from the wii game

actually i think i played a fair amount of older games…

The hillsides from under the arm of a decayed guardian ✨

STH games to play

I’m trying to go through more sonic games in the franchise that I know i missed while growing up(or before i was born) and I’m going to make a list as a tumblr post. feel free to recommend any to me or suggest which i play first, but i may not have realistic access to them all

Played and Completed:

  • SA1 and SA2
  • The original STH 1 and 2
  • [new] Sonic Heroes

WIP and To-do:

  • STH 3 & knuckles [barely started a knuckles file]
  • Sonic and the Black Knight [i need to restart it after having not touched it in years]
  • Generations
  • Unleashed ((ive only played this at a friends house ages ago but i remember it being GOOD))
  • Colors
  • Rush
  • Rivals 1 and 2
  • Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
  • Knuckles’ Chaotix (literally just realized this existed)
  • wait i just found this amazing quote about the Chaotix game: GamesRadar considered the introduction of the Chaotix a turning point for the series, as it “diluted the Sonic-verse by introducing tons of shitty characters”.