from time to time i am reminded of how much i love narnia

For Tradition and Such.

Three years.

They had gone three years with peace, their kingdom thriving and growing. The crops grew faster than they could harvest, the market was always busy, and the streets were always bustling with smiling faces. The people weren’t sure what to do with the peace, at first, having lived under such a tyrannical ruler for so many years. They would walk with caution, their eyes darting around, as if they were afraid of someone attacking them. Many didn’t know what peace felt like, and almost none of them remembered a time when they were safe.

Then, on a day when Queen Lucy was taking a stroll through the markets, searching for a gift for her dear friend, a young faun fell in front of her, the bucket of water he had been carrying drenching the Valiant from head to toe. The entire street stilled, all fearful of what would happen. The faun himself was visibly shaking with fear, and he started apologizing profusely. “M-my Que-queen I-I-I-” The young woman cut him off then, but not with cold words or a harsh slap, but with a loud, playful laugh, causing the faun to go still as stone. “Please, do call me Lucy! It’s alright, I assure you. I was feeling rather hot, and you helped cool me off, so thank you for that.” She gave him a smile, the kindest smile he had ever seen someone give him, and he gave her a tentative one in return. “Are you all right? That was quite a nasty fall you had. I feel as if I should be the one to apologize!” The faun nodded, his smile growing less afraid and more friendly. “I’m alright.”
“I am overjoyed to hear so. Might I inquire your name?”
“Silas, your majesty.”
“It is my pleasure to meet you, Silas. And please, I’d much rather you call me Lucy. If all my friends started calling me Queen Lucy and Your Majesty, so much time would be waisted!” She gave him such a lovely grin, talking briefly longer before venturing back to the castle, and it was then that the people started to feel that they could have peace.

And then, three years later, that all came crashing down, all with a simple pair of scissors.

“Lucy, Peter wants to talk to you about something. He’s in his chambers.” Edmund’s dark eyes held a hint of despair in them, something the youngest Pevensie hadn’t seen in her brother’s eyes in years. Despite her questions, she nodded, slowly making her way through the warm castle, down long corridors. The magnificent’s door was open just barely when she approached it, making her cautious. A tentative hand pushed its way into the room, the rest of the body following. Inside, light flooded in through the open balcony, a gentle breeze calming her panicked nerves. “Peter? Are you in here?”
“I’m out here, Lu.” His voice floated in on the wind, but there was a heaviness to it, as if he was carrying the world alone on his shoulders. (In a way, he was.) His back was to Lucy as he looked out over her ocean, the smell of the sea filling the room. He gripped something tightly in his hands, something that glinted in the sun and caught Lucy’s curious eye. “Edmund said you wanted to see me? What’s that you’re holding?” He glanced up to look at her, his sister. She had grown so much in three years; not only growing more mature, but physically as well, for she was only now half a head shorter than Susan now, where she had been at least three heads shorter when they first entered Narnia. Her golden hair reached just above her hips, and she was so proud of how long it had gotten. They had all grown their hair long, his own locks stopping just barely below his shoulders. Peter frowned at the thought of what he was about to do. “I’m afraid I did. I need you to do something for me.” Slowly, his hand around the object opened, one finger after another at an agonizingly slow pace, until his palm lay flat, revealing a simple pair of scissors. Lucy’s eyebrows knotted together, perplexed. “What is this?” It was then the young queen noticed the Magnificent’s solemn expression, her eyes darting to the scissors, and then they slowly made their way back up to his hair. “Peter…” Her voice breaks, beginning to understand their situation, “What is this?”
“We knew there was an uprising stirring, of the remaining followers of the Witch. They’ve been burning outlying villages, stealing… killing, and we can let this stand no longer. This started with war, and war seems to be the only way to end it.” His heart breaks at the sight of tears forming in his beloved sisters eyes, his own eyes feeling wet. Her head drops to her chest, her hands covering her face. “We had kept the peace for so long. Everyone here felt safe. We were happy.”
“I know, my darling sister. But perhaps once we accomplish this, we will be peaceful again. Now, if it is something you wish not to do, I’m sure Edmund would be willing, but…” He holds out the scissors, and Lucy’s hands lower from her face, her eyes widening at what he’s asking of her. “Edmund wished to cut his own hair in private, but I cannot bring myself to do it, knowing what it means for us, for Narnia…” The young blonde’s hand shot out, wrapping her fingers around the cold metal, finding them heavier that she expected. “You need not carry this burden alone, brother. For as long as I am you sister, I will help you carry it.”
“When did you become so wise?” She smiles, moving to stand behind her beloved brother. “It comes with the title, I suppose. Are you ready?”
“I don’t think I ever will be, but you should do it before my mind changes.” She nods, and silently, makes the first cut. The strands of hair fall slowly to the ground, sounding louder than they should.
Lucy makes quick work of it, not wishing to draw out something that must be miserable for her brother to endure. It can’t take more than twenty minutes, but to the two Pevensie’s, it feels like an entire lifetime. Once the final cut is made, Lucy sets the scissors on the balcony rail, turning to Peter. His eyes have glazed over, staring down at the hair encircling him. Lucy’s heart breaks for her brother, her king, knowing what has to happen next. Peter weakly utters, “We had three years…” and in that moment, the Valiant Queen knows what she must do. Her hand shoots out, wrenching the scissors for their place, bringing them up to her hair around chin length, and cuts. She continues cutting, (more like violently chopping), until all her hair is roughly the same shortness, and only when the scissors in her hand clatter on the cold stone, she realizes her breathing has grown rather ragged. She’s still for a moment, taking in what she had done, and then she looks to Peter. His mouth gapes open, his gaze shooting between his sister and her golden locks now covering his. He opens his mouth, his voice rough and confused. “Lucy, why…?”
“How many times must I remind you that you are not Atlas? You needn’t carry the world alone. Don’t forget we’re a family, Peter. You wage war against one, you wage it against us all.” He can’t stop himself from staring at the girl in front of him; this girl who was put in a position of power and took the challenge head on, the girl who was more like a young woman due to her knowledge and wisdom and ferocity. Before he was aware it was happening, he was standing, and Lucy was pulled into his embrace, his strong arms wrapping securely around her shoulders. Her own arms wrapped around his waist, the two simply standing, letting the embrace calm them both. They stood there, neither speaking, but knowing that, as long as they had each other, had their family, everything would be alright.

Many years later, they had formed a tradition, of sorts. Whenever there was to be war, and hair was to be cut, all four monarchs would travel to the stone table to do it. It took Susan some time to agree to the idea, ever the hater of war, but Lucy convinced her, in the end. It was Lucy’s idea, after all, that they go to the stone table for the occasion. “He had his hair cut there for us. Seems only right we cut ours there for him.” It was in those silent moments, when hair fell on broken stone, that they felt the most somber, but also, they knew that it was being cut for a purpose, and the peace that became after war was more than worth the small sacrifice.
OOC: As a bit of a note for any who are a bit confused, some backstory. This post was based off of one (I can’t remember who wrote it) but it’s basically a post stating that many nobles, during a time of war, would cut off their hair to signify the end of peace and the start of war. @oh-dont-worry-honey was wonderful and brainstormed headcanons with me, and came up with EXTREMELY good ideas for it, and I’m rather glad with how it came out. I do hope you enjoy it. :)

Something to be Grateful For

Peter Pevensie x Reader

AN: I’m not sure if this is really angsty, but I almost cried while writing it. I hope that you all enjoy this and that it doesn’t make you too sad. Have a lovely day!


You awoke to an empty bed and closed curtains, the same way you had every morning since he vanished without a trace. But still you drug yourself out of bed for there were things do be done, and one could not spend their whole life waiting and wasting away. You strode gracefully across the room, the clapping of your bare feet on the marble floors echoing against the walls as you opened your wardrobe to choose your attire for the day. Not that it really mattered to you what you wore, but the council may begin to worry if their one remaining queen refused to wear anything but a dressing gown weeks after the disappearance of her husband and his siblings. Your hands brushed across the delicate silk of your favorite gown, one that Peter had given you for your 22nd birthday. Although this had only been a few years ago, it felt like it had been centuries since that day

“Peter why have you brought me to the gardens?” You laughed “People may start to wonder what we’re up to if we don’t show up to our own party.” You teased playfully. He smiled and raised his eyebrows at you thoughtfully.

“That may be so, but I wanted to give you something before you open everyone else’s gifts.” He said as he picked up a box that was carefully hidden behind a patch of foxglove that graced the edge of your favorite fountain. You grinned and gently took it from him.

“Well what is it then? Am I allowed to open it?” You inquired. He laughed and gestured for you to go ahead. You gingerly unwrapped the dainty ribbons that decorated the box to reveal a gown. Soft blue silk, pristine abalone buttons down the back, white lace detailing cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline and tasteful beading across the bodice made this the most beautiful and exquisite gown you had ever laid eyes on. “Oh Peter!” You gasped “It’s beautiful! Wherever did you find this?”

“I had it made by the best seamstress in the land.” He smiled down at you “Do you like it? I was hoping that you’d wear it to the ball, if you’d like?”

“Oh, I love it Peter. Of course I’ll wear it.” You reassured him “Thank you, my love.” You embraced your husband and gave him a warm and gentle kiss, feeling completely at home in his arms.

You quickly drew your hand away from the dress as tears pricked at your eyes.

“Probably better if I leave that be.” You whispered to yourself as you wiped your eyes. You opted instead for a simple brown frock that would merely state that you were professional and put together. You put your hair back into a quick braid and left to begin your day.

You began by meeting with the council and discussing treaties with the surrounding nations, something you could hardly pay attention to without the reassuring smile of your husband or the humorous side remarks from his brother Edmund. But nothing lasts forever, no matter how boring and soon enough you found yourself on the balcony overlooking the Eastern Sea. You found that this place relaxed you. The ever crashing waves on the shore gave you a bit of respite from your perpetual shroud of sadness. Your solitude, however was broken by a voice behind you.

“My lady?” It was one of your ladies maids, Amice. “I’m very sorry to bother you my lady but I just can’t seem to get him to stop crying.” You turned to face her and saw that she was holding your little son Easton. He had tears streaming down his small face and was reaching his little arms out towards you. You quickly took him from Amice and thanked her gently. As much as you hated to admit it, it had been difficult for you to spend time with your son ever since Peter disappeared. Although Easton was only a little over a year old, he already was so alike his father. While you and him shared the same hair color, he had Peter’s startling blue eyes. Peter was so excited when you told him that you were pregnant. And you had never seen him as happy as he had been when he held Easton for the first time.

“Just one more big push Y/N and you’ll get to meet your baby!” Said your nurse encouragingly. That was enough for you. All that you wanted in that moment, more than anything in the whole world was to see your child’s face. So you gritted your teeth and pushed as hard as you could, one last time. “That’s it Y/N! You did it! You have a son!” Exclaimed your nurse.

“I have a son?” You asked in wonderment as she gently set hims in your arms “Where’s Peter? I need to see him, he needs to meet him!”

“Of course love, I’ll tell him he can come in now.” She said kindly. Peter must have been listening in because before she could even move he burst through the door with a huge grin on his lips.

“I have a son?” He cried out as he rushed to your side. He eyes widened as he saw the small bundle in your arms. “Can I, can I hold him?” He asked quietly.

“Of course you can silly!” you giggled “Just be very careful, support his neck.” Peter did just as you asked as he took your son into his strong and sure arms.

“He’s so beautiful.” He whispered as tears dripped down his cheeks. “I didn’t know I could ever love someone this much.” He held him close to his chest as he softly kissed your lips “You are the most amazing woman in the whole world Y/N. I love you so much and I will always protect you and our child.” Just then your son opened his eyes and looked around at his parents. “He has my eyes!” Peter uttered with joy.

“As blue as the ocean.” You spoke.

“That’s what we’ll name him.” Said Peter “Easton, after the Eastern Sea.”

“Easton.” You whispered as you stroked your son’s face. “I think Easton’s a perfect name.”

Every time you saw him you couldn’t help but be reminded of how he would never know his father and how Peter would never see his son grow up. It was almost too much for you to bear. But as you held your son and wiped away his tears he wrapped his arms around your neck and spoke his first word

“Da da.” Easton spoke into your hair. Suddenly tears began streaming down your face. You cried for your lost love, for your son’s lost father and for the moments that would never be. You held tightly to your child as you cried, you had never needed and loved him more than you did now. For even though you had lost a husband, you still had a son. And for that you couldn’t be more grateful. Grateful that you would get to raise him into a man, a man that Peter would be proud of and a man that would uphold his father’s legacy.

a tale of the faithful 

ao3 // 

fandom: narnia // words: 1,353

a/n: finished “writing experiment!” thanks to all of you for your kind words; it surprised me so much and I was so pleased to see that you liked it. 

takes place during & post-prince caspian


There is a story passed down through the generations, a story of two boys and two girls who came and freed a land with the help of a lion and who disappear, later, when everything had been shiny and bright.

They are a story.

It’s a lovely story, told by rabbits to their litters and horses to their foals. Even children are meant for mighty things, mothers tell their children as they drift away into sleep. And we must be faithful, like they were faithful, and wait.


The details are lost along the way.

There is just High King Peter and Queen Susan the Gentle and King Edmund and Queen Lucy.

Just distant names reminiscent of a golden time, of openness and freedom and joy, of war and struggle and victory. There are no faces to the names.

There never were those Kings and Queens, the Telmarines later say. They abandoned us, the angry later accuse (and there is such truth in the anger that the faithful cannot argue except in silence.) There are just names.

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Prompts: Quotes (Part 1)

Send in a number with a character and who you would want to say the quote and (optional) what you would like to happen. You can send as many prompts as you want! Have Fun!

  1. “Are you having any fun yet?”
  2. “I’ve seen more places than I can name and over time they all start to look the same.”
  3. “Now is not the time for modesty!”
  4. “You broke your promise.”
  5. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”
  6. “I just need some time.”
  7. “You were wrong about me.“
  8. "You sure like the color black, don’t you?”
  9. “I have excellent posture and good hair. Why wouldn’t you want to marry me?”
  10. “Why are you making such a big deal about this?”
  11. “Say you miss me. Even if it’s a lie. Just say it, please.”
  12. “ Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.”
  13. “I came here to kick your ass, but I have to admit, You have a really nice ass.”
  14. “There’s a pistol in the locker on the other side of the room. Hurry!”
  15. “Everything you’re running from is in your head.”
  16. “Nah, I’m not freaking out, I’m Chill.”
  17. “So you taught your parrot to bark?”
  18. “You grabbed the wrong one.”
  19. “I see you’ve made yourself comfortable.”
  20. “You have no idea how lucky you are.”
  21. “I’m here… . Where are you?”
  22. “This was supposed to be my day!”
  23. “All I wanted to do was to was to save the universe!”
  24. “Was it your brilliant idea to give him all that sugar?”
  25. “That’s positively gelatinous!”
  26. “Your freckles are a genetically engineered code.”
  27. “I just lost a month’s worth of progress.”
  28. “No more of this! No more!”
  29. “Unfortunately, It is rocket science.”
  30. “I’m going to nope right out of here.”
  31. “If you leave, I will freak.”
  32. “That story sucked.”
  33. “Well, It’s the thought that counts.”
  34. “Call it. Heads or tails?”
  35. “I carried the picture with me everywhere. It was a reminder not to get too close to anyone.”
  36. “I think I’d love you if I didn’t hate you so much.”
  37. “Good luck out there. You’ll need it.”
  38. “Sometimes, you just have to laugh.”
  39. “I hate you least.”
  40. “I miss you. God, I do. And I can’t help but wonder if you miss me too.”
  41. “Stop.”
  42. “A little heads up next time.”
  43. “Pleasant and tired are not words I would use to describe her at the same time.”
  44. “Deep meditation doesn’t solve everything you know.”
  45. “No. Not you.”
  46. “Let them do their weird thing!”
  47. “Can we just … pretend that never happened? Please?”
  48. “Have you ever been homesick for a place you know you hate?”
  49. “I … think … I’m sorry.”
  50. “What did you want me to take away from this again?”
  51. “Yes, this is a competition! It’s always a competition!”
  52.  “I don’t expect you to believe me when I say this, but thank you.”
  53. “You were supposed to stay in the past. I left you there for a reason.”
  54. “You ever just miss something with everything you have?”
  55. “I don’t want to leave. This place feels more like home than home ever did.”
  56. “Now is a good time to shut up, yes.”
  57. “Is there an actual reason you have to disagree with everything I say or do you just take pleasure from having me cringe?”
  58. “I wish I could say I didn’t see that coming.”
  59. “Yes sitting on the floor is comfortable. No, I don’t need a chair. Thanks for you concern, though.”
  60. “Are you having any fun yet?”
  61. “Why do you come here, when you know I get troubled enough?”
  62. “Sometimes … You make a mistake. You’ve got two choices: you live with it, or you fix it.”
  63. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
  64. “Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed, right?”
  65. “I got kidnapped. By this guy. He wasn’t good at it.”
  66. “Maybe I am a monster. I don’t think I’d know if I were one.”
  67. “I don’t want you to have to stay loyal to someone that you probably don’t have a future with.”
  68. “I like my coffee as black and as bitter as my soul.”
  69. “You never think of anyone but yourself!”
  70. “I needed someone, and you were a safe choice, and that wasn’t fair to you, I’m sorry.”
  71. “On a scale of one to ten, how likely is it that this gets us arrested?”
  72. “I call you at two o’clock in the morning just to hear you voice and you answer ‘who’s this?’?!”
  73. “I’ve been hurt before, but not like this. Never like this. You’re the only one who’s ever been able to hurt me like this.”
  74. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on. And I have to be okay with.”
  75. “You’re as bad at flirting as Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2.”
  76.  “We make the perfect couple. We’re both rude, we both piss people off, and we’re both hated by basically everyone.”
  77. “I wish you loved me as much as you loved that dog.”
  78. “Man, I wish my life was as easy as you make yours seem.”
  79. “I don’t know why you’re surprised. Betrayal never comes from an enemy.”
  80. “Wow. That’s attractive.”
  81. “Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”
  82. “Are you sure Pottermore sorted you into Ravenclaw? You’re kinda stupid.”
  83. “Did you know it’s illegal to put everyone in Central Park under mind control?”
  84. “Wow … hmmm … fake boyfriend … I’ll have to ponder that one …”
  85. “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake  I would have already shoved you off this roof .”
  86. “You’re pretty happy for a dead man.”
  87. “If end up strangling you to death one day and show a jury every pun you’ve ever told me, they wouldn’t convict me.”
  88. “Stop laughing and help me out of the trash can. I think my foot is stuck in a coffee cup.”
  89. “Look, I love you and all, but I’m not getting arrested for you.”
  90. “Give me one good reason why I should let you buy a cart full of fireworks.”
  91. “The whole town does not need to see you falling off my balcony, leave
  92. “What are you doing in my house, you dork? How did you even get in here?”
  93. “If you don’t let me in that room he’s going to die, and then me and you are going to have a problem. Understand?”
  94. “You know, maybe running two miles with a sprained ankle wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.”
  95. “That can literally be used as a Frisbee. You’re not allowed to make pancakes anymore.”
  96. “I don’t care if you panic, just panic quietly.”
  97. “It’s 2am and you’re deciding you want to go on an adventure now?”
  98. “You know, looking back now. I realized that could have gone a whole lot better.”
  99. “You don’t look half bad for a dead man.”
  100. “It’s amazing watching your ego. If it gets any bigger we won’t need a car, we’ll just hang on to you and float wherever we need to go.”


I will also like to credit these amazing blogs for the prompts:

@lazy-writing-prompts @awritingpromptaday @writing-promts-otp @allwritewithyou @creativepromptsforwriting @ourwritingprompts @unblockingwritersblock  @writeaboutnowblr @hourlywritingprompts

Thank you!

Also, I have a couple of requests that I have to do, so sorry if it takes a bit. I am working on another part of this, but don’t expect it to come so quickly.


Second German Interview with James for Cosmopolitan Germany.
Translation: Enjoy :-)

Now Honestly, James McAvoy

Every month, Cosmopolitan Editor Melanie Jassner talks to men we really like. This time she talks to James McAvoy about Magic.

Even though, the Scot, James McAvoy 35, is one of the most versatile actors Hollywood, he has lately been showing another side, as badass and Action Hero (like in Wanted, Filth or X-Men). Now, almost seven years after Atonement, he returns back to the cinemas with an emotional movie; “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” (from 27.11). The Story tells about a New York couple, Eleanor and Connor (Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy) deeply in love, and due to tragic circumstances, their love is put to the test.                       
We meet in a New Yorker Hotel, in a suite in the 41st Floor. McAvoy, who´s talent of speech is praised by directors, speaks with a distinctive Scottish accent. In the Meantime he rubs his bright blue eyes:” I am so sorry, yesterday was the Premier party and I only slept two hours last night.”

Cosmopolitan:   Mister McAvoy, everyone who saw Atonement knows you are just made for romantic roles; nonetheless you waited seven years before you took another romantic part in a movie. Why?

The roles I was offered were no good. I love sentimental romantic movies. They trigger the same feelings as a love song: you want to cry but at the same time feel comforted, because you know that other people go through the same thing.

Cosmopolitan:   What was so special in “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” that you decided to take the part?

The manner, how the movie treated the theme of love.  It is honest but at the same time poetic. Love is often complicated. Sometimes you hurt each other, even if you love the other so much. That happened to Eleanor and Connor. You feel the two are meant for each other, but they still drift apart. Why that is, you learn at the end. But at the same time the tragic resonates with something magical.

Cosmopolitan:   What is magical for you?

Something you can’t explain rationally.  Like a spark which touches you deep inside, in very different stages. I, for example, find it fascinating, that you can meet certain people and feel an attraction which you can´t explain. The special thing is, those magical moments usually happen when you least expect them.

Cosmopolitan:   When was your last little magical moment?

This morning, when I achieved to get out of bed after only two hours of sleep. (laughs) Now seriously: When shooting “Eleanor Rigby” I even had two.  Firstly: There is one scene where Jessica and I are kissing in New York Park at night.  Suddenly, fireflies start whirring around us; In the middle of New York.  (At this point McAvoy want to know what Firefly means in German- “Glühwürmchen”. He pronounces the word immediately error-free, despite the two “Üs”.)

Cosmopolitan:   And the Second one?

Jessica and I talked in a shooting break about our favourite actor. Mine is Sam Rockwell. Without word of a lie, a minute later we saw Sam Rockwell on the other side of the street. I said: “Oh my God”. Jessica:”Let´s say Hello”. I said:”No”. She then grabbed me by my arm and pulled me across the street till we stood in front of him. Jessica:”Tell him”. I said:”You´re my favourite actor”. Sam replied in his deep voice:” Oh that´s great. Thanks”. That was for me a magical New York moment. This is a magical city. Something can happen any minute.

Cosmopolitan:  But not in London where you live?

You have to search much more. The Problem with these magical moments are, through our normal daily routine we don’t have the time or the senses to detect them.

Cosmopolitan:  As a Hollywood do you have a normal Daily routine? You certainly have somebody who cleans cooks and does your grocery shopping…..

No, as far as that’s concerned I am down to earth. The reason is that I have been working as an actor for the last 19 years and slowly being able to live upon it. My brain has had the chance to adapt to my career. The danger of being conceited was never an issue. I found the time between movies takes to pay my bills, fix the roof if necessary, cook…

Cosmopolitan:  You really cook at home?

Yes and I like to. Before my acting career I worked as a baker’s trainee. When I am in New York I always visit my favourite coffee shop “Babycakes” on the Lower Eastside and buy myself a Donut. My wife does the baking that´s not my thing, but I like to cook especially stews.

Cosmopolitan:  So you are not only a great actor you are also a great husband.

I have many sides! (laughs) Sometime I am just a Daddy and sometimes I feel like a Teenager. I grew up with my grandparents. Whenever I visited them I always saw the child in me, even now at 35. My wife always says:”You doing it again, you are acting like a Teenager”.  Then I realise it myself and have to laugh about it. It´s amazing that, depending on who you are with, you change into a different version of yourself.

Cosmopolitan:  I read somewhere you were considering to be a Missionary.

Yes, but not because I am a strict catholic, but because it seemed at the time the best idea to travel around the world. Suddenly my luck with women changed which was not the case beforehand. I enjoyed it so much that I definitely didn’t want to live in celibate. So I stayed in Glasgow and studied acting.

Cosmopolitan:  And then you played into the hearts of even more woman. Isn’t it hard to stay faithful?

James (laughs) Well, I have a wife, so I am monogamic. My heart also belongs to my son and my grandparents. As far as my friends are concerned, I am not so gracious with my feeling. This is a result of getting older. I found out that my energy is finite.

Cosmopolitan:   Even though, you sometimes feel like a Teenager?

Yes, but it´s only for a short period of time. With the birth of my son, four years ago, my light-heartedness completely flew out of the window, but that´s a good thing. I don’t want to be as jaunty as I was before. Sometimes it´s important that some worries give you sleepless nights. The only thing, which makes me sad is, the older you get the more careful and pragmatic you get. I never use to think about boundaries, everything was possible, but with age comes the fear, which says: Life is terminal.

Cosmopolitan:  That´s the reason you should try to live as many magical moments as possible. Right?

Definitely! You have to make some space. When I played in “The Chronicles of Narnia” I use the free time between takes to run by myself, from the East to the West coast. That was so liberating and unique. Of course, you can go to the cinema to experience Magic, but for me it happens in real life. Movies are here to remind you what an incredible place our world is. When we watch movies or listen to music, we are able to pause the time for a moment, to see ourselves. They are Magic- Triggers.

Cosmopolitan:  De La Soul sings in a song: “Three is a magic number”.  Do you also have a number that has a special meaning for you?

Yes, 27. It´s not as if being 27 was the best year of my life, but for some unusual reason the number has a good flair.

Cosmopolitan:  What can you do now well, that you couldn´t do with 27?

Let things go. You learn that with the job. You can be rejected as an actor even when you are successful.  Besides, for every positive criticism there is always someone who hates you. I am used to be rejected und just say to myself: “Who cares”. Saying Goodbye has always been hard for me.

Cosmopolitan:   In which context?

For some reason it ´s really hard for me to say goodbye to another person. I don’t know why, I think it lies in the Family. I try to prolong this moment as long as possible, but causes even more suffering.

Cosmopolitan: In “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” it´s also about being able to submerge, become invisible.  Is there a moment where you want to be invisible?

At Award ceremonies when I am nominated but don’t win.  Or at a movie premiere when I, for the first time, watch it with an audience and realize: “Oh F*** that movie really sucks”.  The lights go on and the audience applaud and I just think:” Oh my God I gotta get outta here, now.”  It would be great to be invisible in moments like that.

Every month Melanie Jassner asks one of our readers Questions:
This Time: Do you have any musical talent?
I use to play the guitar and the piano. In Drama School I also was in the choir and sung Baritone, and I wasn´t too bad. But honestly, the last time I sang was 14 years ago.

Who would have thought writer’s block could bear a name?

Love, you are the air between my lungs and you— you are collapsing every sliver thought I am trying to ink. Whenever I try to condense my intricate thoughts into a single idea, my neurons transmits nothing but lumpish, worn out analogies and exhausted metaphors that have been salvaged a thousand different times. The only thing that spills down from my pen are flowers and stars and creases that form in your forehead when you smile and how much I would like to lose myself in the constellations your irises consists and it is abominable. This gloaming prose, this naïve-ish symbolism and juvenile poetry that cascades from me is not me. I’m no Lang Leav, nor Michael Faudet, nor Sarah Kay, but I like to think that I am somehow okay. I feel so young but in the best way. It’s because you opted to stay though I brought you pain several times and pushed you to the limit; you are changing everything I thought I knew about love. I clasp myself absentmindedly meandering to visions of a space convenient, shoebox alike apartment somewhere and furniture shopping and being able to see your skin crinkle when I opened the blinds. It is not my thing, I am not that type and that is startling and stupendous because nobody has ever been so serious about me and I think that maybe, baby, someday I’d like to be 80 with you.

You—you are too many similes and metaphors that reverberates the same, but each time I stumble upon them, I somehow manage to find something I haven’t read before. You are open doors and patient arms with a voice like lullaby that resonates in the darkest corners of my mind. You are equilibrium that does not require balance and a love so deep I could swim for all time’s sake and maybe that’s why I am drowning; because all I ever really learned to do is dog paddle because it is the basic swimming technique that I remembered when I was ten, back when I still have a swim coach. But you are so forbearing and stoical. Anyone else would have quit on me by now, you could have been gone by now but you did the opposite. The idea of forever has always terrified me but the words you kept telling me each dusk and dawn passes by, they make me think that they are real and maybe they are you. I adore you. I am in awe of you. I beg your pardon for using such meager words that will never do suffice of what I feel. My impotence is delinquent but I am trying my best, and I think I would rather puke these stuck clichés than return to the world of monochrome I lived in before I even took a glimpse in your soul. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you to the moon and back and every planet, stardust, galaxies in between. I love you to the Narnia and back because Narnia is somewhere the people cannot determine where and that explains my love for you—an unknown extent: immense and vast.  You are my coffee that I always drink in the early hazy hours of human life—a bittersweet taste I will never get tired of. You are the reason between my shaken knee and the leaves to my tree. And every rhyme I have yet to write but already addicted with it. I want to clamor at the seventh street that always reminds me of you or somewhere randomly of this love that leaves me sickening butterflies in my filthy ribs and blasting fireworks in the mound of flesh inside my chest. My love, I have injected prosaic in my veins and oddly, I felt joy as I do. This composition might be distressing but my heart is soaring. To be blocked has never been hospitable ever before than when it fills my heart, mind, soul and bloodstreams with your name, so baby, come here. Take off your jacket and make yourself comfortable.

Meant to Be Yours, Chapter 5

After Henry has a nightmare, Regina realizes something important about his history and his connection to her.

For @wishesonfallenstars who requested Henry calling Regina his mom for the first time, and for Henry to have another nightmare and for Regina to be there to comfort him. For @miladylocksley who asked for more of this verse :)

Note: Neither Robin nor Roland appear in this chapter; however, in the next chapter Robin will make his entrance into the story, and become more than a passing mention. :)

Previous chapters of Meant to Be Yours can be found HERE.

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anonymous asked:

Wait! Aren't those pics from 2014? The beach pic was Taylor on vacation with her parents and we know Taylor spent the Christmas holidays with her family that year. Wrapping fan presents were a few weeks before Christmas. Birthday pic was in 2014. So come again? We're in 2016.

WOW! You really must love my blog because you seem to keep coming back, anon lol. Yes, the pics are from 2014, I never said they weren’t. My point with the Christmas polaroid was that Karlie was there for the entire Swiftmas project, which was very important to Taylor and the fans. Not to mention that Karlie most likely filmed multiple parts of the actual video. You can actually hear Karlie’s laugh at 1:46. I think you already knew all of this, but I just wanted to remind you of how domestic Kaylor is.

ANYWAYS! Now for the beach picture. Oh boy do I have some news to share with you, anon! You say that Taylor was with her parents? That is incorrect and I have some very good proof to back it up. Here’s an article that you might fancy reading:

I’m assuming you have time to read it because you are always on my blog 😊

But if you really need me to make this more simple, here is a direct and important quote that I think you should read:

 “…and so it was, on a muggy afternoon in New York, as the city began to empty for the long Memorial Day weekend, that I sat in Bubby’s - a homemade-pie-specialising dining institution, defending the American table and stealing recipes from Grandma - in Tribeca, and waited….And how she had just been away with Karlie Kloss and what a “completely awesome” human being she is, and how she wanted the chopped chicken salad (’without the tomatoes’).”

This took place a few days prior to Memorial Day weekend. The picture that Taylor posted ( was posted on April 21, 2014. During this time she had about a three month break from the RED tour before she had to go on the Asia leg of the tour, which began on May 30, 2014. (RED Tour schedule here: That being said, Taylor took a vacation (somewhere tropical obviously) for 2-4 weeks to enjoy her mini break off of the tour with Karlie. 

The cool thing about the article is that it came from Vogue, and the cool thing about Vogue is that they are always Kaylor af. Surely you know about the whole Kaylor photoshoot, but I am more than happy to link both the article and the video for you! 😊

Not to mention that Taylor has at least one of the pictures from the photoshoot framed and on a shelf in her LA home, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here! 

This is also the very same Vogue that did Taylor’s most recent shoot. In the interview she indirectly spoke highly of her relationship. Taylor contradicted everything that tayvin is just by calling it “low-key.’ Her statement was loud and klear, she is happy with Karlie.

ALSO, the birthday was a pretty big deal for this reason:

I don’t even need to explain that further. That right there is #goals. 

ONE LAST THING. You seem to keep making the point that all of these events happened in 2014 and now it is 2016. I just wanted to go ahead and give you a round of virtual applause now for being able to keep up with what year it is! Good job! Anyways, all of this stopped because of Kissgate. The debate as to whether they actually kissed that night or not is still in question, but it’s irreverent at this point. The reason why Kissgate is such a big deal is because Taylor almost outed her relationship with Karlie, which she was not ready to do what so ever. Now, many Tayvins like to blame the lack of public Kaylor appearances on the Kaylors themselves. Don’t even get me started with that bullshit because a small fandom does not have that much power over celebrities. Taylor and Karlie are very much in the closet (pretty sure they’ve found Narnia by now)  and their relationship is truly the epitome of low-key.

That’s all I am going to say for now. I just wanted to thank this anon for giving me the opportunity to be able to explain all of this, it’s always a treat! Also huge thanks to @taytaysbeard for the wonderful links and also thank you to @kaylornation for the Kissgate tag. Toodaloo!