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Remember when it was a general ideal in the fandom that when Loki fell from the Bifrost he was mistreated, tortured; hurt, made to work for evil creatures... that's exactly what's happening now to Thor when he gets banished or whatever. What a plot twist!


fucking tRUTH???

Thor gets part of his power and identity stripped away AGAIN, lost, banished, captured, humiliated, forced into violence…?

time for some resistance™

Day of Grief

Prompt: Imagine being Loki’s therapist.
Reader Gender: Female
Character / Fandom: Loki / Avengers & Thor
Word Count: 700ish
Warnings:  Angst, grief, talk of loss
Author’s Note: GIF not mine (x)

Hostile. Abrasive. Dismissive. Confident. Egotistical. Power hungry.

These were the words you had used to describe Loki Laufeyson.

You had been meeting with him for the last several weeks. Although, monitoring would be a better word. He barely looked at you, let alone acknowledged you when he was presented with a question or fact about yourself. Truth be told, the man frightened you a little. You had seen the result of his thirst for power. All the people that died, the cities that lie in ruin; all because he wanted what he couldn’t have.

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She had sat alone in the park for hours, sketching and enjoying the beautiful weather. Though London was much cooler than Asgard, she had come to love the enthusiasm it’s citizens greeted such weather with. FanndÄs had moved to London a few years ago, after Loki was presumed dead when he fell from the rainbow bridge. She saw the news when he reappeared, and had even considered returning to Asgard when he did, but she had made a life for herself and didn’t want to give it up, not even for the man she had secretly loved for so long.

And so, here she was, a goddess among mortals, alone. There were days she could have sworn she had seen Thor wandering the streets, but she simply dismissed it; he had no reason to be here, afterall, and he was the heir to the throne

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A boy was running away from something when he rammed into Loki. "Ow!!" He said as he fell to the ground.

“Perhaps you should be more careful, little one.” Loki commented, looking down at the boy now sitting on the ground. “What is it that you are running from?”