So everyone always says that a huge difference between British and (North) American culture is that Brits use sarcasm and teasing to show affection, and Americans don’t. But I’m wondering if this is still true given how much cultural cross-pollination takes place online?

Like… it’s often said that insulting and mocking your friends is less acceptable in an American context because it’s read as mean and cruel, whereas in British culture the highest form of affection you can show someone is relentlessly roasting them. And I’m really curious about whether that sort of “I make fun of you because I love you” culture has become more acceptable in American circles.

I ask because there was this huge wave of jokes and memes about Shiro’s birthday being Feb 29th and… I have to tell you, as a Brit in this fandom, that from my point of view that looked like an outpouring of love and affection for a character everyone loves. Like… nothing says “I love Shiro more than breathing” like reblogging 25 different jokes about him actually being a six-year-old. But I can’t help but wonder if the American side of fandom was actually just being really mean.

And I’m also partly curious because in this fic I’m writing, I really leaned into the idea that Allura is British (cos she has a British accent on the show) and that she would use that kind of sarcastic, mocking humour a lot. But Shiro (who’s Japanese American) probably wouldn’t get it? He strikes me as the type of guy who’s very polite and sweet and wouldn’t make fun of someone even as a joke.

I dunno I’m rambling but this cultural difference has always fascinated me, and I’m wondering if it’s starting to change or if it’s still the case that Americans don’t make fun of each other as a way of showing their undying love.

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Hi, not really sure if this fits the format. I identify as asexual and most people around me know of it. They didn't like it initially, but after several conversations they managed to see things from my point of view and somewhat understand. I read some posts here questioning themselves and fearing real life consequences. So I am here saying that it is up to us to inform the masses. Perhaps a tad more confidence in ourselves? (although I do understand some have antilgbt families, so that sucks)

no worries dude there’s not really a format to this thing

& yes!! thank you so much for saying this! education is incredibly important with asexuality because it’s such an unknown sexuality sadly

Any trust issues that I have are because of how many times I feel like I’ve been used and mistreated and thrown to the side. If I seem closed off or defensive maybe instead of thinking of it from your point of view put yourself in my shoes. After the same thing keeps happening and the same problems keep breaking me down, I can’t not put up a wall. I don’t think I’ll be able to grow if I continue to let people affect me. And it’s really sad because the tiny thing that you did doesn’t only affect you. It affects everything.

Because thanks to you bringing me back to the same place I was a year ago, I can’t trust anyone now. Because when I was in a bad place and I believed you were really helping me, I didn’t think that you would turn around less than a year later and throw me out. And now how do I tell myself to be open and to keep giving out my heart to people. How do I tell myself that they won’t hurt me. I told myself you wouldn’t hurt me either. But this time it’s so much bigger than that. I truly believe that if I get hurt this way one more time it would break me. I’m already in a bad place. I can’t let it happen to me again and that means that I can’t let people affect me.

So the wall goes back up and I have to go back to holding everything in.

But at least I have myself. I know that I have the motivation and willpower to get through anything and I know that when I’m down, I will be the one to pick myself up again. When I cry, I will be my shoulder to cry on. I’ll persevere and grow and forget about you in no time.

At least that’s what I hope will happen.

—  writtwithwitt 
Reblog if Captain Rex should have his own live action movie

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thank you for that post, it was so refreshing to read what i've been thinking/feeling for months. also about harry's social media- it's so interesting. like from a current standpoint we know that he's ghost as one can be, but looking back at the beginning of the year, it was almost angry in tone? with tweeting about the dead son 2 hours before @louis announced the birth, 'preaching to the convinced', bitch don't kill my vibe, the boxer pic- there's so much to show that they're fighting back.

You’re welcome, I’m glad you got something from it! I feel like a lot of times, things are too black & white when a lot of people’s feelings are coming from the same place. And really, I think clarity about your own position can come from the answers to a few simple questions.

I KNOW. From my point of view, after Louis had to start cooperating in January… Harry really took up the charge of expressing the anger and frustration that was being felt by both of them at the situation. I was actually kind of shocked by how aggressive he was sometimes. It’s there hitting you in the face, I don’t see how anyone could ignore it. IMHO, it says a lot about him. I think he’s a very passionate person and even though I think it’s generally talked about less, god, do I think he’s protective of Louis. If you look at that period of time (and especially if you read the song lyrics), it’s so emotionally charged. Especially compared to Harry’s usual use of social media:

Jan 22nd: from “Watching His Son Go Down” by Jeff Bates

Feb 5th: play on “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar

Feb 10th: I can’t overstate how closely he was following the fandom that day. I didn’t even realize the words were from Harry when they first dropped, he posted this as discussion was feverishly burning across my dash about the BC:

Feb 20th:

Feb 23rd: Lonely Buffet. 1 of 1. (also, sad Scrabble board of thankfulness)

Feb 27th: from “Stuck on You” by Elvis Presley

March 2nd: from “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones

And lastly, from right after Louis had his public dinner with Simon following the fallout from late March/early April:

April 17th:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to see the sadness, the anger/frustration, the devotion and then finally, what I interpret as a statement on being stuck. If you scan his social media, this is such a large percentage of the personal statements he’s made from the last year too.

Taste of St. Petersburg or where is Viktor originally from

Today is December 25th, and it is Viktor’s Birthday!

We don’t have enough information about him as human and skater, and maybe one day in season two authors will open some parts of his life, character and past. 

But we know that Viktor is from St. Petersburg. 

And I think that it is a good idea to give a brief description of the city where Viktor lives. And where currently Yuuri is. ^^

Disclaimer: I’m an inspired and proud citizen of St. Petersburg, born and raised in the city, and I still live here. I’ll try to give an overall description of city and citizens from my point of view just to make more clear picture of the city in ppl’s minds. 

Some people may agree with my vision, some may not. It is okay.

And I apologize for possible mistakes in advance, English is not my mother tongue, but I try my best. ^^

Most photos are taken from internet.

Let’s go!

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*walks in a week late with Starbucks* So, about that Valentine’s Day!

This is for @auro-cyanide, who asked for something from my fics from Teru’s point of view! I couldn’t really make that work though, so I made a new scene and turned it into a crappy Valentine’s oneshot instead… I, I really hope that’s alright, sorry ;u;

(This is set sometime between OCHR and ANLG.)

When you ask me what I’m thinking, know that when I say nothing, I mean nothing that I can articulate. Because the sparks running through my neurons are as understandable as lightning flipping the sky’s light switch on. I am confused with so much clarity, I gain perspective only from my point of view, I am vividly passionate about my apathy, and my craving for life is fulfilled by depriving myself of it.
—  Original quote by theinevitableloss - thanks! :)

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Why do the Jedi always seem to be bashed, I mean they are mostly a religious group technically and they want to help people. Its just that the politicians limit them. Also in the war their rights and views apparently don't matter but others do. They are going against everything they believe in, but it is their fault? They have to care for their own people but everyone is butting in and not caring that they are fighting a war that is tearing them apart. Yes they make mistakes who doesn't?opinion?

Well, I’m a hopeless Jedi Order Apologist, of course, so maybe I’m too biased/blinded by love to answer this properly. ;) 

Without wading too much into the larger questions you pose about whose fault it was that they were in the war in the first place/what their jurisdiction should have been and who was to blame for that, since I don’t have actual hours to write this reply (and let’s be real, I am far better at replies about Obi-Wan’s Hair and this is primarily a humor blog,) I’ll just say that I do find some of the more extreme negative reactions some have in re: the Jedi Order to be a little perplexing to me personally.  

I have seen so many posts over the years that are like “but the Jedi should have just done [whatever] and then none of the Bad Things would have happened!!!!!” All right, fine, but I’m not sure how that makes for much of a story, or how we’d get to the Original Trilogy from there, for one thing. And often the choices put in front of them were not all that clear-cut from their perspective, or they’d already backed themselves into a corner over years and years without even realizing it. 

The Jedi are supposed to be the good guys, sure, but that doesn’t mean we’re meant to think they’re incapable of poor decision-making or being swindled or doing something stupid or even of just being assholes sometimes. Even good people/good organizations have flaws. I just find it a little weird that people will jump from “they made some really poor choices” to “they were pretty much as bad as the Empire and I hate them.” I mean, people are allowed to feel how they feel, of course, but I am not personally on board with that. They all got screwed over by the Dark Side. It gets brought up like 4,000 times that the Dark Side is clouding their vision, their judgement, pulling the strings behind the scenes but in ways they can’t be sure of…Palpatine had a lot of victims beyond his most obvious, cape-wearing one. And it’s certainly not like we never see the Jedi openly questioning the things going on around them or the decisions they’ve made.

I think a lot of morality questions the PT era of Star Wars raises are actually really interesting. That said, I am sleep-deprived and under-caffeinated at the moment, so I hope that made even partial sense and I’m going to shut up now. ;) 

“Things you can do instead of assuming people’s pronouns”.

And if you mess up, don’t panic, say sorry and DON’T DO IT AGAIN.

Also, I know I should repeat that on every single post I make (although I do post often), but this is from MY experience only (even if I have a test group of several dozens of trans people who throw in some of their own experience too) and should be understood as such. I am ALWAYS talking from my own point of view and that should be taken into account when looking at my art.