from when he debuted and had barely any

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Hi! I have not been completely in the loop with One Direction stuff recently, but yesterday I came on your blog and saw a post about Harry's team using kinda alienating tactics, and how it is bad for Harry's performance on charts (?). I know he debuted at number 2 on billboard hot 100, and that is a pretty big deal for any artist (louis debuted at 52)... I know more interaction would be even better for him, but I don't really see how less interaction is hurting his numbers...

For the record, Harry’s numbers aren’t bad at all, people have just argued that they could be better. But anyway, Louis debuted at #52 with almost no build-up for his song coming out (we learned that he probably had a song the day before and we didn’t know when it would be dropped) and with literally zero promo aside from a single (barely-promoted) performance on TXF. Harry debuted at #4 (not #2) (which we’re not suggesting is bad - that’s amazing for a solo launch) and quickly dropped (this is mostly what people think could have been prevented, even if only somewhat) with the full force of a huge label supporting him, a commercial and promotion for his song beginning two weeks prior to its release, a first play during a two-hour interview on BBC Radio 1, a first day where Harry’s team made a deal to get radio stations to play the song hourly, numerous interviews that first day alone (including interviews with the most popular radio shows in the U.S. and UK), a debut performance on Saturday Night Live, a Rolling Stone cover, a Graham Norton Show interview and performance, and on and on it goes. Are you……..really gonna act like the launches of their solo careers and their debut numbers are at all comparable when Harry has had a shitload of great promo beginning weeks before his song launched and Louis had none until over a month after his song launched, and even then, did not have even close to the same level of promo and had basically zero support from his own team and the label for the song behind him? 🤔🤔🤔