from yu gi oh abridged


Has anyone even noticed yet that the entire Lego Batman movie plot is just this scene from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged?

What are some of your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! quotes?

Can be from the dub, sub, manga, abridged, and spinoffs as well because it’s all Yu-Gi-Oh! isn’t it?

A few of mine:

  • “Ha-ha, virgins!” - abridged Yami Yugi
  • “Yugi! Let’s mate immediately!” - manga Jonouchi
  • “You fight me with fruit?!” - Kaiba
  • “That was a hologram? Kaiba, you owe me a new pair of drawers!” - Joey
  • “Yugi! This isn’t a duel!” - Yami Yugi (when he freaks out at the start of the date with Tea/Anzu)
  • “My cardio stinks.” - Yugi
  • the line about Atem’s “perfectly coiffed hair” - Kaiba
  • “Well look at all the fucks I give!” abridged Yusei


With my Red Eyes, I’ll put Kaiba to shame.

NOTE: This is not from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Joey’s lines are from the 4KIDS Entertainment English dub.


@lethal-cuddles @takashi0 @feels-by-the-foot who knew the best message for dealing with this year would be from yu-gi-oh abridged