Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Tayvin / Hiddleswift

Series: One-shot 

Characters: Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston, Tree Pain Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris (Adam Wiles).

Warning: none, not mature at this stage 

Based on one of Adele’s latest songs ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have recently broken up. Taylor has moved on with actor Tom Hiddleston but the media doesn’t know about this recent romance only Taylor’s close friends and her family, it remands this way until one day Taylor and Tom go for a walk on the beach and spot some paparazzi. How will the media react? Will Tom leave? Will Calvin hate her?

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  • me, at 9PM:i sure am tired maybe i'll go to bed early tonight
  • me, at 5 02AM, watching the sunrise from my bedroom window:ah, yes, perfect. good night world. i shall rest now 🌞

This is the incredible sky I can see from my bedroom window. No filter did it justice. Makes me very contemplative about life. Melancholic and thoughtful. Isn’t if funny how things turn out?