from your child in law

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“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. I can see they’re telling nothing but the truth.”

Kitsune beams at the pirate standing before her, one long leg crossed over the other, head cocked to the side and peering up from beneath her fringe.

The asshole splutters, scowling and snarling, but Kitsune’s had quite enough of playing along with this terrible farce.

“Look, do you have the kid or not?”

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anonymous asked:

I live in Arizona. Today I came out to my heterosexual parents who is against homosexuality and it got really heated, the police showed up and my parents where yelling to take me away and screaming some hell worthy thing's to me but the cop said "I'm afraid I can't but I can take you to court for harassing and emotionally abusing your child's sexuality from under the supreme court legislated law" And that shut them up real quick