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okay so real talk now, who the fuck did Taylor write tiwycf about? like honestly I don't think she'd write about herself. Maybe she wrote it from like calvins point of view, but that seems weird so my only other option is Karlie. Tiwycf is about Karlie yall

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Hi, everyone. I’m afraid I’ll have to tell you.
From the point of view, There is a problem with my health.
So, blog, I’m going to leave for a while. been three times since I entered the emergency room last month. Ha ha..Anyway..
Thank you for reading it.
See you later.😁

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I've seen you posting a lot of ace awareness content and I have a question that hopefully doesn't come across as rude. How can a person be a lesbian ace, or bisexual ace, or any other sexual orientation + ace? Doesn't an orientation like that imply sexual attraction? Does that just mean an asexual feels "lesbian" (or any other orientation) attraction in a romantic sense?

Well, I’m not necessarily an expert, but from my point of view, despite an ace persons lack of sexual attraction, ace people can still have a sex drive. How they choose to deal with that sex drive is up to them, whether they choose to hook up with someone based on aesthetic appeal or find someone they’re romantically attracted in and trust. It usually varies from person to person. So bisexual ace would be willing to hook up with a guy and a girl, etc etc.

I think it might fall under the grey asexual area, which you might need to do a little research on, but yeah! I hope that answered your question! (And anyone with more info on this topic can certainly chime in!!)

dumb shit: i know that i internally prioritise MacCready and Atticus’ relationship and feel like the two have a connection i understand better and i dont feel anywhere near as strongly about Atticus/Hancock and yet i somehow still dont want to like “break up” Atticus/Hancock/MacCready bcs i feel like… weirdly super guilty. but like?? Atticus and MacCready just have a level of their relationship that i understand and can work with much better than Atticus and Hancock do and from a writing point of view (which is how i judge my characters of course) theres not really any reason for Atticus and Hancock to be more than friends other than me somehow deciding they should be BUT LIKE… I FEEL BAD ABOUT IT??? i feel legit guilty over the idea of retconning this

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Hi! Just a question meant with no ill-intentions. I love the fanarts of the ship but I never understood the chemistry of Doflamingo and Crocodile? Would you mind explaining it?

No offense taken! Thank you for the question and I’ll answer it from my own point of view of this ship. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, which can be agreed or disagreed upon. People ship things for different reasons, after all.

Before anything, I have to say I’m all about rivalries and hate relationships.

Also gotta put this under read more since it’s gotten longer than I expected.

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According to the post I see on tumblr... Leaders are like this:
  • SNSD:Dorky cute leader
  • EXO-K:The-I-can't-take-care-of-my-kids leader
  • EXO-M:The babysitter leader
  • B2ST :The Dorky Derp leader
  • MBLAQ:The-most-normal-person-In-Mblaq leader
  • Infinite:The leader who always get bullied
  • 2NE1:The leader who is secretly cute
  • Big Bang:The master of troll and derp leader
  • Block B:The YOLO leader
  • Super Junior:One of the best leaders
  • TVXQ:The leader who is afraid of the younger member
  • U-KISS:The leader who speaks ingerish
  • Secret:The Gum-Smile Leader

Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

So two days ago I saw my white next door neighbor outside grilling chicken...

Now I’m taking my trash out to the trashcan which is in my back yard and see my white neighbor grilling chicken. Out of pure curiosity and the fact that I’m petty af I ask him what he uses to season his chicken before putting it on the grill. Son, I promise to y'all on everything that I have…(actually let me chill, all I have right now is a great sense of humor and an increasing student loan). Let me rephrase that, I promise to y'all on everything that I hope to have that this man responded back saying “Olive oil.” Now I’m waiting for him to continue naming at least one kind of spice but no that was it, just olive oil. Now as soon as he said this the conversation was over from my point of view but apparently not his. This nigga just kept going on. He’s like “yea I sprinkle a bit of salt on it then lather it in olive oil for the chicken to just soak up its flavor a bit ya know? Then I just put that bad boy on the grill and we’re good to go.” Now I’m thinking to myself “where Tf you going? You better go to Walmart and find some chicken seasoning b” this shit is unacceptable.


The “my little random moments of pleasure series" or N°9 Jibcon 2016
Photo credit for the lovely pics goes to: Elsie

Hook’n’Hood & Swan Queen

I keep seeing Hook & Hood being referred to as ‘beards’ and 'gay panic’, but I feel this keeps us from trying to make sense of their roles within the story in regards to Emma & Regina.

Emma and Regina have finally - sort of - come to the point where they always wanted to be. Emma finally found her parents, she’s not alone anymore. Regina is free from Leopold, from Cora’s and Rumple’s manipulations and from the cage of her own mind. They are both trying to figure out who they are in this new reality. They are reverting back to their late teens and trying to relive them, to figure out who they would have been if their lives wouldn’t have been as severely disrupted as they were.

Emma is trying to be the princess she thinks she would have been had she grown up with her parents in the Enchanted Forest. She convinces herself to be the trusting person Snow and Charming would have shown her to be. Suddenly she wears frillier outfits and acts more girly. Hook wears his pirate outfit until right before their first date. She has seen and experienced him in the world she was supposed to grow up in. Even with the wardrobe change, his walk and talk remain old world. In that sense he represents the kind of man she could have been with had she never come to our world.

The date with Hook was very clearly about having that first ball / prom night with her parents. They couldn’t have made that more obvious if they wanted to.

This is what adult Emma Swan dresses like for a date:

This is princess Emma making up for lost time with her parents.

Note that in the last picture her face is falling after she’s kissed Hook at the end of the date. She looks confused and conflicted and puts on a smile and plays the part only after she notices her parents stayed up for her.

Regina meanwhile, it seems, is exploring what life would have been like if she could have run off with Daniel. The concept of one True Love was important to her at the time when Cora killed Daniel. As she mentally puts herself back into that state, this fairy dust approved Robin Hood is her only option. I’ll have to rewatch it, but I think even the pitch of Regina’s voice shifts as she is with Robin. She acts like the teen she didn’t really get to be. The very jaded former evil Queen reverts so far back into naivety as to give her heart to Robin for protection. Something only young Regina would have done. After Marian comes back, Robin and Regina are forced to sneak around. They make love in a vault, Snow has to point out her bra is showing. It’s both reminiscent of teenagers experimenting and of the hidden life she would have led with Daniel. In fact, had she run away with him, thereby insulting the King, her life with Daniel as a fugitive would very much have been like a life with Robin in the forest.

The outfit she wears here, one that ties her to Robin, is the closest she’s ever come to wearing something that also feels like her riding outfit.

They are both exploring the women they didn’t get to be. They are taking back the lives they didn’t get to live. It almost doesn’t matter who these men are personality-wise, because part of these relationships is created in the women’s minds. They both need to go through this, to grow and to learn they can’t erase their pasts. Maybe they’ll even learn they got a head start on the lessons they would learn anyway. Part of them seems to be constantly aware of this relationship not being completely right. They both haven’t actually completely reciprocated and Regina calls it ‘the closest to happy’. Which is not exactly happy.

I do think there is genuine care and attraction between these characters, but the way they are presented to me, they don’t seem like the people Emma & Regina will stay with. They are there for growth and learning and they are meaningful in their own way.

I don’t believe they are results of gay panic, or that they are just the love interests that happen to stick, exactly because of the Swan Queen parallels. We have all noticed the Regina-Hook (dark, villain) and Emma-Robin (light, thief) parallels and the fact that the boyfriends’ names are only one letter apart doesn’t seem like a complete coincidence. Which brings it all back to Swan Queen. Pretty sure I don’t need to repeat why Emma and Regina are right for each other, they do a great job of that themselves in canon. If you need reminders, go drown yourself at sacredbookofswen or ethan-8 ‘s page.

There is one other reason we need Hook’n’Hood to make Swan Queen happen. We are conditioned to believe in the importance of the number three in Fairy Tales. Especially in the West, but also in other cultures. Their respective second relationships just can’t be the final ones, it has got to be the third one. Which is also the reason why the relationships with Lily and Maleficent will only ever be subtextual, otherwise Hook’n’Hood would be bumped up to number three.

And we can’t have that, can we?

[TRANS] 161022 Wonho’s message to MONSTA X members

To Shownu: “He’s the same age as me and we both trained together for a long time. From my point of view, Shownu took the leader title with an uneasy feeling. I always thought ‘Shouldn’t I be the one who (helps) take off that feeling off his shoulders?’ So I feel sorry. Because of his (leader) title, Shownu works hard to be cooler so that it is not impeded(?) to me. I can’t never tell when he is stressed because he always seems to be doing well. Shownu never mentions he is our group’s leader when he introduces himself; perhaps he’s shy about it, but our group is lead by him; therefore if he can’t proudly take the title, we can’t proudly say he is (our leader). From now on, I want to express that he is doing well (as a leader).

To Kihyun: (Incomplete) Usually, Kihyun is the type of person that gets affected easily, even if he did nothing wrong. I hope he does not repress those feelings inside him. Kihyun is actually the member I fight with the most, so I feel like I never show a good side of myself to him. In the future, I will support and help him coolly. 

To Minhyuk: I am very thankful to Minhyuk. These days, I lack confidence and because of that, I am afraid of speaking and making a mistake. I feel really uneasy when we are at a program and Minhyuk is not with me. I always ask him to sit beside me (voice cracking). I always hide my feelings by smiling to show that I am fine, but sometimes it is hard. I do not know if Minhyuk knows this, but he really takes good care of me. I feel at ease when he helps me (feel better). He is always the first to talk and ask me if something is wrong, so I am really thankful to him; however, I do not do much for him (in return), so I feel sorry.

To Hyungwon: Hyungwon too, is always… Good looking (laughs). I am kidding. I am thankful for a lot of things; he always listens to my stories and what I have to say. There isn’t really a member that I am not thankful to. Hyungwon has a tsundere type of personality, so he doesn’t usually show or express when he’s worried about others. 

To Jooheon: He really, really has worked hard for the group. Even when we have a lot of tiring schedules, he additional has individual schedules too, but he enjoys it. Recently, when I look at him, my heart hurts because even though he barely gets sleep and rest, he is playful and jokes around with us. I think that is very cool of him. I want to be a better big brother to him.

To I.M: Changkyun-ah, I am thankful for you too because we are running out of time (at the radio program), I can’t talk much about you. Thank you Changkyun!

© KBS CoolFM | trans by @hyungwonope ; take out with full credit.

Jungkook is so polite and i noticed it a long time ago.He behaves so well,whether it is towards his elders or a little kid.He always bows (usually a full nintety degree bow) to whoever he sees,whether it is another artist or a staff member,thanking them for their hard work,brings food for the people he is going to film with,starting from their first ever radio show to his most recent activities,like celebrity bromance with Minwoo.

And of course he is such a sweetheart to his fans.The fans he always tries to pose for,smile and wave so they can take a decent picture of him,no matter how in rush Bangtan is.And of course the little details,like in the airport when a girl that was following him with her camera fell,he wanted to help her but couldn’t because of the securiry stopping him,or at a concert when he gave his water bottle to a fan or when he politely advices girls to stop smoking when he was in Hongdae.

I am very happy,he is growing up so well,because unlike the other members who joined bighit,who,le’ts say, had already kinda formed their personalities due to their age,he was just a shy,fifteen year old boy who had to pretty much face every problem he had alone,due to his introversion and yet,he grew with such a soft,delicate heart.I am so proud of him.

A Purely Intellectual Attraction (Bumbleby)

Reading Yang should have been easy. The girl was, to borrow a colloquialism, an open book.

Written in a language Blake had never seen in her entire life.

The clues were all there, as plain to see and personal to interpret as the shape of a cloud, but the conclusion they all lead to was … absolutely nonsensical. Silly. Ridiculous. Foolish, even.

And yet Blake could almost swear that Yang was …

The most obvious thing was the way Yang held herself around her when they were all alone. It was the same way she held herself in battle. Not “tightly.” Not that, so much as “coiled”, ready to spring into action at any moment. Like she’d already planned out her next move, and the only thing left to decide was where to put the wink and the smile for maximum effect. Like she was already organizing the victory celebration.

But the trick of it was, that didn’t necessarily mean anything significant. It could just mean that Yang was being overcautious in the wake of certain revelations about Blake’s past. It could mean any number of other things. It didn’t have to mean Yang was really, truly, up to anything in that golden-apple head of hers. Probably didn’t, in fact.

Even if “Yang Xiao Long” and “overcautious” were concepts so far removed from each other they required astronomical terms to define their relationship.

Which was what was so puzzling, as sometimes, when Yang looked at Blake, she licked her lips. Really quickly. Usually when she thought Blake wasn’t looking. Glances down at Blake’s mouth weren’t uncommon, either, and Blake didn’t think Yang was aware of them. Restraint. Caution. Like Yang was rattling the bars of the cage she’d built for herself.

But that didn’t necessarily mean anything, either. Just dry lips and blowing things out of proportion. Surely that was so. Yet …

Yet Yang’s touches lingered. Like they were admiring the scenery, and Blake was the kind of sunset artists made masterpieces of. Knuckles brushed along the seam of Blake’s wrist. Palms rested upon the small of her back. Friendly hugs stopped being friendly about one and a half seconds before Yang almost let go, fingers gliding along Blake’s shoulders in a way that made her feel silken and beautiful.

But Yang was a touchy person in general. She hugged everyone. Even flirted with most of them, waggles of the brow and turns of the phrase going hand in hand, appropriately, like lovers. She was naturally physical, in many ways, with many touches. Some people were just like that. That didn’t make Blake … special to her.

Yang played with her hair, though, like counting the riches she’d amassed, every time she spoke with Blake. And no one else. Fingers made loop-de-loops, hands smoothed out the amassed armies her dreams gathered, bangs were brushed from eyesight, and Blake’s own eyes noted every single strand falling into its proper place. Pure gold.

But that didn’t have to mean anything either. Yang looked at Blake’s hair a lot, Blake noticed – she could just be envious, or more conscious of her own hair, somehow, whenever they talked. Or maybe the smell of Blake’s shampoo did something on a subconscious level, reminding Yang to give her own hair its proper attention.

But, but, but. Her pupils dilated when she looked at Blake, sometimes. And everyone knew what that meant: love.

Or hate.

Or simply lust. Or a trick of the light, or the placebo effect, or maybe Yang’s eyes just did that with everyone. Blake wouldn’t know. It certainly wasn’t as though she looked at Yang’s eyes constantly, like they were milky pools with lavender edges, and Blake just couldn’t keep herself from taking a dip. Wasn’t like she was enraptured whenever Yang looked at her, and only her.

(She totally was.)

But that didn’t mean anything either. So Yang’s eyes were a little fascinating. And so her hair shone in the sunlight. And so she had, quite obviously, some curves, and a way of … existing …that made Blake feel like she might actually exist, too. So what? So what if Blake couldn’t keep herself from looking? That could just be because Blake had never met a creature like Yang before. Smiles and kept promises and the kind of optimism that cynicism simply couldn’t explain, because there was so much pain behind the smile. Adventure made manifest, with drive and purpose but not a shred of guilt.

Yang was a, a novelty. That was it. A purely … intellectual attraction. Didn’t have to mean anything.

Nothing had to mean anything.

The way Yang cornered Blake in the hallway one day, pushed her up against the wall, pinned her arms above her head, and kissed her, like the world was collapsing around them, didn’t have to mean anything at all.