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Candles: Color and Purpose

Candles are seen as the most powerful object for witches. If one lights a candle while reciting a chant or prayer for enlightenment, empowerment, and good health is one way to use a candle. One can also ward off negative energy and impart positive energy into one’s life using a candle also. 

Historical Uses

  • Birthdays were the first ritual with candles used. Many believe the practice of wishing and blowing out the candle brought this wish to the gods who would grant it via the smoke. 
  • Candles represent earth (wax), air (smoke), water (melted wax), and fire (flaming wick).

Magical Uses

  • Always be in the right frame of mind, or the spell will create an opposite effect intended
  • Allow candle to burn down on its own for most rituals 
  • When the candle has extinguished itself, the spell will be complete
  • Some rituals and spells may ask for the candle to be extinguished and then re-lit the next day
  • Never leave a candle unattended 
  • Give decent amounts of time for the candle to burn

Choosing a Candle 

  • Magickally disinfecting your candles before using them is very important, since the energy from those who shipped it may linger on the wax. It is good to make your own candles from scratch for this reason also. 
  • Avoid dipped candles such as white candles dipped into colored wax. Try to find ones solid color throughout  

Cleansing Your Candle

  • Depending upon your preference, you can do a few things to cleanse your candle, such as leaving it outside for a week in the garden to soak up the moon’s rays at night
  • For a less time-consuming cleansing, you may anoint your candle, using water and oils prior to the spell or ritual:
  1. Wipe clean with a paper towel, removing all dirt 
  2. Prepare a solution of spring water, one teaspoon of sea salt, and warm until the salt dissolves. Allow to cool, and then pour back into the bottle. Keep this in the refrigerator for about a month for use over time. 
  3. Intent. Stand in front of your sink, hold the candle in your left hand (nearer to your heart). Be very careful not to wet the wick, and pour a small amount of the sea salt spring water solution over the candle. If using a tea-light candle for quick burn time, remove the candle from its casing before cleansing with the water. Take a fresh paper towel and dry the candle very well and say the following: “This magickal water cleanses thee, with good intent and purity” (Robbins and Bedell, 2017).
  4. Inscribe the candle with a small, sharp knife or thick needle, and scratch your full name and your wish into the wax. It is not important that it be legible, nor the location where inscribed. The words will clout the spell more as the candle burns down. 
  5. To anoint your candle, pour some pure vegetable oil into a bowl. This oil is used for most anointing, but if using a spell for health and well-being, you may mix in a few drops of other oils if you wish. Lavender is common for health and well-being spells and will make the magick more intense. Hold the candle in your left hand again and dip the first finger of your right hand into the oil and run it down the candle from top to bottom in a line. If anointing a tea-light, place it back in its casing, dip your finger into the oil, and smear it in a clockwork motion around the top of the candle wax. Say this invocation: “This magickal oil anoints thee, with all things good, magickally” (Robbins and Bedell, 2017). The candle is now cleansed, charged, and ready to be placed in a suitable holder in preparation for the spell you choose. 
  6. Rhyming and repetition can help add punch to a spell. A lot of ancient and prewritten spells will rhyme with a poetic fluidity. Repeating the spell will give power to the message each time. The most magickal numbers that represent completion are 7, 9, and 12. 
  7. To end the spell, you will need to close the ritual. Choose one of the phrases such as “and so it is” or “the spell is cast” or “so mote it be” before looking upward and saying “thank you.” 

Colorful Uses

  • The correct color is the most important thing with candle use
  • Some spells are exact to the color needed, and others more flexible 
  • When in doubt, always use a white candle for it is neutral 

Color Correspondances 

  • White
    • Cleansing homes
    • Purifying spaces
    • Creating harmony
    • Invoking spirits
    • Improving communication with others
    • Summoning guides and angels
    • For use in every situation 
  • Blue 
    • Promoting restful sleep
    • Finding the truth
    • Gaining wisdom and knowledge
    • Invoking psychic visions
    • Calming emotions
    • Suppressing anger
    • Aiding meditation
    • Moving your house
    • Becoming more patient with others
    • Curing a fever
    • Having a better understanding
    • Protection 
  • Red
    • Promoting strength and vigor
    • Rejuvenating energy and stamina
    • Conjuring willpower
    • Summoning courage
    • Inciting passion and sexual love
    • Sparking enthusiasm
    • Prompting quick results
    • Warding off enemies
    • Becoming more attractive to others
  • Pink
    • Healing emotions
    • Attracting romance
    • Becoming more caring
    • Inviting peace and tranquility 
    • Healing rifts
    • Banishing selfish emotions
    • Protecting family and friendships
    • Invoking spiritual healing
    • Being more compassionate 
  • Green
    • Accumulating money and wealth
    • Promoting prosperity and abundance
    • Accomplishing goals
    • Growing plants
    • Attracting luck
    • Negotiating employment matters and finding new jobs
    • Hastening conception and solving fertility issues
    • Casting out greed and resentment 
  • Yellow
    • Increasing activity
    • Resolving health matters
    • Nurturing creativity and imagination
    • Passing exams and learning
    • Aiding concentration
    • Controlling mood swings
    • Protecting yourself when traveling
    • Persuading others
    • Healing problems associated with the head
  • Orange
    • Increasing energy and stamina 
    • Improving the mind and memory
    • Promoting success and luck
    • Developing business and career
    • Helping those with new jobs
    • Clarifying legal matters and justice 
    • Selling goods or houses
    • Capturing a thief or recovering lost property 
    • Removing fear
  • Purple
    • Summoning spirit help
    • Bringing peace, tranquility, and harmony
    • Improving psychic ability 
    • Aiding astral projection
    • Healing
    • Easing sadness
    • Improving male energy 
    • Summoning spiritual protection
  • Brown
    • Attuning with the trees and earth
    • Promoting concentration
    • Helping with decisiveness
    • Protecting animals
    • Amplifying assertiveness 
    • Aiding friendships
    • Bringing material gain
    • Gaining mental stability
    • Connecting with Mother Nature
    • Studying and learning
  • Silver
    • Summoning the Mother Goddess
    • Drawing down the moon
    • Connecting with lunar animals
    • Purifying female energy
    • Improving all psychic abilities
    • Aiding clairvoyance and the unconscious mind
    • Ridding negativity
    • Developing intuition 
    • Interpreting messages in dreams
    • Banishing bad habits
  • Gold
    • healing and enhancing well-being
    • Rejuvenating yourself
    • Improving intelligence
    • Bringing financial gain and wealth
    • Winning competitions
    • Attracting love and happiness
    • Maintaining peace in families
    • Cosmic ordering
  • Black
    • Protection
    • Strength
    • Banishing
    • Reversal
    • Hex-breaking 


Robbins, Shawn, and Bedell, Charity. The Good Witch’s Guide. New York: Sterling Ethos, 2017. Print.


kihyun + stage mannerisms


Harry had never seen anyone fly like that; Krum hardly looked as though he was using a broomstick at all; he moved so easily through the air that he looked unsupported and weightless.

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Meeting Your New Tarot Deck

Hello there my witches and diviners! Here’s an introduction Spread I like to do for New decks so I can get a grasp on them. This is a reprint of the Dalí Tarot Universal deck I got for my birthday.

Shuffle your cards (I’ll usually “bridge” my cards once the entire time I use them, and that’s the first time I use them) cut your deck how you like then make your Spread starting top to bottom, left to right.
1: Please introduce yourself (card the deck thinks of as the best summary of its facets/personality)
2: What’s your strength as a deck?
3: What are your limitations?
4: What can I learn from you?
5: What’s the best way to work with you?
6: What’s the outcome of our relationship?

Please introduce yourself: Knight of Swords.
Majestic and proud and a touch materialistic, the deck likes to think of itself as the “crown jewel” and craves attention and recognition.

Your strength as a deck: King of Coins
Matters of the physical world, whether it’s wealth, health or goals are questions best answered by this deck. Advice and insight into sensuality and the pleasures of life are easily handled by this deck

Your limitations as a deck: Ace of Swords
Deeper matters of the mind, and cleaving clarity may be limited. What this could mean is that the deck, like the sword is a tool, and like the ace represents, only the beginning. The decks job isn’t to discern nuances in emotions or relationships but to show truths. It’s limit is also a strength. The sword is double edged, I may not like all the answers I get.

What can I learn from you: The Lovers
About relationships in all their forms. Relationship with myself, others, romantic, business or otherwise. Life is made up of relationships, and being able to get insight into those as well as strengthening my own relationships is awesome:

Best way to use/work with you: III of Swords.
Asking questions and reading answers with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t let biases shade the answers I seek because each reading is separate and stands on its own not influenced by past readings

Outcome of our relationship: Wheel of Fortune
Balance and natural order will be strengthened and restored when lacking. This is comforting to read because sometimes when using the cards and seeking answers it’s because you feel out of sorts, but the answers and messages delivered will bring you back to base.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “those aren’t exactly the interpretations I have for that/those cards.” This is a personal thing for me, but I always base my intro spread on the meanings the included book/pamphlet have. Think of it as a new phone. You unpackaged it and follow the designated set up directions, then later on you personalize it. Especially with this deck, the imagery is a very important aspect of the cards and their meanings.


Okay, this is gonna sound hella trashy as a jikook shipper but honestly I don’t care at this point.

So I’m gonna number the images above from 1 to 9. 1 is the top left and the numbers go from left to right in three rows. 9 is the image on the bottom right.

So I’m comparing the music videos of serendipity and dna. There’s honestly a major overall theme of yellow and blue in the two.

To start, in the photos for the ARMY 4 fan club Jungkook is wearing yellow and Jimin is wearing blue (see image 1). And together Bangtan makes a rainbow. Gay enough on its own.

In image 2, Jimin sings “all of this is no coincidence” as a rainbow is created by a trick of the light. A rather big hint that there is more to the story, possibly lgbt related.

The next two images, 3 and 4, are seen first in serendipity, then in dna. I think 4 shows up in the beginning and 3 later, but I’m not 100% sure. The one in the beginning connects to Jungkook’s eye. I’ll come back to this later.

As image 5 shows, yellow is a central color in serendipity. We see many yellow things in the mv. Other serendipity analysises have theorized that yellow represents Jungkook or Jungkook’s love for Jimin bc Jungkook is wearing yellow in the ARMY 4 fan club photos (see image 1). Jimin pushes away a small yellow ball, but as seen in image 5, it returns as the size of the room. Jimin wraps himself in a yellow blanket, signifying that he accepts Jungkook/Jungkook’s love.

In image 6, Jimin sits in front of a window. Others have pointed out that it looks a bit like the album cover for we don’t talk anymore pt. 2 (see image 7), especially due to the colors outside of the window. We don’t talk anymore pt. 2 references a past romance, but in image 6 Jimin sings “just let me love you,” something that likely means the romance is not over.

Image 8 is from the beginning of dna. Jungkook is dressed in blue, the color Jimin wore in the ARMY 4 fan club photos. (This could even be seen as a continuation of Jimin accepting Jungkook’s love, the two of them dating since they are seen with each other’s colors.) DNA starts the same way as Serendipity with the galaxy in image 4 shown in Jungkook’s eye. Which means the two songs/videos are definitely linked. Interestingly, one of the most repeated lines in dna is “all of this is not a coincidence,” which is the line that began serendipity. There a many clues that can be interpreted as “not a coincidence,” especially when put together.

Lastly, the strand of dna (shown in image 9) is blue with a yellow background. The line that bts sings is “cuz it’s not a coincidence.” (aka it’s jikook’s dna to love each other)

tl:dr there are lots of connections between serendipity, dna, and jikook and I’m a trashy shipper.

Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t. Let me know what you think.

Vogue released its March 2017 cover on Wednesday, and it’s gorgeous. The photo features seven top models: Liu Wen, Ashley Graham, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Imaan Hammam, Adwoa Aboah, and Vittoria Ceretti (from left to right). Although the women are all very different looking, they are styled nearly identically with black turtlenecks, patterned bikini bottoms, and simple, fresh faces. 

That’s what makes the one problematic incongruity among the cover stars stand out.

This is a variation on a 3 card reading where I decided to combine a basic past present future spread with another 3 card spread and read it as a progression of time through each. In this case its a mind body soul spread.

What you end up with is
past/mind past/body past/soul-emotions
present/mind present/body present/soul-emotions
Future/mind future/body future soul.

I also ready the entire spread as a story from left to right top to bottom as a possible series of events or transformation.


I have an unidentified skull for you! Here’s some comparison shots with a 16 cm long red fox. The mystery fox is 14 cm long and 7,5 cm wide from the widest point. Narrow zygomatic arches, relatively long palate, short canines and tiny teeth. I bought the skull from an English seller via Ebay, but he didn’t know the origins or species of the fox. Any ideas what he might be?

overwatch hero concept: magician lady. defence hero. wears a tuxedo and a bowtie. very impractical for combat. looks good though.

carries a magic wand. primary fire is a sustained zap. secondary fire is a focused zap.

her shift ability is a dodge where her top half moves left and her bottom half moves right for a couple seconds, splitting her hit box, as a play on the Sawing In Half magic trick.

her E ability is that she pulls flowers from her sleeve. they dont do anything. its just cool

her ultimate is called Pick A Card and it actually just gives her a random ult from another hero which she can deploy instantly. like maybe she’ll suddenly have a dragonblade. maybe she’ll have a teleporter. there’s no way to know until you Pick A Card

Whenever You Need

Bucky X Reader

Request: @nowayitzaarya Hi, I have a request :) can you make an imagine where the reader is going through a hardship and Bucky as the s/o comforting the reader? And they end up cuddling and cute stf? Lol hope that’s not too much to ask for. And if you do plan on making this come true, tag me if you want. Thanks xx 

Summary: You’re having a hard time and Bucky decides to help you. Teeth-rotting fluff. Warnings: Nudity (you take a shower, so yeah).

Words: 1883.

A/N: Thank you for the request, dear! I hope you like it :3 Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it! Feeback is appreciated :3


You tossed yourself on the couch and sighed. You dipped your head and covered your face with your hands, taking a shaky breath, trying to keep the tears from falling.

Then you remembered Bucky wasn’t home, he was away on a mission. You could cry without him seeing.

It wasn’t that you didn’t him to see you weak or anything. It was that, after all he had been through, he deserved happiness. He was only ever happy as long as you were happy, so when you cried he felt like he had failed. And the reason you were crying had absolutely nothing to do with him.

So, knowing you were alone, you just the salty water fall from your eyes. 

It didn’t take long - not a minute actually - for you to hear steps coming from the corridor toward the living room. 


You knew the voice. 

All you managed to do was bury yourself deeper into the cushions, your hands still covering your face.

The steps came closer.

”[Y/n],“ Bucky whispered, "What can I do, baby doll?”

One thing Bucky always did was give you space when you needed. He wouldn’t force or ask an explanation until he felt utterly necessary, usually he’d wait for you to open up with him, no matter the subject. He was glad these were actions as well when the situation was reversed and he had to gather his thoughts from the guilt and pain he felt because of his Winter Soldier’s day’s deed.

He touched your knee. His voice was strained when he talked. “[Y/n], please, let me help.”

You took a deep, shaky breath, but didn’t open your eyes. Your voice quivered. 

“Bucky, I-”

But you didn’t finish. Instead, your tears and sobs attacked and your throat closed up.

His strong arms wrapped around you and he pulled you to his embrace. With your head buried in the crook of his neck and your arms around him, he stood you, lifting you, and set you down on his lap when he sat on the couch.

He changed his arms so his cool arm was around your back and his warm one was around your legs, which you had pulled up to your chest. As you were perpendicular to him, you leaned to the side to rest against his chest, your arms clinging to him. His lips placed kisses in your hair and forehead, because those were the places he could reach when your head was on his shoulder. 

You lost track of time before your tears ceased and your sobs followed suit. 

Once you calmed down, he asked, “What about a hot bath?”

You nodded, but didn’t move. 

He rubbed your back and moved his other hand so it was placed under your knees. He got up from the couch after kissing your cheek and carried you bridal style to the bathroom, where he placed on the marble counter as he turned the faucet. Hot water started pouring into the tub and he added a liquid to make bubbles. Bucky stood in front of you and arched an eyebrow. You raised your arms and he got the message. He pulled your shirt up and out of you then the same with your other clothes. His hands roamed sweetly around your skin, an adoration tone to his touches and looks. 

Bucky lifted you bridal style once again and set you on the tub, keeping your hair out of the water, he had plans for those. He stopped the water from pouring any longer and you closed your eyes, enjoying the hot water on your skin.

You opened them when you felt Bucky’s hand on your hair, first carding his fingers gently through it then sanctioning in two large parts. Bucky was lowly humming an old song as he on the ground, behind your head.

The light was out by then, the illumination coming from the several candles Bucky had scattered around the room. He used a brush to untangle your hair, he knew how much you loved it when he did that, and then pinned it with a hairband in a loose bun. 

Bucky placed a folded towel behind your head and upper neck and gently pushed your shoulders, telling you to lay down. 

Bucky kissed your forehead and murmured, “I’ll be right back.”

You closed your eyes and wait as he left the bathroom. Soon calm music comes from the living room and you smile.

The hot water relaxes all of your muscles and the soft music clears your thoughts.

Bucky came back with a tray full of food, setting the tray down on a stool and sitting on the ground next to the tub, his back propped up by the porcelain.

“Chocolate fondue?”

You chuckled lowly at this. If Steve heard this, he’d get the wrong idea of the situation. Bucky seemed to get what you thought, because he laughed as well.


He dipped your favorite fruit on the melted chocolate and brought it to your mouth.

“Hum, this is great, Buck,” you said.

The chocolate was warm and just the way you liked it, while the fruit was fresh and sweet.

“Wanda taught me.”

“She does know how to cook,” you smiled. Wanda was one of your favorite people in the world.

Bucky kept feeding you with fondue and some wine, talking about the team and series. You laughed at his stories, but the first time you did it, Bucky was beaming. He smiled at you, fondly and adorable. “There it is,” he murmured, cupping your cheek, “Your beautiful smile.”

You blushed and looked at your hands, resting on your lap.

Bucky gently pushed your chin up and focused his steel eyes to yours for a second. He leaned down and fit his soft lips to yours. The kiss was calm though intense, Bucky tried to display all his emotions to you at that moment: love, care, admiration… And you smiled into the kiss. His tongue skimmed your bottom lip, asking for permission, which you didn’t hesitate to concede. His tongue slid onto your mouth and your own met his, in an intense yet peaceful dance.

When you broke apart, the both of you gasping for air, it was only enough for you to touch your foreheads together, eyes still closed.

When it finished, he took the tray away and poured more hot water in the tub.

Bucky reached for the soap and started rubbing your skin with it. First were your feet. He held the bottom of your foot with both hands and his hands went to the top, kneading the muscles. He made his way down, applying more pressure as he neared the sole. He repeated the movement a few times on each feet, using his thumbs to move in circles at the heels. His hands went up to your ankles, massaging around the ankle bone from both sides.

The lavender soap helped his task, its sweet smell relaxing you.

His hands climbed up to your knees as his soapy hands massage all your muscles. He continued his work up your hips, your stomach, your arms, kissing your hands, and your face, using a towel so nothing would fall into your eyes.

Then he stood behind you, still out of the tub while you looked over to shoulder.

Bucky got the hairband out of your hair and let it fall in waves around you. He used a bowl to wet your strands and his fingers massaged your scalp, making you close your eyes from the insanely good sensation.

Once your hair was washed and conditioned, he squeezed it so most of the water would leave it. He moved your hair away before his fingers touched the back of your neck.

Bucky worked along your neck and upper back muscles. His long fingers did light and long strokes on its length first, then his fingertips starting warming up your muscles. Then he places his palms on your shoulders and his thumbs kneaded your shoulder blades. He moved so his thumb was on one side of spine and the other four were the other side, and gliding his hand up and down your neck, relieving the pressure.

Bucky tilted your head a bit to the right, exposing the left side of neck more. He used his usually-cold-but-now-warm-due-to-your-skin hand to slide from top to bottom of your neck as his right hand stabilized your shoulder. He repeated the process on the other side. Lastly, he put his hand on the front of your shoulder and started kneading the muscles in your shoulder blades.

He applied focused pressure at any tension knots.

His hands travelled down to your middle and lower back, where he rubbed your muscles with patience and calm, getting rid of any sore spots.

Once finished, he kept his hands on your shoulders, lightly rubbing your skin there.

“I think I’m good now,” you told him, peeking over your shoulder to smile at him.

He leaned in and kissed your cheek. Bucky grabbed a fluffy, big towel and offered his hand to help you up without falling. 

He wrapped the towel around you and used another, smaller one to hold your hair with a pin.

“My sister used to do this,” he chuckled, “Is it okay?”

You felt a lump in your throat again that night, but this time the reason for it was a happy one. It was Bucky.

So you nodded, smiling a bit.

Bucky kissed your lips.

He ran the bigger towel through your skin, drying every inch, then he lifted you up again and carried you to the bedroom.

He got his red Henley - which he knew you loved in him and loved to wear it - and your favorite pajama bottoms, along with underwear.

The clothes were comfortable and soft, exactly what you needed.

He got the towel off your hair and made you sit on the bed, him right behind you with a brush in hands. He had all the care and patience in the world with him as he detangled every knot from your hair, squeezing it with another small towel. By the time he finished, you had your eyes closed in pleasure and your hair almost dry.

He then drew the cover back and you both got in, Bucky changing into more comfortable before dimming the lights and joining you. He laid by your side and you don’t know who leaned in first, but your lips met in a soft kiss. 

Bucky pulled you into his chest and circled his strong arms around you. 

“Not that I don’t like you here or anything, but,” you quietly said, “How are you here?”

His hand rubbed your back and pulled you closer to him. “Mission was completed before expected. We only got back two hours ago and I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh. Was everyone alright?”

He smiled. “Yeah, we were all okay.”


“Now, are you alright?”

His eyes showed concern and love.

“Thanks to you, I am,” you smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him.

You laid your head on his chest again and Bucky kissed your forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

“Night, Bucky.”

You were out the second you closed your eyes, Bucky’s heartbeat inducing you to sleep.

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Light Powered Protection Sigil Array

Ok, been working on this for a while. Different things got me thinking.

There are sigils that have special conditions. 1 - 2 - 3

There are sigil that have multiple functions. 1 - 2 - 3

There are sigils that interact with other sigils. 1

There are sigil that charge crystals. 1

So, sigil can react to conditions, sigil can do multiple things, sigil can talk to each other, sigil can charge crystals and its already known crystals can change sigil too. Also have seen people using light to charge sigil too but can’t find that post. It was an ask about leaving sigils in the moonlight to charge.

Many people use light to charge different things. Mostly moonlight is used because nighttime is the time of the witch because its hidden by the dark and is secretive. By no means is moonlight the only light that can charge objects. Sunlight, Lightning Flashes, and even Candle Light, can charge too.

I plan to leave this array permanently on a shelf in front of a window that gets full sun and moon light. Because of this I plan to use a clear quartz crystal. Other crystals will fade if left in sunlight day after day, but if you really wish to use something else, anything in the quartz family works without having to change to sigil. Amethyst, Citrine, Rose, Smokey, etc.

I created a sigil array using 5 Sigils, each performs a task to help the others. Including charging the crystal and charging the sigils themselves







This sigil array links all the sigil together. Print or redraw this out. Place a quartz crystal in the center. Charge each sigil with the intent for each as well as charge intent the crystal. From then it should take care of its self. However, just to be safe I plan to recharge it now and then.

If ya can’t tell I am a big fan of @strangesigils it was reading his posts that gave me the idea for this, so big thanks to him.

Edit: Thought I would add a pic of mine.

Cover Versions

Once more, it’s time to get TWATD. In our slightly-amended format, Tim + Alex will be taking it in turns for their usual pontification and pondering after each issue drops, plus probably an extra sixth one for symmetry purposes. 

With Issue #30 still warm from the printing presses, the hot blogtato passes to Mr Timothy Maytom, diving into the cover design for Imperial Phase and what it all means.

Tim: The front covers of The Wicked and The Divine have always told a story. Whether it’s the first two arcs, a ten-issue build up to a blood-spattered punchline, or the gradually darkening backgrounds of the trades, taking us from pure white to stygian black as our cast of characters grows more tangled in darkness, deceit and despair, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson have done an astonishing job blending iconic designs inspired by high-end fashion magazines with the narrative demands of the comic.

For Imperial Phase (Part I), we had yet another shift in design, with each cover featuring a medium shot of a god, positioned in the bottom left corner and taking up roughly half the page. Meanwhile, the top right quadrant is dominated by the book’s title, framed in a rectangle that represents the god’s powers and domain, from Baal’s lightning to Baphomet’s fire to the Norns’ interweaving threads.

As we enter the second part of Imperial Phase, that design has persisted, but the powers of the gods have started to stray beyond the strict borders of the rectangle. On issue #29’s cover, the fiery cat of Sakhmet begins to stray over the edges, like a returning feline pushing its head through the cat flap. With #30, the rectangle becomes a window, with The Morrigan’s ravens flying through, invading the cover. The solicitations for #31 and #32 show this pattern continuing, with the white space that has served as a background for this arc’s covers almost completely gone by issue #32, and the power starting to envelop not just the backdrop, but the god too.

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👑 Strange royal family 👑

I wanted to draw these original characters for a very long time!The reason why I couldn’t show them is because they come from a personal story of mine,ever since 2013. It just makes me feel embarrassed to talk what the story is about.But I can still draw them!

So,from left to right,top to bottom,there’s Meadow,Callan,Makeo,Adrian,Lucio and then Amber!


Here are all the submissions for the contest!!! So many beautiful cosplays! These are listed in no particular order, just the way they are saved in my album!

Followers and friends, please leave a comment of the number of the person you would like to win! Yes, you may vote for yourself! I will count the votes next week. Winner gets a 3d print from my Etsy!

From left to right and then Top to bottom:
1)zarya by @crocodiledaydream
2)mccree by @heirofsky
3)mccree by @its-a-shadow-thing
4) by @sunsettvalleyy
5)roadhog by @greyfluff
6)mercy by @sakura-kagurazaka
7)roadhog by @therandomsim
8)Ana by @crazy-cosplayer
9) gabe jack and Ana by @keelah-monster

If I missed anyone let me know asap! Good luck!

A Guide to CSS transform property

So this is one of my favorite things to use.  The transform property allows you…well transform an element using its rotate, translate, skew, scale, and perspective values. 

Let’s start with something simple: rotating a div.

So we have a square div. Mine looks like this:

To rotate it, all we need to do is add the transform property with the rotate value. We’ll rotate it 45 degrees for this demo 

transform: rotate(45deg);

here’s the before and after:

More examples for the other values under the cut!

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A Guide on Collecting all the CGs in Mystic Messenger

If you’re hoping to collect all the CGs in Mystic Messenger, you’ve likely seen my CG Spreadsheet. Thanks to the extensive efforts of many fans, we have discovered and documented where and when to find all of the CGs in the game. (Also, since I’m sometimes asked about this, CGs = the pictures that get saved to your Album)

I now have a more finalized version of the CG spreadsheet, this one organized by character so that anyone looking for a specific CG can instantly find out how to get it. It looks like this:

Find the new CG Spreadsheet Here.

To quickly summarize how the spreadsheet works: If you’re looking for a certain CG that you don’t have in your album, find its ‘number’ in your album by counting from left to right, top to bottom. Then you can look that up on the spreadsheet.

The green cells flag ‘unusual’ CGs that require an extra step to get - whether it be participating in the chat or not, choosing certain options, or changing your game to Korean (a method that will allow you to collect those CGs that were previously ‘missing’). The rest of the CGs you will likely collect automatically by going through the game.

Of course, I’m going to assume that since you’re trying to collect all of the CGs, you’ve probably at least gone through all of the characters’ Good Ends and After Ends, as well as the Secret Ends. So for people like you, there is more information under the cut on how to finish up your Album.

Final Note: If there are any mistakes or you don’t get a CG by following the CG spreadsheet, let me know! I will see it the quickest if you message me or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who helped with the first CG spreadsheet!

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