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Hello! Once you wrote that Deidara was obviously unhappy with his life. But from my point of view it was not so obvious. He never complained. Almost always walked with a calm face, but during the fight he did not stop to grin. only sudden outbursts of anger showed that sometning is not quite right with Deidara. How could anyone understand that deeply inside he was unhappy?

I have two main points that show that Deidara isn’t actually that happy: 1) his childhood and the results of it, and 2) his life philosophy.

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Akatsuki Kakashi vs team 7 sensei Obito?

Thanks for the asks, keep em coming! Akatsuki! Kakashi questions are awesome!

-I have to elaborate more on this, I mean this idea is just so cool. An Au made from that idea would be cool, hence why I couldn’t stop myself from drawing it.

The fight would probably be emotionally hard for both Obito and Sasuke, as I’ve decided to set Kakashi with Itachi from my point of view. Both possess the sharingan, and so is called the “sharigan duo” just as like Kakuzu and Hidan are the “zombie” duo.

Itachi will act coldly towards Sasuke, just as the canon universe Itachi did. Kakashi on the other hand will be “empty” kind off. Since he never became the “Kakashi the copy-nin of Konoha,” nor did he become a ‘Sensei’. His attitude will be the same as in his youth, just after Obito’s “feigned” death.

Killing Rin, he bears a guilt he could not settle with and after dealing with the Anbu and making aquaintance of Itachi- as he settled into anbu in his first year, Kakashi decided to leave Konoha.

Obito, still found by Madara caused the Kyuubi.  Though after witnessing the death of his sensei, and realizing that Konoha was still his HOME, he decided to return and submit himself to interrogation, later on becoming a jounin sensei.

The uchiha massacre occured after a few years and a few more years later, he became the Sensei of team 7, the most problematic team of all.

At frist, Sasuke questioned him, seeing the clan symbol on Obito, indicating he was a family member. Because of this, Sasuke beared hate towards him for a while but later on, seeing the man’s skill. He couldn’t help but look up to Obito, for both training regarding his dojutsu and skill.

Naruto and Obito get along pretty well as both of them know how it feels to be the ‘loser’ of the team, Obito constantly urging Naruto to carry on and that it will all be better soon.

Sakura does like her sensei, he has a sense of humor and very kind almost in away, though she does have an idea of what Obito used to be before and very well knows he can be serious if need me.

Itachi and Kakashi meet again and become partners in the Akatsuki, Akatsuki taking in the ‘run away’ ninja, along side with another traitor to konoha. They both share the same hate towards the village and it’s government. They work togeter well, seeing as Itachi was under Kakashi during anbu and worked well with him. Kakashi tries not to talk about his ‘loaned’ sharingan but in all honesty, Itachi is very uncomfortable wben Kakashi uses it.


A cousin of mine friended me on FB tonight. I haven’t talked to her in maybe 5 years, and as I looked through her public profile (full of cute home giveaways and #hillaryforprison posts), I decided that we weren’t friends and deleted the request.

But 3 hours later I’m still debating whether I made the right choice? Maybe I shouldn’t be isolating Republicans from my point of view? But maybe I’m so angry all the time about politics that it would be detrimental to me to have people like that?

Maybe this is such a idiotic thing to be worrying about, especially 3 hours after the fact?

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Hey jack, this doesn't really effect YOUR content specifically but what do you think about the YouTube LGBTQ+ restriction? From my point of view it is ridiculous and should be dealt with immediately.

At first I was like “well it seems like everyone is effected by the restriction mode” but then I thought about it a bit more. If people are being restricted as “inappropriate content” just because they’re LGBT channels then that’s absolute bullshit.

The fact that we dont know how or why restriction mode works is ridiculous. Youtube need to speak up. EDIT: YT have since issued an explanation

Namjoon’s FC Post [082715]

‘너 자신을 사랑하라’

'Love yourself’

이 구절은 말하기는 쉽고 동시에 참으로 어렵다. 당최 사랑의 정의는 무엇이며 사랑의 빛깔은 몇 가지나 되는지? 사랑은 꼭 프리즘 같다. 저 구절은 진정으로 스스로를 품고 있는 사람만이 밸 수 있는 말 아닐까. 하지만 자신을 사랑하지 못하는 대다수 사람들에게 저 말은 아른아른 잡히지 않는 아지랑이 같다.

This phrase is easy to say but at the same time it’s hard. What in the world is the justice of love and how many shades of love are there? Love seems like a prism. It may be that the phrase (love yourself) can only be spoken by those who truly love themselves. But for a majority of people who can’t love themselves those words (love yourself) seem like a heat shimmer that’s unattainably flickering.

그래서 내가 나의 관점으로 구체화한 키워드는 ‘용기'와 '용서'였다. 아마 자신의 추악한 면들 혹은 현실을 솔직하게 마주할 용기가 없어서 생기는 일들인 듯 하여, 자신을 온전히 마주할 수 있는 용기가 있다면 그게 결국 나를 사랑하는 일 아닐까. 모든 건 그 용기에서 비롯된다는 생각이 문득 들어서. 아무런 의미도 없었던 단어가 최근 내게 아주 특별해졌다.

So the keywords that I materialized (love) from my point of view are 'courage’ and 'forgiveness.’ It could be that we don’t have the courage to honestly face our ugly side or reality, so if we can muster up the courage to fully face ourselves, then in the end, that may be one loving oneself. I suddenly thought that everything starts from that courage. A word that meant nothing to me became extremely special recently.

재미있는 것은 용기는 다른 말로 '그릇'도 되니까. 그래서 더 특별하게 다가온다. 그래 결국 중요한 건 마음을 담는 그릇이지. 과연 나는 어떤 그릇일지..

A fun thing is that courage can also mean 'vessel’ (t/n: in Korean, 용기 can mean courage or vessel). That’s why it takes on an even bigger special spot within me. In the end, what’s important is the vessel that holds the heart. What kind of vessel am I..

최근에 인터뷰 중에 궁극적으로 어떤 삶을 살고 싶냐는 질문을 받은 적 있다. 나는 내가 나를 용서하는 삶을 살고 싶다 했다. 얼마나 이해하셨는지 알 길이 없으나 고개를 끄덕끄덕 해주셔서 정말 고마웠다. 그럼, 용서만큼 어렵지만 강한 것도 없지. 내 잘못을 토닥여주는 용서 뿐만이 아니라, 나는 나의 모든 것을 '결국엔’ 용서할 줄 아는 삶을 살고 싶다. 나를 사랑하는 것은 결국 나를 용서 하는 게 아닐까 한다

During a recent interview, I was asked what kind of life I want to live in the long run. I told them that I want to live a life in which I can forgive myself. I don’t know how much the interviewer understood me, but he/she nodded up and down so I was very grateful. So, there is nothing easier yet stronger than forgiveness. I want to live a life with not just forgiveness where I can pat myself, but one where I can 'eventually’ forgive all of myself. Loving myself may just be forgiving myself.

끝없는 시간의 파도들을 스쳐가며 문득문득 생각하는 것은, 세상에 '나와 같은’ 사람 하나 없으나 '나 같은’ 사람은 생각보다 꽤나 많다는 것. 그러니 그대, 나 같은 사람은 한 명도 없는 것 같아, 날 이해해줄 사람은 아무도 없을 거야. 하며 울지 말기를. 그대가 따뜻한 가슴을 가졌다면 분명 어디선가 비슷한 온기의 심장을 가진 사람이 나타날 것이다. 언젠가는 그렇게 된다.?따뜻한 가슴을 가지고 살아가는 것만큼 멋진 일도 없으니

As endless waves of time passed by, I suddenly thought that although there is no one who is identical to me, there are a lot more people who are similar to me than I think. So you (t/n: the 'you’ he uses is formal yet endearing kind of like 'dear’?), don’t cry. Thinking that there is no one like (similar to) me, there is no one who can understand me. If you (t/n: again same you as before) have a warm heart, then there is definitely a person out there somewhere with a heart of similar warmth and will appear (in your life). Someday that will happen. Since there is nothing greater (t/n: he means admirable) than living with a warm heart.

세상엔 분명, 분명 어쩔 수 없는 일들도 있다.

There is definitely, definitely certain things in this world that happen out of our control.

그러니 우리
우리를 용서하자

So We,
let us forgive ourselves


Trans cr: 2-gehl

Top Ward Mistakes I

These are some common reasons why wards, even powerful ones, fail at times. I have noticed these over the years, through my mistakes and others. 

Not enough layers: Wards are made of pure energy, and usually aren’t sentient- meaning they aren’t smart and usually don’t adjust to different attackers. Without the ability to adjust, attackers can get by with ease. Having multiple layers of wards helps prevent this. While layers will vary of course based on your needs, I always recommend three basic layers for a ward, going outwards to the inside: 1) non-detection, 2) offensive ward, 3) defensive ward. The reason for these particular layers being: an attacker can’t attack if it can’t find you. If they do find you, they are then dissuaded by a ward that attacks them. They will have to go through the ward that hurts them to even get to the ward that defends you, thus weakening them and making it harder to get through that final line of defense at the same time.

Too rigid: What shatters more easily when hit- a plastic case, or a rubber ball? The plastic case- why? Because it is super rigid and unable to bend; thus, just one concentrated hit could break through it with ease. This applies to wards as well- you don’t want your wards to be unable to bend- else they shatter under a concentrated hit. Being flexible doesn’t make a ward weaker- you can still have a super tough and thick ward that bends!

Not selective or specific enough: “Keep out malicious entities.” Okay, well what do you mean by malicious? Being as specific as possible is best when it comes to protections. Instead of just saying “malicious” how about- “those that would bring me nightmares”, “those that would harm me”. This also ties into the next point-

…From whose point of view?: Okay, you did it, you made your ward. “Keep out anything with malicious intent.” But the key is…who judges the malicious intent? A nasty entity could easily go, “this is good for me!” and bypass the ward. Additionally, an abusive entity who believes, from their point of view, that what they are doing is “helping” you, and thus not malicious, could easily bypass an unspecific ward. It is best to say something along the lines of, “Things I deem as a malicious intention.” That way, it is based on YOUR judgement alone, what YOU deem as bad, and thus it cannot be interpreted any other way by trickster entities.

A circular wall, or a sphere?: You made your ward- it’s selective, not super rigid, and you made sure the terms were from your point of view. And yet- it’s still easily bypassed! Bad Entities appear in your room, seemingly untouched by the wards. What could’ve happened? Well- this ability called “teleportation” exists. If your innermost ward is a circular wall- not filled in- then an entity could easily bypass your wards just by teleporting directly to you or directly into your space! To protect against this, you want your innermost ward to be like a sphere- filled in on the inside with protective energies as well. Thus, the constraints applying to the outer layers of your wards (no malicious intent from my point of view) are applied to your actual space as well- thus nullifying the teleporting ability, or dealing damage to any entities that manage to teleport inside anyways.  

We built in a moment between Kit and Emilia where they stopped for a moment  and looked into each other’s eyes. The intention from my point of view, and their point of view too, is that they’re driven by passion into this. They don’t even fully understand what it’s all about and what the consequences of it are. They really can’t stop themselves. It’s almost destiny that’s bringing them together. There’s a moment where they’re like , “Are we actually going to continue doing this? Are we actually doing this? And they can’t stop themselves

Jeremy Podeswa (The Dragon & The Wolf Director) The Hollywood Reporter

(Totally agree, I love this part!!)

This is what “balancing the Force” looks like:

I wrote a 25-page paper on Star Wars arguing that “bringing balance to the Force” didn’t mean “the Jedi will be 100% in control” (and of course not the opposite) but bringing the two aspects of the Force into alignment, using Anakin as a case study. Brief recap of my paper:

    • The Jedi literally don’t know that slavery still exists in the galaxy and are shocked when Shmi says “The Republic doesn’t exist out here… We must survive on our own.” So like… the fuck.
    • Anakin asks Qui-Gon “Have you come to free us?” and Qui-Gon says “No, I’m afraid not,” to which Anakin replies, “Why else would you be here?” Here we can see the innocence and goodness in Anakin juxtaposed against the moral ambiguity of the Jedi. They’re there for repairs on their ship - nothing more, nothing less. Witnessing slavery does nothing to change those priorities.
    • The Jedi take a child away from his mother, and when Anakin is (rightfully) scared for his mom, who has been left in slavery, the Jedi are still like well, you know, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, enforcing the laws against slavery seems kinda like a lot of work so we’re just not gonna get involved. That’s like… not quite what you would expect from the “Light” Side.
    • Anakin is literally a child whose mother has been left in slavery and, understandably, he’s kind of freaked out. Instead of acknowledging Anakin’s pain as legitimate and working with him, the Jedi take an oppositional stance, telling Anakin that “Fear is the path to the dark side” - a phrase that was much more apt in the Original Trilogy than it is here, where Anakin is only nine, and his fears are 100% rational.
    • Obi-Wan asks Anakin if he’s sleeping poorly because of his mom, Anakin basically admits yes, and Obi-Wan says “Dreams pass in time.” Uh, Obi-Wan, I’m sure you have good intentions and all, but the problem isn’t in the dream world. Anakin’s dreams are a reflection of the actual, legitimate, very real danger his mother is in, and Obi-Wan’s response only dismisses Anakin’s fear and drives him further away from the Jedi Council. And, again, the Jedi could have fixed this entire situation by either rescuing his mother or actually trying to stop slavery instead of just paying lip service to the idea.
    • Anakin and Padmé fall in love, and Padmé is like “yo is this, like, allowed to happen for you??” and Anakin says “Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi’s life, so you might say we’re encouraged to love.” So… Taking a woman’s child so he can fulfill their prophecy and leaving that woman alone and enslaved on a desert planet is compassionate behavior now? Right. Sounds fake, but okay. Also, Anakin is literally pointing out the hypocrisy in that statement - so you can love humanity and people, but you can’t love a person? That’s super weird.
      • Falling in love is like… not really something you can help? Especially not the first time. Just, you know, speaking as the classic lesbian who has fallen for a straight best friend… just saying “don’t do that” is not really going to help. At all.
    • At this point, the Jedi have created a situation where if Anakin falls in love (as he is wont to do as a literal teenager who was not brought up in the Jedi Order of his own volition), he has to keep that love secret or a) risk expulsion from the Jedi and b) prove them “right” that he can’t be trusted. Which, you know, nobody wants to do.
    • Padmé tells him that he “had a nightmare again last night,” and Anakin says, “Jedi don’t have nightmares.” Yo, what the fuck. This kid is a teenager, his mom is on a desert planet and enslaved, and now he feels like he’s not even allowed to have nightmares? Which are not conscious? I get that the Jedi are supposed to have total control over themselves, but first of all, that’s a completely unrealistic expectation to have of anyone, much less a teenager, and second of all, that’s a real fucked up thing to imply on a mental health level. “You’re guilty, even for the pain that your brain is inflicting on you from childhood trauma in situations (i.e., unconsciousness) that you can’t even control!” Yeah, no. There is no way that could possibly go well. 
      • If Anakin is made to feel guilty for being scared or having nightmares or missing his mom from whom he was taken when he was not even ten years old, and Jedi are pointing to those feelings as evidence that he is dangerous and untrustworthy, he is put in a situation where he cannot admit that he needs help and therefore cannot access help. Like, just get the kid a shrink! And maybe rescue his mom! There are ways to address this and help Anakin stop having feelings, if that’s something we really have to do, without shaming him, which is gross and also distinctly unhelpful.
    • Anakin goes back to Tatooine to find his mom, she’s been kidnapped and tortured by Tusken Raiders, she dies in his arms, and he slaughters the Tuskens and vows to become so powerful he will be able to stop people from dying. Which, like, is not ideal - not condoning murder - but he’s also seen his mother for the first time in years, like at least half a decade, and he is a) completely overrun with survivor’s guilt and b) rightfully grieving and c) also rightfully pissed the fuck off that he finally sees him mom again only to have her die in his arms. Like, I’d be pissed, too. And you know what helps with grief? Talking it out!! Therapy!! Friendship!! You know what Anakin doesn’t have? Literally any of those things. He can’t admit that he’s grieving his mom because it would threaten his place in the Jedi Order. The Order’s strictness continues to place him in a catch-22 where admitting he needs help is already condemning him.
    • Anakin beats Count Dooku in part because he is furious that Palpatine has been “captured” and taps into the Dark Side with that emotion. THEN, Padmé’s like “surprise, I’m pregnant,” and Anakin (again, understandably) flips the fuck out. He has nightmares about her dying in childbirth, and guess who he can’t go to for advice or help or even consolation? The Jedi!! Wow, this is going so well for everyone, what great policies we have here.
    • The Jedi Council want Anakin to spy on Palpatine, and Anakin (correctly) points out to Obi-Wan that this goes against the Jedi Code, against the Republic, and asks why Obi-Wan is asking this of him… to which Obi-Wan replies, “The Council is asking you.” So, you know, this doesn’t exactly endear Anakin to the Council, who have already been pretty shitty to him and are now seemingly hypocritical as well.
    • Palpatine says to Anakin, “Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin. They fear you. In time they will destroy you.” and yeah, he’s playing on Anakin’s confusion and suspicions and totally using him as a pawn here, but he’s also right. The Jedi have proven themselves to not have Anakin’s best interests at heart, even if they have good intentions. And they do fear Anakin, so, you know, that whole “non-attachment prevents fear” thing isn’t really working out for them either.
    • Palpatine tells Anakin that the Dark Side can allow you to control death, and Anakin (who, let’s remind ourselves, has watched his mother die in his arms) begs to know how so he can save Padmé should his nightmares come true and she die in childbirth. And, again, since he can’t go to the Jedi for any help with this, he feels he has no choice but to trust Palpatine.
    • Here we get to a real fun sequence of events. Palpatine tells Anakin he’s a Sith. Anakin threatens to kill Palpatine, but doesn’t, so he can maintain the possibility of learning how to save Padmé. He goes to tell the Jedi, who rush into action and don’t allow him to join them because they think his fear will cloud his judgment, ignoring the fact that a) they’re scared out of their asses too, and b) he literally just betrayed someone close to him??? for people who have really been nothing but shitty??? So I feel like Anakin’s doing surprisingly well rn and the Jedi are basically like, “Yeah, great, but also fuck you and stay here.”
    • Soooooooo, Anakin goes to save Palpatine (again, to then save his wife), and in order to save him he kills a Jedi. At this point, Anakin’s like “I’m completely fucked,” which is true (although he’s been fucked from the beginning because the Jedi suck), and he pledges himself to Palpatine because he doesn’t think he has any other option.
    • Okay, then he goes and murders a bunch of kids, so like. That’s not great. Not gonna condone that. This was A Mistake™. I think we can all agree on that. Moving on.
    • Obi-Wan and Yoda see footage of Anakin’s fun murder time and Obi-Wan goes to try to find and defeat Anakin. In order to find him, he tells Padmé what happened and then hides away on her ship.
    • Padmé talks to Anakin, flips out when she realizes Obi-Wan was telling the truth, and as she tries to talk Anakin down from his panic- and grief-fueled descent into insanity he says, “I won’t lose you the way I lost my mother! I’ve become more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of and I’ve done it for you. To protect you.”
      • Side note, at this point I get annoyed because, like, Anakin, she literally Did Not Ask. Buddy, pal, friend, she specifically told you not to do this. I know your heart is in the right place, but like, this really could have all been prevented if you’d just listened to your wife. Why are the women in Star Wars consistently the only people who know what the fuck is going on?
    • Obi-Wan reveals himself, Anakin thinks Padmé betrayed him, and Force-chokes her. So, like, again, the anger is understandable, the Force-choking is not. Not going to defend that.
    • As Obi-Wan and Anakin fight, Anakin says something extremely telling: “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil.” He isn’t lying. He isn’t even exaggerating. The Jedi have fucked him over at every turn. And the point that is being made here is that Anakin descends into madness because he, like the Jedi, lives at moral extremities. He goes mad and gives himself over to the Dark Side because the Jedi have thoroughly erased any possibility of a middle ground. 
      • The utter distrust that the Jedi Council have of “Gray Jedi” and the fact that “Gray Jedi” means both people who walk the middle ground of the Force and people who don’t answer to the authority of the Jedi Council also point to this. We can see this with Jolee Bindo and Qui-Gon, among others. If you walk the middle line, the Jedi will turn their backs on you. (Pro tip: if nobody is allowed to disagree with you, you’re probably not the good guys.)
    • Aaaaaaaaand finally the whole fight ends and Anakin becomes a weird lava-deformed creature of the night and when he finally wakes up and asks Palpatine if Padmé is okay, Palpatine says, “It seems in your anger, you killed her.” So, Anakin at this point a) is consumed with self-hatred, b) has nothing to live for because all of his loved ones either hate him (Obi-Wan) or are dead (Padmé, theoretically), and c) feels like he has no way out of the horrifying mess he’s put himself in. And here the prequels end.

What I’m trying to say here is that the Jedi aren’t perfect, and they don’t always use the Force for good. (See: “slavery is cool, we guess.”) Their emphasis on shutting out your emotions is ultimately what drives Anakin to the Dark Side because they allow no room for mistakes and therefore erase the possibility of Anakin ever getting help. Or, you know, compassion, which is supposed to be the Jedi version of love. So… The Sith suck. But the Jedi also suck. Not as much, for sure, but they are definitely guilty of some real fucked up things.

Now for the fun part!!!!! Rey, in Ep. VII, wins her battle against Kylo when she gets pissed. You can also see in that scene that when he’s overpowering her, you can see both the red and blue light reflected in her eyes, and when she closes her eyes and thinks “use the Force” and opens her eyes again, you only see the red.

What that piece said to me, and what this trailer and the poster say to me, is that “balancing the Force” means recognizing that emotions are not evil unto themselves, that you can love people and use that love to fuel goodness. Rey has the potential to balance the Force because she has already proven that she can harness emotion, be driven by emotion, and still use that for the Light Side.

Anyway, I fucking love Star Wars, meta is great, Rey can kick my ass any day, and if I’m right and these trailers are backing up my theory I am literally going to lose my mind.

It’s strange but in a weird way, I miss my darkness… you know what I mean, the indifferent sadness that you resign yourself to when you’re completely and totally hopeless, when you no longer see a reason to try anymore so you kinda just shuffle along day after day, when nothing really matters because you don’t plan on living for much longer. Things that once ate away at you no long strike fear or anxiety into your heart cause “once I’m dead none of it’ll matter.” I’m told it’s fucked up to say because “Some people are dying to feel any other way! HOW DARE YOU WANT THAT BACK!!” Look at it from my point of view: when I didn’t have any purpose or motivation to exist, there was no stress about work, or school, or anything else; every problem just slipped away with my will to live. I could simply sink down into the darkness and embrace the silence. It’s different now that I’ve been “trying"again… It’s so much harder than before. It’s so fucking bright and loud!! but this time you’re not allowed to just walk away and cave in on yourself! You have to accept and acknowledge everything! And no matter how hard you try, you can no longer channel the familiar sanctuary that you’ve grown so accustomed to! You feel as though you don’t belong there, with the normal people, at all. After you’ve lived with the darkness for so long, can you ever truly return to the light? or will it always have those pieces of you, the ones that it took in the first place?
—  Thoughts I’ll never speak out loud.
(Sorry it’s so long, I’m awful at describing things so it takes me a while to do it)

send me a symbol and i will write a drabble about my muse from the point of view of…


- … My muse’s father
- … My muse’s mother
- … My muse’s sibling
- … My muse’s child
- … My muse’s significant other
¿ - … A member of my muse’s extended family


✰ - … My muse’s best friend
✦ - … Someone my muse admires
✧ - … Someone who admires my muse
✐ - … My muse’s favorite coworker/classmate
← - … My muse’s childhood friend
⌚ - … A friend my muse has not met yet


✉ - … My muse’s neighbor
✍ - … My muse’s boss
☼ - … Someone my muse sees every day
✈ - … Someone my muse commutes with
✂ - … Someone who dislikes my muse
↥ - … Someone who is attracted to my muse


♡ - … My muse’s younger self
♥ - … My muse’s older self
✘ - … An AU version of my muse
✿ - … My muse on a good day
♠ - … My muse on a bad day
✞ - Any version of my muse (asker specifies)

Hum so since there is always the concern with young aces, or teens identifying as ace, I wanted to share a story with some ace blogs.

When I was 12, we had a sex ed sessions. Not going to enter the details, but it was overall horrible, and I honestly didn’t have any interest in it and it was pretty obvious. I don’t know how it happened, but my lack of interest was reported to my head teacher who called me in his office. The first thing he told to a 12 yo who wasn’t interested in sex was “were you abused?”

In hindsight, it came from a good sentiment, but it’s pretty telling if it’s abnormal not to be interested in sex at 12. Adults, teachers, saw me as broken, because I wasn’t interested in sex. It was obviously not normal! And “abuse” the only possible explanation.

I didn’t have the words back then - whether asexual or even sex-repulsed - so I couldn’t explain myself. In a class of rougly 30 12/13 years old kids, I was the only one with such a lack of interest.

So, when I see people asking “I’m 14, can I be ace or am I too young?” I remember the insistance this teacher had that I had to be interested, when I was only 12. While, yes, at 14 you could be a late-bloomer, you could also be ace and stay that way. I only discovered the word half through college, but I was definitely already ace back in middle school. So, from my point of view, it’s great you already found the word! Things’ll be less confusing for you, especially in high school.

Hope it can help. Sorry for the weird English!


                                             I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you.

                                      FROM MY POINT OF VIEW, THE JEDI ARE EVIL!

                                                           Well, then you are lost!

i’m gonna try and explain this situation, from my point of view. let me reiterate: i am not speaking for all muslims here. i am not speaking for all muslims here. but i, as a girl who is muslim, am speaking from my knowledge and point of view. there will be muslims who will disagree with me, just like how there will be non muslims who will too. i already know this.

but … i’m just putting what my beliefs are about this whole situation, as a muslim girl, out there:

yousef isn’t muslim. sana is muslim. sana clearly likes yousef. for some muslims, the fact that yousef isn’t a muslim, wouldn’t be a huge issue. they’d still be okay to date/marry their non muslim partner.

however, for some muslims (and i’m saying this with my point of view put into this too), dating/marrying a non muslim, is a huge issue. a huge, huge, huge issue, both religiously speaking, because there is a clash of faith/no faith, and also culturally speaking too, where in which, people will point fingers. but hey, people point fingers all the time anyway. so, let’s remove the culture factor.

religiously speaking, practising muslims find it extremely important that their partner is muslim too. for some muslims, this isn’t even something that is negotiable. we can’t compromise on that. faith comes first for us. 

the prophet muhammad (saw) said once, “when Allah’s servant marries, he has completed one half of the religion. thereafter, let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”

let me explain what that above hadeeth means. if our partner is muslim too, it makes life a whole lot more easier, a lot less simple, but also, because with our partner, the 2 of us can motivate each other, and help each other, and support each other when our imaan (faith) and deen (religion) isn’t as strong as we would like it to be. we become each other’s motivation. we become each other’s rock. we become each other’s inspiration. 

and that’s the whole essence, and beauty, for a muslim having a partner who is muslim too, that we may wish to marry, and further deepen our bond with.

sana, according to her beliefs, needs for her partner to be muslim too. that is something she doesn’t wish to compromise on.

yousef, isn’t muslim. he doesn’t believe in Allah. 

so where does that leave sana, who is really starting to like yousef?

yousef could revert back into islam, if he was muslim before, or he could convert, and things could work out for them 2. some people though, may not feel that that is an adequate enough reason to accept islam back into your life again - just for the sake of someone else. if you’re wanting to come into islam, then it should be because you want to, for the sake of Allah, for the sake of worshipping Allah, not for anybody else. because your islam is between you and Allah to have, that should be the reason, not any other, for wanting to convert/revert. so, yousef reverting/converting, would have to be something that’s not just solely because of sana, but because he WANTS to accept islam, for the sake of himself and Allah, and strengthening that bond again. 

of course, some people will say that yousef converting/reverting to islam for sana could be a good thing too, if, say, after he does accept islam, he fully accepts islam into his life, and believes in Allah too, and practices islam as much or as little as he wants, but that he believes in Allah, that is the main thing. 

otherwise? i’m not too sure how this is going to work for sana and yousef, if neither sana wants to change her stance on compromising (which, personally, i can’t see her doing), and neither does yousef want to become muslim (again) and believe in allah. 

but yeah, let’s see what happens.

62 Russian qualifying phrases

* I consider — я считАю
* I think — я дУмаю
* In my opinion — по моемУ мнЕнию
* In my humble opinion (IMHO) — по моемУ скрОмному мнЕнию
* I suppose — я полагАю
* It seems to me — мне кАжется
* In the very beginning of… — в сАмом начАле
* As far as I understand — наскОлько я понимАю
* As far I see — наскОлько я вИжу
* As far as I’ve been informed — наскОлько я знаю (на скОлько менЯ проинформИровали)
*As far as I know — наскОлько я знаю
* As far as I’ve understood from — наскОлько я пОнял из..
* From my personal experience — из моегО лИчного Опыта
* As far as I imagine — наскОлько я себЕ представлЯю
* What concerns me = As far as I’m concerned — что касАется менЯ
* I’m afraid to be wrong but — я боЮсь показАться непрАвым, но..
* I’m not completely sure but — я не совсЕм увЕрен, но..
* Probably — вероЯтно
* I doubt — я сомневАюсь
* It’s dubious — сомнИтельно, что
* Even though — хотЯ
* At least - хотЯ бы
* So to speak — так сказАть
* From my point of view — с моЕй тОчки зрЕния
* To say frankly — говорЯ откровЕнно
* To say honestly — чЕстно говорЯ
* Don’t get offended, but — не обижАйся. но..
* No offense, but — без обИд, но..
* Without any doubt = Undoubtedly — без сомнЕний
* I’m absolutely sure — я абсолЮтно увЕрен
* It’s clear — Ясно, что
* Even though it’s clear — хотЯ Ясно, что
* It’s obvious — очевИдно, что
* I’m convinced — я убеждЁн
* First of all — прЕжде всегО (во-пЕрвых)
* More likely — бОлее вероЯтно
* The most likely — наибОлее вероЯтно
* As it’s well known — как хорошО извЕстно
* To make a long story short — корОче говорЯ
* Generally speaking — в Общем говорЯ
* First and foremost — в пЕрвую Очередь
* Saying objectively — говорЯ объектИвно
* By my deepest persuasion — по моемУ глубОкому убеждЕнию
* Judging by (some indications) — сУдя по нЕкоторым прИзнакам
* Eventually — в конЕчном счЕте
* After all — в концЕ концОв
* Finally — наконЕц-то
* Anyway - как бы то ни бЫло, во всЯком слУчае
* Basically - по существУ, в основнОм
* Carefully - тщАтельно; осторОжно
* Certainly - тОчно; определЁнно
* Elsewhere - где-то в другОм мЕсте
* Exactly - тОчно
* Hopefully - с надЕждой; бУдем надЕяться
* Immediately - немЕдленно; сразу
* Occasionally - иногдА, Изредка, врЕмя от врЕмени
* Perhaps - мОжет быть, возмОжно, навЕрно
* Quickly - бЫстро
* Regularly - регулЯрно, постоЯнно
* Seriously - серьЁзно, всерьЁз
* Suddenly - вдруг, внезАпно

And whether…how [the proposal] gets received…I have now just read the first episode back for season 3. I cannot tell you anything. But the way that things are handled, I know before we ended the season it’s like, you know…you obviously have a lot of logistics that come into, ´cause it’s all storyline-wise and season contracts and things like that, you have to take a lot into consideration.

And, you know, last season it was always intended that last season Floriana was coming in, you know, on a regular sampling and this season was never -it wasn’t part of the equation.

It was sort of like, “well, let’s see how the storyline goes, let’s see how it’s received, and then we kind of go from there". And obviously, I mean, I’ve got people that have given me buttons, I’ve got a button in my hand right now with the hashtag “Maggie Matters”.

You know, obviously very well received and everybody loves the storyline and I’m incredibly passionate about the storyline, and obviously we’ll continue to push however I can to make sure that that storyline stays as prevalent as possible. And I can’t say one way or another where it’s gonna go, I know it’s- the first episode goes- you know,  anything.

But I’m- my great, great hope is that it will be as prevalent as possible through this season, and I hopefully be able to, you know, my own- I love Floriana, I love Alex and Maggie so, I mean, explicitly from my point of view I wish she could’ve been, you know, regular. 

But you know, again, it’s like these are things that we can’t control, and if something is established beforehand it’s like…you know, who knows? But my great hope is that it is as prevalent as it can be through the season.”

—  Chyler Leigh about Sanvers in Season 3