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i feel like i just figured out a lifehack for my brain somewhat

so i struggle with getting up and doing things sometimes, to the point where stuff kinda builds up and gets overwhelming (imagine ur hungry, no clean dishes, garbage is full, kitchen is dirty, no clean clothes and out of soap for everything and u havent slept yet and stores are almost closed, it happens occasionally)

but i keep thinking if i can just get up and do one thing little by little i can eventually do all the things, but this is very hard

i tried setting myself a timer as in a “in 20 minutes go do thing” but i end up spacing out

anyways discovered a thing that is like a timer buit isnt a timer and it works for some reason n very very easy to do so doesnt feel like a task in of itself

I boil some water in my electric kettle and tell myself “do as many things as you can before the water is fully boiled” theres no chunk of time associated with that task, but it does take a bit for it to click and before my brain can figure out whats going on and stop me whoops i just cleaned half dishes and boiled some water go me!

then i just repeat until everything i need to do is done

i dont know why this works, maybe because my brain cant associate boiling water with an inherent chunk of time like “in 20 minutes do this” or “at 7pm do thing” but it works so woohoo brain hack!

Just how big are the gods of Amonkhet?

Because the images from yesterday don’t give us a lot to compare them to for scaling purposes. 

So at first I’m looking at the crocodile god… 

…and reference his size in the image released by VIZ for the Amonkhet art book… 

…and compared to the other people in the image, he looks to be pretty standard giant size. Like, an adult human approximately comes up to his knee. 

But then there’s the art of the cat god… 

…and you know how several of the gods have birds flying in the background of their art? 

THAT BIRD’S NOT IN THE BACKGROUND. It’s flying in front of her. 

So that’s either a really tiny bird, or she’s ENORMOUS. 

Soooo… I’m thinking there may be some size variations among these beings. 


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

Mostly blog updates from yesterday.

  • Shoutarou wrote that everyone is mostly focused on volleyball practice right now (as we’ve seen) and he still really likes receives.  He feels really good when he can receive a jump serve from Shouri or Kousuke.  He also thinks his bangs are getting kinda long and wants to chop them off.
  • Shouhei rented a movie to watch before bed, Your Name, and he’s in love with it.  He also watched a short series titled She and her Cat and basically drenched his pillow in tears.  If anyone else has other animated movies they recommend, he welcomes those comments.  Rehearsals are making him sore and creaky all over (”I’m only 23 though!”), but it’s just proof of how much they exert their bodies for this production, he says.  
  • Judai wrote that he spent most of the day’s practice with Kousuke because Matsukawa is really good at volleyball and he wants to improve.  These days he’s working hard at rehearsals, coming home, taking a bath and going to bed in a very tiring but satisfying routine.  He hopes everyone else has a great day.  His go-to recess lately is hot cocoa while listening to Acid Black Cherry.  
  • Shouri wrote about his feature in W magazine that he hopes people will read; he thinks the photos came out as a very good reflection of him.  He knows everyone wants to hear about his Valentine’s Day… but he got zero chocolates so he was sad.  But he was very happy to receive everyone’s twitter replies and comments.  “I love you!  Yes, you.  …it’s the sort of thing you want said to you after you say it.  It’s okay to say it to me, you know.  I’m kidding.”  He then gave a photo of himself wearing bunny ears as a present to his readers.
Stay alive (part: two) by Stillwaiting76

The next day, the kids were again on the playground. Washington was picking up some trash that was on the playground from yesterday. He saw Philip, still in that the mud puddle. George gasped because, he knew how much he meant to Alexander and Eliza. “Um.. Alexander. You might wanna see this.” Washington called out. “Yes Mr Washington?-”
He gasped. “AAAHHH!” He ran and picked up the dog. “Philip. No, you can’t be dead!” His eyes welled up with tears. The revolutionary gang and Eliza showed up after hearing Alex’s blood-curdling scream. “PHILIP!” Eliza cried as she ran by Alexander’s side. “What happened? Alexander do you know?” She grabbed Philip away from Alex. He screamed as loud as she could. “It’s okay.” Mr Washington hugged Eliza.
“I’m never forgiving you Alexander.” She sobbed


Run streak day 11 of 30; 3 miles that felt fairly tired and sore.

Soreness is from yesterday’s deep tissue work on my back that brought about the realisation that little miss Grace pulls just enough on her bungee leash to make the left side of my back/Core get a really good workout. (Meaning that part of the massage was a bit tender.) I’m going to be more conscious and have her switch sides more during our morning runs.

This is a typical photo of trying to get Grace to be still….love this little monkey!

3 good things that happened to me yesterday (because i forgot to do this last night!):

1. I went out to dinner with my brother in law and husband last night. While out, we wound up at an arcade, played pinball and played an Alien shooter. We had fun!

2. My husband and I then met up with my good friend Anneliese and we went Pokémon hunting in the city and drank lychee bubble tea. We had so much fun.

3. Insurance finally got a report back from the engineers yesterday. It’s not much - but it’s progress! ♡

anonymous asked:

Hey girl, just thought you might be interested in the hiddenremote article from yesterday about caryl. Julie, one of the commentators, believes, just like you, that the bunk bed scene will come back into play. It's a good read, enjoy!

I read it yesterday. I love Julie. Erin(Elle?) can choke though :)

I’m glad someone sees absolutely no one would put two characters on a bed when they’re completely alone and it was not necessary only for them to NOT get together afterwards. It’s not realistic and SG loves his foreshadowing.


2/21/17 2.14 miles
Intervals, half heartedly
YTD: 173.99 miles
417 days in a row

Still sore from deadlifts Sunday and the extra run and the extra taekwondo class on Monday, I felt lucky enough to even have the motivation to get to the gym. I decided I’d do my regularly scheduled intervals, but I’d take it a little easier. I started bargaining with myself to negotiate exactly how many/how long/etc and wound up with something pretty reasonable. 4 intervals at a not-too-tough (for me) pace at my usual .3/.2 split. I’m unsure yet if I’d rather focus on extending the length of the ‘fast’ run or the speed. At some point I’d like to add a greater distance overall, but I’m still enjoying stretching out in the hot tub afterwards.

I lifted after the kids went down.

I didn’t even get 4 at 145 today. Too sore from yesterdays pushups? Didn’t rest long enough between sets? Not enough fuel through the day to top off the tanks from being totally depleted yesterday? Probably a little of all of those.

I should probably add volume to my shrugs as I’m doing with the one arm rows, and should probably do with all the ‘accessory’ lifts I’m doing. I’ve also been thinking about adding more lunges somewhere in the week - probably just bodyweight only. I’ve been noticing my glutes are really complainy after squat/lunge day, so that’s a good thing.

Since I’m scheduled for my “push, pull, roll” routine on Monday and I TOTALLY skipped it (not just every other Monday, but especially) yesterday (thanks to the extra taekwondo class), I decided it had been too long since I’ve done any of it, so decided to at least get in the pull/roll part, for at least a little bit.

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I keep hearing that the Hook scene from yesterday is for the musical episode. Is that true? Why would they film that already, unless that scene is the only one that will take place in Steveston for ep20?

Yep, it is for 620, and my guess that was the only steveston for 620, otherwise why do it yesterday instead of waiting for the actual week of 620.

Every Tuesday I get these in my back to relieve pain. Yesterday was my second time and it wore off at 9:37. I went to bed a little late after 1 am and woke up near 2 pm today. I’m still exhausted from yesterday because of these needles. Now days like this makes me feel bad that I’m not rping Daddy Jared. @adaddyjaredleto

Sometimes I regret starting that account because I don’t have the time (often the energy) during the day to play with everyone. So, Daddy Jared is limited which is unfair to those who have dedicated their time with Jared.

So I’ve decided to let it go and let someone else to take over. Whoever wants too will be given the password, the email it comes with that password so they can be Daddy Jared and Role Play all they want.

I’m sorry to you all who do role play with Daddy Jared, but I feel that I’m not always giving my 100% Daddy Jared best since becoming more busy in life and worse with health.

Anyone who is interested please message me.

see a lot of times my musical mood reflects the state of my otp… so when they’re fighting, making up, forgiving, getting torn apart, facing death…. i get through that with music. But I just? Don’t? I don’t have music for Jemma killing FitzBot. So I’m just sitting here listening to angst from circa 2006 like “Yesterday I died. Tomorrow’s bleeding…” and “I’m falling apart. I’m barely breathing”.