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Hey guys look at what @electricpuke sent me! A giant Toblerone! :D



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Some of the fun shots from my Overwatch Xmas cartoon,
 How the Reaper Stole Christmas!

Very grateful to Yoav / The Living Tombstone for doing the amazing audio and music for this piece. We got it finished and uploaded on Christmas Day, both in the US and Australia!

Christmas may be over now, but I hope people still enjoy it!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to ya!

Christmas Needs to be Stopped

It’s November 4th.  We haven’t had the election yet.  We haven’t had Thanksgiving yet.  We haven’t had Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or December 1st yet.

Why the fuck is it already Christmas?

As has been pointed out so many other times on this site by many, many Jewish and other non-Christian bloggers, but Christmas has become a bit of a problem.

So think of this post as an intervention.

Historically, we get killed on Christmas.  The only day of the year worse has been Easter.  Now, admittedly, this is less common, though we still notice upticks in antisemitic violence at these two times of year.

We can’t do ANYTHING in the society we live in without being bombarded by a religious holiday and, worst of all, if we complain about it, suddenly WE’RE the badguys.  Try telling a “It’s not Happy Holidays, it’s Merry Christmas” person “Oh, but I’m Jewish, I don’t celebrate Christmas” and you will have a PROBLEM.  At best, they just act like an asshole to you, but I’ve seen it turn into proselytization or the Christian nearly assaulting the Jew.

Just try, for a moment, Christians, to imagine if you lived in a society where for a full sixth of the year, every single thing revolves around a holiday that you don’t celebrate, but which historically has included roaming bands of celebrants deciding that it’s time for you to die.

Wouldn’t you be a bit sour on it, too?

quick story from xmas eve at my great-gramma’s house:

so i was talking about hamilton over dinner (of course) when my uncle m asked me about it. i gave an overview because well, it was dinner, but then he stopped me after dinner and everything to ask more about it

see, most of my family is white. we’re really, really white. but uncle m is married in and he’s black. his two kids are mixed. i was afraid i had offended him but he was really really interested in the musical and what lin-manuel had created.

he called it “white history vs. a black narrative” and was surprised that almost all of the cast were POC. then, when i showed him a picture of lin-manuel as alexander hamilton and a picture of daveed diggs as lafayette, he called his seven year old son into the room, my cousin.

he pointed to lin-manuel and said “his name is alexander, too.” and my cousin’s eyes lit up. alex said “hey, he kinda looks like me. he has my name!” and then we showed him the picture of daveed and i swear to god alex started crying. he said “that man looks like me! but with long hair! he has my skin!” because daveed and my cousin literally have almost the exact same skin tone.

then me and uncle m had a huge conversation with alex, who wants to be a famous boxer and singer, about how lin-manuel wrote this and how it’s important to know all sides of history, all sides of his history, his black history, his white history, and after uncle m stopped me.

he said “thank you”

i said “what for”

he said “for helping me find something to bond with my son over” and i swear to god i started crying because it’s so hard to bond with alex because he has seizures and he’s autistic and he really only likes his mother but he looked so proud of his dad and then for the rest of the night he was glued to his dad asking all sorts of questions and i just.

without lin-manuel it wouldn’t have been possible to help alex open up to his dad. and it made my christmas.

Holiday Party - One Shot


Summary: A holiday AU in which a very affectionate Bucky asks you a very big question.

Prompt(s):Request from that Xmas Prompt thing. Either all three, a combo of some, or just one. Please and thank you? “person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”)” OR “PULLING YOU IN FOR A KISS WITH A SCARF” OR “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face.“

Warnings: Just one swear word. :) This is nonstop fluff are you kidding???

Word Count: 1497

Author’s Note: Fluff! @creideamhgradochas, Why do you send me proposal requests when I am an angst monster?? I love you but my teeth are falling out from the amount of floof here. Ok. Here you go, love. I’m trying trying trying to at least get the holiday requests out before Christmas XD We’ll see.

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Most people assume that James Buchanan Barnes, military man, ex-assassin, former Winter Soldier, is distant and reserved in a relationship, withholding affection except when you pull it out of him in quiet moments behind closed doors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bucky Barnes is an absolute pest. When you first started casually seeing each other it was exciting and fun. You loved how he’d make a show of swooping you into a deep kiss for absolutely no reason, only to return you to your feet bewildered and grinning like an idiot.

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Tbh he was hanging around the house hoping to see a teary eyed Zero lingering around so he could act like he doesn’t notice him.. but Fenix kicked him out just in time.

Please enjoy some Seasons Greetings from Steve and Bucky!

Happy Holidays from Steve and Bucky!

Feliz Navidad from Steve and Bucky!

Break Dance Xmas Greeting from Steve and Bucky!

Charleston Holiday Greeting from Steve and Bucky!

Avengers Academy, anyone?

And last but not least…

What’s better than Xmas and cats and Steve and Bucky?