero,” that’s not how he sees himself: “I’ve always found the rhetoric of mainstream civil rights leaders and organizations to be far too timid, accommodationist and gradualist. It always seemed to me that they behaved like meek and gentle supplicants begging the oppressor for a few crumbs of justice, for a few molecules of citizenship rights.”


Meredith is now memorialized by a bronze statue near the University of Mississippi’s main administrative building. Yet he calls it “hideous,” and wants it destroyed.

Meredith says the monument glosses over the magnitude of Mississippi’s resistance to his exercise of what should have been recognized as his obvious, inherent rights as an American citizen.

It was, he said, a war.

“Mississippi has so humiliated me – they ain’t never acknowledged that there was a war,” Meredith said.

Chancellor Dan Jones says the university won’t destroy the statue, which was dedicated in 2006.


“The Doctor is a legend, woven throughout history.” The missing adventures of the Ninth Doctor.

And yeah, Who is Doctor Who? is probably one of the best marketing things the BBC have ever done.

(Images pulled from the old Doctor Who website.)



I was left completely mesmerised by these rare photographs of women that were featured on the BBC website last week.

The photos are from a new exhibition in Delhi curated by Tasveer Arts and Cinnamon to highlight how picture technology changed the circulation and portrayal of the female image from the 1850s to the 1950s.

“These photographs take us on a journey from colonial studies of Indian women in the 19th century, to private studio portraits from the early 20th century, and then to iconic and glamorous photographs of Bollywood actresses from the 1940s and 50s.”

My favourite has got to be the leaning dancer, just chillin with her quirky shoes on.

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Who’s your fave?

Okay, compare these two reactions:

Sherlock from ASiB, with genuinely no idea what Mycroft’s getting at:

Versus John from The Blind Banker, apparently expecting Sebastian’s closer-than-friends implication, because he gets instantly defensive without even taking the time to process Seb’s tone:

Bonus:  The lightning-fast speed of John's reaction was written into the official script (from the BBC’s website):

Richard III's DNA throws up infidelity surprise

By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website

Analysis of DNA from Richard III has thrown up a surprise: evidence of infidelity in his family tree.

Scientists who studied genetic material from remains found in a Leicester car park say the finding might have profound historical implications.

Depending on where in the family tree it occurred, it could cast doubt on the Tudor claim to the English throne or, indeed, on Richard’s.

The study is published in the journal Nature Communications.

But the scientists would not be drawn on what meaning it might have - if any - for the current Royal Family, as it was still unknown when the break, or breaks, in the lineage occurred.

In 2012, scientists extracted genetic material from the remains discovered on the former site of Greyfriars Abbey, where Richard was interred after his death in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

‘Overwhelming evidence’

Their analysis shows that DNA passed down on the maternal side matches that of living relatives, but genetic information passed down on the male side does not.

However, given the wealth of other details linking the body to Richard III, the scientists conclude that infidelity is the most likely explanation.

Keep reading

Bible background info and resources

For probablygrowlingatyou - I’m making this public in case other people might be interested!

History of Ancient Israel

  • Cultures and Contexts: Ancient Israel, a course from NYU presented by Prof. Daniel Fleming. A series of lectures about Ancient Israel which provide good, basic information.
  • TimeMaps has an interesting if simplified timeline of Israel.
  • The Biblical Archaeological Society has a lot of fantastic articles about everything from daily life in ancient Israel to the various groups and cultures the Bible describes - all from an archaeological viewpoint.

Biblical Context

The Old Testament World Beyond Israel

…And (some of) the rest of the ancient world

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ancient civilisations, it’s just a taster! And there’s so much to learn about all of them. Aside from my obsessive interest in everything Biblical, my background is in the cultures of Greece and Rome, so if you’re particularly interested in them there is a lot more I can point you towards.

So, I found these pics on as photos from Series 1 or 2. The only explanation is that they are from cut scenes and I can’t find anything else like them or referencing them anywhere on the net (they were from the BBC website but I can’t find the originals) and they have set my mind ablaze with ideas!

Howard gets abducted and space Vince is running tests on his brain? So many possible plots and Boosh scenarios! And I want them all! Has anyone else seen anything about these and possible cut episodes or ideas? How have I never seen them before?
(Also, I’d love to give the appropriate credit for the photos but can’t find it so if anyone could help me out with that, that’d be awesome)

Posting another still of Aidan Turner with his Rossetti hero hair from one of the “Inside Look” videos on BBC America’s website. I love all the gifs and photos that have been posted to tumblr since I mentioned the BBC America website on my facebook page last Thursday. I wasn’t aware that there were so many Aidan fans who didn’t know of this site. For years only peeps in the USA could access BBCA vids, but that seems to have changed. Most of the stuff is from the BBC, but a number of the interviews were done just for BBCA. So if you haven’t already, check the site out:

Aidan was extremely busy back then.  He did the first season of Being Human at the end of 2008 thru beginning of 2009.  Then AT had to fit the promo stuff for BH in while he filmed Desperate Romantics. After DR, Aidan returned to Ireland for the final season of The Clinic. And then back to Bristol for the second season of Being Human. After all that running around it must have seemed strange to only work on The Hobbit for a year and a half. 

Aidan Turner Forever •