my 68 year old white dad started watching Iron Fist thinking Lewis Tan was going to be iron fist and not knowing about the controversy around it and now he’s been talking for 15 minutes about what a fucking piss baby weakling little white finn jones is and how the show perpetuates the sexualization of asian women, the demonetization of asian men, and the white savior narrative. my dad. a 68 year old white man.

im so proud my dad is more aware of this shit then the iron ifst writers were. mY 68 YEAR OLD DAD

please dont come in my inbox telling me im not a bad person. i don’t believe it from my own dad so im sure as hell not going to believe it from a rando on the internet whose entire mental image of me is constructed from painstakingly curated facets of myself that i deem fit to release for public consumption. im not undeserving of love and happiness in the sense that im a bad person who hasn’t earned the right to experience joy, im undeserving of love and happiness in the same way a toddler is undeserving of a loaded handgun: i have no use for it, no idea what to do with it, and am going to end up seriously hurting myself and/or others with it


Hello everyone !!! This is just a notice to say I haven’t forgotten you all & I am not leaving this account. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the middle of rural France right now with no WiFi. The only available data that works is from my dad’s phone ( which I’m using now ) This means that I’ll officially be back on Wednesday but for the next couple of days I will be busy but will try & get on ASAP. C:


Happy Birthday Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt ( April 3rd )

“I bet my bottom dollar you’re gonna be part of something that makes the whole universe sit up and take notice.” 


Doge Dreams
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He finally has a name now! I think someone suggested it to me or something – idk I can’t remember but yes I know SHINee ((i listen to them)) plus I think Taemin fits the kid well lol

  • Jack: Gabe? You okay?
  • Gabe after pulling 4 all-nighters in a row and is currently on his 23th up of coffee: in case you haven’t noticed…., i’m weird. i’m a Weirdo. i don’t “Fit. In”, and i DON’T………. Wanna fit in. have you ever seen me without this Sstupid hat on? that’sWeird

what am i? please god tell me what i am. - rl