from yellow to black

I just realized there was still film in one of my Polaroids! I don’t know what type of film or how old but I -think- its Impossible Duotone Yellow/Black from 2 years ago. Just shot two photos to test it, we’ll see in 45 mins if it works.

I should check these things more often, I wonder how many other cameras I have film in, especially my instants!

welp. i don’t really know how this happened, but it just kinda did. WC: 1510

klance, mild klangst, confessions, first kiss

Lance hums. “Really? You think?” 

The alien giggles, a small, tinkling laugh that makes Keith’s fists ball at his sides. He works his jaw, fixing his gaze on the beautiful red, blue, green, yellow, and black banners hanging from the ceiling.

The planet, Xylo, had been overrun with Galra, it’s inhabitants, the Xylans, being treated as slaves, working to harvest the precious gems in near the core of the planet. Many had died in the work, the heat, radiation, and brutal conditions too much, but those that lived fought side by side with Voltron, with a valor unmatched by any other planet they’ve ever encountered. 

It had been a sight Keith is unlikely to ever forget. He remembers this planet’s queen, Kani, charging an entire squadron of Galran sentries, ripping a blaster out of one of their hands and taking down each and every one before Voltron even had time to turn to offer her any sort of assistance.

Another tinkling giggle. Keith’s eye twitches, feels his nostrils flare. He needs to leave before he ruins a happy alliance before it even starts.

Keith grabs a drink off of the tray of a waiter, downing it one go, placing it back on the tray, and making his way for the door.

He pushes through the crowd. Everyone is gathered around the main floor, one traditionally used for ballroom dances, but all music had been destroyed by the galra. All the Xylans are still in their makeshift armor, and the Paladins still in their own colored suits. 

As he pushes through them, a couple pieces of their armor falls off, but no one seems to care. A hand places itself on his shoulder, he pauses, sees a large hand with Black Paladin armor, and shrugs it off as he resumes. There’s a sigh, but no footsteps follow him.

He trudges his way out the door and through the blue-brown dirt towards the Castle.

Fuck Lance. Fuck Lance and all his flirts. Fuck him and his crass carelessness. Fuck him and his stupid, beautiful face. Fuck him and his dazzling smile. Fuck him and his kind, caring heart. Fuck him and his ability to make anyone laugh. Fuck. Him.

He knows he has a crush on Lance. Knows he wants to cuddle him, kiss him, hold hands with him, boop his nose, peck his cheek, massage his legs. He knows this. 

But Lance doesn’t. Lance and his thick skull paired with Keith’s inability to do jack shit about his feelings means that that’s all he’ll know. He’ll never know how much Keith wants him. He’ll never know about how he dreams of Lance, hoping to wake up to his bubbly face and low, tired voice. He’ll never know that Keith is so far in over his head that he did a full on backflip. 

Finding himself somehow at the door of his room, he presses the control panel, clicking to slide it open.

God, he just wishes he could say something. At least if Lance said no, he’d be caring enough to not just flirt with every being in existence right in front of Keith. Well, that or he’d very purposefully do just that, but Keith doesn’t really think he would.

Keith flops onto his bed, armor still on. It’s uncomfortable, but he doesn’t care. He focuses on the armor digging into his back and thighs, trying to keep his mind off of Lance.

He takes a deep breath, feeling the twinges of anger leaving his body, only to be replaced by a deep-set ache. A loneliness yet to be filled. A hole so open in his heart, one that he knows one person could fill perfectly, and yet it won’t ever happen.

It sends a chill throughout his body as it weighs it down. As the knowledge that the one man he wants, the one man he knows he could truly love, has less than no interest in him.

He pushes his head further back into the pillow and lets out a huff. 

Knock knock

Keith raises his head slightly, but doesn’t say anything. If he’s quiet, they’ll go away.




“Go away, Lance,” says Keith, frustration tinging his voice.

He can almost hear the hesitation at the door.

“I’ll talk through the door if I have to,” says Lance. It’s meant to sound like a threat, but there’s an air of… helplessness in his voice. And it’s just that that makes Keith get up, walking over to the door and open it for Lance.

Keith doesn’t say anything to him, just turns and flops back down on the bed, leg hanging off the side.

Lance grabs it under his knee, lifting it up as he sits down before placing it back down, on top of his

Keith pretends like he can’t feel the sheer warmth coming from Lance’s thigh and pretends that merely being able to rest his leg over Lance’s isn’t make his face slowly become hotter and hotter. 

He doesn’t dare look at Lance, but he can feel a slight movement, probably him moving his arms or shaking his other leg or something.

There’s a long, awkward silence, neither of them willing to speak, but both waiting for the other to start. 

Eventually Keith gives in.

“What d -” starts Keith.

“I’m sorry,” says Lance.

Keith furrows his brows, but doesn’t say anything. Lance takes the hint.

“I didn’t… She was just…” Lance sighs. Keith feels his elbow through the armor on his calf. He raises his head slightly to see him, his head is in his hands, one elbow on his knee, other on Keith’s calf.

“I like you, okay? I thought that if I… If I flirted with people in front of you, you’d get jealous and you’d come running, and I dunno. I know that that’s dumb, everything I do is dumb, but I just wanted you to like me and more than just a friend and I just… I dunno,” Lance trails off at the end, fingers slitting open, letting one eye peek over at Keith. 

But Keith doesn’t hear the rest. He doesn’t hear anything after okay? Even if he wanted to, his pulse spiked, pounding in his ears. His breathing quickened, every inhale and exhale echoed five times over in his head. 

He bolts straight up, but his leg over Lance’s makes him lose his balance. Without hesitation, hands - Lance’s hands - land on his hip and shoulder, stopping him from falling back over. They burn him where they rest, for him to remember for the rest of his days.

Not even thinking, Keith surges forward, but he misses. He kisses the corner of Lance’s mouth, feeling it tug into a shy smile under him. Lance pulls away, but his hand on Keith’s shoulder slides up to the back of Keith’s neck.

Keith blinks at him, heart beating up into his throat as Lance’s shy smile disappears. As the hand on the back of his neck slowly pulls him in. As lips press a nervous, tentative kiss onto his own. Keith tries to kiss him back, add more - more flare to it, but only succeeds in colliding his nose with Lance’s.

He feels his face flush even more as Lance chuckles as they pull back. “It’s okay,” he whispers to Keith. “We can work on it.”

Keith ducks his head, a hand coming up over his eyes. Lance chuckles again, low and soothing, as he places a hand on Keith’s wrist, gently tugging it from his face. Keith lets him.

Bringing it up to his lips, Lance presses a soft, fluttery kiss to the inside of his wrist. Then in a circle around his palm. Then to the pads of each and every one of his fingers.

His eyes flick up to Keith, who wants to look away, whose every instinct is telling him to look away, but just can’t. Lance leans forward, tilting his head too much to be coming in for a kiss. No, instead, Lance places a peck to Keith’s cheek, nuzzling his nose into it before sitting back down.

They just stare at each other, happy with the silence in between them, happy to sit there and take in every single detail of the others’ face.

Keith had always known that Lance’s eyes were a blue, but he never noticed the slight green tint they had to them, or the fleck of brown in the top left of his right one. He’d never seen the smattering of barely-there freckles dotting his nose and cheekbones, or the one noticeable freckle hidden in the hairs of his right eyebrow. He’d never realized just how long his eyelashes were, nor how his deep brown hair framed his face so gently it seemed like it was almost too afraid to be around such beauty.

Keith’s heart flutters in his chest. He can’t believe this is real. He may not know exactly what they are yet, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Lance likes him. Lance really, truly likes him. 


Some neuroanatomy and some novel writing. Also, I have to plan for the upcoming exam session but all I can this about is this plot trying to come out ughhhh
(Pictured: muji 0.25 black pen and yellow highlighter from the new collection!!!!)

Lunch from the other day-black rice, broccolini, sweet purple and yellow kumara, beets, corn, cherry tomatoes, garlic roasted mushrooms and green capsicum, served on a bed of green and purple kale and baby spinach 😍😋

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what’s in my pencil case?

hello again! the new school year for us starts on the 1st of february, so i decided i’d show you all what i’ll be taking with me every day. last year i carried two pencil cases around so i had my mildliners and every colour of muji pen with me in every class, but i never needed them so i’ve decided just to bring the essentials this year.

picture one
• two 2B grey leads and four pilot frixion highlighters in pink, yellow, purple, and blue from officeworks
• two black, one blue, and one red gel ink pens from muji

picture two
• page tabs that match my pilot frixion markers from the newsagency down the road
• two sets of sticky notes from officeworks
• rubber bands and paper clips from officeworks

picture three
• a 30cm ruler, scissors, glue stick, whiteboard marker, and sharpie from officeworks
• a TI-nspire CAS calculator bought through my school
• a pen from a five pack from kikki k

picture four
• clear sticky tape from kmart
• a sharpener, 16gb usb stick, stapler and spare staples, and whiteout tape from officeworks

not shown
• an erasor from officeworks


I sewed myself a Mimikyu hat from Pokemon Sun and Moon!

I used yellow and black flannel, and just used fabric markers to draw the face. The ears are too big so they droop quite a bit…something I’ll have to try and fix in the future.

Eventually I’d like to do a full cosplay of Mimikyu, I just love this adorable Pokemon :3

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With the yin-yang thing in B/Y's eyes, I'm starting to get a strong feeling that all this stuff has been planned day 1.

(in reference to this post)

i point you to Red Like Roses’ third line

“Black the Beast descends from shadows, Yellow Beauty burns, gold.”

they got a single line together instead of separately like Ruby and Weiss, and we were essentially told that Yang was the Beauty to Blake’s Beast before we even met them

but yeah, they’ve always been complementary (their scarves, now their badass longcoat effect) - even their theming, Blake is shadows and Yang is literally named for the sun and light. and their emblems both resemble fire

Negative Trickster Fan Child

Meet Pebbles who’s candy is chocolate Pebbles from Cadbury’s.

I had to make sure both characters could be mixed in and the main colours from Sugar is yellow. Tori’s is black (Or dark purple)

The ghosts were inspired by @poisondilu picture of the couple.

Sugarberry - @ask-the-candy-skull
Queen Regretful - @agentmaplficent

Totally unplanned jeans wetting

Or better said the public surprises of a very full bladder. Or blame the beer. I don’t post much here on tumblr, but this is quite a recent thing that happened, being of the most intense desperations I have ever experienced, especially as it was completely unintentional. Anyways, let me know what you think.

So, I just got back after doing some traveling around Europe and I brought a few gifts for friends. I met one of them two days ago in town to give her the chocolates I brought over. We met in town at around 8 o'clock and went for some pizza. It definitely wasn’t a date but I haven’t had so much fun and also quality conversation in a long while. Everything normal, until we went to this great pub that has a selection of locally-produced beer. People usually buy it in fours, as they come from bright yellow (regular lager colour), to reddish, brown and full black, and my friend felt compelled to buy me one of those in exchange for her chocolates. That was exactly two lovely litres of liquid. Yum!

We stayed there for around 2-3 hours, in which I peed twice. I finished all my beer, which was absolutely great, and we had to leave as the place was closing. I must admit that I have skipped going to the loo before leaving, even though I was already filling up again after my last toilet trip. She joked about the fact that I went twice in the span of half an hour and I decided to not give her any more reasons to make fun of my bladder size, of which I am actually proud.

There were no buses at that time, so I walked her back to her place which was a decent 20 minutes away from town centre. After dropping her off and making a huge effort not asking her if I can use her toilet real quick, I turned back towards town centre. (To go home I had to go through town centre once again and head in the opposite direction.) That was good, as I was already feeling my bladder really bad and I was planning to go use the toilet at McDonald’s in town before carrying on with my journey. I really wasn’t in the mood for a hold and even with my big bladder, two litres of beer is definitely not a joke.

I got to McDonald’s quite quickly, but as you can probably guess from the title, I didn’t get to use the loo there, as the bouncer locked it after someone puked all over it. Great. At 1 o'clock at night everything else is already closed apart of that stupid McDonald’s. Even KFC closed at 12… I soon realised there were no other toilets I could use apart of my own, which was 30+ minutes away.

But I’m a big boy, I got home nearly losing it in my boxers many times before, so this wasn’t really an unusual situation. I decided it might be a good idea to actually take a taxi back home at this point. I was filling up way too quickly and a taxi would’ve been my best bet to make it home in comfortable time. After losing almost 10 precious minutes trying to stop a taxi, I realised that I just need to start heading home on foot. I really couldn’t afford losing more time as my bladder was already aching. It was a huge surprise to me to be that desperate, that quick. I guess it must’ve been the alcohol in the beers I had, along with the fact that I drank a huge amount of liquid in a short time span. I couldn’t sit still and, biting my lip, I decided to start walking as fast as I can.

What happened next is right out any of one of those cheesy Bound2Burst movies, because two police officers stopped me in the street. I was quite anxious to be honest, not knowing how long they’ll keep me there or what they want. I could honestly picture myself slowly soaking my jeans in front of them as I casually answer all their questions. Fortunately enough, they just asked if I saw anybody running in the opposite direction, as there was a pretty messy fight a few minutes before. I finished with them and carried on with my desperate walk.

I was so, so desperate! I was literally bursting. You can’t imagine how embarrassing it can be for a guy to get that desperate… My bladder felt like a rock bopping up and down in my lower abdomen and it was really uncomfortable to walk fast. I eventually had to slow down and walk with my right hand in my pocket, secretly but strongly pinching my cock to help with the desperation. There were many people on the streets, as everybody was heading home at that time, so I couldn’t really do anything more obvious.

The people also made the idea of simply wetting behind a tree or a car impossible. In addition, as some of you might already know, I have a policy for not peeing in the street. I just hold it. For me, it’s either a toilet or a pair of jeans. I was getting closer to home when it started to become more obvious that it might be impossible to get back dry though. It’s a truly unique feeling, and everybody into omorashi knows it well enough, where the voice in your head just tells you “Jean, you will not make it. You know you will wet yourself soon…”.

Strangely enough, I felt it like a challenge this time. On another occasion I would’ve simply let it go in my pants. I love the feeling of a soaked pair of jeans and the incredible desperation I was going through would have definitely led to a very, very big and satisfying wet mess. But no, I decided that I am a big boy and that I can hold it until I get home. I took it as a challenge, but had to undo my belt… I really wanted to prove I can hold it for as long as I want and that I am in charge and decide when my bladder empties its content and when it doesn’t.

I was close now. Also, there were less people on the street so I made the most of it by getting a good front grip on my crotch. I was incredibly horny at this point and had to deal with a huge and noticeable bulge in my jeans too. A long, desperate and horny walk.  When the powerful waves of desperation started hitting I had to walk even slower to not lose it. Moreover, I had to stop every 100 feet, cross my legs and regain my composure for a few moments. A cold sweat was a final warning signal to what will soon follow if I don’t get to a toilet in time.

Then I spurted. Yes, I SPURTED! The first time in my life that I actually spurt; I usually just explode all at once. It was such a strange, alien feeling to be able to stop the flow after a few drops hit my boxer-briefs. Although I wasn’t dry anymore, there still was a chance of getting home with a pair of dry jeans. And I was wearing my favourite pair of shoes, which I definitely didn’t want to soak in waves of warm urine.

The last 5 minutes of my walk were full of ever increasing spurts which, sliding my hand inside my jeans, I found have left my underwear dripping wet. There was a noticeable wet patch on my blue jeans already, but I could see my house.

That was the longest walk ever. With 10 feet to my front door, I could already feel the huge relief and hear the pee splash in the porcelain toilet bowl. Soon!

But I lost it. I completely lost it and started peeing full force as I was frantically searching my pockets for the front door key. I just couldn’t stop peeing. I couldn’t. I was gripping my cock so hard through the wet material of my jeans it hurt, but to no avail. Pee was jetting out of my throbbing cock and I couldn’t even slow the stream down. And it was so loud! It was hissing, I could here it as the stream was going through my boxers and was hitting my jeans. It had to be almost two minutes of continuous peeing followed by a lovely hissing sound. I almost finished peeing when I realised I was still standing with my legs double-crossed, still trying to stop the flow.

What mess have a I made?! I was standing in a 2 feet - wide puddle. My shoes were full of pee and all squishy. I also apparently came in my boxers in the process. I eventually got in the house and when I got in the bathroom, I emptied all the pee out of my shoes (once again, just like in a cheesy B2B movie :P) and admired myself in the mirror. I wasn’t even mad that I didn’t make it home in time, dry, or that I have lost my own personal challenge. It didn’t matter. The relief was absolutely incredible and this has to be one of my best wettings ever. And the best relief feelings too!

It was real, big, messy, unplanned. It was perfect! My white ankle socks were completely soaked and almost transparent and my red boxer-briefs were almost entirely wet, it was actually hard for me to find a dry patch on them. The jeans had a lovely wet pattern on both the front and their back.

Something else that I’ve never done before now is that I actually kept my wet boxers on and slept in them. In the morning, they were nice and dry and I decided to pee in them once again in the shower.

This was absolutely incredible!

Guys, this is pretty much it and I do hope you enjoyed it. Two lessons are to be learnt from this experience:

1. You cannot walk faster than your bladder can fill up.

2. You can actually piss yourself on your front door step.

I thought that is just something dramatic that they like to show in videos, that you wet yourself seconds and feet away from relief, but this experience taught me the exact opposite. Pretty weird way to learn a lesson if you ask me…

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i actually talked to my friend about this but when that black paladin lance theory+analysis post was circulating someone showed a picture of after lance had a vision of voltron in ep1 it showed a shot of the five in order from left to right; shiro, keith, lance, pidge, and hunk. and the order for the lions (in the voltron visjon) from left to right is blue, red, black, green, and yellow. im not saying it means anything.......but.......... :3c

you mean the vision when he’s talking to nyma about voltron? because i’ve always found that interesting. at some point the vision only focuses on the blue and red lion. i’m not saying co-leadership klance theory is real but…. 🔎

This outfit of Al’s needs to be discussed. Some pieces of this outfit have been seen in other episodes. For example, he’s also worn that burnt orange shirt with white stitches on the collar in Return of the Evil Leaper and that gold tie in The Leap Home Part 1. 

But that stupid cheap car salesman coat he has on here (which was around for only one episode, thankfully) is ugly and horribly out of place. Three reasons why Al’s black and yellow/orange plaid coat from Dr. Ruth is so terrible and doesn’t fit with the rest of his wardrobe:

  1. we never see Al wearing plaid, other than in this episode. Plaid is more Sam’s pattern, really.
  2. that coat looks too 1980s (look at those shoulders!) and fits in with the era 
  3. the coat looks cheap and shiny to me, especially those pleather (?) sleeves. 

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Adiba did you see Jin's playlist? He's the only one so far that put their own music on it I'm sjahabdbw also Black And Yellow which is from like 2011 I'm gonna scream

his playlist looks Literally like my playlis in sixth grade

This limestone figure shows the blending of Roman and Egyptian culture. The traditional falcon-headed Egyptian god Horus is depicted in a very Roman way; he is wearing a Roman military uniform and is seated.

Originally, the figure would have been painted in bright blue, red, yellow, green, and black.

Image from the Leeds Museum and Galleries flickr: Horus


In my backpack atm/always:
- computer/mac
- ipad
- planner: mine is from personal planner
- notebook
- pencil case
- earplugs
- earphones
- hair clip/tie
- big scarf
- lunchbox
- thermocup for my tea ❤️

My backpack is new, from Ikea! 7 $! Comes in 3 colors: yellow, blue & black 💛💙

When love isn't enough:Never ending danger

Mature content and strong language
Divergent fanfiction:Eric/OC
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I feel an intense burning sensation and attempt to open my eyes. However the light is blinding so I let them slip back shut. The lights are dimmed, I can tell because it goes from bright red to a dull red behind my eyelids.
I push my eyes back open as I feel a hand slip into mine. I’m trying to get my eyes to focus as I realize silver ones are starring back at me. His face is still swollen but the color has gone from black and blue to green and yellow.

“How are you feeling?” his voice sounds strained and tired. I can tell he’s uncomfortable sitting in that chair.

“How long have I been here?” I try to sit up but the burn and pull in my chest is just to much.
“No no no, Leci lay back down,"he gently pushes on my shoulder. But I scrunch my nose in realization that he just used my nickname.
"What? Why are you making that face?” he looks like he’s trying to figure out a puzzle.
“Eric you just called me Leci.” he rolls is eyes as I narrow mine.
“So. That is what your mother, Max and a few of your friends call you is it not.”

“I don’t have friends. Where is my mother? How long have I been here?” I wince as my pain level increased.

“She had to work. You’ve been here almost forty-eight hours. Do you want me to get the nurse to give you something for pain?” I just nod my head.
The nurse comes in and goes to reach over me but pauses and turns around.
“Face the door for a moment please,” Eric gives gives her a signature glare bur complies anyway.
She unties the strings at the top of my gown and pulls it back to check the stiches.
“Looks good. You got lucky she had a shitty aim and poor arm strength. You can turn back around nose,” Eric scoffed with an attitude returning to his seat.
“I’ll give you a shot for pain. The healing serum is moving your healing process along nicely. You can probably be released tomorrow. ” she shot the pain meds into my IV and walked out.

“Do you remember what happened?” he had a troubled look in his eyes.
“Vaguely. I went to the roof after the nurse made me leave your room. I wanted to get some air. Red’s crazy ass stabbed me. I heard people shouting and that’s it.” I shuttered at the memory.
“She tried to throw you off the roof. By sheer luck some Dauntless born came out af the same time. They barely managed to grab you and detain her while finding help.” you could see the anger rolling off of him.
“They made her Factionless. She’s gone. I wanted to kill her but they wouldn’t let me,” he had a far off look to him.

“Eric. Hey it’s ok. I’m going to be fine,"he looked at me like I lost my mind.
"It’s not alright. Nothing is alright. The Stiff damn near beat me to death, took the number one rank. That bitch almost killed you. She would have succeeded. How is any of that alright. I would have lost my damn mind, I did almost loose my mind,” his voice cracked as he spoke his last few words.
“Would you just please lay down with me?” his eyes instantly softened.

Carefully he layed down on the bed and put his head next to mine. We just starred intently into each others eyes for a few moments. He finally leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
“Go back to sleep. I promise I’m not going anywhere. ” that made me feel a little safer. I let my eyes slip shut while he ran his fingers gingerly up and down my arm.

Three days later I was home and it was visting day. Thankfully my mother was at work when the front door flew open and Eric barged in dragging Audrianna behind him. He looked like he seen a ghost.
“I need to leave her here with you. Jeanine just showed up and Audi isn’t suppose to know I’m in Dauntless.” they both looked panicked and desperate.

“Of course she can stay here. What the hell is Jeanine doing here?” I really was starting to want to shoot her myself.

“I don’t know. But I have to go. I’ll be back as soon as it’s safe” he kissed his sister on the head and quickly did the same to me before running out the door.
“Oh my lord Aleisia are you alright? Eric told me some crazy girl stabbed you,” she hugged me gently and sat down next to me.
“I’m fine. It’s the nightmares that get to me. Why aren’t you suppose to know Eric is in Dauntless? Did Jeanine follow you?” always more questions than answers.
“Eric should be the one to tell you that. But no I don’t think she followed me.”

“He never tells me anything. I want to kick his ass more often than not.” her face broke into a smile.
“You should kick his ass. I’m glad you talked to him. Has he gotten any better?” I chuckled darkly and rolled my eyes.
“Define better.” at this she just shook her head.
“I hoped being here with you and away from her things would change.” she sounded disappointed.

Hours later I woke up to being softly shook and Eric saying my name. I looked at the clock then a the sleeping girl next to me.
“What happened? What took you so long,” he looked pale and worn out.

“ I am going to need your help. Erudite isn’t safe for her anymore. I got ahold of an old friend in Amity. I can’t move her until tomorrow night. Will she be alright herw?’ he was a cross between furious and nervous.
"Of course she can. What the fuck is going on.? I want to tell me the TRUTH.” I was done being left in the dark.
“I will tomorrow. Can you just trust me for tonight? Please, ” I could see the internal struggle.
“Fine. Tomorrow. Are you going back to the dorm tonight?” he shook his head.

“I’m going to sleep on your floor. I’ll sneak back into the doorm before six. Thank you. For helping and for trusting me.” he kissed my forehead before making a spot on the floor for himself.

What the hell have I gotten involved in? Again.