Wow my sister is such an ungrateful bitch. She’s younger than me and she has the audacity to be condescending and talk down to me like she’s better than me. I’ve done so much for her: taken care of her when she got super drunk with her friends plus she was not of legal drinking age, she scratched up her car bad and I hid it from my dad even tho she continued to pick on the fact I crashed my car regardless of the fact it wasn’t my fault, I took care of her when she got trashed for her 21st and did not make fun of her about it or talk shit about but she belittled me to everyone about when I got drunk on my 21st which was the first time I’ve ever been like that, I went out of my way to buy her and her friend ping pong balls that she has yet to pay me back for, was going to lend her $1000 (which I had but couldn’t afford since I already paid $2000+ for my tuition) and the only reason she didn’t take it was because she was able to get a loan at the very last minute, and there’s countless other smaller things like when she snuck her crazy bf into the house which I didn’t even know about until she begged me to help sneak him out since my dad got home early, or the times I found out she went to the high school football games drunk off her ass or the times she got drunk in the middle of the night and woke me up. There’s also the times I’ve saved her from my dad about to kick her ass because she did something stupid and got caught like taking $200 from his wallet and the time she got caught sexting at a young age. I’ve pretty much been her protector my whole life regardless of the fact she has been a cunt about 90% of the time when we’re around each other. She has only taken care of me twice when I was drunk but she has never done anything else. She didn’t stop my dad when she complained I wouldn’t take her to her friends which my dad slapped me for saying I was the fucking ungrateful one! I had agreed to drive her to school and practices when I first got my car and she abused that and tried to make me take her to her friends’ houses all the time. She has screwed me over so much and you know what? I’m fucking done. I’ve had it with people taking advantage of me. I’ve had it with people like her. I already took out one toxic person in my life but she has to go to and she just needs to be cut out of my life. No more help no more anything. I don’t want to speak to her for the rest of my life and when I die there’s no way in hell I would want her to be at my funeral. If I have a family she will never get to meet them because she might poison them with her shitty personality and just plain awful morals.

Dear tumblr friends,

I want to thank you all so much for your support and kind words over the past few weeks. I can’t tell you how relieving it was to be able to vent a bit and receive kind, understanding words from people who could sympathise and empathise with me. I want you to know that I appreciate you.

Where things stand now:

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Also, let me tell you a story of how my mom and dad met.

One day, my dad, a big fan of Bruce Lee decided to go to the theater with his buddies to watch the screening of Enter the Dragon.

My mom, not having anything better to do, grabbed her bestie and went to the theater to watch the screening of Enter the Dragon.

Now, a thing you need to know about me is that I’m gonna comment the shit out of anything I’m watching and that is something I picked up from my dad.

So, yes, my dad wouldn’t shut his mouth, and at one point, my mom had it enough so she stood up and yelled at him to just shut the fuck up. He did not shut up. Surprise, surprise. He did try to be quieter about it, but he did not shut the fuck up. 

So, at the end of the movie, when the light came on and they went outside, my mom noticed that the guy who would shut his whore mouth was not bad looking. So she turned to her best friend, and said: This one’s gonna be mine

And here we are, 26 years later. 

my taiya uploaded this pic from the 70s and my dad says this is from a yaum-e-hussain event hahahahah this is how shia college boys in the 70s dressed in muharram smh 

Thought i had my triggers taken care of. Had my worst panic attack in years. Im 20 freaking years old. I havent sat in the bathtub in the fetal position covering my head since i was 6 hiding from my dads rage. Screw him im deleting his number. if i see that asshole again it will be too soon.

anonymous asked:

i wish i could go out and have a fun life, but im so limited. im an arab girl so my dad doesn't let me go out so easily, i have to be back before 10:30 max. meanwhile my brothers go out everyday and come back at like 12 am without any trouble from my dad. i stay home so much and it makes me feel so isolated. im 20, get perfect grades, don't do anything bad at all. forget about traveling. he said even when youre 26 i control you until you get married, then your husband controls you. ugh.

Wow I’m really sorry to hear that, I hate that double standard. I personally don’t go out at all, but that’s just my personality. I wish there’s a way you can reason with him because control is not a way to parent. And definitely don’t look for a partner who seems controlling, you don’t want to be a prisoner your whole life when you’re an adult. 10:30 isn’t that bad for the time being, I’m home way before then usually just because being out is exhausting to me lol but I can certainly see when you may want to stay out later. What about going out with your brothers?

why is no one talking about the fact that men in a muslim country (turkey) wore skirts and went to protest with women on the streets because a girl got raped and killed by a man ?

they went on the streets for the rights of the women.

muslim men did.

The girl who sits next to me in history starved herself to the point of needing hospitalization. Instead of her family spending Christmas together at home they’ll all be worrying if her body will even manage through the night.

A kid in my brothers math class got shot by his own uncle last week. His entire family is now dead and he was fighting for his life not long ago. He’ll never get to have another night with his parents or sister.

My friend on my soccer team got a nose job at 15 years old because people made fun of her nose for being ‘too big’. She felt if she spent the money she’d be more beautiful.

My best friend told me the other day that she fought bulimia in 6th grade and would force herself to throw up after every meal. She hasn’t looked at the number on a scale since.

I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for 2 years. I have ugly scars and nervously laugh whenever people rip on those that cut. I overthink anything and everything until the point where I’ll break down and start crying.

This isn’t poetic. This is our lives. This is our reality.

—  so please stop making lives harder for those around you. you never know what they’re going through

Let’s Talk About Movies:

PSYCHO (1960)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Motifs are generally so unobtrusive in a film that they can pass unnoticed even after repeated viewings. In Psycho, for example, Hitchcock employed the “doubles” motif with great density. The 2 pairs of leading actors (Janet Leigh/Vera Miles and Anthony Perkins/John Gavin) were cast according to physical resemblances, which suggest psychological similarities. Many of the scenes feature mirrors, which reinforce the doubles motif, as well as suggesting themes of reality versus illusion, truth versus deception, and conscious behavior versus impulse.

Giannetti, Louis D. Understanding Movies second edition. New Jersey, 1976.


1.06/2.06/3.05 - Scott blaming himself for things that were not technically his fault.