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“…With all the anger in the land
How long before the judgement day?
Before we cut the fat ones down to size?
Before the barricades arise?" – Les Miserables

Enjolras | Marius

~* Cat is open for commissions *~

hello hello! due to popular demand, I’m now accepting commissions! these are the kind of drawings I’m offering right now, although I’m open to suggestion so ask away. you can see my work at #cat draws people

more info:

payment is to be done via paypal
I can draw you, friends, or even characters from different fandoms
I’ll need at least two photos of whomever I’m portraying
I’ll do sketches and require approval in order to do the best job I can to please you
no drawing will be posted without your permission
anything else, please contact me here on tumblr or via email! thank you

Transformation Tuesday?

Photos on the left are from July, photos on the right are from 2 weeks ago. There’s a 16lb difference between the two photos. I kept chickening out on posting it but fuck it, this is what I’ve been up to lately.

I was starting to get really uncomfortable with the amount of body fat I had (from eating absolute garbage all the time) and decided to do something about it. I made progress by tracking macros and adding in cardio (a mix of HITT and LISS), something I barely ever did before. I had been doing just body building for a while but I’m getting back to weightlifting now, while still doing some bb as accessory work.

Now my goal for the next few months is to put on some muscle. I’m still a noodle, but believe it or not I have put on some muscle, especially on my legs.

179/365 photo project

Something completely different from me. Two lambs of slightly different ages taking shelter in a barn. I love barn light. It’s like a large dark studio with a huge softbox out front. The light is always diffused, but yet still seems to have plenty of direction.

I also love shooting past objects… so the bale of straw in this case. It adds a sense of depth, especially if it’s soft in the foreground.

The crop makes the shot for me though. Eyes along the top third and down both third lines. The huge bale of straw creates a barrier to the subjects, offering them visual protection, highlighting their flightiness and sense of vulnerability.

© StueyB

From The Sidelines

I was convinced to post this here by a friend.

(You know who are you are and I hope you’re happy now XP)

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Alya was, in a word, confused.

She’d been waiting by the front gate for Marinette. She had big news to tell her, Chat Noir and Ladybug had been caught kissing on the roof. There were photos taken by passerby’s from two different angles so there was no way it could be fake. She’d already added them to her blog but wasn’t sure if Marinette had seen them yet. Marinette arrived with barely a minute to spare and they had both rushed off to class. She’d have to wait for lunch.

The weirdness began in class. Well, lack of weirdness. Which was weird. No staring at the back of his head, no dreamy sighing, no… Adrien obsessed Marinette. Not even a blush when he smiled at her as he passed back notes. She poked her tongue out and took two copies before passing the rest back.

It was disconcerting to say the least.

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