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Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
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A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)

Endless list of favourite YA characters → Iko (The Lunar Chronicles)

Iko wiggled her fingers, then her toes.  She lifted her legs until they were perpendicular to the floor, then kept going so that she was practically kissing her knees.  Letting out a yelp of delight, she flipped forward, using the momentum to spring up onto her feet.  "It works! It all works!“

"Iko, knock it off!”  Cinder scrambled up beside her.  "I still need to - “

Before she could finish, Iko pulled her against her bosom, squeezing and swaying and trembling with joy.

An android.  Trembling with joy.

Alec Hardison - Leonardo

(in the style of René Gruau)



He had not even seen a reflection on the mirror but the boy’s head spun around so quickly at the voice that he heard his neck crack. His wand at hand, drawn instinctively at his side protecting himself, it was a safety of sorts all these years to keeps his sanity in check for situations where his back was turned. He is then met with a familiar pair of brown eyes. He lowered his wand swiftly, sighing with relief that no curse had sprung out of his lips.

Draco looked at her now, breathless and eyes bloodshot, her cheeks damp from tears that had fallen moments before. Her face filled with hurt and rage, he could see her eyes were searching for answers in his. He knew exactly why she was here, the frantic way she called out to his name, the desperation, had given it all away. He looked at her hair, that bushy mane of hers which drove him mad, was exceptionally out of place with strands threatening to fall out of place. He would have laughed at this under other circumstances. It would have been something they laughed at, but the current situation was no laughing matter. He did something she would never forgive him for.  

“Granger….I can explain,” Draco carefully spoke, not wanting to anger her even more. “If you would listen carefully, I—”

“I know what you did! I know,“ the tears began to force it’s way out of her eyes. "You hexed her didn’t you? It was you,” she raised her voice, her body shook with fury, and Draco could see her ball her fists, her knuckles turning almost as pale as Draco. He watched her as she struggled to keep her anger to a minimum. 

“Wait, if you’d let me explain—” His heart dropped, he couldn’t tell her. Draco stepped forward slowly, cautiously, only to see her take two steps back. It was too late, the trust between the both of them had shattered right then and there.

Granger shook her head. “NO! NO! So you did! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe you! I trusted you…I cared about you…even—” This time she let the tears fall freely. The past tense she was using hurt, and it hurt him a lot. It was never his intention for her to find out, but being Hermione Granger, that would be impossible. He followed her tears trail towards the cold ground, too afraid of looking into her eyes.

"Tell me,” her voice a bare whisper that Draco almost didn’t catch it.

“Tell you what?” His throat was so dry that he could barely choke out the words.

“Why you did it,” she questioned.

There was a heavy silence between them. Draco thought about the question long and hard, but there was no way he could tell her the real truth. 

“Granger I can’t, it's—complicated,“ was the best he could put into words.

“Complicated,” she laughed. “Katie, she was—she was innocent! You had no right!” She threw her hands up, waving them frantically in the air.

“Please, there’s so much more going on than you think!” He spat.

She took three steps back.

“Hermione, please…just—,” he pleaded desperately for her to see reason. But, how? He couldn’t even tell her. He was alone in this. Granger would never understand why he did it. He needed to do it, get the job done or else….

“No, you don’t get to call me that!” She yelled so loudly that it echoed in the room. 

You are a coward,” She hissed with as much venom that could possibly come out of her innocent little mouth. 

Before he could reply, she had already left leaving him with words that stung as he played it in his head over and over again. The sound of her footsteps fading with every step. It was done. Draco knew that he wouldn’t be able to be forgiven for this. Hermione was a smart girl and he knew that she would eventually figure out the whole thing. He was foolish to think that this lie would last. That he could hide this from her.

He turned around and looked at himself. He was a fool, he thought. He couldn’t even pity himself. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears, but his will was weak and that was all he did. She was right, he was a coward. He had no claim to deny it. He cried, wishing he could take back everything, but there was no turning back now. The damage was done. His sobs echoed throughout the bathroom walls. He thought about how he had just lost the only thing he ever truly gave a damn about in this world, the only thing he tried to protect, gone. At first he thought the guilt of keeping it from her was unbearable, but this—losing her—had no words to explain. The pain of losing Hermione Granger.

He went numb.

Remake of [x]

  • I need to record my utterly strange autograph interaction with Travis Aaron Wade at Seacon for posterity's sake before I forget. Because...what a weird, zen little dude. Oh, and if I didn't laugh for you this weekend, I'm sorry. I did my best to get to everyone.:
  • Me:*compliments Travis's volunteer's hair while he's talking to the person in front of me*
  • Travis:It is gorgeous. Isn't it? She's beautiful.
  • Me:*laughs nervously* Yeah, absolutely!
  • Travis:*looks at my personalization* Melissa. Melissa. So good to meet you Melissa. Tell me, Melissa. Are you happy?
  • Me:Uh?
  • Travis:Are you happy?
  • Me:Uh...yes?
  • Travis:I can tell. I can definitely tell. You have a great laugh. A great energy. *inhales like he's wafting my spirit in his direction* Can you do something for me, Melissa?
  • Me:Sure.
  • Travis:*stares at me intently* Can you laugh for me?
  • Me:Ha...ha? Haha?
  • Travis:Good. Good. Good, Melissa. Can you do something else?
  • Me:Y-yes?
  • Travis:I want you to laugh for everyone here this weekend. Because so many people here need your energy. They need to feed off it. You can help them all.
  • Me:I'll, uh. I'll do my best, Travis.
  • Travis:Thanks, Melissa. You're a good soul. Have a good weekend.
Soldiers and spies | Thewidownatasha | Closed

Lying in the hospital was probably one of the things Steve hated most. He had done that enough before he became America’s face. Often of wounds from people who had stomped him into the ground. And now again, much like that one doomed day, he had fallen from the sky, this time alongside his best friend. He couldn’t remember being pulled out or how he got here. Steve wondered where Bucky was, how he was doing. And how Natasha and Sam were doing. Steve was a man to act, not think. He did what was right, and even now he simply wanted to rip all of those stickers off and leave. But he knew there was no use in that, for there was nowhere to run to. SHIELD was gone, his friend was gone. Everything always seemed to slip away from him. Peggy was also… gone. 


“Oh..Hi. Do you like my Spider Man costume?" 

He swallowed, staring at the other who had just watched. His mask had been torn away from his face, but he had managed to hide his face before knocking the baddie out. However, his Spidey Senses were so focused on the fight he was in, he didn’t notice the bystander watching.

"Larping, y'know.” He explained, with a shrug.

"I'm a distraction, I'm a distraction!" (Sebastian)

Sebastian: Surely someone with such a… lucrative profession could spare a few coins for those truly in need?

Guard: …Messere, you’re at a duke’s party, surrounded by nobles, and you’re asking the guard for alms for the poor?

Sebastian: This party is dreadfully tame. A few years ago, I purposefully got myself kicked out of such bores. But not before starting a fight or two. Sometimes even a fire! Why, there was this one time, at my cousin’s wedding…

Guard: Is this really something you want to tell a guard, messere? Because I can just kick you out right now, as a precaution.

Sebastian: So he says ‘ta me, he says, “I’m Prince of Starkhaven!” and I say right back at him, “You cannot be Prince of Starkhaven… because I’M Prince of Starkhaven! There can be only ONE… Prince of Starkhaven! *belches*

Guard: Of course, Messere, you’re Prince of Starkhaven. Why don’t you just… lie down for a bit…

Sebastian: (If romanced) Excuse me, serah, but I couldn’t help notice you’re married. Could you tell me how you went about proposing? You see, I’m seeking the hand of this wonderful…

Guard: I don’t get paid enough to give romantic advice. Move along.

(Merrill) (Carver) (Anders)


Prompt:  “I’m trying to take a stalker picture of you to explain how attractive you are to my friend but oh shit I didn’t realize that flash was on!???!!”

(from @abeautifullanguage)

“Oh my god,” you murmured as your eyes followed a tall frame of a man as he walked past the table you were sitting at. When you realised that your mouth was open, you quickly clamped it shut and averted you eyes from him. 

You had never seen him before and you knew every face on campus. It may be a creepy special talent, but you used it to your advantage. 

Even though you appeared to be intently reading whatever was on the screen of you laptop, your eyes were watching the man just over the rim of your laptop. He sat down a couple of feet away from you, took out his own laptop and waited until it started up. 

A waitress approached him, asked him what he wanted to eat or drink and was gone in just a couple of seconds. Whatever he was doing here, he had everything planned out. His moves were like they were rehearsed. Or maybe, he’d just been in college cafeteria’s for too many times?

Whatever it was, one thing you were sure of: that man was smoking! And you needed to let your best friend, who happened to be late, know what she was missing. Slowly, you took your phone out of your bag and held the lens out, facing him. Without watching the screen, your finger tapped the button to take a quick pic. 

The whole cafeteria lit up with a flash, catching the man’s attention.Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned bright pink. Quickly, you lowered your phone and turned back to your laptop, pretending to be typing like you were running out of time. 

You hoped to god he hadn’t seen that it was your phone that flashed when you decided to be a stalker and take a sneaky pic of a total stranger. Sure, he was a hot stranger, but still.Suddenly, you felt a presense next to you. 

Oh hell no.

“Hi,” slowly, you turned to look up at the man who was now sitting next to you. His hazel eyes shone with amusement, his lips pressed together in a smile. You opened your mouth to say something, but only a sigh came out,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know my flash was on. Screw that, I shouldn’t have taken a picture of you in the first place! I mean, how creepy is that? Like, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to sue me for invasion of privacy or something. I don’t know, I’m not a law student,” you smiled awkwardly and threw your hair over your shoulder. You could feel your cheeks burning, so you looked down at the ground.

“It’s alright,” the man laughed quietly, making you look up with wide eyes, 

“I’m Sam,” he held his hand out for you. Slowly, you took it, 

“I’m Y/n, a history major,” you laughed and he soon joined in.

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Crossing The Bridge


Kelsey knew that she had to face the music from the night before regardless. She didn’t know what to say and she badly needed a drink. But seeing how all her alcohol was gone that wasn’t going to happen for awhile. Instead she had finished talking to Ryder and he made a fair point, she needed to talk to him. Hugging the boy tightly, and thanking him she took off towards Kaydens room She went over a conversation over and over in her head but still couldn’t come up with the perfect wording. When she arrived in his room she must have beat him there because no one was in there and the door was open. Walking in she took a seat on his bed. She put her head in her hands and was talking to herself over what to say.
its 2:18 am and i miss you.
but i also missed you at 12:18 am when it’d been five hours since i last saw you.
and at 10:18 pm when it’d been three.
and at 8:18 pm when two hours before my face had been inches away from yours.
i missed you especially at 7:19, when it’d been a whole minute since the last time i was with you.
—  three miles away // k.g

“Everything I ever did…I did for her.”

And yet, you did it for yourself.

That kind of devotion, that kind of possession of another person, is hard to gauge, hard to judge, but a lot of it is selfishness.  “I’m going to spend my whole life on this person.“

“They’re mine.”

And anything that takes them away from you becomes something to hate.

It’s honestly a credit to Pearl that she’s able to break from that mindset and love Steven.  Weaker characters would have used him, or resented him openly.  For Pearl…the pain is there.  It’s a fact, and I’d be unfair to demand she not feel it.

But she never let it hurt him until today, and as I noted before, she ran away to try to keep it from hurting him, ran away when always before she had faced her problems.

We’ve Got Trouble (Little Heartbeat M!A)

Spike dropped the body of a PC into the Thames and wiped the blood from his human face which had fallen back into place before he hefted the body up.  It was late, almost three in the morning, when he decided to head back to his flat.  He sparked the tip of his cigarette and cut across a park when he paused, seeing a group of people he had thought was over five thousand miles away.

Buffy Summers walked up to the scoobies gathered on a bench, “It’s kind’a quiet here. Still, I’ve heard about a few random attacks here and there.  Giles, you know this country better than any of us, where do you think we’ll find Spike and Drusilla?”

“Well considering this isn’t a Hellmouth, any demonic activity would be marginally less,”  Giles replied as he moved to stand.  “It’s late, we should all get some sleep.  We’ll start planning where to find Spike and Drusilla during daylight hours, in less public a setting.  All of you, back to my flat, we’ll meet at noon at the cafe on the corner to talk about the child.”

Spike back up, growing paler than he already was and headed back to the flat he shared with his little family.  He was careful not to be seen, and shut and locked the door behind him, leaning heavily on the door itself, “Dru… we’ve go trouble.