Scooby-Doo Team-Up #20 by Dario Brizuela

Art and cover by DARIO BRIZUELA
“Gulp! Space WHAAAAT??” A threatening specter from outer space? That’s the call that gets Scooby and the gang on the case. But they don’t suspect that the “specter” is really Space Ghost, or that setting Mystery Inc. against him is a trick to keep the spacefaring hero busy while some of his most formidable villains invade the Earth!
On sale NOVEMBER 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED E

oceancracker  asked:

pls who is the spider one also theyre all great and i wanna know more? it seems like youve got a lot going on here soo... can you tell us more about the world?? that its set in

Hey there! Thanks for asking! We’ve both been blown away by the interest in our OCs and wish we could get back to answering stuff here regularly again. :’’’)

The character list can be found here but Nida is lovingly dubbed that “Spider Bitch from Outer Space.” She’s from an alien race that once conquered and devoured species and worlds, but somehow she wound up on Earth alone and has since assimilated. Her jaunt as spunky hero was mostly inspired by media fanfare surrounding US super hero organisations. She moved to the US from South Korea and literally ran into the Machs, eventually being “adopted” by Graham as Connie basically insisted that she was their sister after awhile. Now she is balancing being a member of The League with studying fashion at the local university and still running around as a vigilante with Chad, Reggie, and Connie. Oh and there’s some fucking thief trying to get the drop on her everywhere she goes so that’s great.

The world is still being expanded on, however it’s not that much different from reality. Just add special task forces, prisons, and policies that deal with Supers and you’ve got it. Monsters are still rather new and Aliens are heavily debated about even existing (ha). One obviously Big Change is the addition of The League, which is a government sanctioned Group of “Super Heroes” that combat crime or disasters that the regular systems can’t handle. Despite how large they seem in the community, they aren’t big in numbers and therefore underprivileged areas or areas that aren’t central to the city tend to be passed over. This of course causes a pretty big rift between the communities of those areas and The League, prompting people, such as the Machs, to take matters into their own hands and souring their views of the members of The League. 

Vigilante groups aren’t common and usually don’t make much of a stir which is why the Machs are considered an anomaly and given extra attention by The League. They’re kind of a nuisance tbh. Especially in the beginning when they’re all just idiot kids with no idea wtf they’re doing. Chad eventually joins the sidekick program, but that doesn’t last long as his mentor up and disappears.

Another aspect is that people with powers are common enough to warrant being registered as such with whatever city they live in. Nothing is really done with this information (that changes tho) except when someone causes trouble or needs protection. People generally have two powers, one destructive and the other passive. Powers show up during puberty for obvious reason, however there are rare cases of late bloomers, but nothing in anyone over the age of 25. 

Currently The League is at an All Time Low on members due to mysterious disappearances which means crime is rising which means THE LOSER SQUAD IS BUSY AS FUCK. 

“when connie is president what will that make me? first boy?”

honestly I think that might be my favorite (non-singing) line in all of steven universe because it makes my imagine the craziest/best presidential term in U.S. history.

“Mr. Universe, many republicans are claiming that your birth certificate was faked and that you are an illegal alien. What would you say to these allegations?”

“Well definitely not illegal, but I am an alien.”

“you were born outside of the country?”

“no, I was born here”

“then how are you an alien?”

“I mean a literal alien, from outer space. My mother and guardians are all aliens.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Well I’m half alien anyway. I thought we made that clear from early on in the campaign?”

(conspiracy theorists have a field day)

“Madam President, why is your husband carrying a huge crystal disc out onto the white house lawn?”

“oh, that’s a warp pad, It lets Gems travel around”

“Isn’t that a security issue?”

“Well only gems can use it, and the only gems on the planet right now are friendly”

(the secret service has their work cut out for them)

and then theres other things- like the time the president and her husband combined into one person at a state dinner. Or how the president is ridiculously badass with a sword. Or how the fist gentleman has five (or possibly six?) adoptive mothers. Or that time the president, her husband, and an insane eldritch monstrosity defended Washington DC from an alien spaceship. (approval ratings skyrocketed)

what I’m saying is: Take some time to imagine the shenanigans President Maheswaran would get up too. It will not disappoint.

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And here’s the first page of my oihina comic that I couldn’t finish for oihina week (for the prompt “flirting”) (*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚I don’t know how many pages it will have, nor when I’ll post them. The only thing I know is that it’s a really self-indulgent project (and an excuse to avoid studying ahaha).

some days i want to scream so loud the whole world can hear the pain behind my scream and other days i want to vanish among the night sky. i don’t know what’s wrong with me but i know that i am tired of the same mundane world just orbiting around space. i am tired of walking the earth, stumbling over pain and scraping my knees. i want to dance with the stars and kiss a comet goodbye as it soars through space. i want to sit on pluto and plant flowers on the sun. i am tired of normal and everything being non-metaphoric. i am tired of broken hearts and choking back sobs. i am tired of shaking hands with the darkness and clenching my fist so hard my whole arm goes numb. i am tired of sleeping it away. i am tired of this cruelty, i want something more, i want to be more.



From the architects UID:

Dwelling is to put oneself in an interactive environmental domain that surrounds humans and other living creatures. There unfold various activities to which living creatures engage themselves for survival. Further expansion of such domain will surely lead us to view the totality of environment as a dwelling as it stretches unsegmented from city to forest and sea and finally from the earth into outer space. The ever-changing ways of living things such as humans and plants, land topographies or climatic conditions all remind us that nothing in our would stays the same forever. My interest lies in the rich spatial domain in which one may perceive in the course of daily life such changes of nature that are the very heartbeats of the earth.

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