from two different photos


Today’s assignment in my Photoshop class was to composite photos from two different movies/tv shows into one fake movie poster.

The poster on the left was my first attempt (starting with 0 knowledge of photo compositing), and the poster on the right was my second attempt after some practice. ^_^

People be scrambling all over trying to get the rarest fullsets and dolls… when there’s at least two dozen different dolls from misc companies that have practically zero owner photos. Seriously. A majority of Kid Delfs, for example. If you want a rarer doll, get one that you can’t find a single owner photo of.


~* Cat is open for commissions *~

hello hello! due to popular demand, I’m now accepting commissions! these are the kind of drawings I’m offering right now, although I’m open to suggestion so ask away. you can see my work at #cat draws people

more info:

payment is to be done via paypal
I can draw you, friends, or even characters from different fandoms
I’ll need at least two photos of whomever I’m portraying
I’ll do sketches and require approval in order to do the best job I can to please you
no drawing will be posted without your permission
anything else, please contact me here on tumblr or via email! thank you


sorry to flood your dash with drama again followers, but i had to respond to the ludicrous and unfair accusations said against me by @gayvildelien, or tallulah.

she has recently alleged that i had once said that i would have sexual intercourse with bees. above is the screenshot that she used as her so-called ‘proof’ of this incident. note the icon and the name.
below it is my actual skype profile. again, note the icon and the name. as you can see, these two different photos are completely different from each other. whoever the poor girl tallulah exposed in the top photo is, it is not my skype.
please, followers, i ask for you to block tallulah before she hurts more people.


“…With all the anger in the land
How long before the judgement day?
Before we cut the fat ones down to size?
Before the barricades arise?" – Les Miserables

Enjolras | Marius


World Tour Phantoms at the organ

I’ve included all productions using the Aussie/World Tour sets, hereunder South Africa, South Korea, Australia and the World Tour. Credit in captions.


Pumpkin time!! I’m always too excited to carve pumpkins >:0

Here are some of my past pumpkins (photos taken with crap phone cameras, I apologize), newest at the top. There are captions!

I just want to share some tips… The key to carving the 3-toned designs is to thin out the front wall of the pumpkin before you cut anything (I use an ice cream scoop!). Cut the small, delicate holes first and the big pieces last. Then use a paring knife to remove only the skin layer to create the midtone. I expect all of you to carve a pumpkin. Go on.

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– NICO –

Two weeks in his beach side bird cage. He’d learned to leave a patch of any canvas he was working on unpainted if he didn’t want it taken away while he slept. None of them were very good, but he wanted to build on them, work through the errors and mistakes, not have the slate wiped clean to start over each morning. If he left the canvas completely colored they assumed he was done and took it away so he couldn’t build up a collection of canvases, tools to create shadows with. He’d left a painting sitting facing the window just once to encourage a thick spot of paint to dry while he ate lunch one day and found the painting replaced with a blank one. When he’d confronted his guards about that one he’d been told that they couldn’t risk that he was trying to send a message if someone happened to pass by.

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Ondrej Cernin
Prague, Czech Republic
Canon EOS 60D

Tell us about your process with these moment-in-time timelapse gifs, right from setting up to producing the final image. What usually inspires you to create these?

Although landscapes tend not to change too quickly, I’ve always been fascinated by how quickly the surrounding environment can change in a day, hours or even within minutes, and completely alter the resulting view. When you compare two photos taken from the same place, but at completely different times, the difference tends to be staggering. This is why I have tried to capture these transformations with timelapses.

Whenever I decide to put my camera down on a tripod and start filming, it typically means that I have come across a remarkable view that not only I would like to document, but also enjoy, as compared to taking photos, the long process of waiting a long time for filming allows me to sit down and actually enjoy my surroundings (despite always having to make sure the battery of my camera has not died yet). Not all situations are ideal for taking timelapses, as some sort of a change in the landscape is needed or else the timelapse simply looks like a photo, which is why scenes full of moving clouds, waves, people or even the sun are ideal. Then, after the fun part in the field comes the task of speeding up the video, and then exporting the frames into photoshop in order to make the gifs, which is always tricky in finding the right frame rate in order to portray the beauty of change in the landscape correctly.

Tumblr: @czechthecount


anonymous asked:

My husband is an editor for fifteen years and knowledgable in Photoshop. He took one look at the pic and said it was a manip. The baby looks cropped onto Louis. And Louis head and body seem to be his but cropped together from two different photos We have two kids and he said he would never hold either one of ours like that as a newborn. Just some thoughts that weird stuff is happening behind the scenes. And for a very long time. A lot of folks know but it's coming out more and more.

And the baby’s head wasn’t even touching Louis’ chest, his tattoos were obviously shifted etc. Glad people are seeing it.