The Little Things – A Hiddleswift Drabble

She awakens as the smell of fresh brewed coffee starts to tickle her nose.  For a brief, exciting moment, it tricks her into thinking he is there but then she remembers him whispering about the automatic timer in between goodbye kisses at the front door.  At his front door.  The thought, along with others from the day before, brings a smile to her face.  

He had found her packing her small bag beside of his suitcase on the bed.  He was leaving in an hour for the States and she still had filming to do.  She laughed when she saw him in the doorway, a cheeky grin upon his face, and muttered something about it being weird her being in London without him.  She had known of his plans long before and had made her own plans to retreat back to her rented penthouse as he was leaving. Brandon would be arriving to whisk her away just as Tom would be heading to the airport.  

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its 2:18 am and i miss you.
but i also missed you at 12:18 am when it’d been five hours since i last saw you.
and at 10:18 pm when it’d been three.
and at 8:18 pm when two hours before my face had been inches away from yours.
i missed you especially at 7:19, when it’d been a whole minute since the last time i was with you.
—  three miles away // k.g
Left Behind (Tex x Reader)

Pairing: Tex x Reader

Reader Gender: neutral

So I have decided to leave requests behind right now and work on the stuff I have been wanting to work on for a while now and I hope you enjoy this.

Sorry it’s a little long


“Now are my words clear?” The director said, looking between the freelancers. Over the table, the only light in the room being the blue light from the holographic pictures that he had been showing before glowing on his face almost giving him an almost spooky sport of look.

He had made you all a new ‘mission’ of sorts. A simple capture the flag kind of setting. He was splitting you all in three teams. And each team has to find their flag and bring it back, whichever team returns with their correct flag first. Wins. It was a simple task that he thought would test you all. He had only selected a few of you to do this mission, mainly because you were top of the bored and he wanted to see strengths and weaknesses. The freelancers chosen were, Texas, Carolina, York, North and South Dakota, Connecticut, Washington, Maine, and you.

You all nodded, “Yessir.”

“The teams are as said: Team 1; Agent Carolina, Agent Maine, Agent Connecticut and Agent (state name).”

The four of you glanced at each other, you were happy with the team. They were all extremely capable soldiers. You were glad Tex wasn’t on this team. You two had spoken and actually got along very well but you couldn’t bare to imagine what would happen if her and Carolina were to end up on the same team. Then again, it’s still going to be competition city if she’s versing Tex.

The director had a slight smirk on his face as he continued, “Team 2; Agent York, Agent North Dakota, Agent South Dakota and Agent Washington.”

By now everyone have each other confused looks, if they’re on a team that means that…

“And Team 3; Agent Texas.”

Carolina actually looked like she was going to blow a fuse. You took a hesitant step to the left away from everyone, not wanting to be in the middle of anything if she were to go off her nut. One of the freelancers, North, stepped in and asked before she could start going off, “Excuse me, Director, is it exactly fair that Agent Texas to be on a team by herself? I mean the rest of us have four and it would seem an-”

“Agent North, if your meaning to tell me you’re worried that one agent will defeat four in a simple capture the flag then maybe you’re not cut out to be a freelancer.” The director cut him off.

“No I’m not worried about losing, I just-”

“Then you should have nothing to worry about. I know exactly what I am doing. Though you may doubt me.”

He didn’t continue on, he just nodded, “Yessir. I understand.” Completely and utter lie, but what was he supposed to say?

“Remember, this test is about stamina, speed, efficiency, and team work. By the end of this, I think we’ll know more about you than what you think,” he looked down at all of you, it was as though he was some kind of parent or teacher who had told you very strict and clear rules that he expected you to follow, “You all leave in 15 minutes, I expect you all to be prompt and ready.”


You had almost hit yourself when you soon realised that you and the director have different meanings to the word ‘simple’ and were ashamed that you thought that for once they may have the same meaning. For him, simple on this mission meant that there were hidden snipers who were constantly trying to fire at you and the occasional bomb would explode. Yes. Oh how simple.

“(State name) can you get it?” Caroline’s voice snapped on the radio.

“Yep!” You answered grabbing the flag from the side of the building while holding on to the grappling hook rope Carolina was holding you by, “I got it! Pull me up.”

You had almost wished you used different words, because apparently Carolinas version of 'pull me up’ is have you come up as quick as possible while most likely giving you server whiplash. You grabbed the roof of the building and she and Maine pulled you off and Carolina took the flag. It wasn’t too hard to figure out which flag belonged to which team, they were all labelled in small writing, yours was labelled 'Team One’.

“Alright now let’s get back!” She said, trying to avoid the bullets behind aimed at all of you.

You felt nauseous and light headed, having trouble standing up straight, “I’m not sure I can…” You said.

“(State name) we don’t have time for this bullshit we have to go now!”

“Carolina, (state name) doesn’t actually look well.” Connie said actually feeling concerned about you.

“We can give you a check up when we get back now hurry up! The ship isn’t that far away!” She ran to the other side of the building and jumped off to a lower one, Maine soon following. Connie grabbed your hand and the two of you ran after them together, you didn’t feel as though you could keep up with your feet all you can remember was that you and Connie had let go of each other’s hands when you jumped off, when you landed, your leg was left in a stinging pain and you found you couldn’t run without a slight limp. You both had caught up with Carolin and Maine, and so far you had a chance at being first back to the ship Tex was jumping running on another building not far from you all. It was only a mile away on a concrete clearing with the loading door open for you all to enter in. You didn’t know when it happened but at one point the light headedness took over and you fell down unable to run, this time hearing a crack in your leg. You were incredibly dizzy, and everything was spinning around. You could see Carolina, Maine and Connie still running to jump down to ground level.

“Guys… come back, help…” You tried to get up but you couldn’t, you couldn’t even move your leg.

“Shit!” You snapped in frustration. How were you going to get up them, you went onto your radio hoping that at least one of them would help you, “Team One, I repeat Team One, I’m down, I can’t get up, I can’t move, I repeat I can’t move.”

No reply.

“Team One! Can you read me?! Shit!” You cried when a bullet shot near the leg that was already hurting. You tried to drag yourself away from the gunshots, you didn’t want to die on this mission, you looked down at the ground as you tried to drag yourself.

That was when you heard footsteps coming towards, a teammate? You looked up in hope that it was at lest Maine or Connie who had come back for you, but when you looked up to see who was running and saw it was Tex, holding the flag in her hand. Great. Even better. One of the best agent was going to see you while you were at your worst.

She ran over to you, “(State name)? Where’s your team?” She asked, confusion in her voice.

“They left, they couldn’t hear me.” You ducked when you heard gunshots fire near you.

“They abandoned you?” Her head tilted. It sounded more like a statement than a question.

“No it’s fine. They just… couldn’t hear me.”

She kneeled down, “Can you walk?”

“I don’t think so,” you said honestly. Feeling pathetic.

Without even thinking, she wrapped your arm over her shoulder and helped you up, “Wait Tex, what’re you doing!?”

“Taking you back.”

“I’m not on your team! You’re going to lose!”

She didn’t listen, she stood at the side where your leg was useless and put her arm around your middle, “We’re going to have to work together, okay?” She said.

There was no use fighting her, you nodded and started walking, she was replacing your hurt leg, “Hold on.” She jumped down the building, thankfully this one wasn’t as high so landing wasn’t too much of a problem. She let you try your hardest to run. So you didn’t feel as useless, it had soon turned into a walk/hobble and you felt so guilty for slowing her down this much. You looked at the ships entrance and could see that Carolina, Connie and Maine were already inside and were watching you two make your way over.

You heard Tex mutter what you thought was, “Mother fuckers.” You looked down. Thinking it was because she lost the race, you only felt more guilty for slowing her down. If you hadn’t have fallen or were able to walk and keep up like you should be able too, she most likely would have made it back first.

When you got inside, she sat you down on one of the seats, checking you were okay before walking over to 479er to explain the situation you were in.

Connie and Maine immediately walked over to you, Connie kneeled down while Maine sat next to you, “(State name) I’m so sorry, we didn’t know. We would’ve come back but we didn’t realise you were gone. We’re so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you said, slightly doubting the story because you had tried to contact the through their radios, “I’m sure you didn’t mean it.”

By now, Team Three was back and they also had circled you, “(State name) are you okay?” North asked.

“Yeah, just, my leg hurts.” You said. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Tex walking up to Carolina. Whatever it is. There’s no way that it’s going to end well.

“You have a lot of nerve for leaving your team behind.” She said, “I know you have some sort of competition thing against me, Carolina but you never abandon your team.”

“We didn’t know, it was an honest mistake.” She defended.

“Well that 'honest mistake’ almost got, (state name) killed.” She said, sounding as though she didn’t believe a word of Carolina’s reasoning.

When you all arrive back on the MOI you were to receive immediate medical attention. You hadn’t broken your leg like some others had though, but it was a dislocation, thanks to your armour, your knee stayed in place and didn’t need too much readjusting. You were allowed to use crutches and as soon as you were able to start using them, the director called another meeting to give the results to the test. No one knew but the Director had actually been recording it from cameras that he had set up around the city earlier.

Apparently everyone heard your help call including, your team just didn’t reply back to it, from the footage it looked as though Carolina was forcing them to finish first with the words of 'they’ll find their own way back’. You also managed to see that Tex, who had also heard you call, came to help when she saw that your team hadn’t turned back for you. She was just about to jump down to a lower level and run to the ship but as soon as she saw your team she looked over to the building where you had fallen and looked back at the ship. She completely changed direction and ran the opposite way to help you. You never knew she had deliberately come after you, you just thought that she had taken your building for a short cut and just happened to notice you.

The footage showed her talking to you and helping you up as the two of you started walking. The footage soon changed to Team Three who had been shooting the hidden sniper rifles, protecting you and Tex. You thought that maybe they had organised it but apparently North and York happened to noticed and decided to help, it was almost a silent agreement among them all. Usually South wouldn’t dare help Tex, but it wasn’t really helping Tex, it was helping you. And she was actually close with you and didn’t want you to get hurt because Carolina wanted to win.

The director stopped the footage, “I believe you’re all capable of filling in the dots of what happened.” He said and the lights in the room turned back on.

“It seems to me that some of you forgot one of the main aspects of this test,” his voice seemed frustrated and as though he was ready to shout, “As rules apply their first team to make it back wins. And Team One since you were missing a member you do not qualify. However, Agent Texas did make it back with (state name) so she by rule comes first, especially after taking a teammate that was not hers.”

Carolina crossed her arms, “I thought you said it was based on stamina and speed?”

He glared at her, “I did not believe that I would have to spell everything out for all of you, you’re all meant to be the best freelancers, common sense should have told you that you had to work as a team. And quite frankly, if you can’t work as a team I don’t see how you’re meant to do half of the missions we place here. And as far as anything goes I would call Team One’s mission a failure.”

“Wouldn’t it be a success? We brought the flag back?” She said.

“Leaving a teammate behind for dead is not what I call success, Agent Carolina.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Another reason I didn’t say that was because this test was also going to help sort out who your partners are going to be.”

Everyone looked around at each other, really? Put them in danger just to see who they would work best with. Actually no. You weren’t surprised anymore.

“Agent’s North and South Dakota, we are keeping you two together but we are going to try you with different partners to see how it works out.”

“Agent’s Maine and Wash, you’ll be doing the next few missions together.”

“Agent’s (state name) and Texas, I believe you two will be a very efficient team, Agent Texas may you take Agent (state name) back to their room? I look forward for seeing you back on the field.” He said.

You nodded, Tex stood beside you and you both walked through the halls back to your room.

“You didn’t have to help me you know,” you said, “You could have won.”

“Winning doesn’t matter,” she said, “You should never abandon your team.”

“I’m not your team,” you said.

“I know.” She sighed.

It was silent between the two of your for a while, the only sounds being the clicking of your crutches as the two of you walked to your room and her footsteps.

“And I care about you,” she said.

You looked up at her, “What?”

“You heard me. I care. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

You reached your room and opened your door, it was all sort of clearer now. Tex wouldn’t just go back for someone who wasn’t on her team. Never. If you’re not on her team she won’t care. She wasn’t angry with the others when she swore because they beat her, it was because they left you behind. You were finding it hard to believe. But it was true. It all made sense.

“Well, I look forward to working with you, I think we’ll make a good team.” She said.

You smiled, “Thanks, same here.”

She paused for a moment, “Take care and… don’t hurt yourself okay? Don’t want to have to wait longer,” she joked awkwardly.

You nodded, “By-”

“Oh uh, can you please not say goodbye, it just, I really hate them.”

You tilted your head slightly, “Yeah okay, sure, is I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

She nodded, “I’ll see you tomorrow sounds much better.” You weren’t sure, but you were pretty sure you could hear and feel the smile under her helmet.

You smiled, “Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She nodded before taking a step back, I’ll see you tomorrow,“ she said, ”… sleep well.“ And with that she left. She looked like she was mumbling under her breath when she left. You smiled to yourself as you walked into you’re room.

You were definitely hoping your leg would heal fast.


Prompt:  “I’m trying to take a stalker picture of you to explain how attractive you are to my friend but oh shit I didn’t realize that flash was on!???!!”

(from @abeautifullanguage)

“Oh my god,” you murmured as your eyes followed a tall frame of a man as he walked past the table you were sitting at. When you realised that your mouth was open, you quickly clamped it shut and averted you eyes from him. 

You had never seen him before and you knew every face on campus. It may be a creepy special talent, but you used it to your advantage. 

Even though you appeared to be intently reading whatever was on the screen of you laptop, your eyes were watching the man just over the rim of your laptop. He sat down a couple of feet away from you, took out his own laptop and waited until it started up. 

A waitress approached him, asked him what he wanted to eat or drink and was gone in just a couple of seconds. Whatever he was doing here, he had everything planned out. His moves were like they were rehearsed. Or maybe, he’d just been in college cafeteria’s for too many times?

Whatever it was, one thing you were sure of: that man was smoking! And you needed to let your best friend, who happened to be late, know what she was missing. Slowly, you took your phone out of your bag and held the lens out, facing him. Without watching the screen, your finger tapped the button to take a quick pic. 

The whole cafeteria lit up with a flash, catching the man’s attention.Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned bright pink. Quickly, you lowered your phone and turned back to your laptop, pretending to be typing like you were running out of time. 

You hoped to god he hadn’t seen that it was your phone that flashed when you decided to be a stalker and take a sneaky pic of a total stranger. Sure, he was a hot stranger, but still.Suddenly, you felt a presense next to you. 

Oh hell no.

“Hi,” slowly, you turned to look up at the man who was now sitting next to you. His hazel eyes shone with amusement, his lips pressed together in a smile. You opened your mouth to say something, but only a sigh came out,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know my flash was on. Screw that, I shouldn’t have taken a picture of you in the first place! I mean, how creepy is that? Like, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to sue me for invasion of privacy or something. I don’t know, I’m not a law student,” you smiled awkwardly and threw your hair over your shoulder. You could feel your cheeks burning, so you looked down at the ground.

“It’s alright,” the man laughed quietly, making you look up with wide eyes, 

“I’m Sam,” he held his hand out for you. Slowly, you took it, 

“I’m Y/n, a history major,” you laughed and he soon joined in.

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Imagine. Sherlock being in love with you and then Moriarty targets you in front of him to have him admit his feelings for you. 

“Leave her out of it.” Sherlock called out. You couldn’t do anything. You had bombs attached to you and was in a snipers sight. It was so quiet. “Why, do you care for her, Sherlock?” You recalled that voice. It was the same that had told you what was going to happen. “She has nothing to do with this!” Moriarty showed himself. “She has  everything to do with it! She keeps you occupied from me!” Sherlock held his face neutral. A flashback from right before Sherlock came had you feeling safe. “She means more to you than you’re willing to admit Sherlock.” 

Moriarty tied the bombs on to your body, carefully not hurting you. “He will admit it. I will make him.” You held your head clear, or you tried to. Somehow you knew Sherlock would come to your rescue. He had to. “Admit what?” You asked terror haunting you voice making it shake badly. “That he loves you, dumb girl.” 

Sherlock closed his eyes, thinking hard. You knew he tried to sort thing out. “Admit it Sherlock! You love her.” As soon as the words slipped out of Moriarty’s mouth something in Sherlock’s eyes lit up. Do he really love me? you thought to yourself. “Ah ah ah. Sherlock..” Moriarty was right behind you not holding the remote control to the bombs in his hand. Showing it off. “Love is a man’s biggest weakness.” He walked in front of you and pushed the button.

Sherlock started running towards you, but nothing happened. You didn’t explode into nothing. Sherlock ran up to you. “Take her home, before I change my mind.” Sherlock didn’t hesitate. He cut you lose from the bombs and grabbed your hand and pulled you after him. He didn’t stop until the both of you were safe in a taxi on the way home. “So you really do care about me?” He kept quiet not saying another word. 

Still not over this one.

  • I need to record my utterly strange autograph interaction with Travis Aaron Wade at Seacon for posterity's sake before I forget. Because...what a weird, zen little dude. Oh, and if I didn't laugh for you this weekend, I'm sorry. I did my best to get to everyone.:
  • Me: *compliments Travis's volunteer's hair while he's talking to the person in front of me*
  • Travis: It is gorgeous. Isn't it? She's beautiful.
  • Me: *laughs nervously* Yeah, absolutely!
  • Travis: *looks at my personalization* Melissa. Melissa. So good to meet you Melissa. Tell me, Melissa. Are you happy?
  • Me: Uh?
  • Travis: Are you happy?
  • Me: Uh...yes?
  • Travis: I can tell. I can definitely tell. You have a great laugh. A great energy. *inhales like he's wafting my spirit in his direction* Can you do something for me, Melissa?
  • Me: Sure.
  • Travis: *stares at me intently* Can you laugh for me?
  • Me: Ha...ha? Haha?
  • Travis: Good. Good. Good, Melissa. Can you do something else?
  • Me: Y-yes?
  • Travis: I want you to laugh for everyone here this weekend. Because so many people here need your energy. They need to feed off it. You can help them all.
  • Me: I'll, uh. I'll do my best, Travis.
  • Travis: Thanks, Melissa. You're a good soul. Have a good weekend.

bts gang au: YOONGI x HOSEOK

the crew can always rely on yoongi to not ask questions. if you need a job done, he’ll do it. if you need someone taken care of, he’ll take care of them. if you turn up at his apartment during the night with blood dripping from your nose and bruised ribs, he won’t ask why. he’ll just open the door enough for you to come inside.

hoseok could have gone his whole life without knowing yoongi keeps a very well stocked first aid kit in his bathroom from all the times a hit had gone wrong and he’d had to drag himself home and patch himself up. it was easier to keep a cool distance from him before yoongi had sat him down and cleaned the blood off his face with light fingers, before he had got him an ice pack for his ribs and offered him his couch for the night. 

hoseok asks him if he wants to know what happened. yoongi says if hoseok wanted him to know he would have told him already. 

hoseok doesn’t go back to his apartment for 9 days. yoongi doesn’t ask why. 

"I'm a distraction, I'm a distraction!" (Sebastian)

Sebastian: Surely someone with such a… lucrative profession could spare a few coins for those truly in need?

Guard: …Messere, you’re at a duke’s party, surrounded by nobles, and you’re asking the guard for alms for the poor?

Sebastian: This party is dreadfully tame. A few years ago, I purposefully got myself kicked out of such bores. But not before starting a fight or two. Sometimes even a fire! Why, there was this one time, at my cousin’s wedding…

Guard: Is this really something you want to tell a guard, messere? Because I can just kick you out right now, as a precaution.

Sebastian: So he says ‘ta me, he says, “I’m Prince of Starkhaven!” and I say right back at him, “You cannot be Prince of Starkhaven… because I’M Prince of Starkhaven! There can be only ONE… Prince of Starkhaven! *belches*

Guard: Of course, Messere, you’re Prince of Starkhaven. Why don’t you just… lie down for a bit…

Sebastian: (If romanced) Excuse me, serah, but I couldn’t help notice you’re married. Could you tell me how you went about proposing? You see, I’m seeking the hand of this wonderful…

Guard: I don’t get paid enough to give romantic advice. Move along.

(Merrill) (Carver) (Anders)

“Everything I ever did…I did for her.”

And yet, you did it for yourself.

That kind of devotion, that kind of possession of another person, is hard to gauge, hard to judge, but a lot of it is selfishness.  “I’m going to spend my whole life on this person.“

“They’re mine.”

And anything that takes them away from you becomes something to hate.

It’s honestly a credit to Pearl that she’s able to break from that mindset and love Steven.  Weaker characters would have used him, or resented him openly.  For Pearl…the pain is there.  It’s a fact, and I’d be unfair to demand she not feel it.

But she never let it hurt him until today, and as I noted before, she ran away to try to keep it from hurting him, ran away when always before she had faced her problems.

Sixth Circle of Hell

Ishgard. The home he had not seen for five years. Gareth’s heart felt heavy in his chest as they made their way through the Gates of Judgment, and up the Steps of Faith, now purged of the blood and bodies that had littered it like so many flowers. The gate leading into the city proper opened before them, and Gareth’s throat suddenly felt too tight for the passage of breath. Cold wind stirred, frigid and piercing. He squinted against the sting of its keen edge, his steps faltering.

For a moment, Gareth simply stood in the shadow of the city he had fled from, not minding if Aymeric and Lucia had continued on ahead. Before the imperious faces of grey rock, he felt so small. The eyes of the city were cast upon him, and his guilt doubled until the poison of panic spilled into his chest. The thought that he should turn back pulsed in his mind, plucked at his reflexes. But he could not. He had offered to help Ishgard, and he had meant it. This was his chance. And with the Scions scattered and missing, where else could he go? Returning to Gridania would be admitting defeat.

Gareth forced a steadying breath past the lump in his throat. Squaring his shoulders, he strode through the gates. The Foundation greeted him. Like everything else about his surroundings, it was cold, imposing. And yet, so familiar.

A strange sense of restoration washed over him, mingling strangely with the feeling of intrusion. I’m home, he thought, and a sad little smile crested his lips. His feet remembered the pathways, his eyes remembered every stone and brick, his lungs remembered the wintry sharpness of the clear air. He followed Aymeric, but in truth he needed no guide. You can never forget the land that births you. No matter how hard he had tried, there had been things he had never been able to let go of. And even if he was misshapen now, no longer belonging where he had started his life, he felt as if he somehow clicked into place, a bent puzzle piece that had been removed from the mosaic, finally pushed back into its slot.

Gareth touched the pendant at his throat as they came to a halt outside the Order of Knights Most Heavenly. Closing his eyes, he thought he could feel him. The shade of his father. Staring at him with disappointment, maybe even resentment. But for the first time in years, Gareth swore he felt him, could remember the details of his face as if it had only been minutes since he had last seen him.

Opening his eyes, he turned on his heel, allowing his gaze to linger upon each and every detail of the world around him. He drank it in deeply, these memories that were now no longer just images in his mind, but real things that breathed all around him. Perhaps to most he would look like a man staring at something he had never seen before with awe, but this was not the case. This was the gaze of a man who had been lost at sea for years and had finally returned home, seeing his land with fresh eyes tainted by nostalgia. 

Wordlessly, Gareth greeted the streets that had housed him, and prayed they would accept him once again. Feeling this odd collusion of newness and sameness, as if he were different and yet as if no years had passed, his hands began to shake.

“I can scarcely believe I’m in Ishgard.” Again. Ishgard, as it had always been. Except, perhaps, different, since he was upon its streets under the guise of a foreigner. Could the changes his mother had wished for truly be on the verge of dawning?

I have a multi-ship fic idea that I really need some opinions on before I start, because it’s gonna be a LOT of work. Here we go:

Pearl and Garnet own/operate a sketchy oriental market and wanted to hire someone who wouldn’t ask too many questions. That’s where Amethyst comes in. 18 years old and couldn’t care less about what her bosses do as long as she gets paid.

One night Amethyst is trusted to close by herself, so imagine her fright when she begins to hear voices from the back. She knows she should either call her bosses or leave it alone, but her curiosity gets the best of her. She winds up at a door labeled fire escape, but opens it to find anything but. A little room is revealed with none other than Peridot sitting in it! The Peridot!! As in the teenage scientist who very boldly and very publicly announced she had created artificial life before disappearing from the face of the earth, god how long had it been? Over a year at least. The girl is talking to her tv…and the tv is talking back.

Amethyst ain’t scared. She’s twice this girls size…plus the girl is crazy cute. She knocks on the doorframe to announce her presence, but it goes completely ignored. So she takes a chance and plops herself right next to them.

Peridot scans her quickly, deciding she is not a threat, and goes back to her conversation with TV girl. TV girl though, introduces herself to the worker. Lapis.

She talks to Amethyst directly, telling her how funny and cool she is, how exciting it is to finally meet her (Lapis watches the store security feed when Peri is asleep). Peridot soon joins the conversation with much more excitement (she has never seen Lapis engage so thoroughly with another human).

Amethyst discovers that the other two hide out here in fear of what others might do if they got there hands on Lapis. It is decided that Amethyst can visit whenever she wants, as long as she keeps quiet, doesn’t try to make Peri leave, and brings snacks. Amethyst jokes that she’d sooner push Lapis around in a cart than be seen with a nerd.

And it goes on from there with a few more plot twists and oodles of romance. What do you think? Worth my time?

Appropriately 2nd in my gender bent bat-villain line up, the Femme Two-face! Like the Joker, I tried to take bits and pieces from all the Two-Face interpretations I had seen before. This was mostly inspired by Batman the Animated Series, but also some ideas from Sugar and Spice in Batman Forever.

Crossing The Bridge


Kelsey knew that she had to face the music from the night before regardless. She didn’t know what to say and she badly needed a drink. But seeing how all her alcohol was gone that wasn’t going to happen for awhile. Instead she had finished talking to Ryder and he made a fair point, she needed to talk to him. Hugging the boy tightly, and thanking him she took off towards Kaydens room She went over a conversation over and over in her head but still couldn’t come up with the perfect wording. When she arrived in his room she must have beat him there because no one was in there and the door was open. Walking in she took a seat on his bed. She put her head in her hands and was talking to herself over what to say.


Soldiers and spies | Thewidownatasha | Closed

Lying in the hospital was probably one of the things Steve hated most. He had done that enough before he became America’s face. Often of wounds from people who had stomped him into the ground. And now again, much like that one doomed day, he had fallen from the sky, this time alongside his best friend. He couldn’t remember being pulled out or how he got here. Steve wondered where Bucky was, how he was doing. And how Natasha and Sam were doing. Steve was a man to act, not think. He did what was right, and even now he simply wanted to rip all of those stickers off and leave. But he knew there was no use in that, for there was nowhere to run to. SHIELD was gone, his friend was gone. Everything always seemed to slip away from him. Peggy was also… gone.