Dominating the City of London with the world’s second-largest church domes (and weighing in at around 65,000 tons), St Paul’s Cath­edral was designed by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire and built between 1675 and 1710. The site is ancient hallowed ground with four other cathedrals preceding Wren’s English Baroque masterpiece here, the first dating from 604.

The dome is famed for sidestepping Luftwaffe incendiary bombs in the ‘Second Great Fire of London’ of December 1940, becoming an icon of London resilience during the Blitz. Outside the cath­edral, to the north, a monument to the people of London is a simple and elegant memorial to the 32,000 Londoners who weren’t so lucky.

What Kind of Meat Can I Eat Without Feeling Guilty?

It’s a question we get asked all the time: “What kind of meat can I eat without feeling guilty?”

Here are a few brands we recommend:


From sausages to its famed holiday roast, Tofurky is an oldie but goodie, offering delicious and 100 percent cruelty-free meats.


With a wide selection of products including an award-winning fishless filet, Gardein is one of the most popular meat alternative brands.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is changing the game with its Beyond Burger, savory meatballs and grounds, and the well-loved Beyond Chicken.

Field Roast

Divine! Field Roast makes some of the most mouthwatering sausages, roasts, and burgers around!

All animals value their lives and wish to avoid pain and suffering.
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Matt Bomer to Play Tragic Star Montgomery Clift in HBO Biopic

Not since James Franco played James Dean has a classic Hollywood biopic nailed its casting so completely. Matt Bomer of White Collar, Magic Mike, and The Normal Heart fame, has been cast to play Montgomery Clift in an upcoming film for HBO.

The film, titled Monty Clift, will cover the actor’s rise to fame in classic films like From Here to Eternity, A Place in the Sun, and The Heiress, as well as his struggles as a closeted gay man in 1950s and 60s Hollywood. Though Clift was both a critically acclaimed Method performer and a bona fide Hollywood heartthrob in the same league as Marlon Brando and James Dean, his personal demons weighed him down.

Those demons translated to his performance on-screen, and his intense performances netted him several Academy Award nominations. The year Clift was nominated for A Place in the Sun, Marlon Brando (who was nominated for A Streetcar Named Desire) was so impressed he told Clift:

I went to Place in the Sun hoping you wouldn’t be as good as you were supposed to be, but you were even better, and I thought, hell, Monty should get that award.

But Clift’s career ground to a halt after a devastatingly gruesome car accident in 1956 irreparably damaged his movie-star good looks and left his face partially paralyzed. The scene of the accident, where, in real life, Clift’s closest friend, Elizabeth Taylor, reportedly dug the actor’s own teeth out of his throat, will surely be almost unbearable to watch. And after The Normal Heart, we know Bomer, who possesses the same uncanny beauty as Clift, can play the frustrated, impotent rage of a handsome man who has lost his good looks.

The rest of Clift’s life unspools in a haze of alcohol and painkiller abuse. Though he had several great performances still left in him, most notably in Judgment at Nuremberg and The Misfits, the actor’s life became one long car wreck until he passed away in his sleep at the age of 45.

Bomer has spoken passionately in the past about having the opportunity to play Clift:

To see the kind of intense vulnerability and realism that he brought to his work at a time when that was not the style—it’s profound. He knew everything he was feeling inside—or if he didn’t, you wondered, why was he feeling that when the scene was this? To get to portray someone who was so formative to me as an artist would be terrifying and daunting and thrilling.

With the perfect choice to play Clift secured, the only question now is who will play a young Elizabeth Taylor? Many have tried, but most have failed, to capture all this beauty.[Vanity Fair]


Panic! At The Disco: This Is Gospel [From Roseland Ballroom]

This week, New York City bids farewell to the famed Roseland Ballroom. Here’s footage from Panic! At The Disco’s performance of ‘This Is Gospel’ at the venue during the Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! Tour.


This video here, from Jaltoid, is about E-Fame.

It is 142% accurate.

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Freaks and Geeks

One of the best parts about growing up in the ‘90s was, no doubt, all of the great TV shows that were always on the air. One of the best of those shows was Freaks and Geeks, a little high-school themed program that ran for only one season, but has since become a huge, angsty, cult classic. Why is it a classic, you ask? Well, it’s probs 'cause it’s the show where greats like James Franco and Seth Rogen got their start as household names in comedy. Just sayin’. But Franco and Rogen weren’t the only stars to use F&G as their springboard into Hollywood fame. Here’s what everyone from the Freaks and Geeks cast has been up to:


Once again we fast forward (this time from the Middle Devonian to the Middle Carboniferous, meh… about…80 million years, give or take) to a time of change. Animals emerging from water in an ambitious attempt to survive the harsh conditions of their environment. It is the time of land conquering. The guy you see up here is one of the first true reptiles, one of the first to enter the Reptilia hall of fame. From here on, our true journey begins.

Artist’s note: I know, it has that old-school illustration look. I know it could’ve been better, but I just can’t help it. :)  Made in pencil on yellow paper and edited in PS6 (you know, contrast-wise). Oh, another thing. I’ll try to make one in colour next time.

(Sorry for the long break, but school work has taken up most of my time, not to talk about the countless exams. I’m still alive though.) 

“Why Can’t we Be Friends
Why Can’t we Be Friends
Why Can’t we Be Friends
Why Can’t we Be Friends”

-War, ‘Why Can’t we be Friends’

I read about the News too, about the Loud House being the Top ranking Nickelodeon program, and Beating SpongeBob at his own game. And If there’s any Harsh reactions to the Classic Yellow Guy, I don’t want to Hear them. Maybe for Me, or for Anyone else, SpongeBob just needed a Break from all this Long-time Fame, from all the Merchandising, the Kids Choice awards, and the 'Out-of-Boredom’ new Episodes from that Time. And even Though dear Ol’ SpongeBob may be Overbearing to some, I still Think he is a Great Character to Cheer me Up, next to Uncle Grandpa, Scooby doo, Rigby & Eileen, plus most of the Characters in 'Adventure Time’.
So here is SpongeBob all wounded up from all the Fame & Fortune, congratulating Lincoln about the News of Linc’s show on Being the Highest Ranking Nickelodeon program.

Remains of burnt ancient city found in Chandigarh

Remnants of a burnt ancient city, believed to be dating back to 2nd century BC, have been found in an archaeological site in Tarighat, nearly 30 km from here. The “gutted settlement” reminds one the famed Roman city of Pompeii that got buried under 13-20 feet of ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The remains of the charred city have been found around 20 feet below Tarighat archaeological site which came into national focus when excavation had brought to surface a 2,500-year-old urban centre in 2013. Read more.

NATHAN SYKES covers HUNGER TV to exclusively announce solo career






Click here for feature

Following months of speculation, Nathan Sykes, previously a member of chart topping band The Wanted, has announced his solo career in an exclusive cover feature for the highly respected style title Hunger TV.

The high fashion, black and white shoot, sees Nathan take a new style direction in sharp designer looks from the likes of BurberryJoseph and Zadig & Zoltaire as he speaks frankly on going solo, surprising people with his new sound, what fans both old and new can expect from his new record and staying grounded amidst the madness - exclusively revealing exciting news on working with some of the biggest producers and songwriters in the music industry, including Diane WarrenBabyface and Harmony Samuels.

The feature is out now:

Nathan gives details on going solo, and having the opportunity to be judged as an individual artist

“From being one fifth of a group to being a soloist, there is always the chance to surprise people as they are only now seeing 100% of me for the first time.  It’s like a second, first impression and whereas I don’t necessarily think it’s important to change people’s perceptions, I do think it’s exciting that people won’t just see me as ‘the young one in The Wanted’ and can have the freedom to judge me as an individual and not just ‘that bloke from that band’.”

 On what fans can expect to hear from the debut single and album

“I’m not going to be one of the those people who tries to claim they are not making pop music when they actually are so whereas parts of my sound may not be traditional straight down the line pop music or the pop music people heard from The Wanted, I’m still classing this as a pop album. 

“I have tried to make something for everyone and have elements of soul, funk, Motown, dance, straight down the line commercial pop, some more stripped back acoustic tracks and there are a couple of piano ballads on there as well.  I just wanted to make an album that people can really enjoy.”

On working with huge US producers and songwriters Diane Warren, Babyface and Harmony Samuels

 “I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best producers in the industry.  At the start of the process I made a list of dream producers and song writers I would love to work with which included Harmony Samuels, Babyface and Diane Warren, all of whom wanted to work with me, which was amazing.”

 “Having already worked with Harmony on the track ‘Almost is Never Enough’ with Ariana Grande, he really helped me create the sound and he’s now the Executive Producer on the album and together we have created some of my favourite tracks on the album.”

“Working with Diane Warren and Babyface were two of the most surreal days of my life.  There is never a dull moment with Diane and she is one of my favourite people on the planet and the session with Babyface produced probably the most honest and emotional song I’ve ever written.”

On how he stays grounded despite having such a big fan base, including over 1.6 million Twitter followers

 “I’m quite a guarded person anyway and can be quite quiet at times but I have always had a great relationship with the fans and I’m looking forward to keeping that going with both old and new fans.  After traveling, being on the road and recording in LA, always going back to family in Gloucester makes it quite easy to keep grounded amongst the madness.”


Nathan’s debut single is out this spring and the album will be out later this year.