if nhl teams’ names were originally in french

the original idea comes from my dad, by the way. so. credits go to him for the idea! but if someone had already had this idea before my dad then credits go to them.

i thought I’d make this for no purpose other than shits and giggles- since my first language is french.

**note that not every teams are there, only the ones with the best/funniest result and also because for some teams the word for the name is the same in french and english

anaheim ducks: canards d’anaheim

san jose sharks: requins de san jose

tampa bay lightning: l’éclair de tampa bay 

toronto maple leafs: feuilles d’érable de toronto (2nd fav tbh)

edmonton oilers: huileurs d’edmonton (also a fav)

carolina hurricanes: ouragans de la caroline

los angeles kings: rois de los angeles

boston bruins: ours de boston

detroit red wings: ailes rouges de detroit (this one’s my #1 favorite)

chicago blackhawks: faucons noirs de chicago

-my family is awesome and i love them
-they would be cool with us smoking inside
-no rent (which will help because we need to buy new phones now)
-free food
-could get rides from my dad/mom/nanny whenever

-my mom hates my cats ): and my nanny and little brother are very allergic
-it’s further away from our jobs/my school/everything we love basically
-even though it’s a guest house it’s still like… their house
-we would have to share a kitchen

Get to know me better tag!

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Birthday: June 19
Gender: she/her
Relationship status: I am in a relationship!
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Siblings: One step brother from my dad! I used to have three step brothers from my mom but she got divorced, and also my aunt @ashourii-a is basically my sister sooo
Pets: I dont own any of my own but my house hold has 2 cats
Wake up time: 5:30 on week days and around 9:00 on weekends
Lemonade or Sweet Tea: Sweet tea!
Day or Night: Night
Coke or Pepsi: I like coke the best but im always drinking pepsi!
Texts or Calls: Calls! It feels more natural speaking to people
Met a celebrity: Ive never met any famous people
Smiles or Eyes: I like drawing mouths more then eyes soo I guess smiles!
Country or city: City! I love hustle and bustle
Last song I listened to: Verbatim by Mother Mother! Its one of my fav songs from them!


“You’re so lucky, Tom - you’ve got a big family, and you all get on so well… I don’t have any family - not anymore. My mum’s dead, my father’s in prison, I haven’t heard from my dad in years - he must’ve moved on with his life and forgotten all about me…”

“I don’t suppose he’s forgotten about you-”

“Then why does he never call, or write? He fought for me, when Mum died, and they said I had to live with Mark, but over time he’s just drifted away. He’s probably got a real family now - children of his own.”

“You are his daughter.”

“I used to believe that. Not anymore. I suppose it’s not all bad - I’ve got Candy… and you… you’re the closest thing to a brother I’ve ever had. Why d’you have to go to college so soon?”

“You can come and visit me on campus. And I’m sure I’ll be back here heaps…”

“It won’t be the same.”

“No, but things rarely are, Jay. They change. That’s life. You know, if you spent some time with my sisters, you might get on with them”

“Maybe. But you were my first friend here. You made me feel welcome in this town when I hated every inch of it.”

“So you don’t hate it anymore?”

“I hate a few of the people in it. But I love a lot more of them… and the town itself - it’s not bad.”

oH you guys know what i saw the other day at the nearest pet shop? a hedgehog!!!! and she was so cute and i wanted to pet her !!! n i also considered getting her and keeping her a secret from my dad but i’ve already got my bananas in pajamas n i gotta be a responsible Father for them 😪

why is no one talking about the fact that men in a muslim country (turkey) wore skirts and went to protest with women on the streets because a girl got raped and killed by a man ?

they went on the streets for the rights of the women.

muslim men did.


Doge Dreams
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He finally has a name now! I think someone suggested it to me or something – idk I can’t remember but yes I know SHINee ((i listen to them)) plus I think Taemin fits the kid well lol


Let’s Talk About Movies:

PSYCHO (1960)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Motifs are generally so unobtrusive in a film that they can pass unnoticed even after repeated viewings. In Psycho, for example, Hitchcock employed the “doubles” motif with great density. The 2 pairs of leading actors (Janet Leigh/Vera Miles and Anthony Perkins/John Gavin) were cast according to physical resemblances, which suggest psychological similarities. Many of the scenes feature mirrors, which reinforce the doubles motif, as well as suggesting themes of reality versus illusion, truth versus deception, and conscious behavior versus impulse.

Giannetti, Louis D. Understanding Movies second edition. New Jersey, 1976.

Random garden tips from my mom
  • Use mulch ! It might not be really pretty, but it keeps the moisture in summer, and it helps regulating the temperature. Also, less weeds, and it can protect from certain insects. Just be careful about what you use.
  • Keep some big rocks to make a small shelter for toads. They eat all sorts of bugs so they’ll keep your plants safe.
  • Slug problem ? Put a bit of beer in a shallow cup (or a small plate, or even a lid) and just place it near your plants. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but they love beer and tend to stay in it instead of eating your salad.
  • If you have a fireplace and soot, just put it on your plants (when it’s cooled of course) because that’s a good fertilizer. That’s probably just common sense though.
  • Plant stuff butterflies and bees like ! (also butterflies are apparently a good indicator of health for your garden). Butterflies seem to like summer lilac (buddleja davidii), and according to my father, bees really like phacelia (and both are really pretty). But then again, that’s common sense.
  • If you have bamboo, WATCH IT. It’s not a joke. We got one from an uncle and now it has spread so much half of the garden is all bamboo.
  • Garlic and aromatics with strong odors tend to keep cats and dogs away.
  • Pinecones make great firestarters !
  • If you have roses, plant borago nearby, because it attracts ladybugs (plus you can eat the flowers), and ladybugs are a prettier way to get rid of plant lices.
  • Also keep a part of your garden a bit wild. It will attract useful bugs and animals that can protect your plants.
  • HONEYSUCKLE. It attracts butterflies, and on hot nights it smells reaaaaaaally good.
  • Instead of using bug killers and weed killers (even natural ones, because they can kill the stuff we want to keep : natural isn’t always safe), try researching which plants can repel the bugs that would attack the other one, or which ones attract predators to that particular bug that’s eating all your flowers. There usually are.
  • Pay attention to the moon. There are times for root plants, some for fruits, some for leaves.

A lot of this sounds like common sense for me but. Idk, might be useful. Also might add more later. Just a reminder that the plants here are what was best in our area and I might have put the wrong names because I only know the french ones. Attracting local bugs and animals (I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT BEARS.) is usually quite beneficial too because more life = healthier garden (unless you have a colony of crickets but that’s another story).


And there is one blazing moment in which you finally understand that there was no dragon. That there was no Vader. That there was only you.

                                                                                    Only Anakin Skywalker.