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Sock Drawer Trauma

One of the tasks I wanted to get accomplished today was straightening out my sock drawer and tossing away all the crap I’ve accumulated in there. (I did the bra drawer too - and tomorrow, the clothes!)

Most of the stuff was things I thought I needed to save for one reason or another but now think better of it and need to toss.

But then I came across my pregnancy test from the baby I lost, wow, almost 2 years ago now. That and the bracelets from the hospitalization. I threw the bracelets away, I’d not like to remember that. But the test, the test I put in my chest with the baby books and tests from my other children. He may not have made it, but I carried him under my heart as I did the others. For a little while anyways.

Ugh, and then I found my invitation to the junior prom (!) with both our names on it. HOW’S A GIRL SUPPOSED TO MOVE ON?! Kidding. Almost threw it out, but tucked it back in there instead, behind my socks and undies, with cards from my kids and yeast infection medicine.

I’m sentimental and practical.

So lately I’ve been feeling kind of down about my art, I felt like I was stagnating and starting to move backwards rather than forward with it, until I dug out my 2015 art folder from last year, but I guess by now it’ll be almost 2 years separating some of the art in there and I’m actually surprised.

This is Gramps drawn about a year and a half ago?  I remember being so proud of this, but compared to this sketch drawn earlier this year

I don’t know why I started to think my art was sliding  backwards.  I’ve actually improved a decent amount!  Sometimes it’s good to dig back through old art to put in perspective how far you’ve come if you’re starting to feel down in the dumps.


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