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Soo, I’ve decided to open commissions on OC latch hook rugs again since I recently finished one and I can use it as an example ^^; 

So! The way it’ll work is that you’ll send in a piece of art of your oc that you want it to be of and I’ll go out and buy the yarn and keep you updated as I work on it. I’ll also mail it to you when I’m done with it so you have to be able to get mail ! Try to keep pictures simple though as it isn’t that easy to make them based off of super detailed characters,,

 All of them will be around 9″ x 9″ (or larger) and will cost $10 for the supplies and shipping (sorry but the yarn isn’t cheap ;;) 

I do have two left that I still have to do (one that I’ve started on today) but I’m going to buy yarn tomorrow so I thought I’d put it out there ^^; 

Also the time that it takes me to do it will vary depending on the project but keep in mind that I am still a student and I have things to work on outside of this ;;

So here’s one that I finished a few days ago (character belongs to mecc/cchi) 

[First is the front of it and the second is the back]

And that’s about it ! If you’re interested just send me a message or an ask !

One of the new professors at my school started a knitting club and will teach anyone who wants to learn but right now I’m the only other person in this entire school who knows how to knit. 

So now I have all these baby knitters wandering up to me in the hallways and between class and in the lab, wanting me to check their stitches and tension and wanting reassurance. 

Which is adorable but maybe not when I am literally holding a human heart in my hand? 

normalize shepherding. normalize the idea that you can roam the countryside caring for your flock and spinning fine yarns from their wool. don’t let tumblr make you think you can’t live among sheep for the rest of your days

Want free yarn (and who doesn’t)? Well, here is your chance, because Lion Brand is having a Tumblr giveaway!

The prize: $50 in yarn from

The rules: 

-You must be following us (@lionbrandyarn) on Tumblr.

-Open to residents of the US and Canada.

-Likes and reblogs both count as entries.

-You may reblog more than once, but don’t spam your followers. It’s rude.

-No giveaway-only blogs.

-We will use a random number generator to determine the winner. The contest will end on Friday, February 3. The winner will be notified via Tumblr message. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another will be selected and contacted using the same methods.

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[1.1] What’s that?

[2.1] It’s a hat.

[1.2] You’re making a hat?

[2.2] Crocheting. Keeps the mind off things, keeps the hands steady. You don’t do anything like that? Y’know…create something? Instead of just destroy it?

[1.3] Buddy, when you’re as good at destroying stuff as I am, you don’t need much else.

[2.3] Right. Each his own, then.

[1.4] Gotta say, this is kinda surprising coming from someone who spends most of his time punching aliens. You don’t even have anyone to give gifts to.

[2.4] Don’t have to give ‘em away if I don’t want to. It’s more like - it’s more like I’m making armor. For things that I want to protect.

[1.5] That’s not going to stop a bullet.

[2.5] It’s a metaphor, you pylon. I thought Hunters were clever.

[1.6] I think the word you’re looking for is “pragmatic.”


[1.7] It means sensible.

[2.6] I know what it means! Anyway, I crochet something for all the stuff I care about.

[1.8] Ah. I wondered about your collection of hat-wearing rocks.

[2.7] One from each planet. And now I’m pretty good at making hats.


[1.9] And you - I mean, it makes a difference? Makes you feel good?


[2.8] More’n that. It almost - it almost makes me feel alive.



[2.9] Here, it’s done. Happy Dawning - the hat’s for you. Make sure you keep your head attached to your neck.

Max sitting with the Milking Mothers and they teach him how to knit.  He starts knitting for relaxation and makes random things.  

Furiosa finds a brightly colored cozy on the stick shift of her new war rig.  It’s so weird but so precious she can’t remove it.  

War pups with misshapen knit hats on.  

Big, tough, War Boys with little black knitted baggies tied to their belts.  

Max makes new fingerless gloves for Dag, in a really garish bright green yarn since she works with the plants.  She doesn’t really like them but wears them anyways because a gift carries the giver’s warm spirit in it.

Max leaves a light yellow pouch for Toast…she is confused but oddly delighted.  No one has ever given her a gift before.  

Capable requests a shawl and Max tries to make something somewhat “pretty”, so he asks his knitting mentor how to make something different, but he ends up making something that looks like an old fish net.  Capable still loves it because it’s unique.

The next try he nails it, perfect shawl, in Cheedo’s favorite colors.

He makes a few more for the Vuvalini and some of the younger girls at the Citadel.

He makes one more, out of dark blue and aqua-marine colored yarn with flecks of light green and tan.  He’d been saving this yarn for a while.  It reminds him of the ocean where his home used to be, but it also reminds him of his new home, where he is now.  He puts it away and insists he just made it to keep his hands busy, but everyone else knows why he made it.  Capable snatches it when he’s not around and leaves it for Furiosa, with a note that simply says, “from Max”. 

Harvest moon crochet blanket finished! :)

Has taken about 4-5 months and has been so fun to make and see the picture building with each line. I love it! I made the picture and turned it into the pattern myself.
It is done using a uk 4.5mm hook, dc stitch.
All the yarn I used was from Hobbycraft, the wi yarn and hayfield bonus dk.
There are 51,060 stitches in total!

Harvest moon on the snes was one of the first games I remember playing, I used to play it for hours, and is still one of my favourite games today :)

I will post a video on YouTube of this from start to finish. If anyone want to get in contact with me please email


I had the pleasure of knitting my very own pair of mittens from @mywoolmitten yarn. I realized that I’ve been enjoying these for a few weeks now and never shared! They were a fun new pattern that I hadn’t made before and if you knit or crochet, definitely get some wool from Serenity Farms since it’s so beautiful to work with.

I also happened to have a bit left over from the skein and made a plush for my friend’s little one’s first birthday. He came out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

emma’s bracelet giveaway

In celebration of 400 followers, I’m doing a bracelet giveaway! There will be three winners and each winner will receive four bracelets. All bracelets are handmade from yarn and/or embroidery thread, and each will wrap around your wrist 2-4 times. Assorted weaves, but mostly crochet. Some have beads on them as well.

Entry requirements

-Must be following me (yeah, I know, what a drag)

-Must reblog this post (you only have to do it once, reblogging multiple times won’t help you win)

-Must live on Earth. Sorry. While I can do international shipping, interplanetary is just a little too pricey for me.

And I think that’s it! Any questions/comments/concerns/declarations of adoration can be sent to me via PM or ask. Winners will be posted sometime on January 6th (or possibly 7th because I’m always late with everything. We’ll see what happens.)



my mother is one of those women–the innately magic ones. you encounter maybe two or three like them in your lifetime. the moment you meet her and she begins talking, she just weaves this gentle magic of wonder and warmth. she is a profoundly beautiful writer–better than i ever will be. she mostly gave up her writing aspirations when i was born. she concentrated on me. i have tender memories of magic from yarn scraps and table cloths that she turned into tiny carnivals for me to play in. we made acorn ballgowns, they danced with crepe myrtle blossom gowns, and we sent them sailing down the creek in waxy magnolia leaf boats. she taught me how to sew and crochet and cook and survive. now i’m grown and gone and writing, and she is finally writing too. she wrote that essay i just posted. she wrote about Big Mama Thornton for the Oxford American and it’s beautiful and startling. i could weep with how proud i am of her.