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overwatch hero concept: magician lady. defence hero. wears a tuxedo and a bowtie. very impractical for combat. looks good though.

carries a magic wand. primary fire is a sustained zap. secondary fire is a focused zap.

her shift ability is a dodge where her top half moves left and her bottom half moves right for a couple seconds, splitting her hit box, as a play on the Sawing In Half magic trick.

her E ability is that she pulls flowers from her sleeve. they dont do anything. its just cool

her ultimate is called Pick A Card and it actually just gives her a random ult from another hero which she can deploy instantly. like maybe she’ll suddenly have a dragonblade. maybe she’ll have a teleporter. there’s no way to know until you Pick A Card

Meeting Your New Tarot Deck

Hello there my witches and diviners! Here’s an introduction Spread I like to do for New decks so I can get a grasp on them. This is a reprint of the Dalí Tarot Universal deck I got for my birthday.

Shuffle your cards (I’ll usually “bridge” my cards once the entire time I use them, and that’s the first time I use them) cut your deck how you like then make your Spread starting top to bottom, left to right.
1: Please introduce yourself (card the deck thinks of as the best summary of its facets/personality)
2: What’s your strength as a deck?
3: What are your limitations?
4: What can I learn from you?
5: What’s the best way to work with you?
6: What’s the outcome of our relationship?

Please introduce yourself: Knight of Swords.
Majestic and proud and a touch materialistic, the deck likes to think of itself as the “crown jewel” and craves attention and recognition.

Your strength as a deck: King of Coins
Matters of the physical world, whether it’s wealth, health or goals are questions best answered by this deck. Advice and insight into sensuality and the pleasures of life are easily handled by this deck

Your limitations as a deck: Ace of Swords
Deeper matters of the mind, and cleaving clarity may be limited. What this could mean is that the deck, like the sword is a tool, and like the ace represents, only the beginning. The decks job isn’t to discern nuances in emotions or relationships but to show truths. It’s limit is also a strength. The sword is double edged, I may not like all the answers I get.

What can I learn from you: The Lovers
About relationships in all their forms. Relationship with myself, others, romantic, business or otherwise. Life is made up of relationships, and being able to get insight into those as well as strengthening my own relationships is awesome:

Best way to use/work with you: III of Swords.
Asking questions and reading answers with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t let biases shade the answers I seek because each reading is separate and stands on its own not influenced by past readings

Outcome of our relationship: Wheel of Fortune
Balance and natural order will be strengthened and restored when lacking. This is comforting to read because sometimes when using the cards and seeking answers it’s because you feel out of sorts, but the answers and messages delivered will bring you back to base.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “those aren’t exactly the interpretations I have for that/those cards.” This is a personal thing for me, but I always base my intro spread on the meanings the included book/pamphlet have. Think of it as a new phone. You unpackaged it and follow the designated set up directions, then later on you personalize it. Especially with this deck, the imagery is a very important aspect of the cards and their meanings.

Vogue released its March 2017 cover on Wednesday, and it’s gorgeous. The photo features seven top models: Liu Wen, Ashley Graham, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Imaan Hammam, Adwoa Aboah, and Vittoria Ceretti (from left to right). Although the women are all very different looking, they are styled nearly identically with black turtlenecks, patterned bikini bottoms, and simple, fresh faces. 

That’s what makes the one problematic incongruity among the cover stars stand out.

Whenever You Need

Bucky X Reader

Request: @nowayitzaarya Hi, I have a request :) can you make an imagine where the reader is going through a hardship and Bucky as the s/o comforting the reader? And they end up cuddling and cute stf? Lol hope that’s not too much to ask for. And if you do plan on making this come true, tag me if you want. Thanks xx 

Summary: You’re having a hard time and Bucky decides to help you. Teeth-rotting fluff. Warnings: Nudity (you take a shower, so yeah).

Words: 1883.

A/N: Thank you for the request, dear! I hope you like it :3 Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it! Feeback is appreciated :3


You tossed yourself on the couch and sighed. You dipped your head and covered your face with your hands, taking a shaky breath, trying to keep the tears from falling.

Then you remembered Bucky wasn’t home, he was away on a mission. You could cry without him seeing.

It wasn’t that you didn’t him to see you weak or anything. It was that, after all he had been through, he deserved happiness. He was only ever happy as long as you were happy, so when you cried he felt like he had failed. And the reason you were crying had absolutely nothing to do with him.

So, knowing you were alone, you just the salty water fall from your eyes. 

It didn’t take long - not a minute actually - for you to hear steps coming from the corridor toward the living room. 


You knew the voice. 

All you managed to do was bury yourself deeper into the cushions, your hands still covering your face.

The steps came closer.

”[Y/n],“ Bucky whispered, "What can I do, baby doll?”

One thing Bucky always did was give you space when you needed. He wouldn’t force or ask an explanation until he felt utterly necessary, usually he’d wait for you to open up with him, no matter the subject. He was glad these were actions as well when the situation was reversed and he had to gather his thoughts from the guilt and pain he felt because of his Winter Soldier’s day’s deed.

He touched your knee. His voice was strained when he talked. “[Y/n], please, let me help.”

You took a deep, shaky breath, but didn’t open your eyes. Your voice quivered. 

“Bucky, I-”

But you didn’t finish. Instead, your tears and sobs attacked and your throat closed up.

His strong arms wrapped around you and he pulled you to his embrace. With your head buried in the crook of his neck and your arms around him, he stood you, lifting you, and set you down on his lap when he sat on the couch.

He changed his arms so his cool arm was around your back and his warm one was around your legs, which you had pulled up to your chest. As you were perpendicular to him, you leaned to the side to rest against his chest, your arms clinging to him. His lips placed kisses in your hair and forehead, because those were the places he could reach when your head was on his shoulder. 

You lost track of time before your tears ceased and your sobs followed suit. 

Once you calmed down, he asked, “What about a hot bath?”

You nodded, but didn’t move. 

He rubbed your back and moved his other hand so it was placed under your knees. He got up from the couch after kissing your cheek and carried you bridal style to the bathroom, where he placed on the marble counter as he turned the faucet. Hot water started pouring into the tub and he added a liquid to make bubbles. Bucky stood in front of you and arched an eyebrow. You raised your arms and he got the message. He pulled your shirt up and out of you then the same with your other clothes. His hands roamed sweetly around your skin, an adoration tone to his touches and looks. 

Bucky lifted you bridal style once again and set you on the tub, keeping your hair out of the water, he had plans for those. He stopped the water from pouring any longer and you closed your eyes, enjoying the hot water on your skin.

You opened them when you felt Bucky’s hand on your hair, first carding his fingers gently through it then sanctioning in two large parts. Bucky was lowly humming an old song as he on the ground, behind your head.

The light was out by then, the illumination coming from the several candles Bucky had scattered around the room. He used a brush to untangle your hair, he knew how much you loved it when he did that, and then pinned it with a hairband in a loose bun. 

Bucky placed a folded towel behind your head and upper neck and gently pushed your shoulders, telling you to lay down. 

Bucky kissed your forehead and murmured, “I’ll be right back.”

You closed your eyes and wait as he left the bathroom. Soon calm music comes from the living room and you smile.

The hot water relaxes all of your muscles and the soft music clears your thoughts.

Bucky came back with a tray full of food, setting the tray down on a stool and sitting on the ground next to the tub, his back propped up by the porcelain.

“Chocolate fondue?”

You chuckled lowly at this. If Steve heard this, he’d get the wrong idea of the situation. Bucky seemed to get what you thought, because he laughed as well.


He dipped your favorite fruit on the melted chocolate and brought it to your mouth.

“Hum, this is great, Buck,” you said.

The chocolate was warm and just the way you liked it, while the fruit was fresh and sweet.

“Wanda taught me.”

“She does know how to cook,” you smiled. Wanda was one of your favorite people in the world.

Bucky kept feeding you with fondue and some wine, talking about the team and series. You laughed at his stories, but the first time you did it, Bucky was beaming. He smiled at you, fondly and adorable. “There it is,” he murmured, cupping your cheek, “Your beautiful smile.”

You blushed and looked at your hands, resting on your lap.

Bucky gently pushed your chin up and focused his steel eyes to yours for a second. He leaned down and fit his soft lips to yours. The kiss was calm though intense, Bucky tried to display all his emotions to you at that moment: love, care, admiration… And you smiled into the kiss. His tongue skimmed your bottom lip, asking for permission, which you didn’t hesitate to concede. His tongue slid onto your mouth and your own met his, in an intense yet peaceful dance.

When you broke apart, the both of you gasping for air, it was only enough for you to touch your foreheads together, eyes still closed.

When it finished, he took the tray away and poured more hot water in the tub.

Bucky reached for the soap and started rubbing your skin with it. First were your feet. He held the bottom of your foot with both hands and his hands went to the top, kneading the muscles. He made his way down, applying more pressure as he neared the sole. He repeated the movement a few times on each feet, using his thumbs to move in circles at the heels. His hands went up to your ankles, massaging around the ankle bone from both sides.

The lavender soap helped his task, its sweet smell relaxing you.

His hands climbed up to your knees as his soapy hands massage all your muscles. He continued his work up your hips, your stomach, your arms, kissing your hands, and your face, using a towel so nothing would fall into your eyes.

Then he stood behind you, still out of the tub while you looked over to shoulder.

Bucky got the hairband out of your hair and let it fall in waves around you. He used a bowl to wet your strands and his fingers massaged your scalp, making you close your eyes from the insanely good sensation.

Once your hair was washed and conditioned, he squeezed it so most of the water would leave it. He moved your hair away before his fingers touched the back of your neck.

Bucky worked along your neck and upper back muscles. His long fingers did light and long strokes on its length first, then his fingertips starting warming up your muscles. Then he places his palms on your shoulders and his thumbs kneaded your shoulder blades. He moved so his thumb was on one side of spine and the other four were the other side, and gliding his hand up and down your neck, relieving the pressure.

Bucky tilted your head a bit to the right, exposing the left side of neck more. He used his usually-cold-but-now-warm-due-to-your-skin hand to slide from top to bottom of your neck as his right hand stabilized your shoulder. He repeated the process on the other side. Lastly, he put his hand on the front of your shoulder and started kneading the muscles in your shoulder blades.

He applied focused pressure at any tension knots.

His hands travelled down to your middle and lower back, where he rubbed your muscles with patience and calm, getting rid of any sore spots.

Once finished, he kept his hands on your shoulders, lightly rubbing your skin there.

“I think I’m good now,” you told him, peeking over your shoulder to smile at him.

He leaned in and kissed your cheek. Bucky grabbed a fluffy, big towel and offered his hand to help you up without falling. 

He wrapped the towel around you and used another, smaller one to hold your hair with a pin.

“My sister used to do this,” he chuckled, “Is it okay?”

You felt a lump in your throat again that night, but this time the reason for it was a happy one. It was Bucky.

So you nodded, smiling a bit.

Bucky kissed your lips.

He ran the bigger towel through your skin, drying every inch, then he lifted you up again and carried you to the bedroom.

He got his red Henley - which he knew you loved in him and loved to wear it - and your favorite pajama bottoms, along with underwear.

The clothes were comfortable and soft, exactly what you needed.

He got the towel off your hair and made you sit on the bed, him right behind you with a brush in hands. He had all the care and patience in the world with him as he detangled every knot from your hair, squeezing it with another small towel. By the time he finished, you had your eyes closed in pleasure and your hair almost dry.

He then drew the cover back and you both got in, Bucky changing into more comfortable before dimming the lights and joining you. He laid by your side and you don’t know who leaned in first, but your lips met in a soft kiss. 

Bucky pulled you into his chest and circled his strong arms around you. 

“Not that I don’t like you here or anything, but,” you quietly said, “How are you here?”

His hand rubbed your back and pulled you closer to him. “Mission was completed before expected. We only got back two hours ago and I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh. Was everyone alright?”

He smiled. “Yeah, we were all okay.”


“Now, are you alright?”

His eyes showed concern and love.

“Thanks to you, I am,” you smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him.

You laid your head on his chest again and Bucky kissed your forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

“Night, Bucky.”

You were out the second you closed your eyes, Bucky’s heartbeat inducing you to sleep.

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8 panel love story

Read top to bottom, left to right

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A Guide on Collecting all the CGs in Mystic Messenger

If you’re hoping to collect all the CGs in Mystic Messenger, you’ve likely seen my CG Spreadsheet. Thanks to the extensive efforts of many fans, we have discovered and documented where and when to find all of the CGs in the game. (Also, since I’m sometimes asked about this, CGs = the pictures that get saved to your Album)

I now have a more finalized version of the CG spreadsheet, this one organized by character so that anyone looking for a specific CG can instantly find out how to get it. It looks like this:

Find the new CG Spreadsheet Here.

To quickly summarize how the spreadsheet works: If you’re looking for a certain CG that you don’t have in your album, find its ‘number’ in your album by counting from left to right, top to bottom. Then you can look that up on the spreadsheet.

The green cells flag ‘unusual’ CGs that require an extra step to get - whether it be participating in the chat or not, choosing certain options, or changing your game to Korean (a method that will allow you to collect those CGs that were previously ‘missing’). The rest of the CGs you will likely collect automatically by going through the game.

Of course, I’m going to assume that since you’re trying to collect all of the CGs, you’ve probably at least gone through all of the characters’ Good Ends and After Ends, as well as the Secret Ends. So for people like you, there is more information under the cut on how to finish up your Album.

Final Note: If there are any mistakes or you don’t get a CG by following the CG spreadsheet, let me know! I will see it the quickest if you message me or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who helped with the first CG spreadsheet!

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129- Swift

Normal Type: Charm. A spell to increase your chances of executing another spell properly. Good for tough cases or a lack of room for error.

What You’ll Need~

  • Four bay leaves
  • A round candle in a color to represent you
  • A sharp tool


  1. Start by carving a star around the wick of your candle with your tool. Around the star draw a circle, and then another around that circle. Start with the inner circle and work outwards.
  2. Set the bay leaves in a diamond shape around your candle.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Burn the left bay leaf. Say “For (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) I put my heart and faith into its making and success.”
  5. Burn the right bay leaf. Say “For  (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) I compel accuracy and skill with my determination.”
  6. Burn the bottom bay leaf. Say “For  (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) I draw power from the core of my being, to do what I must to the best of my ability.”
  7. Burn the top bay leaf. Say “For  (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) this shall be, for I have put forth the energy to make it so. I focus my magic in upon this spell.”
  8. Envision the spell, and what you want it to achieve.
  9. Say “So it shall be.”
  10. Blow out the candle.


  • If you have room you can draw more circles around the star, always working outwards. This is to symbolize your magic moving outwards from you, to reach your target.

So my tumblr post here. has blown up a lil bit so i did a video exploring and testing some things and i think i came up with most of what is going on.

Tumblr seems to block posts (in the search) with external links to specific websites, or id assume its more likely, it blocks external links, but has some internal white list of websites it has deemed “legit” or “big enough” to be “safe.”

With that I suggest you check your posts to ensure they made it into the tag, and ALSO use at least one unique tag that you can track to ensure they remain there. If a website you want to link to is commonly blocked, consider using the ‘content source link’ option. (Click the gear in the top right corner of a post editor, and paste the url into the content source line. The Source Link will then appear in the bottom left hand side of the post in dash-formatted posts. its location may be different in your actual theme if being viewed in that way)

The Original Post was created from a place of outrage at tumblr, and concern for fellow indie artists, I had seen a sharp decrease in traffic and revenue, and finding out it was because of this change was pretty terrible. For me that revenue is not something i rely on, but extra. Not so lucky for SO MANY people in the tags who my heart goes out too. For those that feel i was fear mongering or lying, it just isnt the case. I am always willing to talk to folk (and my msgr is open to you whether you follow me or not) about it, answer questions and help as best i can. Thank you.

Oh and promised by me, some official proof that this is at least partially accurate:

tipthewink asked for Sera...
Anglerfish - Too good to be true, probably is. (for tipthewink​ )

“If you’ve come to vandalize the fresco I hope you brought more than arrows to save you.”

He’s not looking up at her, crammed between the library bannisters, so he doesn’t see her tongue sticking out. Waste.  

“Wouldn’t do that. Again,” she says. “Just looking is all. Looking’s not a crime now, is it?”

He’s painting, starting on the floor this time. Always does it in the dead of night, all in one go, slapping on that stinking plaster. The room smells like ash and wet chalk until it dries, takes days. She likes the paints, though. They’re pretty, rich-like, before they go on.

“Looking at what, exactly?” says Solas.

“The shine off your head, for one.”

Painting, working on his knees, but no stopping and no talking. Right, it’s all business once he starts, and her fun won’t start if he won’t play.  So, she drops down to the scaffold, crouching over to see him.

“Fine, I’ve got a question. You love those, right?” She waits, but hasn’t gotten any better at it after all this time.  “No good having all the answers in that bulgy, fade-y brain if no one ever asks.”

“Quite so,” he says, a tickle of a pause. Got him. “Ask, but I have to keep working.”

She opens her mouth, and the question sits there, lost.  On the blank wall he’s sketched the picture, a whole night’s work laid out in nothing but grey lines. She makes out the temple, the wilds creeping and the water flowing, and below it his head in the real world, bent low like no one’s ever allowed to see him, not really. He adds a milky slate blue across the bottom of the plaster, working fast with a broad brush.  

“That maybe-goddess, Mythal, that weird temple full of ancient, snooty elves,” says Sera, watching how the sketch lines disappear and then come back under the thin paint. “It’s all real. Or was once. And now it’s just a story, but with too many pages missing, bound up like it should still make sense.  It doesn’t.”

More brushing, deeper color where he layers it.

“That is certainly one interpretation. No less insightful than that of the Dalish,” says Solas to the wall. “But I haven’t heard a question so far.”

“You don’t believe in Andraste or the Maker, but you believe in her.”

She sees it happen, a crack in the calm, where his light brushstrokes go heavy and wrong, in the space of a breath.

“I do.”


“Because…” He wants to stop, she can tell, maybe walk off or yell at her, but he’s racing the plaster for time. And Solas always gets quiet when he lies. “Faith is personal, Sera. Its complexity can’t be summarized by-”

“Yeah, I’m not buying it, smarty-farts. You’re not really a ‘faith’ sort of man, are you?” She swings her legs against the ladder, a bit of a racket that rustles the birds up top.  “No, don’t think so. Sort of man, though, that might be right.”

Hard stop. He steps back from the wall.

“Sort of …?” When he finally looks up at her, it feels like she’s standing at the edge of a well. No bottom, all black, better left alone. “What are you implying?”

“Know what, forget it. Wasn’t even the question I came for,” she says in a rush, and slides down the ladder. “Thing is, I’m in a jam with Leliana, and I shouldn’t have done the thing I did, but it’s done, and now I’m on the hook.”

Heartbeats go by. She turns for the door when it seems like he won’t bother, but Solas dips the big brush again, and wets the wall with blue. “And?”

“Is there a …spell, or a potion, to make someone forgive you? Let the old bygones be, that kind of thing?” But shit, there’s always . .“Not blood magic.”

Half the wall is faded water now, past the shoulders and going for the ears.  Up against it, Solas looks like he’ll drown, but he’s got the brush.  And he just keeps painting it higher.

“Would the world be a better place if such a thing was possible?”

Yes and no, but more, uh, yeah! At least on her side of it.

“A bloody question for an answer,” she mutters. “Figures.”


A tree with deep roots,
Because the wind sways it not,
Blossoms Abundantly
And bears fruit.
The water from a deep spring,
Because a drought dries it not,
Becomes a stream
And flows to the sea.
from Yongbieocheonga (Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven)

Wonwoo Scenario - Beautiful Morning 

Genre: Romance (warning smut)

He sat at the window sill, dressed in dark navy blue pants, a white polo shirt and a loosely tied navy blue tie to match. The sun, beaming through the large white framed window, highlighted his flawless physical features; his soft dark brown hair fittingly styled, perfectly shaped eyes and nose, thick pink lips,  and his well proportioned body, not too big nor too small. With his unchanging serious expression as he read through the book, perfectly resting on top of his right thigh, his icy gaze suddenly turned towards you….

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I found the charger to my iPad which has been dead for over a year. So to practice digital art a little i decided to do an art style challenge. I’m really proud of how some of these came out!

So from left to right, top to bottom, here are all the art styles.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Harui
Adventure Time
Gatchaman Crowds
Steven Universe (really unsatisfied with this one)
Space Patrol Luluco
Power Puff Girls (another bad one)
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
@lavendertowne (an odd one out since its not from a tv show but rather another artist i like)

And finally the last three is just my own art style using all the coloring and lineart techniques that i’ve learned from the previous ones.

Hope you all like it!


here’s my carebear collection!!!! its hard to see the ones in the back but here’s a list of them all, from top left to bottom right

love a lot bear, friend bear, funshine bear, wish bear, thanks a lot bear, bedtime bear, daydream bear, harmony bear, share bear, and cheer bear
i love them all soooo so so so much omg and i ordered baby hugs and tugs too i cant wait for them to get here <3 
bonus: spot the cat in this picture

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anonymous asked:

can you explain the handkerchief thing to me from your tags?? sorry if its a lot to ask !

Wearing a handkerchief on the left side of the body typically indicates one is a “top”, while wearing it on the right side of the body would indicate one is a “bottom”


Make up tests for (from top left to bottom right) 
Bedelia du Maurier
Hannibal Lecter 
Will Graham 
Margot Verger
Alana Bloom
Freddie Lounds
all by me! (yup that’s all my face, just covered in make-up) 
I don’t know if i’m going to be doing anymore, but if anyone has any suggestions, TELL MEE! 


I get asked a lot about what books I use as reference, and what books I would recommend to someone interested in sewing or historical fashion. So here are all the books I own that relate to that, along with very short reviews of each one. The titles are listed in the photo descriptions!

Before I get into it though, my major source of inspiration is pinterest. I love it.

Corsets and Crinolines: Fantastic book. It has a nice mixture of writing, photos, and patterns. The writing isn’t gripping but contains a lot of valuable information and is very detailed about the changes in silhouette throughout the years. 

Patterns of Fashion: All of these have the same format. They start with an overview of a specific time period, which is paired with pattern plates and photos. The second half of the book has detailed patterns and illustrations of the finished product. They have lots of notes on how to assemble them and the grid system makes it very easy to create full scale versions!

20,000 years of fashion: Definitely a wordy read. I must admit I haven’t had this book long, nor have I scoured every chapter of it. But it seems to be a very good book and the information in it truly does live up to the title. It also has a lot of pictures, which makes it nice for inspiration!

The Complete History of Costume and Fashion: If you like accurate information and want to learn things from a book, don’t buy this. Reading it is equal parts frustrating and comical. If you have any knowledge on historical fashion you’ll see how wrong this book is in dozens of cases. However it has lots of nicely printed photos, so it’s a good inspiration book to flip through. 

The Tudor Tailor: I’m not very impressed by this. The patterns included seem to lack the exaggerated features from the time period and the finished products don’t match the reference images scattered throughout the first half of this book. However the write ups on choosing textiles and constructing the garments are helpful. The writer clearly very educated on tudor fashion, I just wish the patterns lived up to the rest of the book!

Creating Historical Clothes: I haven’t attempted to make anything from this so I can’t vouch for it in that aspect. But from looking through it i’m really impressed by how well and quickly it explains the flat drafting process of bodices and sleeves. It translates those basic techniques into making historical patterns, which is really fantastic. It’s a bit confusing at points but i’m looking forward to using it!

The Art of Manipulating Fabric: A really interesting book that outlines how to use fabric in ways I would have never imagined. It covers basic things like gathering, godets, and pintucks, but also ventures into really neat techniques I’ve never heard of. Each technique is explained in text, along with a few simple diagrams. Photos of the finished products are included as well.

Complete Costume History: Probably my favorite inspiration book, ever. It has thousands of drawings that detail fashion from every period imaginable. Just keep in mind this book doesn’t have any information on the time and origin the illustrations are from, and it isn’t entirely accurate because the book was drawn and written in the 1800s. 

Tudor Costume and Fashion: Not really what I was expecting when it advertised thousands of fashion plates! This is a very wordy and I haven’t been committed enough to read through it just yet so I can’t comment on the writing. However it has many illustrations of the details of tudor clothing and accessories. I haven’t seen a book that goes so in depth about so many small things!

Women’s Hats: A great starting point if you have little/no knowledge about headwear. It has several pages of text and several drawings that detail headwear from each time period. But it offers very little information about the individual pieces so extra research is a must!

Patternmaking for Fashion: I’ve used this book for making pants and when struggling with fit issues. I can see why people love it, but it didn’t work for me. It over complicates things and is filled with errors of all sorts. They will reference “fig.5” when there are only two figures in that section, there are spelling errors, and things just missing in general. Which is ridiculous for any book, much less a 5th edition! It makes a challenging process even more difficult to understand and I don’t think it’s worth the price.

Fabric for Fashion: A nice swatch book for the beginner, and they did a good job considering how many different types of fabrics exist. If you don’t know jersey from chiffon, this will help you a lot and give a good point of reference to base things off of. BUT keep in mind that the quality and weight of fabrics can change drastically from manufacturer. The swatches represented here aren’t what /all/ fabrics with the same name will feel like.

That’s it! Sorry for the long posts. I’m hoping to get this, this, and this soon since i’ve heard good things…I just need to find less expensive copies haha!

So ya see the differences between Wicke’s Silvally, Gladion’s Silvally and the one still locked up wondering where everyone went

-Top left is Wicke’s
Ya see it gets its bigger head and thicker snout from it’s Unovan Liepard genes. Its roughly a foot or two bigger then Gladion’s. The Pokedex can’t recognize it due to how much bigger it is

-Top right is Gladion’s
Ya see its slimmer face from the Floccesy Shepherd/Castelian Pinscher Houndoom genes. Its standard size and is recognized as such by the Dex

-Bottom is the small Silvally no one took
The tiny pupper-ish muzzle comes from the Hau’oli Rockruff genes. It’s poor little muzzle is literally too small to let it get a deep breath or try to take big bites of food. Even eating normally you can feel it’s jaw straining to do what should come natural

Erwin & Levi Feature in PASH! Magazine

In the December issue of PASH! Magazine, which came out on November 10th, there was a small, one-page feature on the nature of the relationship between Erwin & Levi, in anticipation for the Choice With No Regrets OAD coming out next month. It was short, so I was able to complete a translation fairly quickly.

There isn’t really any new information, as it’s all pretty much a rehash of events from the Female Titan arc in the anime, but I think it serves its purpose as a mini introduction/refresher to Erwin & Levi’s bond, Why Eruri Should Be Everyone’s BROTP AT THE VERY LEAST, imho ;)

Anyway, read on for the feature and translation!

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