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… was only a matter of time before i made something like this

Credit for the audio goes to @joshkeaton​‘s Spiderman videos on Youtube! First Part. Second Part. Third Part. Check them out, they’re awesome!


garnet may have future vision but pearl’s like the person who’s been spoiled the entire story and has to sit through painful foreshadowing


Acoustic session dood

+bonus smitten boys

Anonymous said:
I know you’ve shown how you draw faces from different angles very briefly before, but I was wondering if you’d ever go more in depth? For example, I always struggle with drawing the eyes at a ¾ angle…

Ok, I get this question so many times that I decided to do something about it. I’ve already made a tutorial about drawing eyes and tbh it should help with drawing eyes from any angle, the tricky part is to understand the human face, its anatomy. If you see the face/head as a three dimentional object you’ll be able to draw it, I can’t say it enough, 3D thinking is important. Also, references are important, drawing from life is important because then you have a 3D model of the head right in a front of you. All you need to do is observe and understand.

hayley’s what i need music video is honestly such a huge lesbian mood and dream, to just pack up all your stuff and leave your homophobic family forever with the girl of your dreams, just driving away together? how fucking iconique 

i haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet so i’d just like to remind you all of that one moment during the stream where dan was yelling at phil about the potatoes and phil started to laugh until he physically couldn’t breathe and had to stop playing for a moment then leaned over to him and said “dan.. dan! you’re too much” rather fondly and it just.. made me tear up man it was so pure