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Hi, I’m a female pan-romantic ace, and I’m really sex repulsed by the idea of sex with a man, but with women I’m more positive or indifferent. Is that a common experience? I’m just really not sure what to think anymore. I don’t feel sexual attraction to anyone so I know I’m ace, but I do not know anyone else like me so I thought I’d ask.

Hi i think thats quite common among ace women especially sex repulsed ace women( from what ive seen alot of them admitting it) mainly bc sex with men is still quite seen associated with violence and pain for many of them while sex with women is just seen as something to be indifferent of ! Hope that helped !

While playing Team Fortress 2

*hears the characters thanking each other for stuff and genuinly being nice to each other*
Me: *clutches heart with tears in my eyes* What is this warm and nice feeling? Is… is this what friendship between characters feels like…?

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Could you draw doggo Hank with Connor? That one scene where Hank is eating a burger and Connor tells him it's bad for his health- I love their friendship dynamic

Hank is an old bloodhound. His rescue Angora Rabbit is named Sumo.


honestly just from what i’ve seen of this episode so far i don’t………i don’t think this episode was intending to “kill” either md or cd per se…. i just think this was supposed to be a big reminder to us all that we CANNOT woobify or romanticise these ships and if we’re gonna ship them we need to take them as they are, which are fundamentally toxic and broken relationships just like every other aspect of their characters. it was more of a  these ships might or might not happen, and you’re reading the subtext right, but they’re still terrible people and them being in a relationship will not change them or stop them from being evil" rather than “these ships will never happen because they’re bad people”. and i respect that

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I LOVED how you draw Lanceeeee everything about your style is just so beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, how do you draw your noses? I've never been good at them but yours are great!

Ahh– honestly, you’re talking to someone who still struggles to make 1: all the angles work, and 2: faces not all look the same, sobs. I am very flattered by your ask, but until I *truly* get the hang of noses, I can try to point you in the right direction!

So [x] [x] here are a few nice tutorials/tips, and tbh, the “nose tutorial” tag [x] on tumblr isn’t so bad, except… beware of what some artists say. Maybe they don’t always take in the style factor, and tbh, I’m all for people drawing stuff however they like if they find it pretty.

So before you go have fun there, here is my advice:

that is all :D sorry I didn’t actually show you my own process, I swear that if one day I am able to explain it, or make really good ones (noses, that is), I will make a proper tutorial.

Bodoque: I came back to tell you that I’m not that angry. I’ve calmed down!

Tulio: Friend!! I’ll lend you all the money you want!!

Bodoque: I only need 11 million dollars to travel around the globe, friend.

Tulio: Friend !! aaah~ *hug*

reporter: oh !! this really is exclusive news! Tulio and Bodoque are boyfriends!!

Tulio and Bodoque: AY MOMMA