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I don't know if others have noticed this but they call her a new girlfriend despite he having been around for 10 months. That is not on accident. They are trying to paint her like she isn't a cheater and make their relationship seem less shitty.

Maybe anon, or maybe it is just a case of click bait and JJ getting hold of a legit photo from Getty Images and running with their own narrative?   I personally can not buy a 10 month relationship.  I can’t even figure out when he had time to foster this “relationship” at all.  He knows her a lot longer than 10 months, so when they began “dating” is anybody’s guess.  I know, I know…concert in April, Montreal in July…I can’t really remember the exact months…but none of that a relationship makes.  And, she was still dating B in March!  Anything M has done in her personal life is something she has to own.  I don’t think any tabloid gives a shit about protecting her reputation.  JMHO


but i think i could love her, crimson and clover

harry + nature (1/?)

Heres a lil thing I made last night! I was bored and tired of working on my part of a MAP I’m in, so I took a break with this. It was really fun to do!!

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Animation and Raina (on the right) belong to yours truly~


Incredible photos combine Christmas past with modern London 

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for friends and family, but have the modern trappings removed some of the magic from the holiday season?

Getty Images photographer Peter Macdiarmid combed through photo service’s archives and digitally combined iconic pictures of Christmas in London throughout history with recent photographs from the city. The results are delightfully eerie and a pleasant reminder that, despite how much society may change, some traditions stay the same.