A selection of five 24x36 cm archival pigment prints on A3 Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper, printed by in Budapest. These are one-offs shown at two reviews in 2015. Each print is signed and dated verso.

1. Paperback book held in hand, Paris, 2012

2. Woman seated from behind—topless, Paris, 2012

3. Chest of drawers with worm holes, Paris, 2012

4. Woman looking up with eyes closed & lips parted—topless, Paris, 2012

5. Woman from below, Paris, 2011

45.00 Euros each, shipped.

© George E. Holroyd III

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The state of Crucible

It’s fucked. It needs to be fixed. The game has clear balancing issues, and its been over a MONTH since the last update with no mention of any planned changes… Now, Destiny IS the most updated console game, like ever, but that is no excuse for no action. I will remind everyone that PC games are updated like… once a week. Now, Bungie might be buys with the Taken King, but that is, again, no excuse to ignore the current content. 

Alot of the commentary below comes from Reddit, the Bungie Forums, Youtube, and my own opinion on the matter at large. 


I’ve talked about this weapon before, and it is clear, beyond everyone saying otherwise and making excuses, that this weapon is broken. 

If fire too much damage too faster too far too accurately, and changing the DoT effect will not change any of that, and will ruin what the weapon SHOULD be all about. 

The selling point of the weapon is killing targets that try to get away. Right now, they have NO time to get away and very little time to react. To this, I think that the Stability and/or Rate of Fire should be reduced; require some more finesse to the weapon. Additionally, the Send-It perk appears to increase the hit-boxes of targets, making head-shots that much more simple to land. Perhaps a alternative would be to remove the Send-It perk as well as other statistical changes. 

But DO NOT TOUCH THAT BURN. Its its selling point. Reduce the Impact before you reduce the DoT. 

The Last Word

This weapon has nearly NO damage drop off though it has one of the lowest range stats in the game. This is a problem. Now, I love the Last Word, but I should not be able to kill targets from across the map. Ever.

Apparently, there is also a bug in the game in which you can gain hip-fire mode damage briefly after aiming down sights. This allows the a player to kill targets WAAAY faster than they should be capable of. Like… less than half a second. Do you know what the average person’s reaction time is? About as much times as it take to kill with the Last Word… This bugs needs to be fixed; I remember them nerfing Hand-Cannon’s to that their initial aim down sight accuracy was poor; the player would have to wait until their were completely in the aiming animation in order to utilize the weapon’s full accuracy… but I don’t really feel that. At least not with Exotic Hand Cannons, and certainly not here. 

Perhaps, then a viable solution would be to increase the severity of reduce accuracy while in the process of aiming down sight? This might work, especially at longer ranges. Others have also suggested reducing the magazine size by 1 to 7 which is an interesting thought… but I generally never use more than 4 shots before reloading the weapon. I only ever run the mag dry if I miss my first initial shots which is rare. 

Overall, The Last Word doesn’t need  change in and of itself, but in the surrounding mechanics. 


As the name suggests, Hawkmoon is a sniper rifle. It can kill from an incredible range with great accuracy.

To be honest, I don’t believe that Hawkmoon has that many issues. Its accuracy is totally dependent on the player’s own precision as it has rather low auto-aim and no perks to increase its stability or aim-assist. Its a Hand Cannon of pure skill shots which are occasionally rewarded with massive damage. 


Range is stupid. I hate it. The current model for shotguns I feel is just silly, outdated, and unimaginative. I think that Impact should have an inverse relationship with range, and if you want to increase both Range and Impact, that should have in inverse relationship with Fire-rate, Stability, and Magazine size. I also think that no shotgun should be allowed a one-shot kill at any range outside of Titan Melee range. 

What does this mean? Well, a weapon like Felwinter’s Sniper Lie wouldn’t be able to kill you in a single shot from across the room, and firing that shot will leave you open to attack unless you follow up with some kind of other attack. Liiike a melee. As well, this means that closing distances in this very situation wouldn’t be detrimental because, if the target is also using a Felwinter, they have also left themselves open, and by the time a faster firing shotgun is able to fire off a second or third shot, you will already be in melee range, punching them to death or at least gaining a trade for kills. 


This flood of fire-and-forget rockets are just plain aweful… its to the point where you WILL lose if you are using a machine gun. I feel that, at least before The House of Wolves, Machine Guns were nicely balanced against Rockets, but as it stands, the someone using a machine gun will be killed by someone using a rocket leaving the rocket alive and well. The only way to counter this seems to be Blink… which encourages other… distasteful habits. 


The only way we have to counter any of this is to use it ourselves. That is, in order to counter something with a very low time to kill, like The Last Word, is to use a weapon with a similar time to kill, liiike The Last Word. Similarly, the only way to counter a Felwinter is with another Felwinter or similar. This is NOT NOT NOT a good model. “Why don’t you use it yourself” is a lazy and complacent answer. “If you hate it, don’t use it” is also a poor answer because if you DON’T use an Exotic Hand Cannon, High Range/Impact Shotgun, Tracking/Airburst Rocket loadout, you will lose. You will not have fun. You will hate Crucible. I mean… you will still hate Crucible, but… uggh… everything should be viable. Period. Balanced against eachother. I don’t care if its the most difficult weapon to obtain or whatever. You should never have a license to just win games. 

In light of this “lifting” nonsense:

You know what’s the worst part? Not only does it hurt the store and the employees that these brats steal from, but it also hurts the communities that may heavily rely on these stores. And I kind of want to share, because no one else has touched on that, to my knowledge.

I’m originally from a poor, underserved neighborhood. Most of the people where I’m from are living below the poverty line (including my family), and those that are fortunate enough to not fall in that category still struggle to make ends meet. 

About 3-4 years ago, this new store opened up and it was like a God-send to the community. And for good reason - they sold food (mostly instant/TV dinners, frozen foods and snacks but still), school supplies, household/bathroom products and even toys and cheap electronics for just a few dollars. Think of how much good this does for parents sending their kids back to school, families that need basic toiletries, and others. Hell, before heading off to college two years ago, I used my hard-earned money from my job to load up on school supplies and dorm stuff there. Not to mention the jobs it provides for people.

Unfortunately, assholes begin stealing from this store, which already sells things for next to nothing. Selfish, self-righteous assholes not unlike these entitled, bratty “lifters”, most of them teenagers. Obviously this did no good for the store or the employees - some of which are also in the neighborhood and I’ve known since elementary school. However, the people in the community were just as angry - if that store went under, they’ll all suffer because of it. It’ll be that much harder to support themselves and provide for their families, all because of a few idiots who don’t want to pay. 

Thankfully, because the store beefed up security, and there are people like my mom in the neighborhood who’s not afraid to call out and slap sense into brats like these, the store is still around. But it just baffles me when these tumblr idiots complain regularly how the economy in this country is unfair and works against the poor, but can actively make it that much harder for the poor with this “lifting” bullshit and not even feel an ounce of remorse. 


Hey!!! I introduce to you guys… my first Dex Helper!

Most are NOT shiny, and there are several from different countries.

To get any of these Pokemon, message me with the name of the Pokemon you want, what box they are in, and what you deposited for the Pokemon. The list below goes from left to right in each row from boxes 1-3.

Also, when you deposit you Pokemon, put in the message:

—- “LuxDex” —-

That way I know it was you who deposited and not a random person on the GTS.

Please please PLEASE check the list before you deposit! I’m going to try my hardest to cross off Pokemon that have already been claimed.

—(Box 1) —

Mudkip Marshtomp Ariados Beedrill Emboar Lumineon

Meganium Gogoat Cherubi Magcargo Raichu Frostlass

Delcatty Girafarig Jumpluff Victreebel Treecko Torterra

Tyrogue Pelipper Pelipper Pelipper Audino Porygon

Growlithe Purrloin Galvantula Hypno Beheeyem Bagon

— (Box 2) —

Espurr Jinx Dustox Dustox Sudowoodo Mandibuzz

Marowak Noibat Hitmonchan Sableye Gourgeist Dusknoir

Gastrodon Froakie Feraligatr Feraligatr Cacturne Drifloon

Walrein Politoed Qwilfish Quagsire Jellicent Nidorina

Typhlosion Simisear Torchic Omastar Mamoswine Gorebyss

— (Box 3) —

Vivillon Wynaut Skuntank Seismitoad Gilgar Altaria

Mime Jr. Piplup Piplup Stoutland Ditto Ferrothorn

Grovyle Sunkern Eelektrik Pangoro Pignite Excadrill

Zoura Hydreigon Leafeon Litwick Aurorus Lunastone

Sigilyph Gothitelle Sliggoo Dragonite Garchomp Doublade

i’m going to push you so far that your toes hang over the edge and your stomach ties in knots so tight that your soul’s knuckles turn white and your arms grab onto the air in front of you while you fall but i’ll catch you at the bottom again and i’ll pull you so close that you can smell the last time it rained on my skin and i can tell you the exact coordinates of that dark spot in the iris of your left eye and i’ll play tug of war with you as the rope until your limbs pop out of their sockets and your lungs fill with dust from the ground below but my god if you can save enough lives to survive in end i will kiss every one of your scars and stay forever and i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m so fucked up and i don’t want to play anymore and although i’m the creator of this sick game i don’t know if i can win anymore
—  are you up for the challenge? // are you up for me?