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Windows, They’re all over the place...  Peter Parker X Reader

Hi guys! This isn’t a request but it was something that just kinda came out one day. It’s a thing that has been done before but I tried to make it a little different. 

Summary: You go to find out what had happened to your best friend in Germany and you get a little more than your bargained for. 

Words: 2,014 

Relationship: Peter Parker X Reader 

Warnings: None, basically fluff without all that much plot.

Oh and my personal favorite part, Tipsy Aunt May shows up!

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Peter Parker peaked outside his bedroom window for the millionth time that night. He couldn’t help it, you were on your way over and would be at his place at any second, he was just so damn excited. Peter had just gotten back from Germany, with you being the only person who knew the real purpose behind his impromptu vacation, you had made him promise to tell you everything the next chance he got, and that chance was now.

Peter checked his phone again, pencil tapping on his long forgotten makeup chem homework, seeing that it was nearing twenty minutes since you said you were heading out, which was strange. Your apartments were only five minutes walk from each other, ten if you were walking slow. Maybe you were getting some food?

Text from Y/N: At Delmar’s, you want anything?

Immediately Peter let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding, so you were getting food.

Sent from Peter: Maybe some gummy worms? We still watching that new movie? He sent back.

Text from Y/N: Yupper, I’ll get some Milk Duds too, May likes those right?

Sent from Peter: Yeah, but she’s not home tonight, book club I think.

Text from Y/N: I’ll still get em. Be there in a few.

Peter put away his phone and decided to just pack up his notebook and textbook, there was no way he was getting any more work done tonight. True to your word you arrived to the Parker residence about five minutes later, brown paper bag in hand. Which you promptly dropped when you got a good look at your best friends bruised face.

“Okay Parker, what happened?” you asked, crossing your arms and fixing your best concerned but still kinda mad glare on him. He just sighed exasperatedly when he saw you, ever since you had found out about Spider-Man you had become a mother hen, always fussing about him when he showed up a little worse for wear and giving him the “look”. Which he was grateful for, but at the same time he wished you were more enthusiastic about his super-human abilities.

He gingerly bent over and grabbed the bag from the floor, one hand clutching his still sore ribs. This didn’t go unnoticed by you and only made your frown deepen. When he stood up you grabbed the bag and his hand and brought him over to the couch, sitting down and facing him once again, gesturing with a hand to start the explanation.

“Well first Mr.Stark gave me this brand new suit and oh my god it’s so cool! I’ll have to show it to you later, so I get to this airport right and guess who’s there? THE AVENGERS, ALL OF THEM. And Mr. Stark has his Iron Man suit on on one side with Black Widow and this guy in a cat suit and a few other people then on the other side was Captain America and that Winter Soldier guy and a bunch of other people like that magic girl who blew up that place in that one city, and there just standing there talking until Mr. Stark calls for me and….” Peter had barely stopped to breathe, his hands waving around frantically as he gestured about what had happened. You had tried to follow, but after a minute of his incoherent rambling you cut him off.

“Okay so far that sounds… pretty cool actually I’m not gonna lie, but I’m more interested in how you got that black eye,” You said as you brought a hand to his cheek, thumb lightly hovering over the purple mark around his eye.

“Well I was getting there until you interrupted me,” He joked as he grabbed your hand from his face and brought it back in between you two, lacing his fingers with yours. Which was new, but he had already starting talking again so he luckily missed the way your cheeks flushed slightly at the action.

“Anyways, Mr. Stark calls for me and I know I gotta impress them so I GRAB CAPTAIN AMERICA’S SHIELD RIGHT FROM HIS HAND and yeah it was cool but then the fighting happens and somehow he got his shield back,” you paused him again.


“Yes now shhh keep up,” he laughed, glad you were finally showing interest. “So I go to fight this guy I think his name was Eagle or Falcon or something and the Winter Soldier and I totally beat their asses and as I’m about to finish this little robot grabs and drops me like twenty feet from the ground which I had my web so I was fine and then…” As Peter continued all you could do was stare in slight horror and a lot of amazement that the little dork you knew from first grade had fought all these assassins and superhumans and only came out with sore ribs and a few bruises. So when he finished the story you didn’t know whether to hit the boy for being so reckless or hug him for being so brave. You went with the latter.

Peter wasn’t prepared for when you threw your arms around his neck and brought him close, carefully of course, but he wasn’t all that unpleased, and after a second he wrapped his arms around your waist too and brought you all that closer. Burying his head in your neck to hide the blush that had formed.

“Okay so I have to say that was very cool but reckless and I’m mad but also proud. But most of all I’m just glad you’re okay,” You said in one breath, squeezing him tighter as you spoke. Peter chuckled against your neck, you weren’t one for talking about your emotions, so he was secretly pleased you were being so forthcoming.

“Look at you, saying that you care about me,” He smirked as he lifted his head up to look at you, arms not leaving your waist.

“Yeah well don’t get used to it,” You grumbled back at him, cheeks flushing once again. All of a sudden you realized just how close you and Peter were, who had seemed to notice at the same time as you did and was now as bright as a tomato himself.

You realized suddenly that he wasn’t quite looking at your face as much as he was watching your lips, and slowly, almost imperceptibly he leaned forward your eyes widening before leaning in yourself and…

“Petey Baby I’m home! Oh, Hi Y/N” May yelled as she threw open the door, stumbling a bit. You both sprang apart as if electrocuted and flew to opposite ends of the couch.

“H-Hey Aunt May, how was book club?” Peter stuttered as he quickly turned on the TV.

“Oh it was pretty boring, but Maggie brought some Wine so it turned out alright,” She giggled as she made her way over to the couch and sat down between you two.  “oHhHHhH are those Milk Duds?” she asked as she took the yellow box from the bag on the coffee table.

“Y-Yeah, got them just for you May,” you laughed nervously. May made an aww noise in the back of her throat and tore them open, offering some to both you and Peter before popping at least ten in her mouth.

“What- CHA watching,” She asked around the sticky caramel in her mouth, resting her head on your shoulder as a pillow.

“We were about to put in a movie but it’s getting pretty late so I should go home,” May pouts for a second at you before lifting her head from your shoulder so you could get up. You shot up as fast as possible and made your way over to where you had left your purse and shoes.

“Well I’m glad you had fun with the Stark Internship Peter, and it was good to see you Aunt May,” You called over to the couch, where you could see the woman had already started snoring. You and Peter shared a nervous if not forced laugh before you waved goodbye and closed the door behind you, beginning the short walk back your house.

What the hell just happened? You thought to yourself as you stepped outside the apartment building.

“Y/N! Wait!” You heard from behind you as you turn around and see Peter burst from the door and run up to you.

“Peter? Did I forget something?” You asked just before he crashes his lips onto yours, hard, almost painfully. But you didn’t seem to care because holy crap Peter Parker is kissing me. And it was short and rough but it was still a kiss and you were both blushing messes when he pulled away.

“I uh sorry… just uh… yeah,” He mumbled before turning away, but you quickly grabbed his wrist and brought his face back to yours for one more, much softer kiss.

“Can I come over tomorrow?” You asked when you looked at him again. “I think we have some things to talk about,”

“Y-Yeah. Come over whenever. May has to work pretty early and will be gone all day,” You shyly nodded and walked away once more.

“Text me when you get home!” He called after you, to which you replied by throwing up a thumbs up.

Peter stood there for a few more seconds before he jumped up with a Yeah! His fist raised in the air. With a smile on his face he ran back upstairs and into his apartment, locking the door behind him.

“So you two finally figured it out huh?” May said suddenly, causing Peter to jump and clutch at his chest.

“Geez Aunt May, little more warning please,” he gasped as he caught his breath. “What are you talking about?” May raised her eyebrows at her nephew, hoping he would figure it out himself. But when she realized that wasn’t going to happen she sighed and brought him back over to the couch.

“I’m talking about you and Y/N, you two have been dancing around each other for years, don’t worry I’m happy for you. But I expect you to know that there is an open door policy in this household, I know you kids think you’re all grown up and we all have urges but…”

“OH C’MON AUNT MAY NO, EW PLEASE STOP,” he shouted as he lept up from the couch, hands in the air. “IT’S NOT LIKE THAT, NOTHING HAPPENED, GEEZ,”

“Okay okay, I totally believe you” she laughed as she herself got up from the couch and went to the kitchen, where she grabbed a water and some advil from the cupboard. “Ugh, I am going to feel this tomorrow,” She sighed as she walked away only stopping once she was in her doorway.

“Oh and by the way, be gentler next time. Don’t want to bruise your faces even more than your’s already is,” Peter’s eyes widened once again at her words, the blush returning to his cheeks.  

“How did- how’d you… ya know…” He asked nervously.

“There’s a thing called windows Peter, they’re all over the place,” she laughed once again as she closed the door to her bedroom, leaving a still baffled Peter in the living room. He quickly looked over to the nearest window and to his horror he saw that it had a perfect view of where you two had just kissed.

Peter jumped once again as his phone buzzed in his pocket, but a smile came back to his face when he saw it was from you.

Text from Y/N: Home.

Text from Y/N: See you tomorrow Spider-Boy. Maybe we can actually watch that movie this time huh lol?

Peter laughed and sent a quick text back to you before climbing into his own bed, suddenly glad you knew about his secret identity, and excited for tomorrow.

Unbeknownst to the other, you both fell asleep with smiles on your faces that night, and would for many many more.

Siberia - Part Seven

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N finally reach the base. But despite Y/N’s protests, Bucky refuses to wait for backup.

Warning: minor injuries, cursing, violence

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Previous part - Next part

I ran after Bucky, trying not to trip over the roots in the darkness of the woods. He didn’t spare me a glance when I finally caught up to him and kept on walking.

‘This is insane,’ I hissed between my teeth.

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The Alarm

Name: The alarm.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader

Theme: Angst. Smut. .

This story is about being betrayed, dealing with it and making some important decisions.

Tags: @umbrellas-and-tallymarks @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @gotham-city-tales @weepinggoose @queencobblefreezestuff@myregardstothereader @jokesterwrites @minpov @luciebell-writes @just-a-little-crazy @rawrcoptergaming @taintedmarker @emberandshadow @cobblehearts @elvirateaqueen13 ​​

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Okay lovely followers! I posted my fan-fic here! Hope you guys like it! (I know I need to work on my writing, but I tried XD)


“HICCUP!” Elsa called over the dark blue ocean, her call echoing and fading into the bright sky.

“Ohhhh.” She whined, ringing her hands and biting her lip as she trailed back to Fishlegs; he was in about the same condition as she was.
“You’re positive he didn’t leave the island?” She asked and Fishlegs nodded.
“Toothless’ tails are still in his room or the shop. There’s no way he could’ve left without flying him.”
Elsa sighed, her head falling as she tugged at the cuff on her glove, her eyes franticly tracing the ground while she thought of more locations Hiccup may be in.
“Astrid and Snotlout already checked the cove, right?” She uttered through her pink lips, setting her jaw together in a funny way as she picked at her thumb nail with her index.
“Yep. And the twins turned over the village and coastline.”
Another deep sigh passed through her chest.
“Well, we have to keep looking.” She said.

Fishlegs hopped on Meatlug and offered Elsa a hand up; she struggled only a little, but managed to get herself on.
She flipped her pearly bangs out of her eyes and the two flew off, continuing to look for Toothless and Hiccup.

“Ugh, his dad is probably throwing chairs, by now.” Elsa groaned softly, her eyes scanning the ground as she peered over the dragon’s side.
“Uh, I imagine that probably occurred earlier. It should be getting to barrels by now.” Fishlegs piped, turning his head over each of Meatlugs wings. His hands firmly locked onto her ears.

A few minutes passed and finally Elsa saw something in the forest down below. She called out for Fishlegs to stop and head down.
“Look there!” She said as they hovered closer to the lumpy ground. Jumping off, she ran over to what she saw, and traced her finger through the newly stamped track.
“Those are Night-Fury tracks!” Fishlegs yipped, pouncing off Meatlug and running to her side.
“Toothless.” She peeped.
She cupped her hands and called for Hiccup.

The trail sprawled out further into the forest and her and Fishlegs knew that Toothless would be at the end of it, hopefully with Hiccup.
“Cmon Els, they must’ve come this way.” He stated.
He motioned her to follow, and both their eyes latched to the ground on the tracks. .
Toothless’ tracks were mixed in with a bunch of others, but Fishlegs helped spot the right footprint. They spent a few of minutes howling for the two as they wandered deeper in.

Finally their hollers paid off.
Toothless scurried towards them and Elsa gasped with she caught sight of him.
“Look, it’s Toothless!” She cried as she ran at him, petting his head when they got close.
“But where’s Hiccup?” Fishlegs asked, trailing towards the two and staring at Toothless’ empty back.
“HICCUP!” Elsa shouted, her brows pitching together in worry when she heard nothing but crow calls. Toothless butted her legs, circling around her and nudging her hastily.
“I think he’s trying to take you to Hiccup.” Fishlegs uttered as Elsa’s eyes grew; her heart starting to race.
“You don’t think he’s hurt, do you?!” She squeaked, Toothless continuing to butt her and Fishlegs shaking his head as his shoulders raised.

Her eyes were suddenly lit by a dull reflection and she squinted when she caught sight of the object. She wandered over to it and her pounding heart befriended a nervous stomachache. “What the?” She picked up the item and Fishlegs gulped, both their pupils shrinking.
In her hand sat Hiccup’s prosthetic foot.
“Ha-How did he lose this?” She uttered.
Fishlegs nervously glaced around and Toothless continued to nudge her, whining deeply in his throat.
“He can’t walk! We’ve got to find him.” She said, shoving the tool in Hiccup’s brown satchel on Toothless’ back, starting to climb onto him.
“Wait! What if Hiccup’s captured or something? You just want to run towards whatever he brings you to?” Fishlegs cried, Elsa turning and holding back Toothless.
“I have to make sure he’s okay. If someone really is after him, he can’t run away! We just have to follow Toothless.”
Elsa sat down on Hiccup’s saddle and Fishlegs sighed, Meatlug and him following after her as they took off.

Toothless rode Elsa to a near cave and she furrowed her brows as she stepped off of him.
“Hiccup?” She lightly uttered, grazing Toothless’ head and observing the location with a confused glare.
Turning and pulling the foot back out of the bag, she slowly started strolling towards the entrance. She halted, studying the large cavern, nervously. She listened to the dripping and pulled her hand into a light fist. Toothless crowed and shoved her deeper towards the dark stone den.
“Okay, okay.” She assured, rubbing the dragon again and squinting as she headed into the tunnel.
“Wait, you’re going in there?” Fishlegs asked, jumping down from Meatlug with a unsure look, his fingertips wiggling as he brought them close together.
“If Hiccup is in there, yes. I have Toothless with me. It’ll be fine.”

Elsa’s confidence grew since she had come to Berk. She’d been there almost 7 months and after spending so much time with Hiccup and other Vikings, she had started to grow some of their personality and steadiness when it came to reckless and dangerous sort of things. Her gentle and shy personality stayed, but her braveness grew. Someone was always in trouble on Berk, and she needed to learn how to help out when it was needed. Hiccup certainly built up her backbone. He made her stronger.

Fishlegs whined as she stepped deeper in, calling Hiccup’s name. Toothless lead her through cautiously. She continued trailing into the cave and the bright entrance started growing smaller, but soon she noticed a small head of chestnut-brown hair peeping behind a boulder.
“Hiccup!” She belled happily, darting over to her fluffy headed angel and folding to her knees so she was near at his level. Her excitement soon faded when she reached him, watching him franticly wipe his eyes as he sniffed in harshly a few times.
She slowly crawled towards him on her hands and knees as he peeked out of his curled up position. His eyes burned with tears when he looked up at her and his brows fell shamefully.
“Hey…a-are…are you okay? ” She cooed ever so gently, scooting closer to him for comfort.
He turned his head and mumbled hurtfully, his chin shaking as a tear slipped down his cheek.
Her eyes turned to his left leg and she sincerely frowned, looking at his empty stub.
Leaving the foot near Toothless, she slid closer to Hiccup and stroked his hair, her eyes still worryingly gazing at him. What caused his heartbreak?

“W-what happened, love?”
He sniffed and buried his nose into his tucked arms, twisting his view back to her when she tenderly started brushing her hands up and down his shoulder cuff. His brows tightened sadly when he traced her sincere face.
“Nothing.” He whimpered.
He sounded completely broken-hearted.
“Nothing?” Elsa asked and his eyes fell to his artificial behind her hand.
He lifted his face out and swallowed largely, his jaw trembling as he shook his head dully. After a while, he started to clear his cheeks again.
“It’s okay, Hiccup, you can tell me.”
Hiccup’s eyes fell back on her crystal blue irises and his chest pains lightly faded from her loving gentleness. He deeply exhaled, batting his lids a few times to clear them of their dampness.
“I-It’s nothing…it’s stupid.” He croaked, dully huffing out a fake laugh as he tried to lighten the mood, hiding his problem.
Elsa sympathetically pulled her lips into a small smile and uncovered the issue again. She knew it meant more to him and wanted to understand his heartache.
“It’s not nothing. What happened?”
He combed his bangs back and pulled a sharp breath through his nose again, clearing his throat when his tears started to overflow his eyes.
“It’s just–its. It’s so stupid, Els.” He chuckled, rubbing his right eye harshly, his unrealistic smile falling as he looked down in emotional humiliation.
His freckled tanned cheeks became mistier, his inhales squeaking when he tried his hardest to continue burying his sadness. Elsa tenderly pinched her brows and lips while Hiccup started to cry again. She felt awful, and her nurturing instincts kicked in. She stretched her chin and lightly kissed his neck, his whimpers growing short as she cuddled him.

Toothless came over to them and lovingly licked Hiccup’s damp red face, a sweet grin appearing across Elsa’s lips as Hic softly laughed. He held and patted Toothless’ ruff head, glancing at Elsa with his bloodshot eyes that unsteadily hitched when he finally gave his answer to her question.
“Mu-My dad and I–’ve been getting into a lo-t of fights lately…and uh-..I…I–”
He swallowed harshly to open a clear path so he could finish his thought, but his jaw trembled too much and his face was wet with another teardrop. She frowned, stroking his hair again as she awaited his finish.

For the last few months, she had noticed how often Hiccup and his father got into fights. Both would get enraged and sometimes hurtful things would spill out, causing a bigger wound then they intended. Obviously Stoick had gone too far, this time.
“Did you guys get into another fight?” She delicately asked, a light nod motioning from Hiccup’s hanging head as he pursed lips. His glassy eyes produced more tears and he was clearly irritated and embarrassed by his weeping.
“It’s nothing, I’m–…I’m alright.” He uttered through stiff vocal cords.
Elsa frowned and scooted closer to him to give him a hug.
He lightly smiled as she fondled him, stroking his hair and clearing his tears away with her thumbs. He looked up at her with his sweet red stained doe eyes.
“Hiccup, are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” She asked warmly.
She wanted to know what had happened, of course, but she didn’t feel right to keep urging him to talk if it only worsened his pain.
He nodded gently and she kindly respected his wishes. She still wanted to know what had been said to her baby, and why he was crying so much. They both smiled lightly at each other as she cradled his chin.

“Elsa?!” Fishlegs called nervously and Hiccup furrowed his brows.
“Is that Fishlegs?” He asked tensely, Elsa nodding as she peered over the boulder, watching Fishlegs’ silhouette tilt back and forth.
“Everything’s fine, Fishlegs. I found him! We’ll be out in a minute.” She cawed back.
His head bobbed as he stepped out of the tunnel and back into the warm sunlit area. Hiccup hugged his knees and bit his rose colored lips, his glassy green eyes peeking up behind the rock as he looked towards his friend.
“Why’s Fishlegs with you?” He asked curiously as he turned back to Elsa.
“He was helping me look for you. Your friends and I have been trying to find you all day. You were gone a while and we got worried.”

Toothless came up and nudged Elsa’s arm as she answered, her hands lovingly scratching his ear.
“I uh…I thought I might go flying, but then I realized I’d forgotten his tail, so I sort of…crashed here.” Hiccup uttered, rubbing Toothless as well.
“How’d you lose your foot? I thought something bad happened.” Elsa murmured.
“No…it-it was nothing. Nothing that bad. I was riding too fast and it busted off. It wasn’t attached to the pedal and I was…I was a little…upset.” He wheezed.
He reached for his foot and she handed it to him, watching him reattach it to his leg and soon offering him a string to lock it on.
“Didn’t feel like going after it, at the time.” He added, patting it once it was set.
Toothless warbled calmly when he nuzzled Hiccup’s head. He seemed pleased that Hiccup’s foot was back.
“Uh, sorry I–uh…worried everyone.” Hiccup blushed, his eyes switching away. Toothless purred as Hiccup petted him.
“It’s alright, I’m just glad we found you..I’m glad you’re somewhat okay.” Elsa sweetly belled.
She adjusted his stray bangs and Hiccup wiped his eyes again, scoffing at how pathetic he must’ve looked to her. He brushed himself off, trying to dry the damp areas on his red shirt.
“Cmon, honeycomb, you need some air.” Elsa offered sweetly, her thumbs drying his burning face as he chuckled at the pet name.
She gave him a hand up, fondly intertwining their fingers.

Toothless happily stared up at healing Hiccup, a kind smile pulling together on Hiccup’s face as he used his free fingers to rub the sincere Night-fury.
“Uh..uh–wait.” He urged, wiping his face down so Fishlegs wouldn’t see he was crying before. I guess it wouldn’t come across as very Viking like, even to the most sensitive Viking on the island.
“Do I–do I look okay?” Hiccup asked, Elsa smiling and nodding lovingly.
“You look lovely.” She cooed, walking up and pecking his nose.
Hiccup’s goofy self returned and before she pulled back, he grabbed her chin and pulled her into a few soft kisses. Elsa chirped happily and complied, smooching him back a few times.
She chuckled happily when they released and stroked Hiccup’s neck.
“Alrighty, cmon…” She gingerly sighed, walking backwards as she pulled him with her.
“Els?” Hiccup muttered lightly as he let her hand go and rubbed the back of his head.
“Yes?” She asked, stepping towards him as his expression grew serious again.
“Uh..tha-thanks for..coming and…rescuing me.”
He drug his foot through the dirt as he stared down, blushing and patting his fists against his thighs.
A gentle smile relaxed Elsa’s face and she picked his rough warm hand back up, interlocking it with hers as she raised his chin.
“I’ll always come rescue you.”
She pecked his cheek and he grinned, tightening his clench on her fingers and walking out with her.

When the pair came out, Fishlegs sighed in relief, eyeing Hiccup for a minute when he noticed his red eyes.
“So…everything’s okay?” He asked and Hiccup nodded shyly. Once everything was settled, the three took off back to the village.

Name: Nothing left to say.
Author: Aya-Fay
Fandom: Gotham
Pairing: Victor x Reader
Theme: M – Angst and mention of death.
Summary: That’s the angstiest thing I’ve ever wrote.

@queencobblepotstuff, @myregardstothereader, @jokesterwrites, @minpov, @under-oswalds-umbrella, @luciebell-writes, @just-a-little-crazy

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Prompt: (high school like grade 12 so ages 18) Magnus is new to school, Alec and the gang are the 'popular' kids(but they're super nice.) some kid gives Magnus the low down of all their personalities but when he gets to Alec he's like 'I got nothin man he only talks to the squad' and then Magnus has to know him so he makes it his mission to break Alec outta his box and then they date and its magic

Magnus sat at the table that Raphael had invited him to. It was his first day at his new school, but the kids had been friendly enough to him, which put any anxiety he might have had, far away. Raphael had been overly friendly, which made Magnus a little suspicious because Magnus knew he wore nice clothes, giving away his rich background. He so often thought that people wanted him because of his money, but as it turned out Raphael seemed to be just a very nice person. 

“Hello,” Camille, who Magnus had been previously introduced to, said, sitting across from him. “I see Ralph has already placed dibs on you.”

“Dibs?” Magnus asked, raising an eyebrow. 

Raphael rolled his eyes. “She just means I got to you before any other group did.” he waved his hand around the lunchroom. “There’s so many cliques in this damn school, it’s unbelievable.”

“That’s high school.” Magnus shrugged, taking a bite of his sandwich. His eyes fluttered over the dining hall, and landed on a group of five people sitting not too far away. They were all sitting close together, completely unaware of everyone around them. They were all staggering beautiful, which put a small on Magnus’ face. He so enjoyed pretty things. 

Raphael sighed. “I see you’ve spotted the most looked to group in the school.”

“They’re gorgeous.” Magnus blurted out, his eyes falling on the tallest of them, with the wonderful dark hair. Even from here, Magnus could see his dazzling blue eyes. 

Camille looked over her shoulder and scoffed. “They’re alright.”

“You’re blind.” Magnus breathed. “Who are they?”

Raphael pointed to the blonde one. “Jace Herondale–”

Magnus took in a breath; Jace Herondale was a resident of the Upper East Side, Magnus knew who he was; he was a trouble maker. Magnus had never seen him, but he had heard the stories of the reckless and brave boy, who went out of his way to cause trouble. Which could only mean–

“So,” Magnus looked at the rest of them. “That’s the family who adopted him?”

“Sort of.” Raphael pointed to the one with the curly red hair. “That’s his girlfriend Clary. She’s a sweet thing, they all are honestly, despite anything anyone might say.  She keeps Herondale tamed.”

Camille shrugged. “Someone has to.”

“The one next to her is Simon Lewis, her best friend.  They both came from Brooklyn, weren’t really friends with the Herondales or the Lightwoods but that changed when Simon started dating Izzy and Clary started dating Isabelle.”

“No one saw Isabelle and Simon coming.” Camille told Magnus. “A nerd with the hottest girl in school.”

“It’s not all about looks,” Magnus reminded them. “And who’s that?”

Raphael grinned lightly. “The last one? Why, that’s Alec Lightwood.”

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