from two different photos


Photos from the back covers of the Dykes to Watch Out For  series

1. Dykes to Watch Out For (1986)

2. More Dykes to Watch Out For (1988)

3.  New, Improved! Dykes to Watch Out For (1990) / Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out For (1993)

4. Dykes to Watch Out For: The Sequel (1992)

5. Unnatural Dykes to Watch Out For (1995)

6. Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For (1997)

7. Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For (1998)

8. Post-Dykes to Watch Out For (2000)


…I realized the thing that was missing was you.

Maybe unlock your asks? I’m not on tumblr so can’t use this function. Dunno if you’re up for it, but I’d like a discussion on all things fandom. I’m fascinated by it (and very neutral). You seem to be a deeper thinker than many round here, and new(ish)? So maybe no rusted on defences. :-)


Okay, took me what felt like a million years to find the button to allow anon asks but I did it. I swear the tumblr app for android is both the best and worst thing that has ever happened. I feel how my grandmother did when she got her first ever mobile phone at the age of 80 and was learning how to send and receive text messages. Rest in peace, Nanny Thel.

Anyhoo, you got me thinking. Fandom is a pretty broad topic and I could be here for days on end typing something out if I really wanted to. But since I don’t, I figured I would go with some of my more casual observations about the Outlander Fandom and in particular how it differs from other fandoms I have been a part of. Here we go:

  • Rules. The very first thing I ever noticed about the Outlander fandom was the number of rules that exist. Coming from many, many years in a fandom where creativity and freedom reigned I was mightily confused. It was this confusion that prompted me to return to my tumblr account and seek answers. What is considered a ‘true fan’ is a common theme among any fandom but what is considered to be a ‘true way to fan’ is a new one (for me, at least). I believe the main reason the Outlander fandom even has rules is because it is so small. Control is only a possibility if the number remains small enough (and/or the ratio of police vs fans remains the same). Since I do not have any statistics on fandom numbers I will compare a male lead from two different television programs. Sam Heughan averages 100,000 likes on a photo on instagram. In comparison Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) averages 700,000. Of course, that data is not fool proof but the difference in numbers is significant enough, yes? The fact that the Outlander fandom is so small and that control is at least to some extent possible, this leans towards the possibility that the personal life narratives of actors are also controlled to some extent. I’m not saying that this is the case. I’m saying that evidence of control in one area leans to the possibility of control in another and therefore is not an incredibly out there thing to believe. (I do, actually, have a theory on this but it is a personal observation and not a casual one so I shall not explore that theory here).
  • Shipping™. When I discovered that in many Outlander facebook groups shipping was not allowed I was flabbergasted. To say the least. Shipping has always been one of the pleasures of fandom life, has it not? The first thing I did was find an Outlander blog on tumblr that regularly accepted questions and asked them to clarify the no shipping rule for me. As it turns out ‘shipping’ refers specifically to shipping the real-life actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. To clarify, shipping is allowed but Shipping™ is not. I find it absolutely amazing that this fandom has taken a regularly and widely used verb and turned it into a noun (all the while continuing to use the word in its original manner).
  • Policing. The policing of fandom rules, especially the no Shipping™ rule, is very apparent in this fandom. No matter where you look, no matter your preferred social media platform, there is always someone policing the posts and comments. In one Outlander facebook group someone posted the latest viewing ratings for Outlander on Australian TV. It was a great number and I commented that it would be even higher if the show aired on free TV and at a time when all the little kidlets are in bed asleep. I was instantly shut down and my comment deemed negative and inappropriate. I never intended for my comment to be taken that way. I was simply making an observation. I would be more likely to tune in when the episodes airs live on Foxtel if it aired after my toddler was in bed asleep. In response I simply deleted my comment and left the group. 
  • Safe Space. I refer most often to the Supernatural fandom simply because that is where I have spent the most amount of time and been the most active. This is because it has always been my safe place. That place to escape reality. That place to fan without judgement. That place to just relax and find enjoyment in life. At least a quarter of my facebook friends are people I have met through fandom. They’ve been there through the heartbreak, the celebration and the boring stuff. I once travelled by myself to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend a Supernatural Convention. I shared a hotel room with 2 people I had never met in person before. One from tumblr and another from a facebook group. To this very day the three of us are close friends on facebook. I am yet to experience such a safe space in the Outlander fandom. The policing here is intense. There is the real possibility that your text or images may be screencapped and used to shame or even entertain. The idea that a comment or post made on one social media platform may end up on another and the OP shamed for whatever reason is not one that promotes comfort and safety. This brings me to my next observation.
  • The involvement of [significant] others. The first time I ever came across this, certain members of a closed Outlander facebook group were being publicly shamed on twitter and instructions on how one can and cannot fan were being circulated. This phenomenon seems particularly strange to me since I am not all sure that this [very famous] person on twitter is a member of the fandom nor part of the show’s production. It appears to me that this twitter account is simply its own platform for naming and shaming fandom members. This is certainly not something that promotes comfort and safety.
  • SO Hate. Distaste and outright hate for celebrity SOs [Significant Others] exists everywhere. What separates SO hate in this fandom from others is the intense defense of SOs that are unconfirmed and/or only suspected. To defend someone who is the wife, husband or declared partner of a celebrity, or maybe the mother or father of a celebrity’s child is reasonable (so long as it is non-violent). That celebrity has made their choice and that choice should be respected. It is, however, my view that if someone (celebrity or other) does not wish to openly discuss or declare personal relationships then they do not want us to discuss their personal relationships either. Please note that I am referring to personal choices and not PR-related ones. (I know I said I was excluding personal observations from this piece but… I kind of had to just throw my opinion in there. Oops). 
  • Common factor. This is my final observation and it is neither positive or negative. It just is. There is a common factor amongst all fandom members. That is, the characters Claire and Jamie. No matter where you go or where you look in this fandom you will find Claire and Jamie. I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably something along the lines of ‘Well duh, NigheanDownUnder’. But, the reason I include it on my list is because I think it’s amazing that you can find the same content on blogs from all ‘sides’ of the fandom. People will criticize and shame someone’s post or comment and yet reblog a Claire and Jamie post made by that same person. It is absolutely fascinating that people who share a common interest can’t get along otherwise. 

So. There you go. My initial observations on the Outlander Fandom and how it differs from my previous experiences of fandom. I have no doubt that over time I will observe more. I have no doubt my opinions will change. But for now, this is it.

Here’s how Essence shows how pathetic they are: by photoshopping Kerry and the Nnobody to obtain a “wedding looking” photo to wish them “happy anniversary” for a marriage that never happened. Using photos from TWO DIFFERENT EVENTS.

Here is Kerry with Ava at the SPIRIT AWARDS, the Nnobody is on the other side of the photo next to David Oyelowo.

So what do we do? Cut The Nnobody and David, so we have a right positioning for being actually close to someone in a photo.Here we go:

Then… Here is Kerry with Thandie Newton at the SAG AWARDS. Nice “couple” positioning except OOPS we’ll need to FLIP Kerry as she’s on the wrong side of the photo!

So we flip the photo, superimpose and of course put a totally different background there so as to hide the problems and VOILA! With only one problem: you can see Thandie Newton’s hand in the flipped photo as well of course… exact same fingers and position, and you can see the Nnobody’s hand and his positioning that are EXACTLY those of the other photo, but hey, details.  LOL

PITIFUL photoshop job. DESPERATE, and I mean hater-level desperate.

Essence was always nothing but mainly false narratives, but this? This is low even for them.


Today’s assignment in my Photoshop class was to composite photos from two different movies/tv shows into one fake movie poster.

The poster on the left was my first attempt (starting with 0 knowledge of photo compositing), and the poster on the right was my second attempt after some practice. ^_^

The Entertainer

I am the entertainer
And I know just where I stand
Another serenader
And another long haired band
Today I am your champion
I may have won your hearts
But I know the game, you’ll forget my name
And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

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Songs mentioned in this chapter:
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Anything That’s Rock N’ Roll
Jennifer Warnes - Right Time of the Night
Ricky Nelson - Hello, Mary Lou

Track 08 - I Don’t Wanna Be Alone

After the show in Sacramento, Halo and I drove back home while the band headed north. When we reached our neighborhood, I stopped at the drug store to drop off my film. I was anxious to see the pictures I’d taken of Harry, but more importantly the ones he had taken.

Two days later, I picked up my photos on the way home from work. Unlocking my door, I was relieved to find that Halo wasn’t home yet. I wanted some privacy as I opened the envelope.

The first roll of film had some pictures I’d taken at another band’s show that I’d completely forgotten about, before I’d ever seen Wildfire. I smiled when I reached the first picture of Harry. It was their second or third show I’d seen. He looked amazing, so tall and larger than life up on the stage. The next few photos were more of him until I got to a couple that were blurry. I laughed, remembering Halo grabbing my camera from me to get a few shots of Mitch. I think she had been too excited to get a clear picture.

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World Tour Phantoms at the organ

I’ve included all productions using the Aussie/World Tour sets, hereunder South Africa, South Korea, Australia and the World Tour. Credit in captions.

~* Cat is open for commissions *~

hello hello! due to popular demand, I’m now accepting commissions! these are the kind of drawings I’m offering right now, although I’m open to suggestion so ask away. you can see my work at #cat draws people

more info:

payment is to be done via paypal
I can draw you, friends, or even characters from different fandoms
I’ll need at least two photos of whomever I’m portraying
I’ll do sketches and require approval in order to do the best job I can to please you
no drawing will be posted without your permission
anything else, please contact me here on tumblr or via email! thank you


“…With all the anger in the land
How long before the judgement day?
Before we cut the fat ones down to size?
Before the barricades arise?" – Les Miserables

Enjolras | Marius

SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 45

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– NICO –

Two weeks in his beach side bird cage. He’d learned to leave a patch of any canvas he was working on unpainted if he didn’t want it taken away while he slept. None of them were very good, but he wanted to build on them, work through the errors and mistakes, not have the slate wiped clean to start over each morning. If he left the canvas completely colored they assumed he was done and took it away so he couldn’t build up a collection of canvases, tools to create shadows with. He’d left a painting sitting facing the window just once to encourage a thick spot of paint to dry while he ate lunch one day and found the painting replaced with a blank one. When he’d confronted his guards about that one he’d been told that they couldn’t risk that he was trying to send a message if someone happened to pass by.

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Pumpkin time!! I’m always too excited to carve pumpkins >:0

Here are some of my past pumpkins (photos taken with crap phone cameras, I apologize), newest at the top. There are captions!

I just want to share some tips… The key to carving the 3-toned designs is to thin out the front wall of the pumpkin before you cut anything (I use an ice cream scoop!). Cut the small, delicate holes first and the big pieces last. Then use a paring knife to remove only the skin layer to create the midtone. I expect all of you to carve a pumpkin. Go on.


Ondrej Cernin
Prague, Czech Republic
Canon EOS 60D

Tell us about your process with these moment-in-time timelapse gifs, right from setting up to producing the final image. What usually inspires you to create these?

Although landscapes tend not to change too quickly, I’ve always been fascinated by how quickly the surrounding environment can change in a day, hours or even within minutes, and completely alter the resulting view. When you compare two photos taken from the same place, but at completely different times, the difference tends to be staggering. This is why I have tried to capture these transformations with timelapses.

Whenever I decide to put my camera down on a tripod and start filming, it typically means that I have come across a remarkable view that not only I would like to document, but also enjoy, as compared to taking photos, the long process of waiting a long time for filming allows me to sit down and actually enjoy my surroundings (despite always having to make sure the battery of my camera has not died yet). Not all situations are ideal for taking timelapses, as some sort of a change in the landscape is needed or else the timelapse simply looks like a photo, which is why scenes full of moving clouds, waves, people or even the sun are ideal. Then, after the fun part in the field comes the task of speeding up the video, and then exporting the frames into photoshop in order to make the gifs, which is always tricky in finding the right frame rate in order to portray the beauty of change in the landscape correctly.

Tumblr: @czechthecount