from where they fly south

The Night Crew // Mafia!au Prologue //

(A/N: This is my au and i’m slightly nervous, there might be some changes from the original request. BTS (later) & Got7 (later) will be in this story as well as f(x) obliviously. Hope you like it!!)  // chapter 1

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“I don’t wanna go to the club, Luna!!” Amber cried, “I literally just wanna go to the hotel, and sleeeeeeep. i’m tired.”

 Luna looked back at her best friend, and pouted. “You could meet a cute girl here!” She said, wiggling her eyebrows, while Amber just look at her with a dumbfounded expression.

“I’m too fucking tired to being doing this, but fine. I’ll meet you in the lobby in 5.” Amber replied, sighing, she grabbed her suitcase, and went to the elevator.

‘I hope I don’t regret tonight,’ she thought.


 "Finally!“ Luna cried, seeing Amber come out of the elevator, with a plain black tee shirt one, black ripped jeans and some combat boots, “You can at least wear something a bit nicer, like, a jacket or something.“ 

"Look, you’re lucky I’m letting you drag me to this fucking club, lets go.” She replied, swinging her arm around her shoulders. 

 "I think you’ll like this club.“ Luna said, while Amber just hummed in response.


Getting to the club, Amber immediately felt out of place, especially not being in the party mood. The club reaked of sex, alcohol, and sweat. She also didn’t feel better realizing that Luna left her side, sighing, she dragged herself to the bar, and flagged down the bartender. 

 "Whiskey with cherry Coke please." 

The bartender nodded in response, and starting working on it. 

Amber sighed and started feeling antsy, as if she was feeling someone was looking at her. When she looked around the club she noticed a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile, is seemed peaceful, yet chaotic. She noticed there was a slight wickedness to her smile. Amber smiled back, and turned back around, just in time to see her drink being placed in front of her. She paid the bartender, and tipped him, grabbing her drink, taking a sip of it, before sitting it back down, her finger tracing the rim. 

 "Lonely, aren’t we?” You said, scaring Amber slightly, as you see her jump, you chuckle, “calm down, I thought you were cute and thought i’d talk to you, hopefully, you like women.” You giggled. 

“Uh, yeah, yeah, I do. I just flew in tonight, and my friend begged me to come to the club with her, as soon as we get here, she ditches me, so i’m slightly on edge.” Amber replied with a dry chuckle. 

“That sucks, i’m sorry,” you say with a sad smile, “Where did you fly in from?" 

"South Korea, lived there for a while now.” Amber said, happy thoughts coming to her mind. 

 "I’m assuming you speak Korean then?“ 

"Yeah, it was nice learning though. It was something new, you know?” she replied, a slight smirk on her face.

“So, where are you from, then?” you said, tilting your head. 

“What?” Amber didn’t know if she heard you correctly. 

 "You said you moved to Korea, where are from originally, cutie?“ you said, smiling at her.  

"I don’t know if I should tell you, you could be dangerous.” Amber said laughing at her own joke, but honestly, she really had no idea.