from where i am everything feels farther

I have not had any meat in a year. W i l d. I never thought I would stop eating meat let alone become vegan… It literally shocks me every single day. I am not a purist by any means and there are some days where I eat animal products (ranch is my weakness) but as a whole I would say my diet is at least 85-90% vegan and it is shocking to me. 

When I first started this journey I had people telling me I would feel weak/tired/be protein deficient and that could not be any farther from the truth. I have had my blood work done and not only did everything come out normal, my doctor said my results were super good. 

Transitioning into a plant based diet is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am not one of those vegans who wants to force everyone to become vegan and shames people who are not vegan but I would strongly suggest cutting down your meat consumption (meatless Mondays!) and finding different sources of protein. One of the things I have loved about becoming vegan was how much it expanded my diet. I know people would assume going vegan means cutting out a lot of things and that is true but if anything, it has made my diet a lot more diverse. 

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to ramble and talk about this because it just occurred to me that my vegetarian anniversary was sometime around this time last year.