That moment you realize Dwight from “The Walking Dead” is Prince Zuko.

* Scarred face, burned by the Big Bad of the show 

* Hates the Big Bad dictator that’s ruining everyone’s lives

* Has a lover who is a member of the evil group

* Betrays the evil group to join the heroes  

* Morally conflicted dude who wants to regain his honor 

That being said, I wanna see some solo episodes where Prince Dwight-ko takes a field trip with Aang Grimes, Mich-tara, and Sokka Dixon.

  • Keith: You're pre-fired. And when I;m promoted you'll be full fired.
  • Lance: If you get promoted, and if you haven't fallen in love with me by then.
  • Keith: What?!
  • Lance: If I had thought that there was a real chance that Keith would be permanent leader of Voltron, I would have pre-quit.
  • Lance: And you might be saying to yourself, "well, that's pretty premature to think."
  • Lance: But I always say it's better to be pre-pre-prepared

A frown creeps over your face as you look at the dirty man who’s wearing Negan’s ridiculous prisoner suit.
“Who is this?” You ask Dwight who sighs quietly.
“Hold on. The Daryl? From the woods?”
After Dwight ran away with Sherry and Tina he told you the story in a moment of weakness. You had to promise never to say a word to Negan and you kept the promise.
“Yeah.” A glimmer of regret appears in his eyes and you pat his shoulder a moment as he tells you the story about Daryl and Rick’s group.
You feel sorry for both men, but Dwight made his choice by coming voluntarily back while Daryl still seems to fight against Negan’s rules.
“Dwight! Bring our Daryl back to his fuckin’ cell!” Negan barks behind the poor man who slightly flinches at the voice.
A plan builds in your head which could cost you everything, but you can’t help as you look at the nearly broken Daryl.

“… (Y/N), I want you to lay your pretty eyes on Alexandria, just make sure they’re doing no fucking bullshit.” Negan says and you nod.
The ‘meeting’ will be over soon and then will follow a round of Poker which you never join.
“Al-fucking-right, were done for tonight.” Negan throws the card on the table with a smirk and instantly Gavin starts shuffling them.
“I’m out.” You say and stand up.
“You’re a fucking killjoy.” Negan playfully grumbles and sends you a wink. “Call me when something happen.”
“Will do.” You promise before leaving the room.

Quietly you sneak through the hallways of the Sanctuary, glad that you lived long enough here to know every secret corner. From a distance you can already hear the music which you could use to your advantage.
You don’t need the key as you take the clip out of your hair and start working on the lock. Suspicious blue eyes meet yours as you open the door and press a finger on the mouth.
“We’re going.”
Not letting him a choice you grab his sleeve and pull him out of the cell. He seems surprised by your strength, like men before, and has no other choice than following you. Your knees getting a little weak as you hear footsteps, but they’re getting quieter instead of louder.
Relieved you leave the Sanctuary and search for the outpost who’s busy flirting with some chick. Quickly you rush to your car and open the back door, shoving Daryl inside. From the trunk you take a blanket and put it over Daryl to cover his body.
“Don’t try any shit. You’ll not survive out there.” You hiss before closing the door and sliding in the driver’s seat.
“Why?” Daryl mumbles under the blanket as you start driving.
“Because you’ve to do something for me..”

Simon setting you up with Dwight would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaaawww Dwight :3 and lol for Simon being the best/worst wingman. Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Simon noticing how awkward and shy you and Dwight both get when you have to work together and just thinking how hilarious if he decided to set you up together

-Him handing everything that you might need to Dwight and telling him that he personally has to go to give them to you or he’ll get mad at him

-Him getting you flowers and telling you that they came from Dwight, only to run away and yell his name the instant he sees him walking over to make him look at you

-Him tripping you over and leading you towards Dwight with his hand at your back, only for it to be very obvious as to what he’s doing

-Him hanging out with Dwight and holding him close as he walks over to see you and asks you about your plans, only to then push him towards you and tell you that now you have real plans

-Him leaving you love notes and signing them as Dwight’s while obviously the handwriting tells you they’re his as well as the words as they are just bad and slightly inappropriate

-Him getting the both of you drunk as you sit next to each other and just staring at you both, hoping to see some action, only to end up being disappointed and deciding to make you hold hands or hug

-Him taunting Dwight by flirting with you inappropriately, only to get overly excited about it when Dwight really tells him off and he pulls you away

-Him always butting in with other Saviors when you would play games with Dwight, only to have an excuse to put you together in the same team

-You and Dwight actually falling for one another and just laughing when you both realize how Simon was the reason behind it

A Face Reclaimed (Jerome Valeska x Reader) teaser

So here’s a snippet of the Jerome thingy (for the third part of what I dubbed the Defaced trilogy although it might be a four parter, sigh) But I thought I’d post this tid bit to encourage me to keep working on it.

tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @awordwhichmeans  @aya-fay  @multi-villain-imagines  @moaningvaleska  @tia-tia  @alphapriscilla  @high-functioning-fangirl473  @kelly-alston  @superwholockz  sorry if I missed someone.

Contains : maybe some slight intimidation or a vague threatening manner, no real warnings for now.

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So, I’ve seen this popular theory going around, and I think I agree with it!! Daryl Dixon will HAVE to get his vest back at some point (I hope). It’s one of the most iconic parts of his image, and it’d be silly to think he won’t get it back from Dwight eventually. That means Daryl will likely find the wedding rings in the cigarette box in his pocket. I really genuinely think we’ll get Canon!Caryl in 8x01. By that time, Negan will be held captive by TF, so that fight is over. Sounds to me like shit is FINALLY gonna settle, and Daryl will have a decision to make.

“You ever think of settling down?”

Nygmobblepot Break Up
  • Ed: Oswald, you have to listen to me! We are not seeing each other anymore, can you accept that?!
  • Oswald: ...Fine...then I just want to be friends.
  • Ed: Good
  • Oswald: Plus a little extra
  • Ed: *sighs*
  • Oswald: Also, I love you
  • Ed: *rolls eyes and walks away*
Being Negan's daughter and secretly dating Dwight would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Dwight always staring at you lovingly and smiling when you would lock eyes until he’d notice Negan walking in

-Dwight being surprised by your gentle and soft demeanor, especially by the way you would hold or touch him but it just makes him love you even more

-You stealing kisses from Dwight whenever he would walk the hall near your room only to lead him to the stairs and have a make out session

-You volunteering to go on runs and Dwight managing to get you to be alone with him and having you all to himself

-Him grabbing your ass quickly when he passes behind you and almost getting caught by your father, only for you to explain to him that you were just playing a stupid game of tag before hitting his butt back

-Him knocking at your door in the middle of the night with some snacks and you letting him in your room just to chill together

-Him standing close to you during your father’s meeting and brushing his hand against yours before slowly intertwining his fingers with yours for a moment

-You accidentally wearing his shirt out and your dad noticing on another day that Dwight has it back on, only making him grow suspicious of you two

-Your dad being suspicious whenever Dwight rejects his offer to have one of his wives for the night and pushing on to find out the reason and him trying his best to come up with an excuse

-Your father finding out and scaring the shit out of both of you only to say that he’s actually fine with it at the last minute where you’re already both in tears

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Okay, folks, can we just stop for a minute and talk about Dwight standing behind Negan in this scene from the season finale preview?

Dwight escaped from the Sanctuary to go to Alexandria (okay, he went with Rosita, to be more exact, but they were on foot, so the journey took a couple of hours at least), then he was in that cell for who knows how long (again, a couple of hours at least) and he could still go back to the Saviours without Negan batting an eye? Time is an important issue here, because Negan must have noticed that he was gone (and that he was gone during the night), even if Sasha caused quite a bit of chaos at the Sanctuary…and despite Dwight having proved “his loyalty” several times, Negan must be keeping a close eye on him. Negan is many things, but he is not stupid. He is very smart indeed. I don’t think he would have let this slide unnoticed…

I hope they will explain this in the season finale…

Christmas Morning (Preference)

In the holiday spirit, and instead of making separate imagines for everyone, I made one big one !! Hope you guys like it ! Also, a big thanks to anyone who followed me from my previous acc, thank you so much!! Much love to the current following and those to come, happy holidays guys!

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Negan: You’d wake up to the sight of him making pancakes, in his pajamas with an apron draped over him. You’d hug him softly from behind.

“You weren’t supposed to be up yet, Merry Christmas babe” Negan chuckled.

“Merry Christmas” You’d whisper back making him smile and turn to see you.

“Never thought I’d spend another Christmas with a woman I love, but here I am”

You’d then spend the morning exchanging goods, from which he had collected from other groups. You had gotten help from Simon and Dwight to get stuff for Negan.

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Rick: You’d lay in bed with him until the last minute, before cries from Judith and impatient whines from Carl. No matter how old Carl was, Christmas still made him turn into a 5 year old inside. When the frist cry from Judith was heard you were both awake but stayed still. You made the first groan.

“Merry Christmas” He’d mumble.

“Merry Christmas”

Then all four of you’d sit around the tree, watching the kids open the few gifts you’d managed to find. They weren’t disappointed. Rick got you a gift even though you both swore not to get each other gifts. You’d felt bad but he said it was fine with a small kiss.

Daryl: You two didn’t do much for the occasion. Didn’t bother with a tree and not many fancy gits. There was no waking up early, it was just another day. You’d wake up to him stroking your hair softly, staring down at you.

“Mornin babe, it’s Christmas” Daryl said in a raspy voice.

“Yeah, Christmas” You groaned and he kissed me.

“Gotcha a lil somethin” He said handing me a box from his bedside table “Not much but I thought you’d like it.

I opened the box and saw it was a Polaroid. He picked up soem extra film, also.

“I didn’t get you anything” You said upset.

“Slim pickins nowadays, I didn’t expect nothin so I a’int disappointed”

“Sorry babe, but I love this” You say holding up the camera.

You took your first picture of him in bed on Christmas morning.

Glenn: He’d wake you up early and frag you to the tree.He was excited for you to see what he got, not many but quantity didn’t matter anymore. You groaned as he took you to the tree, still in your post sleep grog.

“Merry Christmas!” He said and shoved his present in your hands.

You opened it and saw a necklace with your name on it.

“Thanks, hun” You said before wrapping your arms around his.

You’d spend the day visiting the rest of the new group and spending time together, now safe again in Alexandria.