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I have a strange question. In you last posts with Damian and jon. I really like the look of Damian's outfit and was wondering if maybe you could draw a whole version of it. If not or that would be a commission thing that's oki but it's really really nice looking.

aaaaaaa thank you for the request but i do hope you could commission me for it if its alright for you. Im glad u like his outfit!! I actually drew Damian’s outfit base off from Teen Titan (2016) issue here which i really like it a lot: 
thank you so much!

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So I went to a con this weekend and meet someone cosplaying as Raven from Teen Titans and recently put a tag on something she reblogged as "I'm bi my dude I've never made a decision in my life" and I feel like you would relate


exhibit a: my theme

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Can you make a scenario where Keith is hit by something that splits apart all aspects of his personalities and kinda personifies them. Like there will be 5 different Keith’s, like his anger, his sadness, his fear, his silliness and his flirtatiousness. The concept is from the teen titans show “nevermore” just watch a clip and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It would be a good Keith harem scenario~ thank you 😊

Bro Teen Titans used to be my jam as a kid. Not the Teen Titans Go but the other one. But I’m not gonna commit to requests anymore because I have like no time. But thank you for asking nicely! It would be an entertaining concept.



ereri week day 01: medical au.

…this was probably not what levi meant when he said they’ll meet again in the next life but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯