guys the ending with jace, alec and maryse really got me, but when maryse said “I can’t let my problems interfere with my duty” like doesn’t that remind you of someone???? season 1 alec, who was willing to be completely unhappy just because he thought that was his job

it was so sad to hear maryse say “it’s your greatest hope that your children don’t inherit your worst traits” when her eldest son almost did

like wow shadowhunters??? why would you try and make me cry with these subtleties????

okay fun fact Riz Ahmed has been one of my endless Potential Rincewind Fancasts for a couple of years and the fact that he’s now got exponentially more photos and that Bodhi Rook looks quite a lot like I would expect Space AU Rincewind to look is like, such a great fringe benefit to Rogue One’s existence

pls go by what mark says guys. He says hes fine, and hes still a minor so i doubt theyre making him work overtime like how they would probably do if he was older. He has a curfew so as long as hes getting rest and support from his loved ones everyday, hell be fine ♡


On this day in music history: February 22, 1960 - “Theme From ‘A Summer Place’” by Percy Faith & His Orchestra hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 9 weeks. Written by James Owen and Max Steiner, it is the biggest hit for the Canadian born composer and conductor. Written as the title song for the romantic drama starring Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue, the track is recorded at Columbia Records famed 30th Street Studios in New York City. Released in September of 1959, the record will not become a hit right away, languishing for a time before it takes off. Entering the Hot 100 at #93 on January 11, 1960, it streaks to the top of the chart six weeks later. “'Summer Place’” becomes one of only three instrumentals to top the pop singles chart in the 1960’s, and is the most successful. The single also wins Percy Faith the Grammy Award for Record Of The Year in 1961. “Theme From A 'Summer Place’” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 2000.

This is going to sound crazy, but hear me out: 

I see a lot of Kylo Ren, and a bit of Sith, in Party Poison. Not that he’s evil, but in the sense of larger scale philosophies.  

*star wars-y words like “sith” “master” and “apprentice” are used loosely. I don’t actually think poison is literally a sith, just that he shares ideology

I don’t think Poison left the city intending to join any sort of rebellion, let alone become the leader of one. Hell, he saw those people, even the peaceful ones, as terrorists, even after leaving the city. But the thing is, he really thrives on hatred, if he lets himself. He can hold a grudge, he can get himself riled up. He can make nothing seem like the end of the world. 

And he genuinely believes everything he says about the city, even the things he’s exaggerated or made up over time. Like, no, most of the things he believes about the city aren’t 100% true- he’s definitely a bit delusional, at this point in his life. But he will fight for those thing until he dies because he BELIEVES that he’s doing the right thing. And he does have exceptional power – not the force obviously, but he’s charismatic, he’s convincing, he’s passionate– and if he can convince himself that he endured unspeakable things in the city, he can convince others that they have too. He can convince others that they deserve more power than BLI, and that they should do everything they can to get it. He can and does use the power that he has to further his own agenda.  

As much as he claims to care about people– and to be fair, in many ways he does– there’s a part of him that is just hungry for any power at all, not so much to “rule” people as much as to have influence over them. He lives for people’s admiration and respect, he loves that heads turn when he walks into a room, that he’s a notorious figure. He loves the fact that people will listen to him, that he can tell them things and they’ll believe it, he can tell them to go to war and they fucking WILL. He feels like he was made to be the leader of a rebellion, and he feels like he knows best. He’s got a bit of an ego, tbh.

Through his time in the Desert, and through his exposure to other prominent killjoy figures at the time, I think he’s become a lot more radicalized, to a point where he wants to fight and genuinely thinks they need to bring down BLI. His ideology has really changed, and he no longer connects with Dr. D like he once did (i see him as an obi wan type figure, sue me)

More specifically relating to Kylo Ren, I think Poison was really taken advantage of early on after leaving the city, and thats what got him to the point he’s at now. He was at a point in life where he was not only extremely vulnerable (unprepared for the bleak reality of desert life, homeless, starving, trying to cope with a brother who just wasn’t coping, etc) but also terrified. There was someone, probably a killjoy who’s no longer in the picture, who saw Poison’s potential as a leader, and bred his fear into anger and hatred. This was the spark that lead to his belief the the city had fucked him over specifically, that BLI was responsible for all of his suffering. Poison became, in a sense, the apprentice. He was suddenly so angry with the world that he could justify almost anything in order to get even. He was willing to accept it when his “master” told him that BLI needed to be not just escaped from, but destroyed. I think he, as powerless as he had ever been, enjoyed the idea that he could “reclaim” his status, that he could be BIGGER than the director herself. It escalated from there. 

I think Poison allowed that hate to continue, and he fostered it. Like, I keep coming back to the image in my mind of Kylo Ren hitting his own wounds because that is EXACTLY what I imagine Poison doing, physically and mentally. He dwells on what angers him in order to maintain his motivation. He stays up at night brooding because it energizes him to fight, it makes him want to keep going. He’s not against violence if it furthers his cause, and he sees some people, like dracs, as deserving of death. And I think that, at this point, he probably could be convinced to kill his own parents, if someone put it in his head that they had held him back in life. But the thing is too, that he, like Kylo, does have an attraction to “the light side”, if you will. He has to constantly remind himself why he’s angry, he has to purposefully BE angry, if he wants to continue on his path. He isn’t just naturally like that, his instinct is to be peaceful.

Anyway, yeah, Poison’s rebellion is more about the past than it is about the future. In his current frame of mind, he couldn’t care less about helping people or making positive change. What he wants is revenge and chaos, he wants the control and power and opportunity that he feels the city stole from him. And the rebellion he leads is honestly a little bit selfish; its about his personal vendetta. He’s not super active about it, he’s not building fucking super weapons or anything, but his politics are extremely aggressive, and it would only take a little push for him to declare war. 

there’s this really gorgeous dude in my english film class and i can literally feel myself starting to descend into stalkerish mode and i do not like it


I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.


・I’m so glad this thing exists. I have very high expectations for Lotor.