Ship Wars Are Frustrating...

I was reading through Julie Plec’s twitter feed today and something odd happened. I felt the strong and unshakable desire to defend….


This could be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse but bear with me.

I’m a hardcore Stelena shipper. Goodness knows Delena isn’t my cup of tea. But the idea that Delena shippers are only voting for Olicity because they hate Bamon is preposterous.

News flash. You can love MORE THAN ONE couple. And those couples can be on DIFFERENT television shows. Does this shock you? It really shouldn’t.

From my limited point of view there are two HUGE cross ships in the Olicity fandom - Captain Swan/Olicity and Delena/Olicity. I know so many Delena fans who were always Olicity fans. They are voting for Olicity because they love Olicity. Do they love Delena? Absolutely. But their vote doesn’t have anything to do with Bamon or, for that matter, Delena. 

Guess what? You know who’s a Bamon shipper? ME. I love Bamon. Adore them. I wish they would marry and have many, many babies. Bamon, however, is NOT my OTP. Where Olicity goes so goes my nation. If Olicity wasn’t in this race, Bamon would have my full fledged support. 

Are there Delena fans voting AGAINST Bamon by voting FOR Olicity? You bet. I’m sure there are also many Lauriver, Raylicity, Barricity, Sariver shippers voting AGAINST Olicity by voting FOR Bamon. 

If Lauriver was nominated and another one of my ships wasn’t - I would probably abstain from voting. I wouldn’t vote against Arrow, but that’s me. You do you. No judgement. AT. ALL. 

Shipping is emotional and I can understand why Lauriver fans are pissed. I can understand why Delena fans are pissed. It’s not a whole lot of fun when the ship you adore doesn’t get the ending/attention you hope for. Remember, I’m a STELENA SHIPPER. Season 4 anyone? I had my angry phase. I’ve moved on to acceptance. But in my angry phase is it possible I may have voted against Delena in a virtual middle finger to the Powers that Be? Perhaps. I wasn’t active on Tumblr during those years, so it shall remain a “what if” mystery. However, I certainly identify with the emotion that motivates such an action.

If Lauriver was nominated and another one of my ships like Bamon or Stelena or Steroline was nominated against them, I can’t say I wouldn’t vote for Bamon or Steroline or Stelena. Why wouldn’t I? I enjoy those couples. I do not enjoy Lauriver. Is that a vote against Arrow? Well, yes and that sucks. But I’m also a TVD fan. This isn’t Sophie’s Choice here people. You can enjoy both shows and vote for one without being a traitor. Furthermore, you can vote for that couple/show without the intention of punishing the other show you enjoy.

This competition is about SHIPPING. This is specific to a ROMANTIC COUPLING on a show. It’s not about the show in its entirety. If you are a Lauriver fan, I can understand why Olicity is an aspect of the show you do not enjoy. This does not mean you are not an Arrow fan. 

I disliked Delena with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. I don’t mean that in any disrespect to the Delena fandom. I’m sure you feel the same way about Stelena. However, I still watched TVD during the Delena years. Did I enjoy the show as much? No, but nobody was putting a gun to my head to watch. I wouldn’t have continued watching TVD if there wasn’t something I enjoyed about it. I’m not a Delena fan. That doesn’t mean I’m not a TVD fan. The same applies for the Delena fandom. They are not Bamon fans. This does not mean they are not TVD fans. And goodness knows Bamon fans are TVD fans. They have watched TVD for SIX YEARS with only an occasional nod to their ship of choice. That’s hardcore dedication and patience y’all. Bravo.

I am quite appreciative of any fandom - be it Delena, Stelena, Steroline, Captain Swan, Bellarke, Westallen, Snowbarry, Merlance, Stydia, Darvey,  “insert infinite ship possibilities here”, who voted for Olicity in MTV’s Ship of the Year. Whatever your reasons are for voting Olicity, your support is wonderful and the Olicity fandom is grateful.

Just as I am sure the Bamon fandom is appreciate of any fandom - be it Lauriver, Raylicity, Barricity, Sariver, Stelena, Steroline, Captain Swan, Bellarke, Westallen, Snowbarry, Scallison, “insert infinite ship possibilities here”, who voted for Bamon in MTV’s Ship of the Year.

Here’s the key. Both fandoms have anti ships (Anti Olicity/Anti Bamon) voting against them. Both fandoms have OTP shippers voting for them. Both fandoms have shippers voting for them. Both fandoms have casual viewers voting for them. Both fandoms have people who accidentally clicked on the wrong link and really just wanted to vote for Fandom of the Year but decided to cast a vote in Ship of the Year anyways, voting for them. 

What’s my point? The reblog total is the reblog total. That’s what counts. The Olicity fandom earned their 10 million+ reblogs. The Bamon fandom earned their 8 million+ reblogs (Seriously, they do NOT sleep from 2 am - 4 am. It’s impressive.) But only one of those numbers is bigger. 

It’s not over until it’s over. Only one fandom can secure Ship of the Year. 

This is the part of ship wars I find frustrating. Accusations, name calling, complaining and general bitterness. Your reasons for your vote are yours and, quite frankly, nobody’s damn business. Reblog the shit out of your choice for Ship of the Year and HAVE FUN!!!! That’s the entire point and may the fandom with the most reblogs win!

Alright. Did you make it to the end of this? Impressive. I said my peace. I’m stepping off my soap box now. Time for me to zip it.

Back to promoting and reblogging Olicity for MTV Ship of the Year!!!!

Onward and upward fandom!!! The battle rages on!!! Keep on being your awesome and dedicated selves. I am so proud to be part of this amazing fandom.

Zack Synder on what he thinks of Marvel vs DC: Fan War/Rivalry

“I think that’s 100% true. Look, I’m a fan of the Marvel movies… and the thing that’s awesome is, we make a different movie. We have a different product than them, although they both exist in sort of the superhero world, which is great. I think that those are the opportunities. That’s what you get at the movies, you get a chance to go to all these different worlds. And I’m as interested in going to the Marvel Universe as anybody. So, I personally don’t think that there’s any, from my point of view, we definitely don’t have any animosity or anything of that nature. We’re all in this big business together, and we hope people are interested in the adventures that we put up on screen. And I do believe it’s infectious, and the next weekend you’re like, “You know what? Let’s go do that again, that was awesome. We saw a cool movie, maybe we’ll get another cool movie.””

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If you don't mind telling me. How you felt the first time you fall in love? I'm talking about that once in a life time love, a love you'll never feel for anyone but that one person type of love.

It’s a stupid story, so I’d better tell you it. 

She was the girl next door. Yeah, seriously. She was the first person I met at university, day one, when I’m moving in my stuff and suddenly this girl asks if I want some juice. She explains that she would have offered tea, but she forgot to pick up any milk. We became friends in about 24 seconds, and I think we both ruled one another out as potential dating candidates. That would have been awkward if things had gone wrong, what with us living right next to each other for a year. Yep, she was totally off the table from my point of view.

So a week later it turns out I’m in love with her. And it was just like that - like a train had hit me a few hours ago but I was only just registering the impact. It was like, “Oh, so that’s how it is. Alright then.” It was the kind where you know. There was no choice involved. I guess that’s why they call it ‘falling in love’. 

Also I was terrified.

I just have some things to say.

Hello guys, I don’t usually do posts like this where I “pour my heart out” or whatever but I have just been harboring these feelings for the past couple of months and I really feel like its time for me to say it. 

So since I found out about Calvin posting what he posted I have been quiet vocal about my opinions on him, what he did and him and Taylor together. I have also talked about (not a lot) how I feel about the situation from my persona point of view being apart of that ethnic group that he was racist towards.

Now, I do get a couple of anon’s now and then defending him but its nothing I can’t handle, I usually brush it under the rug and I’m all good in the hood, I don’t take it too heart even though I’m quiet a sensitive person. 

About a couple of weeks ago I started to get anon messages saying he (Calvin) was right, everyone should be suspicious of us etc. It didn’t start of that bad and I would just delete the messages and get on with my life (though these particular messages did get me a little bit). Then they increasingly started to get worst and I could feel myself going back to not loving my culture, I started to feel ashamed of it. That’s is why I had a little tumblr break a week back. 

It has taken me a lot to love my culture, I use to be so ashamed but I started to love it, I started to see all the good thinks about it and to have someone come into my inbox and talk shit about my culture it was hard to deal with and hurtful. I soon blocked them, the messages stopped and I got back on tumblr, and everything was okay. 

So, I’m going to leave you with this. I’m am really, really, really bitter about Calvin because I took great offence with that post and I don’t care if it was yesterday, a year or two ago he did it. I have been subject to those jokes my whole life I have been so ashamed and now I get to place where I can be happy I have a celebrity being shoved down my throat, being on my dash 24/7, having shippers coming into my inbox telling me he’s right and I should get over it. That’s not cool, don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t find offensive and don’t expect me to kiss the ground he walks on. 

I’m good thanks.

Love Nahren

People love Teddy right? Yay, fan art of just him!

Wait Teddy? Yep. In the Korean version of Big Hero 6, Tadashi Hamada was changed to Teddy Armada and I think that’s just awesome (hence I had to draw him).

I still don’t get the fandom’s infatuation with him (apparently they think this guy is drop dead gorgeous) but I may be able to stop making dead!Tadashi jokes just long enough to say I do love him. He’s an awesome big brother and absolutely sweet, just not…y'know, hot (I mean attractive in that way) from my point of view).

Oops, guess I couldn’t stop making the jokes. Oh well  (Besides ‘Tadashi’ is a dead!Tadashi joke anyway, in Korean part of it means 'burnt’, hence the change to 'Teddy’.)

According to the post I see on tumblr... Leaders are like this:
  • SNSD:Dorky cute leader
  • EXO-K:The-I-can't-take-care-of-my-kids leader
  • EXO-M:The babysitter leader
  • B2ST :The Dorky Derp leader
  • MBLAQ:The-most-normal-person-In-Mblaq leader
  • Infinite:The leader who always get bullied
  • 2NE1:The leader who is secretly cute
  • Big Bang:The master of troll and derp leader
  • Block B:The YOLO leader
  • Super Junior:One of the best leaders
  • TVXQ:The leader who is afraid of the younger member
  • U-KISS:The leader who speaks ingerish
  • Secret:The Gum-Smile Leader

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Pls make a text post in your POV? It would be adorable

alright here it goes it gives me a reason to think about it yay so basically we were at the station and i had to go to the loo and he texted me being like “yo i’m going to the loo i need a wee” and i was like “ommmmg i’m at the loos too amazing” and i was with my friends and they saw him before i did and they were like “ISn’T THat JAKE” and their bodies parted like the red sea to try and let me see and guess what? it /was/ jake holllaa and I just looked at him and kinda screamed “jaKE!” and we hugged for a hella long time which i was completely fine with and we literally just started walking out the station like we’ve been going out for years idk it was cute okAY and we just literally just walked anywhere and after a while it started raining so we went under this old bank building or something bc there was a roof and we were getting rained on and i can’t remember if it was now or later but he was like “are you cold” and i was like “a little” and he gave me his jacket (sorry jake i still have it okay it smells nice alright deal with it m8) and yeah so i got my phone to tell us how to get to the globe and we walked and we walked passed it and i was like “yep that’s the globe” and i thought he looked at the right building bc he went “yeah it’s nice” and it TURNS OUT HE WAS LOOKING AT SOME NEW BUILDING THAT WAS LIKE AN OFFICE BUILDING OR SOMETHING AND we WENT BACK LIKE 3 TIMES TO MAKE SURE hE DID ACTUALLY SEE THE GLOBE THEATRE. but anyway yeah idk where it came from but every single time we walked passed a pigeon jake would just go “le pigeon. my friend” evERY SINGLE PIGEON it was actually quite sweet ngl anyway so after a while his foot started hurting and he started limping so we went to the hotel and drunk alcoholic beverages whilst watching what? 4 hours of the big bang theory and we were just sat on the sofa it was cute i enjoyed it and then the big bang theory marathon ended so we got in our pjs and had pizza and i brought the duvet from the bed over and we just sat on the sofa for another 2 hours watching Sanctum and there was a character called josh who was fab and basically we loved him there was a line that the dad said which i won’t say here bc then it will stay as our thing but anyway yeah that movie finished and we went to bed and kissed and yo. the next day was the same thing practically but it was kind of cuter i guess bc now we’re really comfortable with each other and i forgot pads and so he went out to the shops to buy me some AW but anyway yeah it was a really good date and i kind of miss him a lot there I saID IT tHERE aND I MEANT IT

I made a post a few days ago about a relationship I was in with a member of the Supernatural cast. I was hurt and I just wanted to share my personal experience from my point of view because I was tired of keeping it in.
Safe to say, I could not be more glad I made that post. Since making it, along with countless kind and supportive messages, others have come forth with THEIR experiences of the same nature. I can honestly say I am disgusted and shocked, and no longer feel any guilt whatsoever about making the post. Now, I believe there is a need to open a dialogue about this more than ever.

According to the information I gathered from other users who prefer to remain anonymous, I have learned several things.
But first, please be aware that the following is purely information that I have received from other women, I cannot validate that what they’ve said is truth, you would have to contact them directly for that, but that is their personal experience and I am not one to question their truth. All I can say is that it rings true with me because of my VERY similar experience.

1. Osric Chau was seeing multiple women at one time. All fans of the show whom he met at conventions.

2. He serenades these women in a VERY similar fashion. At conventions, he will take them on stage during karaoke to sing with him and make them feel like they’re “special” and later he will try to take them back to his room.

3. He pushes women when they are hesitant about being intimate with him.

4. He makes them think that they are the only ones he has ever done this to.

As for my proof that we indeed had relations, this post of mine was made months ago of the two of us. If you go through my osric+chau tag, you can see several others.
I can also list off the names of several individuals (non-fans) who knew what was going on and who met him to vouch for me.
I also have a photo with him and my family, but I prefer not to share it.

It is very easy to fall for someone who keeps telling you how special you are, who is undoubtedly kind to you and who is a celebrity. It’s easy to think “out of all these women, he’s picking me?” And that’s where things can get tricky.
So please, ladies, don’t put your blinders on just because of a celebrity status.
These things do happen, are happening.

The purpose of this post is not to tarnish anyone’s image, but only to raise awareness about things that could and may happen to unsuspecting fans, to lift the curtain and to say that this is happening.
Had someone else come forth earlier sharing their experience, I probably would not have made the mistake of getting involved in the first place.

Share this post and spread the word to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

thanks so much to everyone who reblogged my faves post! i appreciate all of you, so don’t feel bad if you weren’t chosen this time. i update my faves page often, so you can always reblog my next update! anyway, go follow all of these amazingly wonderful blogs!

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aries: they cool or whatever
taurus: loyal and stubborn
gemini: fake
cancer: emotional rollercoaster
leo: cool with everybody
virgo: kind of demanding a lil
libra: argumentative
scorpio: freaky
sagittarius: ???
capricorn: a bit clingy
pisces: cold-hearted/bitter
aquarius: talkative

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"What happened last night?"

Send me “What happened last night?” and my character will say how drunk yours was.

“So you were talking to Kuvira all night, and you two were really hitting it off. Anyways, one thing lead to another and next thing I knew you two were making out on the couch. The bad news is that you were so drunk that you puked…mid make out…in her mouth….and then she got upset and stormed out shortly after…" 

"But you know what? The good news is, she called you this morning, and not only does she not remember what happened, but wants to see you again tonight…so good job…I think…”

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just a curious American :p. .. what's it like living in Sweden?


  • as soon as it’s more than +10°c swedes bring out the shorts and tan nonstop
  • alcohol is expensive, but we’ve covered that
  • school is free which is nice
  • it’s quite hard making new friends randomly, you usually have to meet new people through mutual friends or school/work/stuff like that. talking to strangers in public places, the buss, whatever is a no-no
  • we dress in black, like a lot
  • we love our melancholy but we’re not all depressed and sad
  • we’re afraid to make a fool of ourselves here in sweden but on vacation abroad, we’re absolutely crazy
  • 5 cups of coffee (black as death) a day is considered unnaturally little
  • we love the snow but at the same time hate it, especially if there is a not-white christmas
  • potatoes
  • we get most movies to the theaters before a lot of other countries (including america) because we’re less likely to spred them illegally online
  • which is weird considering piratebay’s from here and everyone and their mom downloads stuff
  • public transport works great (as long as we don’t mention the trains, we don’t speak of the trains) but if the bus is a min late, hell breaks lose

lol, i’m tired, this is what I could think of right now

What goes around, comes around

ncisla hiatus fic challenge theme 1: Change one thing

Kensi and the team finally find out about Hetty’s role in the whole White Ghost affair. Taking place after Fighting Shadows (6x18)

478 words

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“What are you even talking about? If it wasn’t one of the greatest love stories of all time, how would it have survived all this time? How did it not just get swept under the rug?”

“Because so many people - people like you, I mean - believe it’s some dramatic true love story, when in reality they’re just two little rich kids who are used to getting every little thing they want. They think they want each other and then they throw a tantrum when they can’t have it,” Michael responded.

“It’s called love, Michael. If your head wasn’t so far up your own ass, then maybe you’d know something about it,” you snapped. Your english teacher didn’t even blink at your curse word, used to this everyday debate between you and the black-haired boy.

“They don’t even know each other!” he exclaimed, laughing.

“You don’t have to know somebody for it to be love at first sight.”

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let's talk about that shay quote..

“i have a theory. before we leave this life, we see what we love. and i mean like, pit of the soul, can’t live without it love. and if it’s strong enough, sometimes we find our way back

now, from my point of view, i honestly can’t think of any reason why the writers would put this in the episode if they were just going to kill delphine 2 episodes later. we know that orphan black does everything for a reason, right? so if they really wanted shaysima to be the endgame, and for fans to get on board with that ship, why would they confirm, by shay herself, that cophine were superior? that their love was what cosima couldn’t live without? it makes no sense to me, apart from, if delphine isn’t actually dead. a huge complaint about the scene was that delphine didn’t get a big enough send off, right? well, i was thinking, if they really wanted us to believe she was dead, and if they really respected delphine’s character, would they not at least give flashbacks like they did with paul? imagine, if when delphine was shot, she imagined cosima. imagine if there were flasbacks of cophine in season 1, or maybe a hallucination of cosima that would be similar to cosima’s in 2x10. that’s how i imagine delphine would die. and i can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t the end.

maybe this is how they wanted their "tragic” love story to end, maybe they were rushed for time and couldn’t give delphine the ending she deserved and maybe i’m just delusional or blinded by my love for both delphine and cophine, but i cannot think of a reason they would use this quote otherwise.


LOFT 89 STORY - 06/20 Cologne, Germany

Okay, it’s been 2 days since I met Taylor in Loft 89 with my best friends germanswiftiesofficial aka twopaperairplanes89, taylorswiftakabecky, freshstart1989, no-its-baecky, beyondthehorizonofdreams, outofthewoodsswift1989, screamingcolorswift13 and reneglawion. I just got back from Amsterdam so I can finally write down our story now from my point of view.❤

We got tickets for both Cologne shows and the Amsterdam show in November. Now that weekend of three shows in three days in two countries is over and my biggest dream has come true. It still hasn’t quite sunken in. 

We got to the show on Friday and just had the time of our lives, Jana ( taylorswiftakabecky) and I were close to the sound booth. The rest of our group was sitting a few rows behind us, even closer. We even met Andrea before the show and she hugged us and said nice to meet you and I thanked her for coming here with Taylor. :) She was the sweetest. 

 When Taylor finally came out our chill was completely lost, we freaked out. Suddenly, l look over to to the B-Stage Pit and the rest of our group is in it, talking to Andrea. As it turns out: she came up to them during I Knew You Were Trouble and asked them if they had met Taylor already. Now, they told her the truth and said that we met her at the German Radio Awards but she said that didn’t count. But two of us had been to Club Red so she couldn’t let us in, she did upgrade them to the B-Stage Pit though. She was so moved by our story about meeting each other and how Taylor followed us on Tumblr and how we became best friends and so she was like: “Look guys, tell me your Tumblr and your seats for tomorrow.” She said she would sleep on it and she would come back tomorrow but couldn’t promise us anything because of course nobody would want people to be mad because they let somebody into the meet&greet twice. 

We didn’t really have a lot of hope anymore but the fact that she cared and listened and liked us meant SO much to us, we were just overwhelmed by her kindness. 

So June 20th comes around and we’re in the arena again, all excited for the show, as Andrea comes out, walks up to outofthewoodsswift1989, winked at him and said: “I know where your seats are now.” So we partied HARD during the show and Taylor was so close, I was in HEAVEN. SHE IS PERFECT OMG. Suddenly (again during I Knew You Were Trouble) I turn around to look at the rest of our group and suddenly I see Andrea right next to us and someone else with wristbands. Andrea said: “Would you still like to meet Taylor in Loft 89? Point to the 8 people you’re here with.” AND THEN WE STARTED SCREAMING AND CRYING AND DROPPING TO THE FLOOR. 

Everyone around us was staring and filming us as they gave us the wristbands and I will never ever forget this moment. It was pure happiness. We kept crying for the entire show and immediately ran towards the meeting point afterwards and waited for like 20 minutes until they told us the rules of Loft 89 and they let us into this tiny, tiny room that had couches, pizza, cookies, drinks and it was super cozy. We were around 26 people. Andrea walked up to us again and hugged us, saying that she was so happy we were here and that at first she thought she would have to break our hearts but we really stood out tonight with our costumes and dancing. Also apparently she had talked to Taylor about us and those were the reasons she let us in. It was unreal, guys. We thanked her a thousand times and took pictures with her.

Suddenly we were told to put our cameras away and Taylor walked in and SHE LOOKED AMAZING. SHE WAS CUTE AND GORGEOUS AND HAPPY, IT WAS EVERYTHING. We were waiting for her to go around and when she came to us she immediately started hugging each and one of us and said: “Hey guys! How are you? Thanks for coming. Aww, you’re my Tumblr buddies! Look at this group! This is such a good group. ” 

She started talking to each one of us and you can read about what the others said to her in their stories. :) But when she got to me I said: “Can I just say… Thank you for the past 6 years, I love you!” and she said “Aww, I love you too!” I told her I was going to move to Dallas as an exchange student this August and she said “That is so fun! You’re gonna have such a good time.” and when I said I might even get to go to her show in Arlington and she said that would be cool and that it would be a huge show, too. She was so nice guys, I still can’t believe it. She asked me for my name again and signed a polaroid and the album for me. Then I asked her if she could write down “Change” for me because it’s been one of my absolute favorite songs for 6 years now (Taylor’s reply: “Aww that’s so sweet!”) and it got me through so much, I might get it as a tattoo!

I then gave her the present we got for her (a “FRIENDS” tote bag with little presents in it - she had liked a picture of me and that bag before) and she loved the bag SO much even though she didn’t remember it. When I said it was hers now she just went: “YAAAAS! This is my new gym bag!”. She kept talking about the bag and when we gave her our other presents she just kept saying “Oh, I’m gonna put this in my bag.” IT WAS SO CUTE. She told us that she was so jetlagged and that she was probably gonna pass out on the way to the hotel and I just wanted to hug her again oh my gosh. We asked her if she had seen the Bad Blood music video we made and she just looked at us with big eyes and said “Noooo!? I haven’t! I want to see it! That’s awesome.” so watch us reblog that video now until she can finally see it. :D She said she saw all of our posters on Friday and told Jana and me “I know, you’re my twins!” when I said we had the “lol I thought that was 2 of me” sign. WE DIED GUYS. OMG SHE REMEMBERED THAT. 

Taylor said she wanted to take an “epic group picture” with us but we were so many so after the first picture she said: “You know what? Let’s do 2 groups.” And I suggested we do a “surprised pose” like in the picture she reblogged of me and Jana and she just went “Yaaas”. When we had our pictures she just said “Okay, let’s do a group hug!” And while were hugging she just said “SQUAD GOALS! Swifties!” and we died once again haha. She asked us if we were going to any more shows and we told her we would see her in Amsterdam tomorrow and she said she would “look out for us.” 

And that was the story of how I met the love of my life and my biggest dream of getting to meet her, to hug her, to talk to her came true. And it came true with my best friends ever. ❤ 

It would’ve been the best weekend ever anyway because I still would’ve seen her three freaking times!!! But this just meant everything to us so thank you to anyone who was sending us sweet messages. Thank you for being excited for us. Thank you Mama Swift, Taylor Nation and thank you Taylor for being who you are and making us the happiest we’ve ever been. ❤

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John Ohh wants his mom. lololol

And to hell with those audience who couldn’t even bare to respect the band as artists and let em finish their set. I know John was a little drunk and he talked much. BJSYK, there are a lot of kids dying to hear and see them live who, in all honesty, are much more deserving of the getting to one of their shows than they are. I am one of those kids and it just pisses me off when anyone tries to insult such great bands. Just let the dudes play and stop ranting. geez