from this cruel world


No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to keep these thoughts from my head. The ones that keep you awake at night, the one that make you feel so small. I wish I could just leave and never return. Im tired of wandering the earth trying to find a place that doesn’t exist. Just thinking about it makes the thoughts hurt me even more. If I could leave this world, I wouldn’t have to pretend anymore. I wouldn’t have to be strong for other people’s sakes. I could give up and give in and be what I am suppose to be. The less I struggle the easier it is for my thoughts to consume me and steal me away from this cruel world. They could lead me to the place of no return and I will be safe.

Calum really promotes self care and being yourself and how it’s ok to not be ok and I just really love and want to protect him from the cruel, unforgiving world

10 things I learned in 2016

1. Travel, a lot. Buy a ticket, grab a friend, and discover places you’ve never been to.
2. Say goodbye. The friendship you had with someone since Year 1 will change and sometimes you slowly distance yourself from each other.
3. Be kind. We live in a cruel, awful world but that isn’t an excuse to be rude and cold hearted.
4. Write. Take a piece of paper and pour your heart out. Write down everything that comes to your mind, I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwords.
5. Dream. It doesn’t matter whether your goals and wishes seem impossible to reach, just try to follow them.
6. Let go. The past is the past and shouldn’t determine the life you live now.
7. Fail. There is nothing more uplifting than failing and getting up again to succeed. We learn from mistakes and while it’s hard to accept, we grow through them,too.
8. Accept yourself. Barely anyone fits into today’s beauty standards and that’s okay. As long as you feel comfortable and healthy, the opinion of other people with judgement clouded minds shouldn’t matter to you.
9. Get help. It’s okay to ask for help and get the support you need.
10. Be independent. I don’t say that you should break up with your partner or get ride of all your friends but please don’t lose yourself in the process of being in a relationship or friendship for that matters.

The Seven Kinds of Love

Words: 7984

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary: Love - an intense feeling of deep affection.

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One; the first time you feel love for something other than Mr. Sprinkles, your stuffed rabbit, is at age five.  

Barely crawling from your mother’s embrace and still scared of skeletons in your closet; you were a tiny child with big dreams in the cruel world. Your parents shielded you from the harsh realities and you lived within a glass bubble but it was perfect.

One sunny afternoon, the playground looked like a dazzling place to be. So, you squirmed out of your mother’s embrace and despite your father’s worried shouts, you ran to the slide and Namjoon slides, quite literally, right into your life.

You bonk heads together and the first time you turn to him, your eyes are blurred through salt water. He’s startled when you begin to cry and he follows with his own wailing after. Both parents come running and when you point to each other, they exchange apologies. Your parents cradle you in your arms and you are sheltered before love could ever hurt you.

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The Signs as Phantogram Songs “Three”

Aries: Calling All -
I know what you’re craving
I can satiate it
You can almost taste it
Love is overrated

Taurus: Answer - 
And you can’t hold me down
‘Cause I need an answer
'Cause I need an answer, love
And you say way too much
But I still need an answer, love

Gemini: Barking Dog -
Head on the bathroom floor
Talking in my demon voice
Millions of years go by
Memories of peace and love
Killing to reconstruct

Cancer: Same Old Blues - 
Today I lost my future to the past
I got nobody left, I’m going nowhere fast
Never getting far away enough
Like a shadow on the sidewalk
I can’t shake it off

Leo: Funeral Pyre -
My funeral pyre
My ship of fire
As it sinks, I rise
All I see is your eyes

Virgo: Answer - 
Kindly be kind,
wipe all the dirt from my eyes
I need an answer

Libra: Cruel World -
Erase you from my mind
I’m sorry, but I
I’m cutting all the ties

Scorpio: You’re Mine -
You don’t talk to no one, don’t you look at nothin’
Focus on me, look into my eyes
Come a little closer, let me tell you somethin’
You ain’t goin’ anywhere, 'cause you’re mine

Sagittarius: Destroyer -
I’m just a ghost you think you know
Was there something that you wanted to say?

Capricorn: Run Run Blood -
Extra, extra, read all about it
You think you slow me down? I highly doubt it
I own the paperboys, and you’re the buyer
Your world is my world now to live and die in

Aquarius: You Don’t Get Me High Anymore -
Walk with me to the end
Stare with me into the abyss
Do you feel like letting go?
I wonder how far down it is

Pisces: Same Old Blues -
I keep on having this dream
Where I’m stuck in a hole and I can’t get out
There’s always something that’s pulling me down, down, down
My heart is down on its knees
And no one is hearing me screaming
There’s always something that’s pulling me down, down, down


"It doesn't matter if I love you.. does it?" - Carl Grimes x Reader

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You still recall how he mustered the courage and told you how he felt, how caring and loving he could really be. Just a few months ago, you made the decision to elude from the cruel world you dwelled within and meet a completely new part of life. You remember how happy you used to be when Carl developed a relationship with you and told that he ‘loved you’. You look back on the moment when you two shared an innocent lip lock, and then proceeded to become slightly bolder with one another. You had tendered him your heart and your love, and he did so equally. That was until Carl’s greed began leading him elsewhere, away from you. You still recall the words he exuded, and even if his voice was smooth and calming like dark chocolate, the meaning of them burned and etched your heart like biting acid.

‘I just don’t think we should see each other anymore.’ he said.

You should just get over it and move on.’

You still remember how your heart shrank back and cracked deeply, pounding weakly against your ears. The words were harsh and bit sharply at your stabbed feelings which ached painfully within your chest. Your lungs had shriveled and cut your air supply suddenly; even oxygen seemed bitter at that unforgettable moment.

Carl had been with Enid after he gave you the cold shoulder and left you, and the pain was unbearably vast as if it was an illness which spread gradually within your body and murdered you slowly. Those scattered pieces of your soul came and collected Michael, a newcomer within the welcoming community of Alexandria. The boy was around the age of Carl, just a few years older than you. Michael befriended you with friendly manners and was always sweet and kind to you; just like Carl. But, there was something different about him. He stood by your side patiently, waiting for you to become confident and spill the things tormenting your heart. You told him everything about Carl, how he left you that simply, as if he never felt a thing. After the consolation and comfort of Michael, you also began feeling warm toward him, just like he did. You are now what somebody would call a young couple, and you slowly begin recovering from the pain, but never getting over Carl. You have commenced avoiding him every time destiny brings your paths close, especially now that his new girlfriend is wrapped around his arm like a glove.

You are openly chatting with Michonne, feeling the aura around you cheerful and happy. After the Saviors’ fall, Rick made the decision to throw a small feast so that everybody could enjoy their long-abided triumph and drink a glass of wine in memory of the great people that gave their lives for their win.

You smile as the woman eyes you happily and kindly returns the affectionate sign. “I’ll see you later, yeah? After I get done with Rick’s nagging, I’m gonna be right back.” The dark-skinned woman jests with a bright smile, gently patting your shoulder.

“Okay. I hope to see you again, later,” You softly tell, your voice quiet and faltering as you speak. A small smile tickles your pink lips and you can’t help but show a full beam as you say your goodbyes. Your head turns and you exude a giggle as you watch Maggie gently cradling her child, with Michael offering his aid to her. The baby has Glenn’s remarkable eyes and owns Maggie’s delicate nose, as a sign that both of her parents will never be forgotten.

You approach with a small beam and Maggie’s mouth peels into a delightful smile as she sees you.

“You guys enjoying yourselves?” You joke gently, your eyes narrowing as a large grin overpowers your lips. Michael’s eyebrows raise with amusement as you draw closer, playing with the glass in your sweaty palms. He gives you a look, as if to ask if you’re okay and you bow your head with a reassuring smile. You faintly hear the baby nagging within Maggie’s embrace, and the woman sighs, gently cradling the child within her hug.

“Excuse me for a moment.. she’s just so stubborn.. just like her father.” Maggie quietly sighs, her half-smile falling flat as she recalls her husband. The woman withdraws, going somewhere private to hush her baby, her eyes visibly collecting with tears. You give Michael a sympathetic look and the boy leans forth, taking your hand in his. He runs his thumb over your sore knuckles and you faintly smile, laying your head against his shoulder, feeling a little dizzy from the hubbub all about. You let your eyes dance around like gleaming beads of glass and feel a small bit of warmth in your heart as you view the happiness enclosing around you. You consider yourself lucky that you didn’t bump into Carl in your way here. He must be around here, certainly. If the Sheriff’s son isn’t going to set foot in the feast his father put together, then who will?

You relax next to Michael and tediously glance about, watching the lights and the faces. As you imagined, Carl is here. He’s here, and his gaze is fixated upon you. You shift nervously, watching as he stands at the other end of the room with a glass in his hand. He seems angry, irked and somewhat irritated. You cold fingers lace with Michael’s and you bury your face against his shoulder, trying to ignore the young man eyeing you from a distance. Carl’s gaze is piercing and menacing; his eye is burning with blue flames that dance about wildly, raged and roused. What does he want from you? You can see his lips briefly moving as if he’s saying something and can view as his jaw locks and his eye squints, averting almost instantly.

“You okay, babe? Does your head hurt?” questions Michael gently, sensing your uncomfortable state. His eyebrows slant together in worry and you can’t help but show him a weak smile.

“Yeah, I.. I’m feeling a little dizzy. I’m gonna go home, okay, Mikey? I just want to relax a bit..” The boy nods at you and fondly kisses you on the head, lightly caressing your hair.

“Okay. Don’t worry about it, I’ll be there in a while, too. I’m just gonna see how Maggie’s doing.”

You tiredly smile at your company and let his hand go, waving wearily toward his direction. You house isn’t really far from the Grimes’ residence. You just stride for solid five minutes, your feet dragging you lazily as you venture forward. A sentiment of relief washes over your fatigued body as your house peers from behind the others, and you impatiently stumble forth, clambering up the timbered steps. You reach for the key in your pocket and clumsily unlock the door, feeling the warm aura of you house shower your skin as you step inside. Closing it behind you, you exude a long, loud groan, pressing your trembling hand against the wall of the couch which adorns your living room. You kick your shoes off, sighing with pure relief as you step on the wood freely, delving your fingers in the roots of your hair and messing it up.

“Did my presence really bother you that much?” A voice calls thickly from the corner of the room, echoing strongly within the four walls. Your shoulders flinch and your ears immediately recognize the throaty low; you can tell by the way he’s speaking his teeth are gritted and his jaws are clenched.

“What do you want, Carl?” Just testing the name brings a familiar bitterness at the back of your tongue, and your flushed face shrivels as your turn to glower at him. You eyebrows twitch slightly as you look at him; standing mutely with the company of the shadows. Carl seems a bit–no, very scary as you gradually observe him. You silently wonder if he’s going to drag that dagger from his belt and shove it in your throat; your mouth becomes dry as you watch him lift his head and look at you. However, your curiosity pushes you to get on his nerves, even if he looks like.. this.

“I really want to hear your shitty excuse about you breaking into my house.” You admit quietly and settle your arms on your hips, a sneer tugging at your mouth. Your words send his eyebrows up, and the young man’s pale eye broadens, but only slightly.

“Actually,” He rumbles, coughing purposely to clear his throat. “Actually, I wanted to talk.” The boy confesses, slowly emerging from the shadows and approaching you. He looks serious, completely serious, and that’s what scares you the most. His eye looks at your glowing face every now and then, as if it’s seeking for something.

“O..kay.” You concede lowly, your heart slamming rhythmically beneath your ribs. “W, what about?” You falter, your hands briefly shaking as you listen to his words.

“About us.”

“Us? Carl there is no ‘us’. Not anymore. You made sure of that.” You hiss behind your teeth, your eyes burning with an angry dolor. “You ended it. You hurt me. What else do you want so that you’ll be fucking satisfied?”

The words roll off your tongue on their own; you don’t get the chance to consider them before spilling uncontrollably. Carl lowers his head, biting on his rosy lip as he feels his eye welling up with tears.

“It’s just.. I don’t know, (Y/n). I really..I really fucking miss you.”

Your bottom lip quivers, but you shake your head, refusing to get hurt again.

“Oh- that’s great- now you’re feeling things? Where the hell were these tears when I was begging you to stay with me– now that I’m walking away, now you have the audacity to cry? Do me the favor, Carl, and don’t fuck this up for me. I’m.. I’m’re happy. If you love her, Carl, go back to her. Why do you have to destroy me again like this?” Carl’s expression changes into a tight-lipped frown and his fingers curl into clenched fists as he hears the sadness ghosting over your trembling voice. He has caused all this, all your depression and fading anger. Your eyes lock for a moment, and your lips briefly fall from one another as you sense it; You never really stopped loving him. He never stopped loving you either. It’s almost as if you’re telepathic and can feel one another’s emotions. You almost get lost in his remorseful gaze, but avert your eyes with a broken laugh.

“You know what’s the problem with you? It’s that you don’t know what you want, you just can’t decide, can you? Even if you’re sorry, Carl, nothing’s gonna change anything. I..I have something great going on with Michael. I don’t want to lose that..not again.” You’re panting by now, your lungs filling and exhaling rapidly as you stare at him with a look that expresses sheer pain.

“I want you..” You begin with a whimper, fidgeting with your cold, short fingers. “I.. I want you to go.”

Carl’s brows furrow at your words, and the young man scoffs as he takes a stride closer to you.

“You don’t love him.” Blurts Carl bitterly, as if he’s comforting his own self. His heart feels weak as it beats within his chest, desperately hoping you’ll agree with his idiotic words.

“You don’t know how I feel! Michael.. he has made me happy. You should just get over it and move on! You remember that, don’t you? You said it yourself, after all.”

Carl’s innards shrivel painfully at the words, and the young man clouds his expression with a depressed frown. Your answer stabs sharply at his aching heart, and he can suddenly feel how shit he made you feel when he talked so harshly and made your skin crawl. He still recalls that expression your face had when he told you these foul words; your wide eyes red and full with pained tears, your cheeks flushed and wet with water, your lips trembling as you tried to stutter something in retort. He left you like that, your poor body shaking wholly as you heard the door behind him slam. And then, silence. That’s exactly how he felt. He thought he was about to cry, but he sucked in a deep breath and stared at you with pure disbelief, biting down at his quivering lip to cease the tears from falling. He still remembers your tired smile, how your eyes would gleam with happiness every time you would look at him, how your comfort was the sheer medicine he needed. Carl missed that. He missed you, all of you. Now, he had screwed up, and lowered his head, refusing to accept that he had let you slip from his hands just like that.

“I.. I really loved you, Carl. I r-really fucking loved you. B-but that wasn’t enough for you, I get it. That’s okay. Now it’s over, anyway.” You bite your red lips, cursing yourself as you let a tear roll down your cheek.

“Please.. don’t say that.” Carl stammers half-heartedly, carefully approaching you. You flinch as he slowly takes a hold of your hand, and your eyes grow huge as your fingers lock together. He almost forgot how soft your hands felt, even if they were weary and carried uncountable scars on their tormented complexion. Carl laughs weakly at himself for an instant and shakes his head vigorously, his wooly tresses brushing against the sides of his face as he mutters to himself incoherently. The aura around you is stale and heavy, and time seems to stop its’ pass for a moment and just shatter all around you. You don’t find anything to say, so you just stand there like a gleaming statute of ice, your hand in his. Carl lifts his eye and looks at you, somewhat hopeful and hopeless, all at the same.

“It doesn’t matter if I love you.. does it?” You stare in disbelief, eyes clouded with broken, forgotten feelings. Bullshit.

“You don’t love me, Carl. You don’t love me- you never loved me– because you don’t destroy the things you love!” You haul your hand away, feeling your legs carrying you rearwards. Your eyes tingle potently as you glare at him, your face withered and wilted. Carl’s eye flinches and stares at you with woe, his heart pounding his eardrums with an untamable rhythm. The expression he wears shows that he is hurt– deeply hurt and let down. Before he can utter another word, you elevate your voice sharply, your voice low and throaty as it echoes within the four walls of the room.

Leave. Get out of my house. I don’t.. I can’t, Carl. Get out, because this is not going to end well..”

Carl remains silent, considering his next moves very, very carefully. The young man strides unto you, his footsteps booming as he ventures to strut past you and leave. But, that doesn’t happen. Carl hooks his fingers around your wrist and hauls you toward him, his unrestrained arm bolting firmly around your waist. You don’t do anything, you don’t have the time to. His mouth locks with yours, and your breath leaps to your throat, unsteady and briefly confused. Your eyes quail as you instantly recognize his hold on you, his gentle warmth, those godforsaken lips. You really give in for a moment, closing your weary eyes and taking it all in, knowing that you’re never going to feel that again. How your body shivers and raises goosebumps, how his hair lightly pecks your forehead, how his lips wrap around yours and fit as if perfectly. You feel slightly light-headed, but your brain snaps you back into reality and you immediately bring your shaky arms and push him away.

Your mouths pop with a hardly audible sound, lips reddened and eyes heavily hooded. You pant softly, but quickly regain your breath and calm your thwacking chest. You resist saying ‘screw it’ and the succulent notion of leaning up to kiss him again, and try to form a sentence, anything to break the inflammatory aura enclosing around you.

“Stop this, Carl! Just.. just..” Before you can finish what you have left to say, you can hear the front door opening from behind you and your heart hops to your mouth as you turn around and look with nervous eyes. Michael is standing there, and his wide smile falls flat once he sees the young man opposite you. The boy’s brown eyes squint as they glare at Carl, and his jaw locks suddenly. He makes it loud and clear that he loathes the Sheriff’s son, even if he doesn’t say anything; however, his reactions do.

“Hey, Mike. What’s up, man?” Carl respires breathily, jamming his hands at his front pockets. You approach Michael’s side, mouthing him gentle words and pleading him to not commence an abrupt fight. You fondle his shoulder, and your words seem a blur as his eyes dance between your fond face and Carl’s cold expression. The two males trade harsh looks and glares; the only thing that barricades their abided, foul mouthfuls of profanities is you standing between them. You try and act carefully, telling Michael that he doesn’t need to worry, but you also can’t ignore Carl’s sharp gaze burning cavities all over your back.

“Mikey, Carl was just passing by; he wanted to tell me something. He’s leaving now.” Carl’s expression slightly falters as your discourse settles an extra weight on his heart, but his incisive glare remains as he breathes out hotly from his mouth.

“Yeah, I was just leaving,” says Carl, his boots clattering and booming against the wood below as he strides forth to reach the door. His blue eye shoots an evident leer at you; a look that’s you try to not take notice of. As the young man passes beside Michael, he is stopped as the brown-eyed lad slams his hand on his shoulder, his pupils dilated with visible ire.

“If I catch you around my girlfriend again, I’ll tear your throat out, alright, Grimey? We’re gonna discuss this tomorrow. Like men.” The blue in Carl’s eye rages furiously as he shoves Michael’s hand from his arm, and he remains completely silent, jamming the boy’s shoulder as he struts by moodily and goes to the door. The young man shows you a last, empty expression before he uncorks the door and slams it behind him, making the door whack against its’ frame.

You flinch slightly at the loud sound, and feel as Michael gently grasps your hand, faintly squeezing it in his. You look up at the boy’s eyes and smile briefly, leaning your head against his shoulder.

“The asshole didn’t do anything, did he?” He questions huskily, eyeing you over as worry swims within his devoted eyes. You give a small giggle, shaking your head lightly at his cute expression.

“I’m okay, Mikey. Don’t worry. Let’s go to bed , now, yeah?” Michael nods his head at your suggestion, offering a sheepish smile as he slides and arm around your waistline and smooches your tresses. Your heart is beating vividly beneath your ribs and slamming loudly against your eardrums, but, somehow, it’s not because of your boyfriend. Your mind is still keen on Carl, and how delirious he looked. You still recall his sweet kiss and those carnal lips, and sigh, nipping at the inside of your cheek as you feel your heart flutter within your sternum. You shouldn’t be thinking of him. You shouldn’t, but you are. You shake your head, pursuing after Michael blindly as you try to wash off the notion. Carl can’t be serious.

However, you have no idea how serious Carl was being before. He stands outside your house, his dark, boyish silhouette outstanding as the pallid moonlight lathers the side of his form. His sharp eye is keen your window, and the young man exhales fervently as he watches the light close abaft the silky curtain. His intense frown breaks by a twisted, stretched smile, and the boy grins deucedly, gripping the handle of the dagger held in his belt. He drags the large blade from its’ sheath and examines it with his slender fingers, biting his lip to beat his wide, crazed smile. The only thing he can imagine is shoving the blade in Michael’s stomach; just letting him bleed out in torment until his vision reflects black.

“Your girlfriend, huh, Mikey?”mutters Carl beneath his hot breath, his eye twitching slightly, as if maddened. “Yeah, man. We’ll see ‘bout that.”

  • Sangwoo: *kills people*
  • Me: YEaHhH i love you so much i want to fight the world just to see your angelic smile you are too good for this world and you deserve all the happiness and peace i can't even imagine my life without you please stay happy i will protect you from this cruel world and i will never stop loving you because you are so important to my life i love you with all my heart
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the bug eating incident occured before Anakin went on a Nature Documentary Binge. “DO YOU REALISE WHAT I ATE OBI-WAN!? WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP ME? I COULD HAVE DIED!”

Oh, I like this. He’s laying there on the couch with his arm over his eyes, “Well I’m probably going to die now, Obi-Wan. It probably laid eggs in my stomach. You could have stopped me BUT YOU DIDN’T I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME” and Obi-Wan is like “…Well I was disgusted! You didn’t seem to care! Have I ever been able to stop you from doing ANYTHING?” 

Ohhhh my vision is blurry you should have physically stopped me from eating it now I feel faint goodbye cruel world this place was never meant for one as beautiful as me…” and then he peeks one eye out from under his arm and is like “…maybe if you made me a grilled cheese I would have the strength to pull through.”

@darth-lumines Anakin is definitely always claiming that he’s going to die but he could maybe be saved by food or someone petting his hair or buying him Pay-Per-View podracing. MAYBE

I knew, from the moment you were born, I’m going to love you forever.

You’re not going to be easy and that shows as you unfurl. I would have a hard time forcing myself to understand how stubborn you will be. But I knew, when I first saw your face, no one else in this world would be as beautiful as you. The moment you first opened your eyes, I have to accept that I was bound to protect you and love you unconditionally. No matter how disappointing or how crazy you can be. No matter how stupid the decisions you might want to make. I would be patient enough to still pick you up when you are all broken and not functioning well.

And you won’t have a choice but to take all the love I can give you. Even I sometimes have the tendency to be controlling and I may curtail some of your independence. So forgive for I won’t stop shielding you from the pain. Because sweetheart, this world can be so cruel and I will be infront of you, catching bullets and crashing waves, just to keep you safe.

And by loving you, we will disagree about a lot if things. But always remember that my fuel might be empty one day, I will always find a way to light your path and guide you. Look up to the stars, if the day will come that I won’t be visible on your side— I will never leave you and you will never be alone. I will be constant. In the wind. In the stars. In the dust sitting on your front porch.

The world might scare you a lot in your lifetime. People will come and hurt you. Some will come to aid you. Keep your fire burning. Keep your torch lit. On the day that you were born, I felt it on my heart that you will be a blessing. You might not be all good and perfect but you are bound to do something significant and beautiful.

I love you so much—
This is from a guy that will never get your heart broken and won’t fail to love you everyday;

Til the day I die.
Even if I die.


Who is Yashiro?

He is a man full of contradictions. One could say… He is lonely and he says he is not. He wants to be missed but then not.

He is not honest and he has a mask… to hide his fear.. to hide his pain.

He laughs and smile when angry. And he has a self destructive nature.

He has someone he loves and he played cupid for that person and another man wishing all along that he is the one that was loved.

He is the one who offered first to have sex and made that stunned sad face when rejected.

Years may have passed but he is still the boy who needs a loving pair of arms to hug him and tuck him away from the cruel world he grew to know.

He is still the teenager who cried his heart out because of loneliness who needs the window as a place of solace.

He is still the misunderstood man prejudiced by almost everyone who needs a friend that can understand him beyond his twisted words and actions.

He is still the person who thinks himself undeserving and uncapable of love who needs a special person to let him know that he very much deserve love.

He is the masochist who thinks of sex as a mask to hide his pain who needs someone to make him realize that love is not all pain.

He is not afraid of the act of sex but he is disgusted of the affection, gentleness and love. Because… That is what’s beyond his comfort zone. That is what’s beyond what he has known all his life. He has protected himself from being hurt by avoiding those positive feelings and not allowing himself to feel them. 


She loved the way he looked at her so much, she kept him in her dreams. She wanted to feel needed. Isn’t that all we want? Someone to look at us like we made the sun shine a little brighter today. Someone to kiss butterflies back into our stomachs. Someone to sweet talk the purity back into our eyes– the spark, the sparkle. Someone to hold our hands as if we were keeping trust safely hidden away from the cruel, cruel world. The only way we could ever break it was to let go and even then… our love matched our hands forever. As soft as a pillow after a long day of work– I could use your lips for any bad day. As a whisper. As a kiss.

– so she loved him enough to take the pain away