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Nothing More [ IV ] [ Final ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 3k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Part One: x Part Two: x  Part Three: x

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It was terrifying how much could change in a year. To think that just a few short weeks could change everything about you was daunting, but true. When you had left life felt like torture, like everywhere you looked there was something waiting to mock you. You were broken, your heart all but ashes when you boarded the first flight away, but you knew it was what you needed to do. You needed time away from it all to figure out what you wanted, to figure out who you were without all of the things you’d grown so used to. It was hard, leaving it all behind, like you just gave away a piece of yourself with no plans of ever getting it back.

Loving Byun Baekhyun was hard, but letting that love go, was harder.

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Football Jack and ballet Bitty

Filed under: WIP AUs buried in my docs, collecting dust and not doing anybody any good. Time to air some out. 4.4k (how??) and rated T

Bitty leans against the barre, relieved to watch the lumbering group of football players stomping out of his upstairs studio. The first of ten ballet lessons had gone about as he’d expected; listening to them complain. The rest was convincing them to get into first, second, and third positions. An easy start, but with the amount of people in the room it warmed up quick. One fan isn’t near enough to combat the body heat piled on top of the Georgian summer. He leans into the weak flow of air as they leave, some offering him a weak ‘thanks, Junior,’ before sprinting to their freedom.  

He wants to be positive about this. After all, how long has he wanted his father to validate his interest in something other than football? Bitty spent so long twisting ballet into something his father could relate to: flexibility, precision, strength. It took some time. It took a lot of time, until Bitty took a teaching job and Coach couldn’t pretend his son would snap out of it and lace up his cleats once more. Having Bitty teach his boys - it’s a peace offering, and Bitty’s not going to turn it away. He’ll just have to buy some air fresheners.

“Not so bad, eh?”

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anonymous asked:

word prompt: uncertain

Dean picks up the pages, testing their weight in his palm. There aren’t just a few. There are a lot.

He looks at the door, certain he shouldn’t be here, but uncertain that he can bring himself to leave. It’s an accidental find, really. He’d come into Cas’s cabin expecting him to be stoned, or high. Instead, Cas was gone. Instead, on the floor, ripped and spread out like a deck of cards were the journal pages.

Gingerly, Dean separates one from the stack. One that had Dean’s name written in cursive along the outer fold.

He skims the page realizing they aren’t exactly journal entries, per se, but more a place for one sentence thoughts.

-What’s a Vulcan? Dean called me one today.

Dean smiles.

-Dean asked me again if it’s hot in my trenchcoat. I keep telling him angels don’t feel cold. It’s strange to me that he keeps forgetting.

-Sam is acting off. I’m suspicious of his activities and hope that he isn’t drinking–

Dean lets that page fall away. He grabs another with the year 2013 at the top. He scans it, pushing down the guilty feeling in his stomach at prying.

-I broke my leg today. Dean said it’ll probably heal up in a day or two. But I know. I’m human now.


-I flew back to the park bench again. Sometimes I like to look at the trees or the children playing. It reminds me Dean used to be a child once. Did he ever get to play at a park?


-Dean’s been gone for two days on a supply run. He might be dead or a croatoan now. I’m useless to help with my broken leg. I tried Vicodin for the first time. It almost made me forget how much I worry about him when he’s gone.


-A Vulcan is an emotionally repressed, logical and stoic creature in the fictional world of Star Trek. I don’t find the comparison particularly amusing.


-Dean smiled today. I haven’t seen that in a long time. He has a beautiful smile.


-The world is coming apart at the seams, but I’m slowly finding understanding coming together for me. There is something different in Dean than the way I feel towards Sam. It leaves me feeling unsettled and raw. I want to look at Dean. To be near him. Instead, I’m reminded about “personal space.” I wish I knew why I can’t touch him. I wish I knew why I want to.

Dean’s hands become slack as he realizes that his name found its way to almost every page of the entries. Sometimes it’s Cas venting that he was pissed at Dean. Sometimes they are simply questions about things he didn’t understand.

But then Dean thumbs to the handwritten pages at the back. Even without the confirmation of the dates, he can tell they are more recent by the way that Cas’s handwriting has started to lose its neat quality over the years, morphing into the messy scrawls Dean recognizes now.

The entries in 2014 are simpler, too, some of them filled with only disjoined words:


-Green eyes

-Small patches of hair that stick up in the back

-His laugh

-His smile. Always his smile. Even if it’s just in memories.

Dean squints, his mouth falling open slightly as he hears a sound behind him. He turns. Cas’s face is surprisingly calm for someone who’s caught another person rifling through his entries.

Cas walks over, his tiny limp that he still carries from his broken leg noticeable, if only to Dean. He lightly holds out a hand and Dean drops the papers in them with a guilty look.

Then, licking his lips, Cas begins to read.

“Caring. Stubborn. Beautiful.”

Clearing his throat, Dean braves a look at Cas.

“You’ve been writing these a long time,” he whispers.

Cas nods, smiling fondly as his thumb rubs across a passage he’s found.

Dean glances at it:

-I told him once when he was sleeping. I know it’s not the same, but I needed him to know.


“I couldn’t look at them anymore,” says Cas, gripping the paper tightly as it starts to crumple from the pressure.

Very carefully, Dean pulls the papers from Cas, dropping them to the ground. He moves his hand to Cas’s jaw, touching it with one finger, then his full hand as Cas closes his eyes, relaxing into it.

“So tell me now,” Dean says. “I’m awake. Tell me now.”

Cas’s eyes open with a flutter.

“I love you,” he says without hesitation.

Dean leans in, kissing Cas lightly on the lips, tasting the salt of his humanity on his tongue.

They stand on the pages of their past, kissing deeper, as if finding each other again after years of being lost.

Holding each other, Dean presses his ear against Cas’s, relishing in the warmth he finds there.

“I love you, too,” he says.

that’s the one - dad!tom

Summary: You and Tom publicly announce your pregnancy, with Harry’s help.

“Nooo, I don’t like that one either,” you whine.

“Why not?” Tom asks, looking over your shoulder at the camera held for your viewing by Harry. “You look adorable.”

“No, wait. Okay. Take one more,” you say, crossing your legs criss-cross applesauce-style on the bed and putting your hands on your baby bump.

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Frost (Chapter Six)

So this chapter has some of my favorite moments of the entire fic. No spoilers, but I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.


Enjoy :)

“Is there a reason for this particular banquet?” Tony asked, adjusting the necklace he wore every day so it lay better against his shirt. “It seems like you people do an awful lot of feasting.”

“And whatever could you mean by ‘you people’?” Thor teased, coming up behind Tony to help. “This color is lovely on you, Anthony.”

“Yes well, your servants seem to think you and I need to match at all times.” Tony rolled his eyes. “But we do look good all decked out in red, don’t we?”

“You shine brighter than I, my love.” Thor turned him from the mirror and brushed gentle fingers through Tony’s hair. It was getting longer and starting to curl and it made him look soft and young and Thor adored it. “Red might be my favorite color on you.”

“I thought blue was your favorite color.” Tony teased, and stood on his toes for a kiss.

“I rather believe nude is my favorite color on you.” Thor murmured into his lips and Tony laughed.

“I believe you.”

Thor sighed, more of a growl than anything, and lifted Tony into his arms before turning towards the bed, pushing the covers down to lay Tony out across the soft sheets.

“I thought we had a banquet to go to.” Tony protested half heartedly, feeling the electricity between them already rising to the surface, and when he ran his hand down Thor’s chest, sparks jumped between them. “Do we have time to–”

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anonymous asked:

omg i would *love* if you were to expand on school stuff for trans!peter like ,,, michelle being supportive ,, the whole "penis parker" thing ,,

-Peter came out pretty young but he was in middle school

-he didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing everything and making everyone adjust

-so he waited until high school to do all the legal name changing

-midtown isn’t actually his zoned school

-it’s specialized for science and technology so it takes applications and he got in

-meaning most people from his middle school aren’t actually going to high school with him

-making his transition a lot smoother

-the only people going to midtown with him was Ned and a few others

-one of them being Flash Thompson

-Peter was always really smart but his middle school didn’t have a decathlon or anything like that

-so he was never on flash’s radar except for in Robotics Club

-which wasn’t really competitive except for against other schools so flash never had a reason to bully him

-maybe a snide remark here or there about girls in STEM but nothing really personal

-then in 9th grade when Peter shows up to academic decathlon try outs his hair is a bit shorter but may and Ben haven’t put him in T yet because it’s expensive

-flash thinks he looks familiar but doesn’t realize until the teacher says “parker”

-and flash is like ??? Parker? Parker’s a girl

-so after practice flash goes up to Peter and he’s like “so parker thinks she’s a boy now? Is it because you know girls can’t do math and science?”

-“well, first of all, I am a dude. Second of all,
who here is the alternate?”

-Peter is super sassy because he had a good day and flash doesn’t scare him

-and flash is like really angry now Bc his ego is bruised

-and he’s like “well, KAREN, ” and spouts some random rich kid shit

-and peters actually hella hurt but he does home

-may comforts him but it’s hard

-she says they should be able to save up for t shots in 9-12 months

-so his mood is a lot better

-the next day flash corners him and uses his deadname again

-this time Ned is with him and loudly calls him Eugene before he can even finish saying it

-Ned straight up yells it the third time flash tries

-Peter gets really overwhelmed so he’s glad Ned’s there with him

-because flash could easily pin peter in like 10 seconds

-the next day flash shouts across the cafeteria “hey penis parker!” And other offensive things related to him being trans

-Peter actually almost calls May to let him come home early

-he’s humiliated because all of flash’s little friends laughed and made it a big deal

-so not only do flash and his friends know but now so does roughly ¼ of the student body and more
because word will get around

-Ned comforts him through a panic attack

-nobody except flash and his friends give him shit for it though

-most people just call him Parker anyway and none of his teachers fuck up

-ned tells him to report flash but Peter knows that’ll just cause problems

-Flash harasses Peter at decathlon meetings but it’s usually before or after

-mostly because his team mates will usually defend him

-thankfully he doesn’t really have any classes or interactions with flash all of 9th grade other than lunch but flash makes use of his time

-the last few months of 9th grade Peter starts taking T

-then he gets bit by the spider which amplifies effects of T and gives him crazy muscles

-then the whole tony stark thing at the beginning of 10th grade

-tony started paying for Peter’s testosterone (creating a new kind to work with his DNA), binders, and eventually surgery if he ever wants it

-that whole year flash calls him “penis parker” and he has gym with Peter now

-meaning Peter uses the locker room with him

-or well he used to

-now he just changes in the bathroom because one time his clothes straight up got stolen and he doesn’t need that now

-Although it’s ok because MJ refuses to call flash anything but “Eugene” and “Asshat”

-And Ned is lowkey ready to roast flash anytime anywhere

-his status as “alternate” is really helpful

-he has two awesome friends though and tony once made an appearance picking Peter up from school so nobody gives him shit about the internship anymore so all in all he’s having a pretty good time compared to 9th grade

Not Very Social

@the-laursa hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,759

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’You ready to fight?’’

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Of Spreadsheets and Small Children

Your boss (and longtime crush) Hwang Minhyun has always seemed very collected and stern. However, your impression of him changes when he begins bringing his niece to work, tasked by his sister with watching the toddler while she’s away. The two of you bond over her.

  • for the single!dad au and i kno minhyun isn’t a dad (he’s an uncle) but like theres still children sO,,,
  • also the company is named empire bc emperor hwang lmao im not funny
  • and reader is a secretary

You sighed, doing your best to prop open your eyelids as you typed into the spreadsheet, carefully crosschecking the data you were entering to the online database.

“Late night again?” Your coworker and best friend at work, Kim Jaehwan, asked you as he popped into your small office, sending you a sympathetic smile. You groaned, leaning back to take a quick break. Your back cracked at the movement as you looked up at the clock on the wall, ticking away steadily.

“Yeah, boss is still out, so I’ve had extra work,” you explained with a shrug, turning your attention back to your computer.

“Minhyun never takes this much time off, I wonder what happened?” Jaehwan commented dryly, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. You shot him a dirty look.

Mr. Hwang,” you corrected with a  roll of your eyes, “and shouldn’t you be finishing your own work?”

“Somehow, irritating you is a lot more interesting,” he snickered, saluting you, “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, see you,” you bobbed your head as he finally left your office.

You’d had a job at Empire Co. for about a year and a half, working as the CEO’s assistant and secretary. Hwang Minhyun, a collected, slightly cold and brusque man, had grown to become extremely dependent on you, and it was strange to go to work without Minhyun’s presence right next door, separated by one thin sheet of glass.

It was the first time he’d been gone for more than a couple of hours—the man had even come in to work when he had the flu, coughing and wheezing as he disinfected every surface of the office. Citing a ‘family emergency’, he’d been away for about a week, and it was strange. Rumors had gone flying that he’d perhaps gotten arrested, gotten a girl pregnant or was getting married in Las Vegas. You’d rolled your eyes to all three conspiracies.

Your phone notification went off, signaling to you that you had new text messages with its quick succession.

Messages with: ceo hwang

(y/n), I will be returning tomorrow

Please have the Min files ready on my desk

And a jar of peanut butter

You frowned at the last text.

>Peanut butter?

You will be reimbursed, of course

You smiled at your boss’s apparent ignorance to the fact that it was super weird for a boss to ask their secretary to buy peanut butter for them.

Nevertheless, the next day, you arrived to the Empire building with the thick manila envelope holding the Min files and three jars of peanut butter—creamy, chunky, and the natural kind (you hadn’t been sure which he had wanted, but were too shy to ask). As you hurried to Minhyun’s office, you couldn’t help but wonder what the hell he needed peanut butter for.

“Ah, (y/n)!” Minhyun sent you a smile, accepting the grocery bag and manila envelope, “thank you so much, I really do appreciate it.”

“Who’s that?”

You froze at the sound of a high pitched voice, gaze immediately darting towards the source of noise. It was a toddler peeking out from behind Minhyun’s desk. Her hair was gathered up in a messy ponytail on the top of her head, and she clutched a raggedy blanket in her hand.

You looked back at Minhyun, entirely confused as to why there was a toddler in the office.

“(y/n), this is Minah,” Minhyun said, holding out his hand. The toddler, Minah, tottered over, clasping her hand into his. You wanted to coo at how adorable her tiny hands were as she peered up at you with huge eyes. “Minah, this is (y/n). They help me a lot at work, and is super kind and helpful.”

“Hi,” Minah smiled widely up at you, showing off her adorable dimples.

“Hi, Minah,” you said, kneeling to the ground, “are you here to visit the office?”

“Ah, actually,” Minhyun smiled in embarrassment, rubbing the back of his neck, “my sister asked me to watch Minah for a couple of weeks. She’s on a business trip to the tropics, and didn’t want to risk having Minah catch an illness, since she’s so young.”

“Ah,” you nodded in understanding, “so she’s not your kid?”

Minhyun turned a bit red at that, “did you think she was?”

You shrugged, trying to surpress a laugh, “that’s what the coworkers were thinking—that you’d taken time for some child or something.”

“Well, they’re not wrong,” Minhyun chuckled at that. You were a bit surprised at the moment—you’d never really made small talk like this with Minhyun before. He would ask about your family and how you were doing, but never to this extent.

“Uncle, uncle,” Minah began complaining, “my hair is messy, and it’s making my head itch!”

“Baby, you know I don’t know how to tie hair,” Minhyun sighed, kneeling down to meet Minah at eye-level. “It took me thirty minutes just to figure out this one,” Minhyun whispered to you, making you chuckle.

“May I?” You asked, gesturing to Minah. Your own older brother had a couple kids, so you were pretty comfortable with taking care of them.

“Please,” Minhyun replied, stepping back to let you sit down next to Minah.

“Here,” you patted the ground in front of you, taking a seat on the floor of Minhyun’s office. It was one of the strangest situations you’d ever been in—doing the hair of your boss’s niece—but Minah was cute, which kind of made up for it.

You carefully smoothed out Minah’s hair before tying half of it up into a little sprout at the top of her hair, leaving the hair tie loose enough so that it wouldn’t hurt her head.

“There you go,” you said cheerfully, getting back onto your feet.

“Wow, you’re pretty good at this,” Minhyun observed as Minah peered at herself in Minhyun’s computer reflection. “Do you have younger siblings?”

“I have nieces and nephews myself,” you explained with a smile, gathering your things, “so I have a bit of experience watching kids. If you ever need any help, feel free to ask.”

“It’s alright, I couldn’t impose on you like that,” Minhyun assured you, “well, thank you for your help.”

“Yeah, no problem,” you replied, heading to your own desk quickly. As you powered up your computer, you glanced at Minhyun’s office through the see-through glass wall, and almost burst out laughing—Minhyun was vigorously wiping Minah’s face with an antibacterial cleaning wipe used to clean bathrooms and hard surfaces.

Messages with: ceo hwang

>Mr. hwang, those wipes aren’t meant for children…

You watched in amusement as Minhyun checked his phone before looking over at you through the glass, a sheepish look on his face as he discareded the used wipe.

Its been an hour and I’ve already messed up…

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agenderraskel  asked:

Could I convince you to write FrostIronWinter? All three trauma babies snuggled up together, drinking tea under a fuzzy blanket because none of them like to be cold and ever since Tony informed Loki that his accent was vaguely English; Loki has been obsessed with English culture.

You don’t have to convince me! I like WinterIron with pretty much anyone added and I’ve been a fan of those three since I read a series about them a couple of months back. (Also not sure this is what you had in mind but I tried.)

Tony wasn’t tired. Fine, maybe he was a little tired. Maybe.

Tired enough not to have heard FRIDAY announcing his visitor at least, to let out a startled “Eeeeep!” when the soldering iron is suddenly taken from his hands, set down carefully, before he’s lifted in a strong grip. Tony flails, would have called for the suit already if not for how intimately familiar the hands holding him feel.

That one of them is made of metal is a decent clue as well.

“Buuucky!“ Tony whines, squirms in an attempt to reach for his soldering iron, but the grip doesn’t let up. Instead he’s being lifted, carried away from his workstation.

It takes Tony’s brain a full two seconds to process this, which is a warning sign all on its own. But that’s besides the point.

“Bucky!” Tony calls again, sharper this time. “Let me down! I’m not a child! I don’t need you to drag me out of my workshop, I’m perfectly capable–”

Bucky doesn’t slow down, doesn’t even acknowledge Tony’s rant until they’re in the elevator and the door is closing behind them with a soft wooshing noise. Tony likes that noise. He’s had it installed into every door possible (and even a few empty doorways) just so he gets to listen to it every day.

He doesn’t like it very much right now.

“What the fuck, Bucky?!”

He’s past annoyed and gone straight to furious. He doesn’t need anyone to babysit-kidnap him and really, Bucky should know better, what the ever loving fuck–

“Loki is sad,” Bucky finally says, voice devoid of any inflection.

Yeah. Sure. Tony scowls. Like he is gonna fall for that I-was-brainwashed-by-HYDRA-now-I-can’t-talk-and-explain-my-actions-like-a-normal-person bullshit. Tony happens to know that Bucky can talk just fine. 

It’s a struggle to find the right words sometimes, but just last week when the room caved into itself around Tony, Bucky was there by his side, talking about the pros and cons of Stelena vs Delena for half an hour, just to distract him.

(Which worked fine, in case anyone is wondering. Bucky dared to suggest Stelena would be a decent option and Tony just couldn’t let that stand.)

“And what does that have to do with you kidnapping me from my workstation?” Tony snaps impatiently. Or exhausted. At this point, it’s hard to tell the difference.

A small frown curls around Bucky’s upper lip, but otherwise he remains unmoved, much to Tony’s frustration. 

“You’re the best cuddler,” is all Bucky has to say in his defence, like that is a reasonable explanation. Tony hates that he can already feel his (justified) annoyance crumbling.

Then the elevator stops, prompting Bucky to carry him towards the common living room. And–okay. As soon as Tony catches sight of Loki, he gets why Bucky interrupted workshop time.

Loki is sitting hunched over on the couch, green eyes dark with something that isn’t quite sorrow, a frown on his face that remind Tony of the day the demigod tried to brainwash him with a glow stick. Good times.

Before Tony has time to fully catalogue the signs of Loki’s distress, Bucky drops him in Loki’s lap. Literally drops him. 

Tony groans because that hurt, alright, it’s not like Loki is made of pillows and plush. Loki on the other hand seems to barely notice the sudden weight, save a quiet huff of breath. There’s no mocking, no insults, just hands clinging to Tony’s waist, and that’s how Tony knows how bad this is.

Whatever it is.

He shifts–to find a comfortable position as well as ease the dull ache in his bottom from his less than comfortable landing–curls one arm around Loki’s neck, the other one around his back. The position allows him to rest his chin on Loki’s shoulder and glare at Bucky’s blank face while simultaneously rubbing slow circles across Loki’s back.

How come Tony, who is the least mature person he has ever met, has to be the functional adult in this–whatever it is that they have?

After a long moment of glaring, Bucky finally cracks, begins to fidget restlessly. It’s better than the creepy motionlessness though. He still falls into that mask too often for Tony’s comfort.

“I don’t–” Bucky gestures helplessly, a wounded look in his eyes that conveys how much he’s struggling with the situation just fine.

“Loki is sad, Bucky,” Tony says in the calmest voice he can manage, never once breaking his (hopefully) soothing ministrations. Breaks the emotional mess down into simple words, to help Bucky regain his footing. The last thing he needs is Bucky to lash out again because being, feeling, thinking becomes too much. Simple protocols are easier for him still, sometimes.

“What do we do when people are said?”

“Make them tea,” Bucky repeats automatically, then turns towards the kitchen to do exactly that.

Really, whoever thought Tony would be the right person to help a brainwashed prisoner of war to become a human being again should be shot. Or at the very least subjected to Bucky’s When-people-are-happy-we-bake-them-something-sweet cakes. Baking was still on the To Be Improved list, and for good reason.

“You alright, Mr Evil Overlord?” Tony murmurs once he’s certain Bucky doesn’t try to go off and kidnap a clown to lift the mood. Again.

Loki huffs a laugh under his breath but stays otherwise quiet, which is so unlike him that Tony feels a twinge of genuine worry in his chest. Which sucks. Tony doesn’t approve of genuine emotions at all.

“I am fine,” Loki murmurs after another moment, his grip on Tony tightening momentarily before easing into what an uninformed bystander might call ‘affectionate’.

Tony doesn’t know what he’s supposed to call it. He buries his face in Loki’s chest instead.

He waits for Loki to continue, but he doesn’t say anything. Tony finds himself listening to the sounds of Bucky moving around in the kitchen, the steady beat of Loki’s heart, their breathing. It’s…


Then Bucky joins them with three steaming mugs of tea. Tony wrinkles his nose, eyes the cups suspiciously. Everyone knows he prefers coffee.

Honestly, he’d suspect the two of them were just trying to lure him out of his workshop, if not for how upset Bucky was. As much as Loki likes messing with them, he’d never take it so far. Not over something as silly as cuddling.

“You’re not gonna talk about it, are you?” Tony mumbles around a careful sip of tea–though Bucky knows better by now than to hand him anything hot enough to burn his tongue.

Loki blinks, the picture of clueless innocence. He arches an eyebrow at Tony and really, how the demigod can hold a cup of tea that regally while Tony is stretched out over his lap is a mystery.

“I have no idea what you are referring to, Anthony,” Loki says with a masterfully added edge of curiosity. As though he hadn’t sunken back into that strange state of utter stillness, so similar to Bucky’s own behaviour from time to time, that never fails to freak Bucky and Tony out. 

“Of course you don’t.” Tony makes no effort to hide his eye-roll. “Now come on, Winter Boy, cuddle me!” he demands when Bucky doesn’t join them, remains standing instead. “I need at least two cuddle buddies at all times!”

Sometimes the closeness is too much for Bucky, sometimes he’s just insecure. Tony can never tell what it is, so as always he pushes and waits to be told to back off. 

It doesn’t happen this time.

Instead Bucky carefully sets his tea down on the small coffee table and sits down next to Loki, so close that their shoulders are brushing against each other. Pulls Tony’s feet into his lap until he lies sprawled across them (thankfully Loki’s quick reflexes save Tony’s cup of tea).

Then Loki’s slender fingers sneak into Tony’s hair, skilfully card through the curls–he needs a hair cut–and massage the skin beneath. Tony can feel himself melting into the gentle touches, turns until his face is buried in Loki’s stomach, Bucky’s hand resting on his hip, anchoring him. And with a sigh of pure bliss Tony closes his eyes and relaxes. Lets go of a tension he hadn’t even realised he has been holding in him.

Sleep comes easily after that. It always does, with Loki and Bucky close to him. Steady and dangerous and maddeningly complex and safe.

Okay, that’s it for now. I hope you all like it, especially of course @agenderraskel! Basically (because I’m not sure I conveyed that very well) Loki had some sort of panic attack/flashback/terrible mood and Bucky doesn’t know how to cheer him up so he places a Tony in his lap. I thought it was kinda cute but I also was ready to go to sleep an hour ago so I might not be the best judge right now.

Also Stelena/Delena is a Vampire Diaries reference I won’t apologise for. It was the first show that came to mind *shrug* I don’t mind either pairing by the way, so in case anyone has strong opinions, I’m not trying to bash Stelena. Bucky just needed to distract Tony for a while.


Chest Wound

Self-indulgent Dick and Batdad!Bruce gen hurt/comfort ahead.

It was impossible to tell what time it was without a clock, the den was so guarded from natural light. The only glow in the room was from the television, which had been playing episodes of Brooklyn 99 in a steady stream; every fourth episode Dick had to press a button to confirm that he was still watching.

Anything beyond that required moving, and moving was something Dick did not want, for once in his life. Every muscle and joint was sore and shifting around on the couch sent ribbons of tender, bruised pain curling around his bones. Plus, the concussion, which made standing up a giant mistake.

Alfred had been checking on him every so often and Damian had been all but drugged to sleep after his anxious and defensive hovering was making everyone more tense. He’d been ushered upstairs with a, “I swear I’m fine, Little D,” and a begrudging acceptance that Dick would still be there when he woke up. Toxin and tampered cycle brakes and a brick building had made sure he’d be staying at the Manor for a couple more days at the very least.

But it had been an entire episode and a half since he’d seen anyone and Dick had already swung from appreciating the solitude to wishing he’d not helped send Damian to bed, or that Alfred would stop in again and pretend to do housework to stay, or that Bruce would just come back from wherever the hell he’d disappeared to over two days ago.

Dick was on the verge of sitting up enough to get his charging phone to confirm his suspicion that it was early morning, after another long night of barely being able to sleep, when the door opened and a shadow intercepted the hall light. It fell across the couch and coffee table, long and gray.

A moment later, it moved into the room and he knew without turning that it was Bruce.

“Hey,” he mumbled from the couch, twisting his head just slightly to see Bruce’s face as he stood at the end of the couch with his eyes locked on the television.

“Hey,” Bruce said, long seconds later, pulling his attention to Dick. He looked exhausted and Dick had a worrisome hunch. “How are you feeling?”

“Like shit,” Dick said wearily. “Did you just get back?”

Bruce was watching the TV again, like he was trying to figure it out. He nodded slowly and then took the spot on the couch next to Dick.

“They’re in jail,” he said, exhaling and letting his head drop against the couch.

“What?” Dick asked, blinking. He turned down the volume on the TV with the remote by his hand.

“The gang. The ones working with Croc.”

“All of them?” Dick asked, startled. It hadn’t been a small group, which is one of the reasons he’d been distracted and in a hurry enough to leave his cycle vulnerable. “When did you sleep last?”

“All,” Bruce confirmed, rubbing a hand over his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Does it matter? I took care of it.”

The sound of Brooklyn 99 dialogue that Dick wasn’t even following filled the den and he watched the screen a bit listlessly. He was regretting not taking Alfred up on the sedative offer because it was already making him feel like a hypocrite and he hadn’t even actually argued with Bruce yet.

“Of course it matters,” he said lamely. He didn’t know what to follow it with.

“They could have killed you,” Bruce said. He looked like he was just lounging on the couch but Dick had known him long enough to notice the telltale signs: white knuckles, balls of feet on floor instead of flat, the measured breathing.

“So, what’s new?” Dick asked, going for light-hearted. It might have worked, too, if his voice wasn’t so tight with pain and if Bruce hadn’t been clearly running on no sleep in god knew how long, probably a full day or more before he’d hauled Dick back to the Cave.

“It’s not a joke, Dick,” Bruce snapped. His demeanor was all hard anger but it faltered and with the TV on, Dick barely heard him add, “I don’t want to lose you.”

“I don’t want to lose you, either,” Dick said. It flew out of his mouth before he thought, tinged faintly with indignant temper. Bruce actually looked at him that time, his red-rimmed and shadowed eyes just slightly startled. “I’m here. I’m alive. There are always going to be more fucking criminals, but what do we do if you’re so exhausted one of them gets lucky? Then what?”

“You’d survive,” Bruce said evenly, after a pause that drew on and on and on.

“I don’t want to survive,” Dick hissed, partly in anger and partly in pain when he shifted so he was angled away from Bruce. He turned the volume back up, louder than it had been before. “I want to come home and see you, not your damned grave.”

The plot he wasn’t even following and only vaguely remembered resolved, he jammed the button to confirm he was watching, and the next episode got through the cold open and the credits before he felt a warm hand on the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry,” Bruce said, his fingers kneading the stiff muscles right above Dick’s shoulders. Dick wanted to hold on to his anger but it was hard when some of the ache was leaching out of him. “I know you’re an adult. But it’s hard for me to not take care of you, still.”

“It’s fine,” Dick said, when the brief massage ended and Bruce left his hand there, a comforting weight. He was trying hard not to cry, so he didn’t turn to look at him. He paused the show. “Just sometimes, I wish you could take care of yourself instead of locking people up. It’s fucking terrifying being stuck here while you’re out without backup, backup I know you won’t call for after someone gets hurt because you’d so goddamned determined to make sure you’re the only one who suffers. It’s like penance for something that’s not even your fault.”

The entire time he was talking, Bruce didn’t move.

“Dick,” he said, his voice weirdly small in the silence of the room.

“What,” Dick snapped. He was still sitting with his back partially to Bruce, glaring at the other end of the couch. He remembered Tim sulking once in this room, his arms crossed and a dark little scowl on his face, and he felt exactly the same.

An arm went around his shoulders and he was crying before he’d even decided to turn and return the hug, which he did with barely a second’s hesitation. So much for sulking.

“I’m sorry,” Bruce said into his hair and Dick felt about a zillion times too old for it, but he didn’t pull back. “I don’t want to put you through that again, either. You’re right.”

The ache in his bones was minimal compared to the weight lifting from his chest. “I love you,” Dick said, the words hoarse. “Damian and Alfred and the rest of them do, too.”

“I know,” Bruce said, with a tired sigh. “I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact. I…I love you, too, chum.”

Dick laughed, something between a sob and a hiccup, and he shoved at Bruce’s chest. “When did you eat last, assuming Al didn’t force feed you already?”

“I’ll go make a sandwich. Need anything?”

With a shake of his head, Dick curled up on the couch again with his arms around his legs. “A milkshake. But I don’t need one.”

He started the show again after Bruce had left, feeling worn out but too tired to fight the steroids in his system and sleep. Long minutes ticked by and he sort of hoped that Bruce would come back and hoped he’d just gone to bed.

Right as the episode was ending, Bruce returned with a plate of sandwiches in one hand and a chocolate milkshake in the other. He handed it wordlessly to Dick and sat back down.

“What are we watching?”

“Comedy,” Dick said, accepting the milkshake with a small grin. “You’re going to hate it but it’ll be good for you. I swear I won’t tell anyone if you laugh.”

“Then I should laugh enough to make it hard for you to keep that promise,” Bruce said, with a crooked smirk. “It’ll be a good challenge.”

“I’ll find a loophole,” Dick said, skipping the end credits. “Just watch.”

Gajevy Fic Recs - 8/17

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long wait (and probably nobody’s asking for this now) but here I present to you a new list with Gajevy fic recs

Check the previous ones here and here and another one here. Almost all of these authors have more than one story so check their blog/profile to read more from them!


Bend it like Levy by @kissedbyiron (ffnet) Hands down this has been one of THE best Gajevy fics I’ve read! The story traps you from the start and it keeps building up incredibly well! ‘Must read tier’. If you read this story please come back and fangirl with me about your reaction to this fic! M-rated for a reason! (Completed)

Doubt and Trust by @kitachaos-blog  (ffnet) - Fantasy!AU in which Levy is a fairy and Gajeel is the enemy, but the story proves how love can move mountains to bring two souls together! Beautiful story! (On-going)

Once upon a time by AnyDreamWillDo19 (multi-pairing) (ffnet) Fairy Tail meets fairy tales! (bad pun intended). Our beloved couples from Fairy Tail are thrown into different stories and will have to face the enemy (as well as their own feelings) to rescue their SO. (On-going) [Gajevy, Nalu, Gruvia, Elfever, Jerza]

The dragon’s den by @nocturna131 Honestly, this story is mouthwatering and the fan art done by lovely @bluuesparrow (here, here & here) adds to that effect! Stripper!Gajeel who gets charmed instantly by sweet beautiful Levy. Really good story! (On-going)

Silver for Monsters by @neen-writes Witcher!AU Amazing incredible story written by the queen of AUs. Based on the storyline The Witcher videogame. It’ll leave you at the edge of your seat all the time! (On-going) @bluuesparrow did fan art for these one too!

Taste in Music by @ranunculus-fox DJ!Levy and Bodyguard!Gajeel. Those of you that love protective Gajeel need to read this! And even more if you love whenever Levy hands Gajeel’s ass on a silver plate by awing him with her skills. There’s no doubt they fall deeply in love but with someone lurking in the dark, Levy will need to not leave Gajeel’s side! (On-going)


Kuroneko by Tessryne (ffnet) A clever plan for Gajeel to get closer to Levy. But things don’t go always as planned… Really funny and fluffy and lovely.

Strange magic by @alykazamfanfiction Story about the night Gajeel attacked Team Shadow Gear but with an interesting plot point! I’ve read this at least 3 times and it always pulls at my heartstrings! A lot of emotion in this one-shot!

Checkmate, Darling by @xambedo Training!AU In which Levy is taught how to fight by a sexy gym trainer with raven hair. Incredible story that makes you feel so so much! M-rated for a reason!

Basic Training by @spikerr Council!Gajevy Levy just wants to train with Gajeel but things don’t go like she expected at all. Amazing story with angst, hurt, fluff, tears and a very angry Gajeel. MUST READ!

Cat by @phoenix-before-the-flame Modern!AU Hilarious one-shot in which Gajeel owns lots of cats and frets over them <3 really good!

Blood and snow by @shadowtsukiyo This barely made it to the list because I just read it yesterday! SO SO GOOD! Badass Levy, protective Gajeel, action, fight scenes, a dangerous mission and so much love between these two! Council times.

Self-promo time! I’m also a fanfic writer! Check out Broken, my latest angsty fic! You can find my work here and here!

Happy reading!

A/N: I created this list trying to give other writers some exposure. As you noticed, I placed just one story from each author (although almost ALL of them have more than one story so you should probably check their blog/profile out). 

Most likely I left some of my faves stories/authors out of this list and that’s either because I already recommended them previously or because I will in the next list. I’ll do my best to include most fics/authors I enjoy but that would make the list way WAY too long!

Please go ahead and add your own recs!

WTF (Where’s The Food?)

Dishes Best Served...

Commissioned by @theanimangaofitall Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it <3 (also it won’t tag you for some reason???)

Pairing: Nalu

Works count: 2.5K

Lucy glares at the dirty pile of dishes in the sink, unamused with what she sees. Her hands settle on her hips, foot tapping against the wood floors, and she counts several different ways of killing her fiancé with one of the dirty spoons sitting harmlessly on the counter where it shouldn’t be.

She’s been gone for three days, away on assignment for Jason, her boss at the magazine Sorcerer Weekly, to interview the famous Runway model Mirajane Strauss, and she gave him two things to do while she was away. Two very simple things that she prayed he would be able to accomplish: do the dishes and feed their pets.

Judging by the state of her kitchen sink, Lucy can only hope that Happy and Plue aren’t dead.

Now, Lucy loves Natsu, she really does. He means the world to her and she’s able to forgive him for anything short of homicide, with some exceptions, of course. Sometimes, though, he makes her want to kill him with a rusty spoon and bury his body in Gray’s backyard. Illegal, maybe, but Gods does he deserve it sometimes. He’s her best friend and the love of her life, but he’s also a slob and sometimes she regrets ever moving in with him.

Lucy growls under her breath, eye twitching as she stares at the pile of dishes that’s at least twice the size of what it was when she left earlier in the week, a marvel in itself, considering how much she knows Natsu can eat. She doesn’t know how the hell he manages to look like a walking marble statue when he puts away his own body-weight in food every day. That’s hardly an exaggeration either, but fuck, if that’s what gives him his crazy stamina than she can deal with it from now until they’re eighty and gross and sex completely off the table.

Well, she doubts sex will ever be completely off the table, but she’s not going to risk breaking a hip to get some, be it with Natsu or not. She figures she’ll marry at least twice in life. Lucy plans to be happily married to one Natsu Dragneel from spring of next year until the time he unceremoniously dies from doing something stupid, like trying to back flip off moving car, or ski down the staircase. Lucy guesses she’ll be around her mid-thirties at that point, and will marry again by forty to fill the empty void in her heart where Natsu once was, the dumbass.

Though, there’s also a very good chance that he’s about to die at twenty-three for being an absolute fuck-nut and not doing the damn dishes. She asks him to do fix two things, and he makes one of them worse.

Lucy has a feeling she’s going to cry when she sees what the rest of the house looks like.

And maybe she’s just a little bit bitter than Natsu didn’t come to greet her at the door like he usually does, always more than excited to have her back home. It’s been a good five minutes and she hasn’t seen him anywhere yet.

Sure, she’s home a good half-hour earlier than expected, but does that really make a difference? She wanted to surprise him a little, but now she can’t even find him. And she knows he’s home. His motorcycle is in the driveway, and she knows he would rather risk getting her foot shoved up his ass than ride in a car, but that doesn’t explain where he might have gone.

Happy and Plue also aren’t anywhere to be found, which is mildly concerning and Lucy’s fear for their lives spikes for just a moment, though she knows Natsu would never intentionally neglect to take car of them. It’s just odd, really. Plue is always the second one to greet her at the door, jumping on her and giving her kisses, nearly shoving her back out the door with his lap dog mentality, despite being damn near one-hundred pounds. Happy isn’t usually this shy either, coming out whenever he hears the door unlock.

A pout forms on Lucy’s lips, and she slowly spins around, glancing around the otherwise immaculate kitchen. Her eyes narrow in confusion, Lucy not understanding. It’s cleaner than when she left, and it even looks like he dusted above the cabinets, the one place Lucy is too short to reach. That’s peculiar for two reasons. One, she finds it hard to believe that Natsu would go out of his way to dust when he has a mild allergy, but can’t do the dishes, which is something she actually asked him to do. And two, she’s pretty sure neither of them have dusted up there for a good year, considering they both hate doing it, meaning there had to be some kind of dust bunny army up there.

She’ll have to thank him for that, but not until after she chews him out for not doing the goddamn dishes.

Keep reading

monster ♡ mysme imagine

a/n: ok me @aquariumprincess23 were talking abt rika and we got soft™ and i started writing some random stuff about her and this happened djdjdb lol im not crying my eyes are sweating,,

Rika couldn’t stop her hands from shaking.

She stood in front of the front door with a plant pot in her grip, looking down at the small flower that only bloomed this morning. Rika wasn’t sure what MC’s favourite flower was, but she hoped that the pink tulip growing in the soil of the ceramic pot would suffice. She hadn’t met with MC since just before her recovery, and truly, she wasn’t in the best state. She apologised for everything – for the troubles, for the pain, for the fear, and she knew that it wouldn’t be forgiveable – although she was blubbering and sobbing and sitting at a table at a mental institution. Now, three years later, she was about to see MC again, who now took the surname Kim and lived in a row house with Yoosung.

Lifting up her head, Rika stared directly at the front door, and she was proud of herself because even that seemed too much for her, right then. She felt some leaves swirl around her ankles as a wind brushed by, and she shivered, suddenly regretting not bringing a cardigan. Swallowing, she brought her arm up and knocked twice on the door, toeing the threadbare doormat below her feet. Home, it read, a heart replacing the ‘o’. Rika’s heart swelled, but her nerves were singing. What if she ruins this home they made? What if she’s really crazy like everyone says she is? What if she really is just a monster? She tapped her foot, and stepped back to look at the curtained windows. Why weren’t they answering the door? Maybe they changed their minds, maybe they realised it was a bad idea to invite her, maybe they–


There was a doorbell.

Exhaling, she pressed it, and her trembling fingers made her stutter and ring twice. Swearing under her breath, she clutched the plant pot tighter. She hoped they wouldn’t find her slip up annoying. She really didn’t mean to ring more than once.

If Rika heard the footsteps behind the door, she was sure her heart would’ve stopped. The anticipation was killing her, and she didn’t realise it until the door opened, but a scowl formed on her face as she stared at the bottom of the door. Why does she have to be so jittery all the time? Stop, stop, stop! MC stood in the doorway with a smile, and Rika met her eyes, and her pulse was in her throat. She nearly lost her balance, and she was glad she didn’t, or the plant pot would’ve dropped. Wait, did MC say hi already? Geez, if only she could pay attention for once.

“Oh, Rika!” MC exclaimed, and held the door open wider. “Ah… I hope this isn’t too soon, but is it too much to ask for a hug?”

Surprised, Rika’s first reaction was no. What if she hurt MC? Everything she touched broke, first Sally, then… V… Biting her lip, she looked up, and nodded. Just slightly. It was all it took before MC was tugging her into an embrace. She gasped in surprise, caught mid-hug, looking down at the plant pot in her own hands over MC’s shoulder.

It’d been so long since somebody hugged Rika. She forgot how it felt.

It was comforting. She could feel MC’s heart beat against hers, and smell the hot chocolate clinging to the woollen sweater she wore. MC’s hand rubbed her back, and Rika closed her eyes. She wanted to stay like this. She could live like this. This feeling of affection and the presence of somebody else who wasn’t ready to call her bad names or make her feel crazy. She didn’t want to let go, and she was so glad when MC didn’t pull away. So, so glad. Relaxing, she looked up into the house, and watched Yoosung approach the doorway wearing a pair of mismatched socks and a hoodie. His eyes lit up, and Rika’s heart contracted. Yoosung. Her little baby cousin. He’s so grown up. She only ever saw Yoosung once without brown hair, and now his head was full of blond, clips nowhere to be seen, and his fringe falling over his forehead. He had grown taller, and his face had matured. She saw his graduation photo hung up on the corridor wall, and she couldn’t believe it. Was this her Yoosung? The little boy that would follow her around at the first RFA part because of his shyness? MC let go of her, eventually, and ushered her into the house, saying something about ‘not standing too long at the doorstep.’

“N-noona?” Yoosung stuttered, and Rika swore she’d never felt so relieved to be called something in her life. She was scared to death that she lost him – that after everything, she lost the appreciation that Yoosung had for her. But, she didn’t. Tears fought for room in his eyes, and she could tell he was trying to swallow them back. She stepped foreward, and hugged him, and she felt the feeling again; the one she had when MC embraced her. He held her, and she noticed how much taller than her he was. His chin could rest on her head. She heard him sniff. “I missed you. I missed you so much.

Inhaling, she knotted her fingers into the back of his shirt. This was the only part of her old self she had. She cherished Yoosung. He gave her a reason to recover, because nobody other than Yoosung looked up to her anymore. Nobody other than Yoosung thought she was much more than just a madwoman.

“I… missed you, too.” Pulling away from him, she surveyed his face, trying to mark every one of his changes. No more baby face. The scar over his left eye. The glasses. The maturity. Biting her lip, she suppressed any tears, and shakily brushed his hair above his hairline, before reaching down and gently pinching his cheek. “How’d you grow up so quick, huh? How’d you grow up so much without me to see?”

“I could say the same for you.” Reaching behind her, Yoosung carefully touched the ends of her hair, which now reached her neck. It was cut choppily, and Rika was meaning to get her hair styled at some point. It was only just growing back after she shaved it in her last few months in recovery. “Your hair… it’s so different…”

She caught his hand and stepped away from him. Guiltily, he quickly moved away, muttering an apology, but she stopped him. “No, it’s just… too soon…”

Sensing the change in mood, MC stepped in. “A-ah, Rika, do you want to see our kitten?”

Turning around, her lips parted. She felt Yoosung gently take the plant pot from her hands as she faces MC. Softly, she asked, “Y-you have a kitten?”

“Yeah!” Yoosung smiled. “Her name’s Lisa. She’s still small. Do you wanna meet her?”

Rika bit her lip, and looked down at her beige shoes. Shutting her eyes, she knotted her fingers together. Yoosung and MC were welcoming them into their home with so much love, it was almost too overwhelming for her. After three years of pills, and psychiatrists, and a vacant mind, Rika didn’t think she remembered how it felt to be loved. Now there she stood, fresh from one of the two first hugs she had in over three years, surrounded with soft carpets, and wine red sofas, and a spice perfumed kitchen. She didn’t want to get rid of this feeling.

"Yes,” she said, and followed Yoosung into the living room.

MC walked ahead, and Rika watched as she kneeled down in front of one of the sofas and peered underneath, murmuring softly and running her fingers along the carpet in front of the mouth of the gap beneath the couch. Rika waited with her breath held. She hadn’t been this excited in a long time. MC laughed gently, and waves Rika to sit by her, to which she complied. She gasped when white fur peeked out from beneath the sofa, and when MC reached out to touch it, it darted back in. Rika looked at MC, and saw the mirth dancing in her eyes as she chased for the kitten with her hand again, until it slowly peered out and stretched, sitting just in front of the two girls.

Rika stared. The kitten was still tiny, barely any fatter than the width of her hand. It was white and fluffy, and blue eyes which gazed up at her curiously. They blinked, and she wanted to stroke her so badly, but she was scared. What if she hurt this, too?

MC wrapped her hands around the kitten’s spine and lifted her up, running her thumb along her soft temple as she closed her eyes and nuzzled into her owner. Rika’s heart nearly melted, she barely heard Yoosung sit next to her.

“Would you like to hold her?” MC offered, reaching over to touch Rika’s hand. She froze under the other girl’s touch. Her hands were so warm.

“Y-yes, please,” she responded, but when MC went to hand Lisa to her, she panicked. She didn’t know how to hold a kitten! What if she dropped her? What if she held her too tight? What if something… bad happened… What if Rika–

“Noona?” Yoosung said softly, touching her shoulder. “Do you want me to show you how to hold her?”

Bowing her head, she nodded, keeping her hands in her lap. Yoosung took Lisa from MC and turned Rika to face him, letting the kitten rest against her forearm. Rika looked up at him, hovering her hand over the cat’s fur. He nodded, and she stroked Lisa, scared that she might touch her too harshly in the meantime. She wasn’t breathing. All she could feel was the kitten against her chest, and–

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, feeling Lisa hum against her body. “Is she purring?”

“She likes you,” Yoosung said.

Rika exhaled, rubbing Lisa’s cheek with the tip of her thumb. She was so soft, and so warm. She was alive. The trust that something so vulnerable and so tiny put in her made something clutch her heart. This kitten… Lisa… Lisa trusted her with something as valuable as her own self. Lisa didn’t think Rika was a monster, or crazy, or dangerous. She bit her lip, and didn’t feel the tear run down her cheek. When would she ever feel this much love again? Sniffing, she scratched the cat behind her ear, before Lisa stilled. Rika begun to panic Did she do something wrong? Why wasn’t the kitten moving? Th-this is Sally all over again, how could she–

“Oh,” MC said softly.

Rika couldn’t hold in her sob, and held her hand over her mouth, crying into her palm. They were painful cries, painful and racking her whole body. Yoosung stared at her, alarmed, and so did MC. She cried harder, unable to breathe in properly without hiccuping.

“I-I’m so s-s-sorry… y-you shouldn’t have let m…me touch her.” She touched Lisa’s fur. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

MC leaned in, and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Ssh, it’s okay…”

“N-no… Lisa isn’t m-moving…”

“Hey, Noona.” Yoosung reached for the kitten in her lap, and nudged Lisa’s nose. She woke up, and sniffed, meowing softly. Rika stared at her lap, the kitten now awake and kneading at the skirt of her dress. Her lungs were worn out. Oh. Yoosung smiled. “See? She just fell asleep.”

She held her hand out for Lisa to sniff, her eyes still spilling tears, and the kitten stuck her tongue out and licked her hand. Rika’s chest contracted.

“I… don’t want to hurt things anymore.” She choked on a sob.

Leaning in, Yoosung let her rest her head on his shoulder. “You won’t, Noona. You’re a wonderful person.”

She paused, inhaling deeply. She listened to the clock tick on the opposite wall, and the cat’s purrs. “Am I a monster?” she asked softly.

“No.” The other two said immediately.

“Then…” she breathed, another tear slipping down her cheek, “why do I feel like one?”

She wept, her tears falling on Lisa’s fur. Her shoulders trembled as Yoosung tried to lull her, and MC reached out to hold one of her hands in both of hers. Rika sniffed, and sobbed, and she was glad Yoosung said nothing about the tear patch she left on his shirt. He stroked her short hair, running his fingers through the choppy strands. She pressed the side of her face against his chest, before sitting up, looking down at the kitten.

“I-I swear on my l-life…” She covered her mouth as she cried, still looking at Lisa. “I swear on my life. I will never h-harm y-you. Ever.”

Rika felt stupid. She felt stupid for crying over a kitten and she felt stupid for walking into her cousin’s home and bringing her messy brain with her. She felt stupid for feeling so much just by embracing Lisa, but she had no room to hate herself, since she could hear Yoosung crying from above her, and MC inclining towards her for an embrace. Other than stupid, all she could feel was how much she loved this family. MC, and Yoosung, and Lisa. And she cried more because she knew this was a love that she’ll only ever know once, and a love that she’ll never have back. She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, and took in a quaking breath.

“Th-thank you,” she said, “for accepting me.”

“Rika…” MC whispered. “Welcome home.”

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (17)


Part 17 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16  Part 18

Word Count: 2,400 (ish)

I am no tech geek, please don’t quote me on “hacking” terms. We pray to God that it’s believable and makes sense lol. Enjoy :)

Baekhyun dragged both you and Junmyeon into the board room where it was quiet and empty, locking the door behind the three of you.

“Umm Baekhyun what are you doing?” You stuttered looking up at Junmyeon with yours eyes wide.

“Shh.” Baekhyun frowned bringing his finger up to his lips. “I’ve been busy hacking and bugging lately, nearly everything and everyone. That’s why I’ve been acting strange and shifty because I’ve been occupied. Look.” He slipped out his phone from his back pocket and held it up so you and Junmyeon could read the screen. “I hacked into the showcasing companies main system, just incase Luhan is more involved with them than we think, that’s where I disappeared to earlier. However Luhan was always quite the tech genius so it’s possible that he’s able to see through what I’ve done and break whatever codes he needs to break.” He sighed exiting a web page and opening another one up. “I also managed to bug internet access and codes of the house and general text messaging services. So I have access to pretty much everyone’s devices meaning I can keep on top of things. Junmyeon you really need to calm down with those provocative texts to Yuna.” He winked at him lewdly.
Junmyeon’s mouth dropped open.

“Baekhyun those are private messages between me and my wife!”
Baekhyun scoffed at Junmyeon’s reaction and shook his head.

“Yeah well not anymore. Just think whenever your’e trying to seduce Yuna you’re also seducing me. I must say Junmyeon you’re a man of many great and saucy ideas. I’d love to try that new ‘game’ you suggested not too long ago.” Baekhyun smirked.
You felt sick, good knows what things he could read in on between you and Minseok, because some of your messages were extremely confidential.
“Anyway.” Baekhyun continued. “We have a slight problem. So there’s this one device in the house and I’m not exactly sure whom it belongs to, it must be an extra phone. But it’s been bugged on their side. Almost as though they were expecting me to keep tabs on them so they came prepared. It’s been making calls and sending texts; but when I try and check the calls they are untraceable and the messages show up blank. I can’t seem to crack the codes safeguarding them either, they’re pretty strong. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now but I’m still having no luck. Now the only explanations I have are that there are two other tech geniuses in the house other than me; those being Sehun and Chanyeol or my alternative explanation being that Luhan helped to safeguard someone’s phone. The last text sent from this phone was around ten minutes ago, but obviously you know I can’t see what it says.” Baekhyun paused; creases were setting above his brown bone due to confusion.

“It can’t be Sehun.” You shook your head and placed your hands on your hips. “He was…talking to me.” You felt your stomach flip at the half-lie that you had just let slip past your tongue and shuddered at the thought of what Sehun had just tried on with you. That crazy idiot.

“So then Chanyeol.” Junmyeon raised a brow. “Actually no it can’t be him he’s not here he wouldn’t have WiFi would he?”

“Well no he wouldn’t need WiFi for calling and texting.” Baekhyun mumbled pinching his chin with his thumb and index finger. “So really it’s a possibility.”
You felt your heart sink. Although you didn’t know whether or not you could forgive Chanyeol for what he did you weren’t prepared to accept the fact that he was the traitor and although Baekhyun did not 100% confirm it, it was beginning to become painfully obvious that it was him besides nobody even knew his whereabouts.

“This has all been really carefully planned out.” Junmyeon ran a hand through his hair as he closed his eyes. “Now I have to deal with this on top of Senior and the showcase. Fantastic…”

“Oh you couldn’t get an extension?” Baekhyun asked with wide eyes. You shook your head in response. “Look don’t worry Junmyeon you focus on Senior and me and Y/N will handle this for now okay, but let’s keep it hush.”

“We will?” You pulled a face, why were you always being dragged into things that you didn’t want to be involved in.

“Yes.” Baekhyun rolled his eyes at you. “We will.”

You had done what Baekhyun had said and kept quiet about the phone in question this included keeping it from Minseok. It was time for dinner already and you were all crowded around the dining room table. Sehun was sat directly opposite you, his gaze piercing into the back of your skull so you kept your eyes trained down onto your plate.

“Junmyeon!” Jongin cried, throwing his hands up in the air. “Why the fuck do you keep cooking broccoli, it’s making me sick.”

“Why do I hear you complaining? Shut up and eat.” Junmyeon mumbled, shovelling a piece of broccoli into his own mouth. You all ate in silence until you had finished every last morsel on your plate.

“So what’s going to be done about this showcasing event then?” Kris asked stretching his hands forwards and making his bones click. Junmyeon sighed in response.

“There’s nothing we can do. We’ve been defeated this time.” He shrugged and stood up beginning to collect the plates on the table. You looked to your side at Yuna who let out a really loud yawn.

“Gosh I’m so sorry.” She covered her mouth with her hand, eyes glazed over. “I’m just really tired.”

“Hmm, so am I.” Baekhyun frowned “I thought I got a decent amount of sleep in but maybe not. I’m off to bed.” You looked up at the clock. It was only 6PM, even Ara was wide awake sitting on Kris’ lap.

“I think I’ll go to sleep too.” Yuna yawned, leaning forward she kissed Junmyeon on the cheek and then rose from her seat to leave the room with Baekhyun.
You looked up and noticed that Sehun was still staring at you intensely, but it was weird. It was almost as though he was frowning at you. You were beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable so you got up from your seat.

“Thanks for the dinner Junmyeon.” You called, not looking back as you exited the kitchen, but you saw a dark tall shadow following you down the corridor.
When you paused he paused. When you walked towards the board so did he and so for some stupid reason you decided to run out into the garden, but of course the tall male followed you.
Unbeknownst to the both of you though Minseok was watching, frowning from the kitchen doorway.
The grass outside was still wet from the storm and you almost slipped falling face first but quickly regained your balance.

“For flip sake, will you learn how to be careful? You’re really going to hurt that baby!” He hissed grabbing your wrist and helped to steady you. You scowled at him grabbing your hand out of his hold and took a step back, backing up into the tall brown wooden fence. “Why the fuck are you avoiding me?” He hissed again looming over you and it was seriously intimidating.

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I be trying to avoid you Sehun!? I’m your best friend’s wife and I’m carrying his child. You sick, sick man!”

“I’m aware of that.” He said to you coldly. You were so confused, his face was still blank like it always was, like nothing had happened and he didn’t kiss you. Why was he acting so clueless? Suddenly you heard the garden door swing open. Looking over Sehun’s shoulder you saw Minseok standing there, a frown painted across his face.

“What’s going on out here?”

Sehun ignored him as he rolled his eyes and stepped closer to you.

“Get away from me you dirty rat!” You pushed hard on his chest. Minseok came rushing over pulling Sehun back away from you.

“What the fuck is going on here, explain now!” Minseok shouted at Sehun as he stood in front of you almost as though he were a shield.

“This sick bastard tried to kiss me. In fact he didn’t try, he did it!” You pointed towards Sehun as you shrieked, your fingers were shaking and you couldn’t keep your arm still. Minseok’s mouth dropped open as he looked between you and Sehun, probably wondering if he heard you right or waiting for you tell him it was a joke.

“You did what?…” Minseok breathed focusing only on Sehun now. “You kissed Y/N…”

“Yes.” Sehun answered back confidently. He didn’t waver nor did he flinch, his face was still blank as he looked between you and Minseok. It was as though Minseok had just asked him if he’d eaten breakfast today or whether or not he’d taken a shower. How could he be so confident in his answer?

“You what!” Minseok raged, his face growing red. You saw his hands balling up, veins running down his arms. “You did what Oh Sehun!” He threw a punch in the younger males face, landing directly on his lip blood dribbling down the corner of Sehun’s mouth. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY WIFE!” He grabbed Sehun’s head downwards and brought his knee up, connecting with Sehun’s chest.

“Get the fuck off of me Minseok!” He pushed the smaller man backwards. But Minseok charged for him again both of them slipping on the wet grass. You didn’t know what to do; you couldn’t call the others and have them know what was going on.

“First you wanted to get rid of her, now you’re making a move on her. Are you crazy?” Minseok growled punching Sehun in the sides.

“Get off Minseok!” Sehun shouted again pushing Minseok off of his body. He stood up holding a hand to his bleeding mouth and spat onto the grass. “I don’t love your wife. Shit Minseok! Don’t go attacking me like that.” Your mouth was still open, surely by this time you had caught some flies. Was this man being serious? “If anything I still borderline hate her I’m just tolerating her!”

“So why the fuck did you do it Sehun! And you better give me a good explanation or I’m going inside to get a gun.” Minseok’s chest was heaving up and down and his hands were still balled up into fists ready to fight, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

“Because I’m trying to do everything that you would do to her, damn it Min! I thought that was okay. Shit!” Sehun barked, trying to catch his breath back as he rubbed his chest where Minseok had hit him. He looked up at you angrily as he continued to speak. “She was frickin’ crying in my room about this baby, and I thought to myself ‘what would Minseok do to calm her down’ I’m your best friend and I’m trying to look out for your blasted family. Do you really think I’d go for her?”

You eyes opened wide in shock along with Minseok who was shaking his violently.

“No Sehun! No! You got it so wrong; you’re not supposed to go around and do things like that. That’s NOT okay.”
You were still staring at Sehun; you thought he was fabricating some sort of story to save his own ass. But he wasn’t. His face was still blank and he was still clueless as to why the both of you were mad. He genuinely thought what he was doing was a good thing. You sighed in disbelief, how mentally messed up was he to think that that was okay.

Sehun piped up again, beginning to fight his corner and you were really hoping that none of the men from inside could hear all of the commotion going on.

“I did what you would have done! Why was I wrong? I’m trying to be like you why the fuck are you shouting at me.” He looked over at you again. “I tried to comfort you didn’t I? Didn’t I?!”

“Shit Sehun you’re a grown man now you need to be able to distinguish what’s acceptable and what’s not. You’re not a kid anymore. You can’t go around kissing my wife because I do it, suppose she kissed you back. How far would you have gone?”

“As far as you would’ve gone Minseok…” He frowned, looking up at his best friend seriously confused as to why he was being shouted at. “I’m supposed to be there for her when you can’t be isn’t that what you made me promise you when you got married. I would’ve gone as far as she needed me to.”
And it was at that point you started to feel a little sick. Sehun’s idea of walking in Minseok’s shadow was so much more extreme than you thought it was initially, it was as though he was aspiring to be his carbon copy. “Listen Minseok, I’m just trying to repay you for everything you’ve done for me. There was no romantic feeling in what I did, in fact doing it made me feel sick but I thought…”

“No Sehun don’t you see this is taking it too far.” Minseok interrupted, he was mostly calm now but there was an alarming look of worry on his face as he stared at Sehun. “We should call Babu Sehun. I think you need help.”
Sehun frown taking a step back as though Minseok had just slapped him across the face.

“Woah, why are you going this far Minseok. I already told you I was only trying to help. I’ll just stop from now on there’s no need to get Kyungsoo’s brother involved.”

“No Sehun, this is too much you’re so far gone –”

“WE’RE ALL FAR GONE MINSEOK!” Sehun screeched taking strides backwards, creating a bigger gap between the three of you. “I was just trying to fucking help! If you don’t want shit like this to happen then maybe you should be there for your pregnant wife when she needs you!” He screamed turning around. He ran back inside the house leaving you and Minseok standing in the garden in silence.

Hair (Bucky Barnes x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! As promised, here’s the Bucky x reader fanfic. This is my first ever Bucky one so I hope y’all enjoy it and it doesn’t suck that much.

Description: You’re helping Bucky to cut his hair and things get pretty heated real fast. You end up sharing a romantic moment with him and fluff, fluff, fluff.

Reader Gender: Not mentioned/Female or Male

Characters/Ships: Bucky x reader, mentioned Tony, Steve

Rating: G/PG

Warnings: Not much, crappy fic, a little bit rushed, lap sitting (not the sexual kind?? Idk) and a bit of kissing

Tilting your head to the side, you watched Bucky with amusement, suppressing a giggle and replacing it with an aggravated sigh. “Come on, Y/N! It’s getting in my way when I fight!” Bucky pleaded with you, throwing his arms up in the air as he widened his eyes, his bottom lip protruding outwards. 

It was very unlike the fearsome Winter Soldier to do such an action but since you were one of his best friends, besides Steve, you were always treated to Bucky’s vulnerable side, which was a side the latter only showed to a few people, which you still haven’t figured out whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Although you often saw this exact expression, you always couldn’t help but give in to the Bucky’s pleads, even if it was something you really didn’t support or want to do. Giving an exaggerated sigh, you teasingly rolled your eyes at the soldier before the corner of your mouth tugged upwards, forming a smile. 

Nodding your head, a large grin broke out on Bucky’s face and he stretched out his arms, pulling you in for a tight hug. Feeling the familiar cold metal and warm skin being pressed against the sides of your arms, you returned the hug, burying the side of your face in Bucky’s chest. 

“Come on,” You chided with another one of your smiles as you pulled away from the hug. “Let’s get started.” Nodding his head in seriousness, you practically lunged forward and grabbed Bucky’s wrist, dragging him towards the door that was connected to his room. 

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anonymous asked:

If Lotor were to learn that Keith is a hybrid, do you think he'll try to persuade Keith into joining him? Of course it won't work but I can't but feel that at some point Lotor is going to play mind games with Keith (or Lance because he's insecure) in order to tear team Voltron apart.

I mean, I know it’s certainly a popular fandom idea that Lotor’s going to try and lure someone away from Voltron, but…

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Sexual Tension - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Chapter 5

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.8k (ah it’s really short.)

Warning: it’s all fluff

A/N: The chapter I originally wrote was SUPER long so it’s split into two parts - the second part (this chapter) is small because of that reason.

Chapter 4

“What if someone sees us?”

You were sitting at ‘The Grind’ with your favorite professor. It was the day after you both had your date, making the day Saturday. Neither of you guys had plans so you went on a coffee date. It wasn’t the best place to go considering your best friend owned the place and would go out of her way to eavesdrop on your conversation but you both loved it more than any other local café. You both sat at a booth in the back of the building so that you could have some privacy, privacy as in not being noticed by someone you know.

“Don’t worry. If anyone sees us I’ll just say that you wanted to meet up to talk about the class. I’ve done it before, many teachers meet up with students to discuss things like that.” You flashed him a smile before drinking the rest of your coffee.

“You said you had no plans today, right?” Tonight was your day off, your day of no work and no school. Fortunately it was the same for him which made it a perfect day to hang out.

“Yeah, why do you want to do something?” He gave you his famous cheeky smile. Such a flirt.

“Don’t get cocky, Barnes. I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my place later. I was going to have a movie marathon and it’s still planned so you’re welcome to join me if you get lonely.” You teased him and gave him a reflection of the same smile he gave you moments before.

“Me? Lonely? Yeah, yeah. You’re just lucky I’m free tonight because otherwise I would have turned that deal down. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind.” His forehead wrinkled when he lifted up his eyebrows and you snickered.

“Good, it’ll be starting around 8 so don’t be late.” His hand balanced over yours and the warmth from his touch filled your body. A heartwarming smile flashed across his face. His smile was contagious so naturally you smiled back.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


You were fixing up your apartment so your guest wouldn’t feel clustered, or think that you were a pig. Everything was nice and fine by the time the clock hit 7:30. Thanking god internally for giving you a few moments to make sure you didn’t look like you just woke up from winter hibernation before he got here.

Knowing it would be a night of comfort and comfort only, you slid on some sweats and a regular long sleeve black Henley with the buttons undone. You let your natural hair flow beside your shoulders while you carried some extra blankets to your couch. By the time you finished getting the snacks, pillows and your favorite movie franchise, there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, you eyed him down with a smile. He was wearing regular joggers and a sweatshirt. He held a bag of food and a bouquet of flowers. His shoulders shrugged before holding the flowers out to you.

“Always the gentlemen, huh, James?” Your heart fluttered as you accepted the roses and opened the door to let him come in.

“I can be anything for you, doll.” You giggled. Leading him into the living room, you set your gift on the counter before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the couch with you.

“You never mentioned what movies we were watching, you know.” He plopped down next to you before you shoved a collections of movies into his face. His eyes automatically lit up when he read the names.

“I bet you don’t regret coming over now. X-Men is the best franchise there is!” You winked before getting up to put in the first movie. “I would never regret anything as long as it involves you and I, you know that right?”

Standing up with red forming over your cheeks. “Such a sweetheart.”

You went to go sit next to him but he shifted over to where you sat on him instead.

“God James, every time!” Laughing and throwing your head back to lay onto his shoulder, his arms snaked around your waist.

“What? Don’t want me to hug you? If you just said so I would have stopped.” His eyebrow raised.

“N-No! I’d rather be here than anywhere.” Turning your body to look up to him, you wanted to kiss him right then and there. The last time you both kissed was the night where he apologized. You tilted your face forward his before planting your lips onto his. His grip on your body shifting your position to give him a better angle to kiss back. His arm pulled your chest towards his and his other stayed steady on your thigh. His tongue guided its way through your mouth while yours fought back.

You both smiled in the kiss before pulling away. Your noses touched and your body’s were panting, begging for air.

“Payback?” You laughed while still gasping for air while he eyed you down. His teeth shined through his lips.

“If that’s your way of payback…” His eyes widened, he shook his head with a small laugh.

You laid your back against his front and watched the flashing screen in front of you. After a while of being wrapped up in his arms and a mountains of blankets, your favorite actor came on screen. Your eyes practically lit up at the sight of Professor X. You grabbed a bowl of sweets in front of you and shoved some into your mouth.

“Oh god, the things I’d do James McAvoy.” You spoke with food still in your mouth while stared at the blue eyed god on screen in admiration.

“Got a thing for the bald guy in a wheelchair, huh?” He chuckled to himself and received a glare.

“He isn’t bald or in a wheelchair yet! I mean he’s still absolutely drop dead gorgeous before and after but-”

“If I shaved my hair and broke my legs would you look at me the same way you look at him?” You couldn’t help at smile at how desperate he was sounding, you knew it was a joke but it was hilarious.

“Trust me, the look I give him and the look I give you are two completely different things.” You tried to shut him up by stuffing pieces of candy into his face but it didn’t exactly work.

“How so?” A spark lit into his eyes while he chewed the candy.

“He is just a gorgeous man, you my friend are not only gorgeous but you hold a special place in my heart. Like an inch above McAvoy.”

“Well you did call me hot the very first day we met, I guess you just have a thing for guys names James.”

You let out a loud laugh before grabbing his hand and cuddling closer to your personal teddy bear. “Better watch out for anyone named James because they just might snatch me away, huh?”

The movie soon ended and you both watched X2. By the time it finished your whole body ached from sitting in the same spot for hours. You stood up and stretched your body before pulling his arm. He stood up and would have knocked you over if he hadn’t had both of his arms gripped onto your back. His lips gave yours a small kiss before pulling away and smiling at you.

“Do you really have to go?” You pleaded for him with your eyes.

“Well, it is 3am.” He looked at the digital clock on the wall before focusing his gaze back at you.

“Tonight was fun, thank you for spending time with me.” You wrapped your arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

You both said your goodbyes and maybe a few minutes of smooching but eventually he had to leave and he made his way to his car. Walking into the living room to clean up the leftover food in the room and placing your new flowers into a vase of water. After a few minutes you heard a light tap at your door.

“What now?” You laughed to yourself before unlocking your door and opening it to the same man who claimed he was going home. “Long time no see, handsome.”

“My car won’t start and it’s too early for any of my friends to come give me a jump.” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Don’t worry, you can just stay over.” Your hands grabbed his before pulling him into your apartment for the second time that night. He didn’t object and walked in. You finished cleaning up the few things you missed before grabbing the pillows from the couch and throwing them onto your bed.

“I can sleep on the couch if you want.” His arm scratched the back of his neck.

“If you didn’t want to sleep with me you should have just said so. You’re my guest, sleep on my bed.”

“I never said I didn’t want to sleep with you it’s just I didn’t know if you were comfortable with it.”

“We literally just sat on my couch like we were duct taped together. Just take my bed!”

“I can’t just kick you out of your own bed! I’ll take the couch.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“I’m not letting you!”

“Like you can stop me.” He lifted up his arm and flexed it to show his muscles.

“Oh shut up! Fine. You know I have nightmares anyways and I usually have Nat stay over and sleep with her because they’re not that bad when I’m cuddling with someone. Now, I realize we’re technically not on that level to be sleeping in the same bed together but we kinda just did that like not even 10 minutes ago except we were awake watching a movie and you won’t take the bed and I’m not letting you take the couch and since you’re here, I mean, we might as well share the bed and honestly I’m just really scared to go to sleep alone so…” Your throat stung by the lack of oxygen. You took a huge breath before placing your hand over your eyes.

“God I just embarrassed the hell out of myself, didn’t I?”

You let your hand fall from your face only to see that he had the biggest smile on his face. “Oh, this is funny to you, huh?”

“You’re cute when you panic.”

“Wow that’s a first.”

You rolled your eyes before pulling him towards your bed and laying down onto it. You scooted over to where you could lay on his chest before pulling the blanket over you both and turning the night-stand light off. Your heart beat was still fast from your small rant earlier but soon slowed down when you heard his own beat through his chest. Your mind wondered as you thought about his car and how it broke down. It must have been some mistake, he just got that car not even a month ago. Then it hit you.

“Your car didn’t break down, did it?”



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Don’t You Dare

Prompt: “ Don’t you dare say you love me!”

AN: This is a very angsty prompt, and I hope I did it justice.

Words: 1065

Fandom: DC

It’s the sight of him that makes you scream. It’s not a squeal, or a surprised scream, it’s one of horror, because he’s supposed to be dead. He catches you as you fall, and you resist. You resist his arms wrapping around you, his body heat warming you, and each word that pierces your, because he’s supposed to be dead.

          At the same time, you can’t bring yourself to break away. You’ve dreamed about this moment, him coming back; back to life, and back to you. You were never crazy enough to actually entertain the thought though. Which means, you can’t help but question your sanity. Are you pushing an image onto someone else? Are you seeing and feeling someone who isn’t there? Then he’s kissing you, and as you fall into that familiar warmth, you know he’s real, and that gives you the power to tear away.

          You retreat further into your apartment as he closes the door. You cross your arms against your chest, and when he starts to move towards you, you hold up a hand to stop him, and he does.

          You stare at him, taking in every detail. He’s taller now, and more broad, but he’s skinny. You want to pinch him, he’s never been good about eating, always one to get distracted, or pulled away from his food. Apparently some things don’t change.

          Leaning against the wall you ask, “Why are you here Jason?”

          He tries to catch your gaze but you don’t let him. “You know why,” he says softly.

          You shake your head. “I really don’t.”

          He sighs. “Are you going to act like it didn’t happen?”

          “Are you?” You snap. You’re both referring to two completely different event. Apples and oranges, really. He frowns a bit. “It’s not like I chose to die.”

          “You didn’t choose to come back either.” You snap.

          “What do you think I’m doing here?”

          You let out a bitter laugh, as your nails dig into your palms. “I can’t believe I refused to believe them. I was so damn sure that you wouldn’t do that to me.” He moves towards you, and you do your best to put some more distance between you.

          “It’s not like I wanted to leave …”

          You let out a scoff at that. “How in the world am I supposed to believe that Jason? We have sex for the first time after two years of dating, and you sneak out of bed while I’m still asleep to track down a birth mother who wanted nothing to do with you, and then you die. How the hell is that not you wanting to leave?”

          “She said she was in trouble.”

          “She was playing you!”

          “Well I know that now!”

          You stomp your foot, anxious to get some of this pent up energy out. “Why didn’t you tell me, Jason? I could have helped!”

          “It wasn’t your fight!”

          “You were my partner in the field, and in life. We swore to never leave the other behind Jason. Remember? We’d both been left behind to many times before. We knew how it felt, and we swore that we’d never put the other through that again. But you broke that promise, not only did you leave right after sex, but you died. I mourned you Jason! I cried for you, and I don’t cry for anybody. I swore that to myself after my father left, I’d never cry over another person again!”

          He takes a deep breath. “You’re right, and I’m sorry.”

          “Sorry doesn’t fix this Jason. Because even worse than leaving right after sex, and dying, you find a way back, and you didn’t come back to me. You messed around Gotham, messed around with Bruce’s head, instead of coming home.”

          He doesn’t meet your eyes. “I was broken.”

          You scream, “You were always broken Jason, so was I, and that’s why we worked. Our jagged edges meshed, two broken people became one whole. And you know what’s the worst part, is that they told me you were alive and I refused to believe it, because I was so certain that you wouldn’t do that to me, because you said you loved me, and I actually said it back.”

          “I do love you!”

          “Don’t you dare say you love me!” You take a deep breath. “You don’t leave the people you love.”


          You shake your head. “No, I’m done listening Jason. You may have come back broken, but you left me shattered.” You stare at the floor. “You need to leave … now.”

          You don’t watch him go. You just listen to the sound of his boots against your floor, and the door closing behind him. You listen to his steps go down the hallway, and as you let the tears fall you run to the door. You crack it open to find him there, hands braced on either side of the door, his head bowed. You open the door a bit further, and he lifts his head to stare at you. “It wasn’t just sex.”

          You nod. “I know.”

          “I didn’t know how to come back.”

          “I know that too.”

          “Let me fix what I broke.”

          “It’s too late for that Jason, I did that myself. I shelled out a lot of money for that therapist, to talk things out, to work through my problems. I found out that no matter how strong of a person I am, sometimes I need help. I’m not a hundred percent yet, but I’m working on it.” You pause. “You need help too, Jason. You need help healing yourself. Because as good as we are as two halves of a whole, as two individual wholes, I think we’d be pretty freaking amazing.”

          “The yelling?”

          “She said I needed to let my feelings out, I did that. Now I’m ready to move on, I’m ready to forgive, and I’m willing to try again, if you agree to seek that help. I can’t be your entire support system Jason, not when I can’t support myself a hundred percent.”

          He nods and says, “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

          You nod, and finally, finally wrap your arms around him, and as he buries his face in your neck, you allow yourself to accept that he’s alive, and that it’s going to be a journey of one day at a time.

grasshoppa  asked:

Hc for RFA reacting to an mc who likes to shower them with kisses, but with each kiss she progressively says, "muah!" louder and louder until she's practically screaming in their face? My dad does this to my mom all the time and she's just pokerface about it lmao

I think we can all agree that kissing any of the RFA members would be magical! This is such a cute request so I made it as fluffy as possible! Thank you so much for your patience and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • One of Yoosung’s most favorite things in the world is your kisses
  • Like this boy won’t leave the house until you give him a goodbye kiss, it’s a very serious matter to him
  • And of course you love giving Yoosung kisses, because he has such a kissable face, but decided to try something new
  • Every time you would give him his goodbye kiss, you’d say ‘muah!’ and honestly this boy loved it
  • He didn’t mind that you’d start saying ‘muah’ in a loud, almost obnoxious volume
  • No, this boy found it to be simply adorable and would giggle every time you’d say it
  • He would be a bit startled whenever you’d basically scream ‘muah’ in his face but he wouldn’t mind because you could say it as loudly as you wanted as long as he got his kisses
  • Yoosung would always give you a small yet sweet kiss back whenever you’d kiss him although he was a little too embarrassed to say ‘muah’
  • “Your kisses are the best, MC! I love when you say ‘muah’ because it makes your kisses even better, if that’s even possible! You’re like my kissing queen!”


  • When Zen would kiss you, it was like being kissed by a love god
  • This boy’s kisses always seemed to leave you breathless and feeling hot even with a small kiss
  • But you wanted a break from the super passionate kisses and decided to try something new with Zen
  • You would stand on your tip-toes, since this boy was tall as heck, and give him a sweet kiss ending with a ‘muah!’
  • Zen adored this more lovable side to you, your little kisses and ‘muah’ noises made him blush all over from your cuteness
  • Sometimes, Zen would call you to come visit him while he was at his rehearsals just to give him a motivational kiss
  • When you started to say 'muah’ progressively louder, Zen would just love it even more
  • One day when you visited at the theater and practically screamed 'muah’ in his face, Zen was a bit surprised but fell in love with you even more
  • Zen would make you say 'muah’ after kisses in front of all of his co-actors to show them how adorable you are and just purposely kiss you all of the time
  • “You’re the cutest little thing, you know that MC? Your kisses always brighten my day so I’ll have to return the favor. C'mere MC, let me shower you with kisses my love!”


  • Jaehee would probably never get use to all of the kisses you gave her
  • But after coming home from a long day at work, Jaehee would always look forward to your sweet kisses
  • She was always a shy kisser but you knew that she enjoyed receiving them, so you wanted to try something fun with her
  • So when Jaehee would get home from work, you would give a cute 'muah!’ after each kiss
  • At first, Jaehee was confused but your weird noises but she grew to like them
  • But when you kept getting louder and louder with your 'muah’ noises, Jaehee was confused again
  • When you basically screamed 'muah’ in her face one night after a kiss, she finally asked what the heck you were doing
  • You shrugged and told her that you just felt like doing it because you thought it was cute and funny to see her flustered
  • For the sake of her eardrums, Jaehee asked you to tone down the yelling a bit but she really did think that your 'muah’ noises were adorable and wanted you to continue doing them
  • “I know I’m not very good at affection MC but I really like it when you do cute things like that. Here, let me try to give you a cute kiss myself although it may be awkward, I want to show you my love for you.”


  • Kisses for Jumin were something that he wasn’t familiar with but they soon became something he cherished
  • You could give this man a small peck on the cheek or full-on French kiss him and he’d love it either way
  • The thing was that Jumin wasn’t the best kisser himself, so you decided to give him some fun practice
  • When you welcomed him home from work with his usual kiss, you added a small 'muah!’ afterwards
  • Jumin blinked in confusion and just assumed that you were saying weird things to be funny and let it slide
  • But everyday you’d give him his usual kiss and a 'muah’ but each time you were louder
  • This man has no clue what you were doing and just kind of went with it
  • Until one day when you gave Jumin his kiss and yelled 'muah!’ to him
  • Having no idea what to do, Jumin cradled the back of your head, kissing you and finished with his own obnoxiously loud 'muah!’
  • You couldn’t stop the giggles from escaping because hearing the stoic and all-business Jumin say 'muah’ was basically the cutest thing in the world
  • When you explained to Jumin that you just said 'muah’ for fun, he nodded and said that he wanted to do the same
  • “I did throughly enjoy saying 'muah’ when I kissed you. I think we should make saying 'muah’ after kissing a special thing that only the two of us say to each other, especially after a tough day, that way we can always make each other smile, MC.”


  • It was Seven’s goal to give you 707 kisses when the two of you started dating
  • But this boy loves his smooches and ended up reaching his goal three months into your relationship
  • So now it was your turn to think of something creative to do when giving Seven the kisses he deserved
  • You clapped your hands together as you thought of the perfect idea and started putting your plan into action right away
  • Seven turned around to receive his usual nightly kiss from you except this time you let out a 'muah!’ after the kiss
  • At first, Seven thought that it was a one-time thing but oh no you gave this boy so many kisses throughout the day and each time you would end them with a 'muah’
  • While most people would have found your actions annoying, Seven adored your new kissing quirk, even when you started screaming 'muah!’ after every kiss
  • Seven was amazed at your determination to keep ending kisses with 'muah’ whether it was during a stressful day at his computer or even during sexy time
  • One day, Seven randomly asked why you would say 'muah’ all of the time
  • You gave him another kiss and 'muah’ and said that you did it just because, no reason in particular
  • Seven crushed you with a hug, rubbing his cheek against yours in adoration
  • “You’re seriously the most adorable person in the world MC! How can you be so darn cute? I’m going to smother you in my own kisses as a thank you my little cutie!”
The Bathtub Blues

Warm, soapy water rippled beneath bubbly peaks and valleys, and music rang through the bathroom drowning out the world. All that existed was this much needed bath. Soothing fragrant soaps and the booming bass of a good playlist. It was only the comfort of these small waves that jostled with every small movement, and it was only thoughts running in tune with the faucet. And all that existed was Keith and his broken heart.

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