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So here we are again with the million dollar question. Why would a fiercely private man suddenly in the past months want to advertise (yes advertise) to the large group of OL fandom where he is and with whom? From his previous SM postings even before stardom he was pretty discrete and now he's "dropping bricks" (I think you said) all around like Jolly Green Giant from sea-to-shining-sea and dumpster fires. None of this fits Sam's pre/post fame habits. He's just acting so weird. Space cadet.

The bonus round question is why a man who’s just good buddies with his co-star hasn’t been seen in public with her doing buddy stuff. No platonic dinners. No friendly trips to the corner pub. No double date vacays with his lady friend, BFF and her fella. Very interesting what’s out in the open (along with the hows and the whens) and what’s kept guarded. 

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Odysseus ultimately reunited with his wife whom he loved deeply but who believed him dead -- Also, Odysseus' journey home lasted 10 years. Exactly as Flint's now.

I know, right?!! So many parallels going on. They better not break my heart again. Also TobyS mentioned in an interview that TPTB told him this last season would be “part The Odyssey, part Moby Dick”. Perhaps a pirate republic being the elusive whale while Flint’s ending will be The Odyssey – reunite with his great love, walk away from the sea and find peace.

Small rant about body type diversity in the rp comm.

I honestly wish there was more body diversity in characters in media and also in the rp community. I want fat characters portrayed in a positive light, I want chubby character that are portrayed as beautiful and desirable, not ugly and disgusting or a punchline to a joke. There needs to be more different body types amongst characters in the rp community.

I think people are scared to make their characters fat or otherwise not conventionally attractive because they are worried their muse will receive less attention, or fewer shipping opportunities. For every fat character there are dozens and dozens of tall, thin/athletic, super model characters. Don’t be scared to break the mold and push the envelop on what is the norm in the rp community and make a character that sticks out, make a character that is different. Make them stand out from the sea of super model characters and make realistic characters with realistic traits. Redefine what makes a character attractive and desirable by taking a ‘ugly’ trait and portraying it in a positive light. I made my oc a fat, short man with a beautiful face and a warm, compassionate personality, who receives love and admiration and loves to pamper himself. Vali’s personality makes him all the more appealing physically despite his ‘short comings(see what I did there huehue). (Western) Society would consider someone like vali – a short, fat, brown skinned man – to be undesirable, unmasculine and ugly, but I turned it on it’s head and made Vali a character that turns heads and drops jaws. His ‘flaws’ are beautiful, he learned to love and embrace his flaws, and I hope others can relate to vali like I relate to him. I want to see more relatable characters like vali that are desirable and portrayed in a positive light despite their physical flaws.

Start portraying fat/chubby characters as beautiful/handsome, potray fat/chubby characters as being involved in how they look and aren’t scared to dress themselves up in flattering clothes and take care of themselves instead of being styleless slobs. Write fat and/ or short male characters as men who find love and acceptance and friendship instead of sticking to the cliche/trope that “short, fat men are disgusting and unattractive/he must have short man syndrome because he isn’t tall and fit”. Make a character that is slowly learning to love their body after years of hearing that they will never be good enough because of their skin color/weight/height, etc etc. Write a fat female character who isn’t over sexualized or dehumanized because of her weight. Write a character that had acne for most of their life and now has scars that cannot be removed. Write characters with stretch marks and deep scars and cellulite. Write characters who work out tirelessly and eat as healthy as they can but still have prominent fat stores just because that’s just how their body works.

Write characters with diverse body types. Not every person is tall with a super model body. Not every person has clear, smooth skin. Not everyone will be thin in their life no matter how healthy they are (your weight is the end all indicator of your health, you can be thin and unhealthy or fat and physically fit).

Everyone is different. Our differences make the world a colorful, interesting place. there are a multitude of body types you can choose for your muse, why would you make all of them model beefcakes with little to no body fat or skinny minnies when you can have a whole cast of different bodies for your ocs. Make them unique.

Write more diverse body types, write realistic characters that aren’t perfect by any means and have that extra layer of realism in your oc. Make characters that are perfectly inperfect.

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Could you write Sherlock and Molly at the Holmes estate in Summer and skinny dipping in the lake. They accidentally laugh to loud and Mycroft comes down only to become mentally scarred...

I know this is Sherlolly but it’s got a Mycroftcentric conclusion because…I love Mycroft ♡  

I am so sorry for taking so long and I hope you don’t mind me tweaking your prompt slightly! I changed it from the lake to the sea and instead of mentally scarring Mycroft, well…you’ll see ;)


Breach  (also on and AO3)

For a wedding that had been so private, it seemed odd that it had taken place in such grandeur. It was the late Uncle Rudi who had maintained the original Holmes estate; a grand old house on a private coast which had first belonged to Mycroft and Sherlock’s great-grandfather. 

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River Flows in You
By Organization for Transformative Works

In Fire Country, there is no time beyond the constant war. There is no force but chakra, no spirit but what drives a shinobi to fight, and the Senju have long since abandoned silly superstitions like leaving offerings that might be better used to fill a soldier’s belly.

Lady Senju was once Uzumaki Yuuko, though, and she remembers dragons rising from the sea.

Inspiration/Companion Art: Here.

author: blackkat, red_hot_holly_berries [@blackkatmagic @redhothollyberries]

wordcount: 1804

rated: G

Just imagine if the absolute most important ideological shibboleth in leftist communities, the one issue that truly decided whether you were Good or Problematic, was the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Like if anyone ever found out you didn’t 100% support a Free Azerbaijan from the Aras to the Sea, whatever that might entail, you’d forever have a cadre of activists snapping at your heels whenever you tried to publicly express a leftist viewpoint

Like I’m not even trying to express an opinion on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, I’m just saying, imagine if some deeply complex geopolitical conflict was arbitrarily selected and elevated to a simplistic morality play, where any apparent good the Bad People did was actually secretly bad, and it was impermissible to criticize the Good People

Like just imagine. Wouldn’t that be strange

Mermaid Dust!

Hi people! Tonight i bring to you this little DIY for getting beautiful Mermaid Dust done!

💙Mermaid Dust correspondences are:

As is strongly related to water, is useful for emotions, relationships, healing, psychic abilities, exorcism and purification. It can be used for love, luck and protection too! Also, it works perfectly fine as an extra boost for any spell.

💙This is how you make it:

✨ You’ll need sugar (love, luck, healing, purification), mint (exorcism, protection, healing), eggshell powder (protection) and glitter on the color of your choice (for making it more “personal” to you. I use turquoise.) and crystals of your choice (optional)

~I recommend aquamarine, sodalite, emerald, citrine, pink quartz, amethyst, green quartz, tourmaline, hematite and/or clear quartz.

✨The amount of each thing i use is approximately the following, but you can use as much as you want and give it your own texture!

~¾ Sugar.

~2/4 Eggshell powder.

~2/4 Mint.

~¼ Glitter.

✨Then, put it all together and stir to mix it!

✨Once that you have something like this, put it on a jar or any type of container that you prefer, and use some crystals to charge it!

✨Here i’m using two pieces of aquamarine, one sodalite, two tourmaline, one pink quartz and one citrine.

✨Now, here comes something important. I leave it for a whole lunar cycle, from full moon ‘till the next one (or you can do it from the very start of the cycle, on new moon, ‘till the next new moon, choose based on your correspondences of which type of moon energy you want the dust to keep), on a closed wooden box with amethyst and clear quartz, so it can be properly charged. Another good idea is that, on a full moon night, you leave it outside surrounded by the gems you want it to be charged with.

✨At the end of the cycle, you can say a little chant of your choice when taking the dust out of the box or taking it inside home again or out of the windowsill… you understand my point lol.

💙Extra: As this is not safe to eat. If you want to make some eatable mermaid dust, i recommend using colored sugar (you can easily make it with white sugar and food colorant). Put it in some container, then put that inside your container with mermaid dust or surround your sugar container with a circle of mermaid dust (be careful not to mix it!) and leave it for a night, preferably on full moon. Next day you’ll have some dealicious mermaid sugar/dust for any healing spell, love spell, or any type you want to do!

You can make as much as you want of this, and is useful for almost everything! i really like it ♥

Well, hope you enjoyed this DIY!!!♥

At this point it’s been pretty conclusively established that the ocean is weird, but one of weirder marine phenomena I’ve encountered is the sea monk or sea bishop, an animal that was sighted of the coast of Poland in 1531, washed up on Danish shores in the late 1540s and went the 16th century equivalent of viral.*

*This of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the Protestant Reformation or Henry the Eighth declaring himself head of the Church of England.  Scientific interest only.

Pretty much every major work on fish in the next 100 years included one:

Guillaume Rondelet (1554) [“human features, but with a coarse and rude outline […] the head was shaved and smooth; the shoulders were covered by a cape.”]

Pierre Belon (1551)

Conrad Gesner (1558)

Richard Breton (1562) [Breton was a Protestant, which may explain the increased levels of eldritch]

Caspar Schott (1662)

Johann Zahn (1696)

And a late entry: this abomination from Robert Chamber’s The Book of Days (1869)

Explanations for these include most of the usual contenders: monk seals, grey seals, hooded seals, walruses, angel sharks, deliberate fraud of the Jenny Haniver variety,  Steenstrup’s ever popular ‘squid doing victory arms’.


“I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to protect and like another girl. I don’t want to live with her forever, if she’s not you.”