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How Feyre’s Character Development Is Shown In The Covers Throughout The Series

I love how simply the covers of the ACOTAR series shows Feyre’s character development throughout the series. It’s mind blowing to be honest. 

You can see in ACOTAR how Feyre is standing straight. Although it could be said she’s standing upright for confidence during the last part of the novel, we know her stance could also show her complacence throughout the novel. Especially after reading the books and from the events that happens within ACOTAR. Her stance also looks stiff to an extent, showing how she is still submissive or under someone’s command. Furthermore, there is only half of her on the cover as if she’s trying to hide herself. The red in the background also indicate either her anger, loss, and/or death prior to reading the novel. The roses, obviously, fits with the title of Thorns and Roses but can also foreshadow Feyre and Tamlin’s relationship in the novel being like a rose: seemingly beautiful and sweet but, in honesty, is also harmful like the thorns of a rose. Her dress is also more conservative (?) (if you compare it to the other two in ACOMAF and ACOWAR) yet provocative (?). It covers most of her stomach and legs, showing how she was still insecure about herself and the only reasons she willingly used an outfit with a front that low is because she was either told to (although I have absolutely no judgement if she wore that willingly, she would work it just fine tbh haha). You could say her outfit is elegant (since it’s from Rhysand ofc) yet it gives off the vibe that she was made to wear it - something she is not use to given her awkward stance.

In a ACOMAF you could see how she is standing more fluidly on the side of the book. She is no longer stiff but looks more comfortable with her body. Her pose exerts confidence and strength, especially with her hand and the way it’s positioned above the wind as if she’s controlling it (which she probably is in some way if you think of Rhysand being the wind since he can fly etc., etc.). More of her is now shown on the cover as if she’s having the courage to step out of the book and show herself on the cover for what she is. Feyre’s hair blowing the way it is can show that she is in movement and could be fighting unlike her previous state in the Spring Court. Her outfit has also upgraded into more of an armour, showing that she is stronger now and fighting for herself compared to the beginning of ACOTAR when she was at the Spring Court. Furthermore, the armour could also indicate that she is working with someone else since we know from ACOTAR that the Spring Court does not have armours of the sort for females but only dresses (egh). The cover, once more, also fits with the title in accordance to the Mist and Fury part: misting is a skill Rhysand has (somewhat a foreshadow that Feyre’s mate might be Rhysand) and fury could indicate either Rhysand’s fury at the events that occurred Under the Mountain or Feyre’s fury at Tamlin showing his true self. Her tattoo on her left arm from Rhysand is also much more visible than her tattoo in the ACOTAR cover, as if she’s no longer trying to hide it like before but showing it off. The color blue is also known as reliable, calm, creative, intelligent, and maybe responsible (from a Google search I did). This foreshadows (EVEN MORE) about Feyre’s personality as we know she stopped painting for a given amount of time before starting again in the Night Court. The blue also indicates calm, intelligence, reliability and responsibility, all of the things Rhysand and Feyre are. Especially the reliability part foreshadows Feyre and Rhysand’s relationship as we know that she trusts him even though she denied it at first. The small city silhouette in the background can also show that she is in Velaris instead of the Spring Court where she only knows Tamlin’s home (palace?). 

NOW IN ACOWAR. LET ME JUST TALK ABOUT THE OUTFIT FIRST. Previously Feyre was wearing armour, as if she was an accomplice of Rhysand’s Inner Circle, working with them to take out Tamlin and Hybern. NOW, NOW IT’S A FUCKING DRESS THAT SHOWS SHE’S A HIGH LADY BUT STILL STRONG AND FIGHTING FOR HERSELF. The design (by the lovely @charliebowater ) practically exudes confidence, strength, and her ability to see what is wrong and right (especially with the eyes on her belt but that could also foreshadow Jurian since his eyeball was Amarantha’s ring). The glistening of the bottom of her dress could also represent starlight, connecting back to the Night Court and Starfall possibly. The position of her arms and the way she’s now showing off both hands and the tattoo shamelessly indicates her confidence with being a part of the Night Court and Rhysand’s Inner Circle. The way her hands are resting on her hips further proves my point of her growing confidence as she stands as if she’s ready to face anything. Also, her full body is now on the cover unlike in ACOTAR when only half of her was showing. This can be seen as her way of finally discovering and accepting her strengths and, once more, exuding confidence. She’s also holding an Illyrian blade, far different than before when she was only showing her hands in the ACOMAF cover. This shows how her abilities have furthered and that she could fight now, with a blade (cause we know her speciality is actually a bow) and with her powers (which is explained in the next sentence). The mist around her could show how her strengths in misting may be improving in the novel compared to when she was still first training with Rhysand and, maybe, her fire powers also since we can interpret this as smoke too. We already know she can control her water powers very well. The color green, after a Google search, portrays balance, harmony, nature but also envy. The balance and harmony of the green could be a foreshadowing of the ending of ACOWAR and how, possibly (hopefully, dear lord hopefully), the ending might be peace amongst Prythian once more. The nature part of the green could indicate the Spring Court and her return. However, the envy part of green, what I really think, is referred to Tamlin and his envy. I feel like he will end up finding out about Feyre being mated with Rhysand and he will be even more envious (pray to the Mother that Tamlin doesn’t do anything stupid like he already did). HER HAIR, again it’s blowing showing that everything around her might be in motion and she’s ready to take them down like she promised. The background also has mountains if you look close enough. This may be a foreshadow that Feyre and the Inner Circle may have to return to Under the Mountain once more to fix Prythian (this is making me extremely nervous). Finally, the title. Lord, Mother, I love Cassian so much please don’t let him die. The cover fits with the title of A Court of Wings and Ruin once more although not entirely: the wings part may be a foreshadowing (I’m sorry I repeat this stylistic feature so much) to, sadly, Cassian’s wings (although I still refuse, to believe it). The “ruins” part may be referring to how everything is falling apart just like the ending of the last book but, this time, it might be the actual ruin of the Spring Court and Hybern. Maybe even Under the Mountain since there are mountain silhouettes in the background. 

Well, that’s my interpretation of the covers. I felt the need to do this the moment the ACOWAR cover came out. I noticed her stance change and the way she brings herself. I couldn’t resist myself. 

My Harry Potter Theory:

The series isn’t really about a bunch of magic kids. It’s not even about kids. The entire Harry Potter series is a metaphor for the faking of the Apollo moon landings.

It seems like a long shot at first but when you analyze the story, characters, and activities behind the scenes, it actually becomes completely obvious.

Examples from within the books:

Harry Potter is clearly named after Harold Porter, NASA’s most proficient young developer. Porter’s parents were killed in a car crash, as Harry’s adoptive parents tell him his were. Porter had a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his torso, Harry has one on his head. Porter was taken care of until adulthood by Bob Dursley, one of NASA’s caretakers who was notoriously fired for telling a “Japanese Golfer” joke, which is referenced in Chamber of Secrets.

Speaking of a “Chamber of Secrets,” that was the code name for the rocket engine development building. The “Philosopher’s Stone” was the code name for the F-X engine of the Saturn V rocket, which was itself code named “The Phoenix” as in Order of the Phoenix. NASA’s head in the 1960s was Loris Umbridge, and he was called “The Half Blood Prince” by his detractors in reference to his need for constant blood transfusions due to hemophilia, which he had because he was from a royal bloodline. One of his most famous insults was to call Kennedy’s vision, “Deadly hollow.”

Hermione Granger is a portmanteau of three space travel terms, Granger’s point referring to part of an orbit, Hermes Point referring to the opposite vector, and Ion-E, the fuel of the Saturn V Rocket. Ronald Weasley is more simply named for Robert Weaselby (The name is actually used in the book as a character’s mistake) who designed the Apollo orbit patterns.

Hogwarts campus is clearly based on the NASA compound. It has a Quidditch Pitch (The famous Quidllewich Football Stadium near NASA grounds), it has a giant’s hut (Giant’s hut was the term for the large tower in which the rockets were assembled), It has moving stairs (The Gantry), and four houses- Gryffindor (Fox Griffin’s training team), Ravenclaw (Hans Ravenclaus’s jet propulsion team), Slytherin (Billy “Snake” Jones’s lunar recon team) and Hufflepuff (NASA’s nickname for the team of Raoul Dunkard’s computer programmers, notorious stoners).

Albus Dumbledore is obviously President Kennedy. He was assassinated at the top of a book depository. He was a much beloved leader known for moving speeches. His brother, like Robert Kennedy, ran a bar in Hogsmeade, Robert Kennedy’s was in a town called Swinewine, Virginia. Both had sisters who died in their youth and both had lovers named Grindelwald- That was Marilyn Monroe’s maiden name before she married Arthur Dimaggio Monroe, her first husband.

Voldemort’s name cannot be spoken. The same was true of Kennedy’s rival, Leonid Kruschev, the Tsar of Russia in the 1960s. Voldemort was obsessed with living forever- Kruschev had a famous speech about the cosmonaut program living forever. Voldemort in one scene takes off his shoe and bangs it on a table- Kruschev did the same. Voldemort’s real name was Tom Riddle- So was Kruschev’s (Tomas Zagadka (Riddle in Russian)). The two were also both fond of snakes.

Spells- Avada Kedavra is a reference to Abracadabra, NASA’s kill code to stop a launch in an emergency. Crucio is a reference to the Cruciatus program, which determined the launch vector. Wingardium Leviosa is a reference to the Wing guard Levitator, a critical component of the Saturn V. Sectumsempra- Literally unchanged from the name of the module release mechanism, the sectumsempra which jettisoned used rocket components. Felix Felicis is also the latin term for one of the Saturn V’s propulsion fluids.

Remus Lupin’s fear of the moon. Lupin is clearly Neil Armstrong, both were even played by David Thewlis on film. Buzz Aldrin is represented by Sirius Black, both were murdered by women named Bellatrix. And get this- Just like Severus Snape, Michael Collins had a crush on a woman named Lilly Evans who died before he entered the space program on invitation from Kennedy (Dumbledore) specifically to protect Harold Porter (Potter’s namesake) from Kruschev (Voldemort). The two notoriously didn’t get along, just as in the book, but the latter would later name his daughter after the former, just as in the book.

But that’s all circumstantial right? Not when you look at the story behind the scenes.

Few people know that J.K. Rowling was born Joanne K. Armstrong- Neil’s daughter. This gave her personal access to the Apollo missions. She eventually took the name of her estranged father, Stanley Rowling- A movie director known in the late 60s for his epic space film, “1999: A Star Iliad” which depicted a lunar landing in realistic detail. One that looked suspiciously like the “real” landing.

Fewer people know that Chris Columbus, the coincidentally named director of the first two Harry Potter films, was Kennedy’s nephew. The screenwriter for the films, Steve Kloves, is the son of Jason Kloves and Jeanne Kloves, who worked unknown jobs for the pentagon in the late 1960s during the space program. Richard Harris, who first played Dumbledore, was an intern at NASA during Apollo. And finally, Daniel Radcliffe himself has a connection to the space program- His uncle’s pet monkey was the first chimp shot into space. That chimp returned safely to Earth and was quite famous for several years. Ask most adults and they’ll have heard of the famous Radcliffe Chimp. Essentially, the books and movies were all made by NASA insiders and their children.

Finally, the unquestionable proof:

Luna Lovegood. Whose name means “The Moon.” Whose father is obsessed with weird conspiracy theories. Who is captured by the Death Eaters (NASA slang for the media) and rescued by Dobby (Dobby is the name of the broadcast system that sent images of the moon back to Earth) and recuperates at a cottage made of shells (Shell Cabin was the name of a movie studio in Florida at the time) where she meets Olivander the wand maker (A reference to Olive Anders, who is said by many to have scripted the fake landing) and who later directs Potter to the Ravenclaw Diadem (Diadem being Hans Ravenclaus’s term for the launch propulsion system) which contains a Horcrux (Odd term huh, sound familiar? That’s because it’s a Hollywood term for faked footage. 7 Apollo missions, 7 Horcruxes.) that’s destroyed by Crabbe’s fiendfyre (Fiendfyre being the name of the Russian space program, run by a man named Goyle Crabbe of Ukraine) resulting in the fall of Voldemort (Krushchev was driven out of office- By a competitor named Sasha Scrimgeour) and the freedom of the boy who lived- Harold Porter of NASA, who just so happens to be none other than the father of Evanna Michael Collins Lynch- The actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the films.

Not to mention the dedication in the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: “This book is dedicated to my father Neil Armstrong, who faked the lunar landing.”

Don’t tell me to stop being sad! Do you think it is my choice to cry through out the day and into the night? I would kill to be as happy as you. More than anything, oh how I wish, I could just find peace within myself…
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

“MY VIDEO GAME HOUSE NEEDS TO LOOK PERFECT,” I scream from within the towering piles of clothes, the scattered books still waiting to be read, the mounds of hoarded papers keeping my bedroom in the state of disarray it’s remained in for years. Chaos is the only constant in this realm of darkness. But by the stars in the heavens, I will not rest until I can see the floor again in my house in Animal Crossing.

My sister lived within the moment. She said she would love the summer only when it came and warmed her. But I lived and still live within the future. Where it’s warm when it’s cold. Where dreams are not yet reality. Where the sad people are happy. The only problem with living in the future is that everyone has died, including yourself. So your plans are fiction. Your predictions are fantasy. Living in the future is pure fantasy. I think that’s why I love it so dearly.
—  F.K. Preston, The Artist, The Audience and a Man Called Nothing 

It’s time to present on what I’ve been working on the past 5 months. In my final semester I wrote my own Pen-&-Paper-Roleplay “Frostlauf”. Adventurers need a thick coat and even thicker shoes, it’s an arctic fantasy setting with snowy mountains and dark caves to explore! 

It was one hell of a work. World building, writing rules and game mechanics, writing a first campaign, test playing and making the entire book from scratch within 1 ½ months taught me a valuable lesson in time management. It’s far away from being perfect but I am nevertheless happy to have a physical copy of my brain child in my hands.

This book is not even my thesis but rather the foundation for what I’ve been working on the two months after: A concept art book with illustrations for this Pen-&-Paper-Roleplay. I am going to share the pieces with you very soon. 

Lots of stuff happend (of mostly troublesome nature, I really had some bad karma going on) but also some good news: I was accepted for the master degree course and will soon work on exciting subjects with an emphasis on creating information graphics and instructional design stuff for your future learning pleasure. :) 

So! I hope you’ll like what you’ll see very soon and thank you for sticking with me an my art in the past and in the future, I really appreciate your support (and I will always stalk every single reblog for your tags, hah!) You guys are awesome!

I don’t understand where this fandom mentality comes from that everyone has to like all the characters within a book/series/movie? And people start fighting you if you don’t like one character to the same extent as they do?

Like, be happy that people enjoy their favourite character (or ship). That they are so inspired by them that they write fanfic, draw fanart or develop headcanons for them. They share their love and you can do the same with your favourite characters - that’s the point of fandom.

But attacking other fans because they don’t include every single character for reasons that they are entirely their own? It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. Everyone has preferences and they are allowed to have them.

Seriously, since “Winter” was released, this fandom has become a minefield.
And I don’t mean that the character of Winter changed it, but it’s the tone of the discussions. It’s not so much about respectful, informative discussions anymore. It’s gotten nasty with a few people insulting and bullying other fans for their preferences with a self-righteousness that is seriously uncalled for.

Because now, if you don’t include a certain character, you are called out for whatever inane reason. I once got the question once why I didn’t include a certain ship for a story idea I had. Why is that any of their concern? It’s my story idea, either you like it or not but I’m not playing character bingo and include everyone just because the fandom thinks I have to because they are in the original story. That’s what fanfic is for, to expand on the characters you love, maybe all of them or just one of them, but that isn’t anyone’s business. If I see a story tagged with Character X, I’m not asking the author, “hey, where’s Character Y?” That story isn’t for me, so I move on to stories that are.

Because here’s the thing: No one owes you anything.

No one has to write a fic you enjoy.

No one has to draw a fanart that you can reblog.

No one has to spend their time of the day on characters they don’t like just because they feel pressured to do so.

But: Everyone deserves respect. Or, at least, just because someone has a different opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to insult them. Opinions are not facts.

You don’t have to agree with someone but it’s not too much to ask to treat them with a minimum of respect. Especially over something as personal and random as favourite characters/ships.

For next year, I do hope we leave this kind of mentality behind us, so people can resume creating content they enjoy for people who appreciate it, without being attacked for not doing it as some people might see fit. I’m not naive, I know there will always be drama and shipper wars or whatever. But this year, it was no fun being in the TLC fandom. And I say this especially in regard to the TLC shipweeks.

The creators of shipweeks are putting a lot of effort into it. The fans are putting a lot of effort into their work, too. So, if you are not happy that your character/ship/brotp isn’t as included as much as you would like, create your own content. Spread the love. But respect other people’s choices.

And for every other fan: Just have lots of fun with TLC, with your favourite characters and ships and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t allowed to.

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU PART 3 Full Translation


Just a small note; now that I have a physical copy of the novel, I can see that from the contents page, the book is split into sections and within those sections there are smaller sections. So what we thought was ‘chapter 2’ last time was actually just a continuation of the so called ‘chapter 1’, the first section is reports, that’s why after the prologue it says ‘Report 1’ (and I thought it was weird that the second part on the Bleach app didn’t have ‘report 2’ or something when I was writing down the translations but I just assumed it was ‘chapter 2’ anyway), so THIS is the start of report 2, the last two ‘chapters’ were actually report 1 split in half. I’ll rename the title of those posts to Part 1 and Part 2 respectively and will continue to post future translations in parts like the Bleach app does.


Central Shinou Library.

A long period of Ise Nanao’s break was assigned to reading.

Going to the library that had just been rebuilt, there’s no trace of the original building that she’d normally be accustomed to, it feels a little out of place. Nevertheless, whilst turning over pages engulfed in the smell of paper one after the other, she was not concerned with things other than the contents of the books.

Her hand picked up a new book. It was her favourite book she reread many times over. When she turned over the front cover there was an emblem stamped there indicating that it was a book belonging to the 8th division’s library.

(This book, I stamped it…)

Next to the emblem, the name of the person in charge is filled in [Ise Nanao]. It was her clumsy writing from when she was still very young.

A mid-size library was erected in the residential area of each Gotei 13 division respectively. The damage caused by the Great War varied, since the reconstruction efforts focused on and progressed from the locations that were indispensable to daily life, any libraries with damaged sections were left as it is in a state of closure. When they went to inspect the reconstruction sites, the state of affairs hurt Nanao’s heart, she appealed to captain Commander Shunsui Kyouraku about whether the central library alone could be preferentially restored.

Construction began immediately, the books that survived through war damage were gathered from each library, and stored on brand new bookshelves.

(It was not burnt… Good)

Nanao, who was a member of the 8th division from a very early age, immediately after enlistment was entrusted with organising the book collection of the 8th division’s library.

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The thing is, I love performing. I love the buzz. I don’t want to do any other job. That’s why my anxiety is so upsetting and difficult to explain. It’s this thing that swells up and blocks out your rational thought processes. Even when you know you want to do something, know that it will be good for you, that you’ll enjoy it when you’re doing it, the anxiety is telling you a different story. It’s a constant battle within yourself.
—  Excerpt from Zayn’s book.

I want… Hunk and Lance to be theatre nerds. Like image it:

  • The comics said that Hunk could sing and play instruments, so he was probably the on stage guy
  • Sure he’s anxious, but once he’s comfortable he kills it. Super believable when acting
  • Lance could help with costume and design, and even though he already has a bold personality he struggles with being on stage 
  •  Their parents probably are the ones who sell the first 3 rows of seats to family members for all 3 nights
  • Someone: “Oh my God you guys” 
  • Hunk and Lance: *Legally Blonde the Musical flashbacks*
  • Let them break out into random show tunes during training or a battle
    • *cough cough* let them sing show tune love songs to each other *cough*
  • Really hardcore when it comes to arts not being funded enough in schools
  • They both are the fastest to change into their uniforms
    • “Wow that was quick”
    • “Please that was nothing, have you ever had to do a full costume and makeup change within 25 seconds?”
  • Think adaptations from book to movies are bad? Hunk and Lance are super judgmental from stage to movies.
  • Prefers original cast recordings, and knows every word to every song