Letters from the Depths of Solitude (The Thirty-Ninth)

The day is a waiting when writing strikes, which it invariably does.

Mozart cafe is a place loved by Austinites. It generally sells bitter coffee, I find, and has a terrible bakery–it’s a cafe’s know-how–cakes are always either raw, or too sweetened, of oily shine, and unnatural colors, and not tasty at all. If I am hungry walking into Mozart cafe, I can be sure I am walking out hungry too. Literally nothing to eat here.

It is a hot day, and you are cooked alive, blood boiling in waves of heat, but Mozart has outside decks with chairs and tables, decks ascending to the Colorado River, which fresh breath provides some relief. Despite the heat, it seems a waste to seat inside.

The Colorado River is blocked by a small dam, and in a water reservoir observable from my point of view, there is a mooring of boats. Their blue, red, and yellow sides, too bright to look at without squinting, display proud names: “MasterCraft,” “Mobius,” “Extreme,” or, more modestly, letters and numbers. X-184520.

Several magnificent pecans grow on the territory of the cafe, and provide a much-needed, albeit plume, rarified shade.

The style of the place is both provincial and urbane. That is something, one could claim, characteristic of Austin; it’s both refined and rough. There is a whole degree it should be and, indubitably, will be polished.

Visitors here are mostly white Americans, unsurprisingly, but there is a visible component of those who are likely to be immigrants of the first generation; women wholly clad, in this kind of heat, in scarves on heads and long black dresses. Secularization is kind of inevitable down the road if you live long enough in a post-Protestant country.

Dogs are allowed on decks, so there is always plenty of dogs; their long tongues out, breathing heavily, saliva drops on wooden planks.

I thought briefly about writing on Skype conversations and phone conversations. How you summon a spirit by way of commanding the voice to emerge out of nonexistence, and, if the Internet connection is decent, then maybe even the moving picture of a distant interlocutor. It’s a table-turning of sorts, a ritual in which not unoften a clairvoyant played a role of a medium. Some of these mediums were known to be skillful ventriloquists; others, easily hypnotized somnambulists; third, hystericized bodies, ofttimes female. Who were they indeed? Prophets or frauds, sibyls or deceivers, seers or wanderers in the fog of delusions themselves? All of it? Either way, they were mediators of the mundane and the material, and the world of thin elements, the kingdom of ethereal entities. They had access to the realm of the dead, and did not find themselves amongst the living.

Now, as you noted, medium is but a technological means of communication. The communication is happening between spaces, not between worlds. Or, between worlds inasmuch as it is between separate spaces. The world is material and thus does not exist (in some sense) outside of our immediate horizon of perception–and if it does, what do we know of it? What do we know of the space which we do not suffer, so to speak, and to which our senses are not exposed? We assume we do know, we want the world to coincide with our perceptions, and our experience largely supports our suppositions: the world kind of exist even when we do not perceive it.

I was always fascinated with solipsists, of which Fichte was the most consequential. He adjusted his philosophical system dramatically during his life time, which makes an early Fichte quite unlike an older Fichte. What I liked in particular is that it was I (Ich), which summoned an object out of its nonexistence, using something of a kernel of the object, the kernel around which I structures its perception. I did not really fathom is the kernels of objects at least exist objectively, and what it means to be objective in Fichte’s world, but there is something strangely precise here, in the object which, to be perceived, drops its kernel in Ich’s consciousness.

(Written in a cake cream on the balustrade.)

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Not the same ano but idk it's not like he is exactly himself I guess? Alternate universes and stuff kinda makes it seem to me like yeah they are e.g. sans but hell nah they are not the same character. Just idk thats my point of view?

But Puzzle Sans is not from another universe, he’s UF Sans just three years older.

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According to the post I see on tumblr... Leaders are like this:
  • SNSD:Dorky cute leader
  • EXO-K:The-I-can't-take-care-of-my-kids leader
  • EXO-M:The babysitter leader
  • B2ST :The Dorky Derp leader
  • MBLAQ:The-most-normal-person-In-Mblaq leader
  • Infinite:The leader who always get bullied
  • 2NE1:The leader who is secretly cute
  • Big Bang:The master of troll and derp leader
  • Block B:The YOLO leader
  • Super Junior:One of the best leaders
  • TVXQ:The leader who is afraid of the younger member
  • U-KISS:The leader who speaks ingerish
  • Secret:The Gum-Smile Leader


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Pls make a text post in your POV? It would be adorable

alright here it goes it gives me a reason to think about it yay so basically we were at the station and i had to go to the loo and he texted me being like “yo i’m going to the loo i need a wee” and i was like “ommmmg i’m at the loos too amazing” and i was with my friends and they saw him before i did and they were like “ISn’T THat JAKE” and their bodies parted like the red sea to try and let me see and guess what? it /was/ jake holllaa and I just looked at him and kinda screamed “jaKE!” and we hugged for a hella long time which i was completely fine with and we literally just started walking out the station like we’ve been going out for years idk it was cute okAY and we just literally just walked anywhere and after a while it started raining so we went under this old bank building or something bc there was a roof and we were getting rained on and i can’t remember if it was now or later but he was like “are you cold” and i was like “a little” and he gave me his jacket (sorry jake i still have it okay it smells nice alright deal with it m8) and yeah so i got my phone to tell us how to get to the globe and we walked and we walked passed it and i was like “yep that’s the globe” and i thought he looked at the right building bc he went “yeah it’s nice” and it TURNS OUT HE WAS LOOKING AT SOME NEW BUILDING THAT WAS LIKE AN OFFICE BUILDING OR SOMETHING AND we WENT BACK LIKE 3 TIMES TO MAKE SURE hE DID ACTUALLY SEE THE GLOBE THEATRE. but anyway yeah idk where it came from but every single time we walked passed a pigeon jake would just go “le pigeon. my friend” evERY SINGLE PIGEON it was actually quite sweet ngl anyway so after a while his foot started hurting and he started limping so we went to the hotel and drunk alcoholic beverages whilst watching what? 4 hours of the big bang theory and we were just sat on the sofa it was cute i enjoyed it and then the big bang theory marathon ended so we got in our pjs and had pizza and i brought the duvet from the bed over and we just sat on the sofa for another 2 hours watching Sanctum and there was a character called josh who was fab and basically we loved him there was a line that the dad said which i won’t say here bc then it will stay as our thing but anyway yeah that movie finished and we went to bed and kissed and yo. the next day was the same thing practically but it was kind of cuter i guess bc now we’re really comfortable with each other and i forgot pads and so he went out to the shops to buy me some AW but anyway yeah it was a really good date and i kind of miss him a lot there I saID IT tHERE aND I MEANT IT


Would Batman’s Fitness Training Actually Work?

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck. He is Vengeance, HE IS THE DARK KNIGHT, HE IS BATMAN!! 

And being one of the founding members of the justice league he has proven time and time again even if he is powerless he is No one to be triveled with as He has practically Trained himself to battle Meta Humans on par with the likes of the Man of Steel and his peers but as this is a fictional world how would his Training routine work in real life well dudes and dudettes thats why I’m here to share my thoughts from an exercise science point of view.

 I hope you enjoy and be sure to share with your friends. It helps a lot. Also shout out to @ibeconcept and @realanimetraining for their Martial Arts Input


aries: they cool or whatever
taurus: loyal and stubborn
gemini: fake
cancer: emotional rollercoaster
leo: cool with everybody
virgo: kind of demanding a lil
libra: argumentative
scorpio: freaky
sagittarius: ???
capricorn: a bit clingy
pisces: cold-hearted/bitter
aquarius: talkative

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just a curious American :p. .. what's it like living in Sweden?


  • as soon as it’s more than +10°c swedes bring out the shorts and tan nonstop
  • alcohol is expensive, but we’ve covered that
  • school is free which is nice
  • it’s quite hard making new friends randomly, you usually have to meet new people through mutual friends or school/work/stuff like that. talking to strangers in public places, the buss, whatever is a no-no
  • we dress in black, like a lot
  • we love our melancholy but we’re not all depressed and sad
  • we’re afraid to make a fool of ourselves here in sweden but on vacation abroad, we’re absolutely crazy
  • 5 cups of coffee (black as death) a day is considered unnaturally little
  • we love the snow but at the same time hate it, especially if there is a not-white christmas
  • potatoes
  • we get most movies to the theaters before a lot of other countries (including america) because we’re less likely to spred them illegally online
  • which is weird considering piratebay’s from here and everyone and their mom downloads stuff
  • public transport works great (as long as we don’t mention the trains, we don’t speak of the trains) but if the bus is a min late, hell breaks lose

lol, i’m tired, this is what I could think of right now


I miss you. I miss us. I miss our sleepovers. I miss going out to chipotle almost everyday. I miss being together. I miss gossiping like best friends. I miss waking up in your arms and your sweet forehead kisses. I miss the goodnight/good morning texts/letters. I miss random cute pictures & you telling me to stop because you got annoyed. I miss sending random nudes to each other & then laughing about them. I miss laughing during sex and you putting your hand on my cheek to tell me you love me. I miss our little adventures… whether we were just exploring or looking up at the sky. I miss our airplane game, where we would decide where each one was headed. I miss making goals for our relationship and deciding what our next move was. I miss our bucket list of places that we want to travel together. I miss our Netflix & pizza binge-watching dates. I miss napping together. I miss our family events. I miss going everywhere together and I miss my absolute best friend. I miss my other half, the person that knows me better than anyone. I miss you. All of you… every inch of you. I miss your smile… especially when you get super happy. You get little crinkles by your eye and a little dimple, but just on one side of your face. I miss your laugh, and when you laugh really hard you don’t even hear your laugh and you throw your head back or you’ll put your hand over your mouth. I miss your hands and the warmness of them and the comfort that they brought me because they are so big. I miss your kisses that put me on another planet and sent chills down my spine. I miss you… dammit and I hate that this is all happening. I catch myself crying at random moments and it’s only been two days. I feel empty & alone and I can’t lose you forever. I want you, only you, and all of you forever. I want us and I want this. I want to go to Fright Fest together like ten times like usual. I want late night beach trips together. I want to go pumpkin picking and apple picking even though I don’t like apples. I want to go to the city at night during Christmas time and see the tree like we tried to do last year. I want to go to the City and Color concert and I want you to be my New Year’s Eve kiss for the second year in a row. I want to experience my twenty’s with you and I want to be there for you too. I want to go to California in the summer and I want to explore the whole freaking world with you. This is so scary, to feel this much for one person. But I just want you and all of you. I hate that you feel like you have to go through this alone and you feel obligated to have nobody by your side. I know that there is some stuff that’s personal and you need to get through. I get that. But you shouldn’t have to do this stuff alone. Nobody deserves to be alone. I love you my little moon. You are my whole world. And I am scared shitless of you finding someone new when you feel okay and better again. I’m scared you won’t want me and I’m scared of your feelings changing for me. I’m scared that I’ll be just your first love and that’s it. I want more. I want a future together and I want to have a family and I want my best friend to be my husband. I want you, Loge. I don’t know why I said Loge because you think when I call you that I kind of mess up the whole meaning/point of this. Lol. Regardless, I’m scared that I feel so much for you. My heart hurts and I just hope that this will all be worth it in the end. I shouldn’t wait for you. I shouldn’t wait around and hope that everyday you will change your mind and want to be with me. But I just can’t help but wait. Wait for us and hope that our relationship will be twenty times stronger than it is now. I want to wait. But I’m frightened to wait for you. What if you hurt me and find someone new? I feel SO selfish for asking you to not break up with me and stay with me because I know you can’t “be in a relationship” right now. So what should I do, Logan? Wait or walk away. I want you to be mine. I’m so scared… and I hate feeling like this. I want our future together. I want us and I want this. I’m just scared of your mindset changing and us not having the same views on our relationship. I am trying to put my 100% in to this and I know you can’t do the same right now. I should follow my heart, which says to wait for you because this is worth it. Or should I follow my head, which is telling me to not wait around and get hurt? Babe, I want you and I don’t know how many times I have to say it for you to believe that. I want you and your mistakes and your problems and your bad/hard/terrible times. I want all of it. It’s the real you and I’m ready to take that on. You can’t push me away from things because eventually, I gravitate towards you. I love you. and I know you love me too. I don’t even know why i’m writing all of this because you probably haven’t looked at our tumblr in a few months… yet, I look at it everyday. I love you. If you ever read this… sorry it was so long. I love you. I’m in love with you. 

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John Ohh wants his mom. lololol

And to hell with those audience who couldn’t even bare to respect the band as artists and let em finish their set. I know John was a little drunk and he talked much. BJSYK, there are a lot of kids dying to hear and see them live who, in all honesty, are much more deserving of the getting to one of their shows than they are. I am one of those kids and it just pisses me off when anyone tries to insult such great bands. Just let the dudes play and stop ranting. geez

Long distance relationships.

I honestly think long distance relationships are the cutest and strongest type of relationship out there. A long distance relationship can prove how much you love and care about your significant other because you’ll be willing to be committed into your relationship knowing you’ll be dealing with big obstacles throughout your relationship, and if you’re willing to face those obstacles for that one person who makes you most happiest, then that’s true love.

Takamina relationship

From my POV! Don’t complain!

Atsumina is dating

TakaHaru/KojiTaka is married

Takayuu is bromance

TakaMii is sisters

TakaMari is president and Vice President

TakaYui is father & daughter

TakaTomo is shy love

TakaSasshi is Aki-P heir

TakaMayu is next center and her guardian

TakaYuki is …..?? (Never imagine this pairing, it’s a bit weird, no?)

TakaSayaka is comrades, best friend

TakaSae is 48group forever ikemen

Hmm… This is it for now, I’ll come up with another Takamina pairing list again someday. I’m going to make Yuko pairing next