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I think the distinction that maybe is lost in self care is this:

self care is handling a problem in the future. You are taking care of your future self. If you see a deadline incoming, self care is writing a sentence, or an outline, or gathering research materials. You don’t have to do it all at once, but you can get your foot in the door–or you can do it, and have it out of the way! Both are self care.

It is also self care if you have that deadline, but you have been working hard all day, and you are exhausted, and people have been talking to you, and you just need alone time. You could force yourself to work on the deadline, but if you can feel yourself starting to fray and fall apart, self care is taking a deep breath and giving yourself a moment of quiet playing a game or watching a movie and relaxing or sleeping.

Both are self care but have different ways to be applied. I see people saying that a lot, but remember: it’s the situation that changes the care method. Opposite action is important. If you have done nothing, do one small thing. If you have done too much, take a moment to yourself.

This is opposite action.

Take care of your future self.


*excited noises* NEW HOODIES ARE UP ON MY SHOP!!! Since I forgot one of the hoodies from the original game yesterday for the pictures (but my photographer will come bakc today thank you so much!) let’s start with a batch of AUs!

Outertale!Sans is up! I got the ok from AU author, so I’m very glad to put this on my shop! It features some nice fake wool (it’s super light, I love it!) and galaxy printed lining! If you’re interested follow the link:

Underswap!Napstablook is here to give you good beats! This one is really made for cosplay, but I like the design a lot. The elastic parts came out nicely! I’ll probably make the next ones with slimmer robotic arms too. Here’s the link:

And finally, the most expected… Underswap!Sans, the Magnificient! Mwahaha! It’s really a cute model. :) If you want it grab it here:

Thanks to my awesome photographer Bahamut Night Photography, and to my friend Sophie who really wanted to help her sempai, even on this rainy day. XD I’ll show the Undertale models tonight, but they’re also up on my shop if you’re too curious! ;)


I must be brave, like Robb.

Stark siblings thinking (and talking) about each other - Robb and Sansa

Don’t Ignore Me

Type: smut

Request// “Soo I know you have a lot of Brendon requests but I just thought of a prompt that sounded good in my head so hopefully I can get it to make sense here. Reader gets really jealous that Brendon is always hanging out with Zack and gets mad that he never spends time with her and doesn’t get intimate with her anymore so she goes off and realizes how upset she is and makes it up to her by sweet/rough sex. Hopefully that made sense, thank you for your time 😘”

(A/N) *throws this in every face of everyone that keeps requesting Bren*

Warnings: Daddy kink, choking, unprotected sex, cursing, little dirty talk,

Pairing: Brendon Urie x Reader

Word Count: 4.2K

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The chatter of the group runs circles around my brain as I clutch onto my cup. Taking a sip of the burning liquid, I search the room for Brendon. My eyes quickly land on a boy with tall, brown hair talking to another, taller man near the stairs. I weave my way through the sea of sweaty bodies before reaching out my hand to take the boy’s.

“Hey, babe.” The boy smiles, planting a kiss on my forehead.

“Hi,” I say quietly.

“Zack and I were just about to go play beer pong, want to join?” He wraps his arm around my shoulder.

I look down at the alcohol in my cup and sigh. “I guess…” The boy smiles, showing off his pearly teeth and all my anxiety seems to flood from my body. I lose myself in his smile, unconscious to the fact that I was smiling right back.

He leads me to the back door and the cool, summer’s night air floods my senses. A collection of laughter erupts from a couple feet away and it snags my attention. Brendon walks me to the nearest table and hands me a ping pong ball. I shake my head, telling him I’d rather not play. He shrugs and flicks the ball toward the pyramid of cups on the other side of the table. My eyes dart around, searching for a safe and comfortable spot to sit. I quickly spot a couch and make my way towards it. I sit down and angle myself so I could get a clear view of Brendon. He’s laughing. I can’t help myself but pull a smile on my face. I observe the way that his shirt sticks to his sweaty body, exposing the imprint of his abs. My head spins, fantasizing about how he looks under his clothes. An aching itch grows in my core and I adjust myself to suppress it.

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Being open & honest can be terrifying & painful but it creates an environment that necessitates that one is accountable & accepting of what/how one feels at all times, which is, despite how untrue it may seem, the core of finding a kind of peace with yourself. You hide from others what you wish to hide from yourself. I am fully aware that that sounds corny as shit but I wouldn’t buy it if it weren’t true. There’s plenty of shit I wish I could sweep under a rug & forget about but that doesn’t really serve me. Not really.

Birthday Wish

 “Happy birthday, Chrom!”

 The little boy basically beamed in joy at the orange cake in front of him. Mouth hanged agape and brilliant blue eyes widened as they could be, Chrom looked upwards to see the radiant smile of his older sister. “Wow!” Voice practically cracking a squeak, he bounced on his seat as the child watched Emmeryn gently place the cake on the table before him.

 “Make a wish!” The tiniest, most adorable squeak chimed beside Emmeryn. The two royals turned at the owner of the voice, only to burst to a laugh once they saw little Lissa trying to tiptoe higher while she gripped on the edge of the table.

 Before the youngest princess could puff out and sulk, she instead screamed in surprise to feel her body being lifted off the ground.

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