I don’t like Evie, at all. I find her overall controlling and snobby. I like Jacob’s sense of humor and personality. I don’t think I’ll be upset in the slightest if/when Evie dies. Plus I really don’t like how she places herself above Jacob. Even if she is the eldest twin, that doesn’t mean Jacob isn’t important. I prefer Jacob’s brutality to Evie’s stealth. Overall Jacob is just more fun to play as. 

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Great White Shark Leaps into the Air off Mexico’s Coast

The crystal-clear Mexican waters don’t lend themselves to ambush attacks from below, so an airborne shark is not a common sight. Del Villar speculates that on the rare occasions they do breach, it’s either to shake off parasites or as a display of dominance.

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The post abt the nice anon didn't load on my phone so I saw the pic from the post below it saying "r u an only child?" And I was like ?????????????????????????????? What does this mean

KLSDls according to that the nicest message i ever got was from an anon asking if i was an only child…. rip